Cat therapist?

The love, friendship, attachment and loyalty that a pet gives us have a beneficial effect on us, the people. Considered by some specialists, “an emotional animal that delights the one who meets it”, the cat can restore our zest for life and can make us feel good. Is the cat a “cat therapist?” My answer is yes.

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Feline coquetry

Tell me what your fur looks like so I can tell you who you are. This is how a famous saying could paraphrase. The appearance of the fur but also the way the cat cared for reflects its health. Make sure your cat is properly cared for. Whether you have a purebred cat or simply a little feline without “noble” origins, you need ,,feline coquetry“. This way it will have beautiful and shiny fur.

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Why do we need cats and do cats need us?

“The one who, in the course of his life, shows himself indifferent to the beauty, elegance, innocence, intelligence and affection of a cat, is as poor as the one who, walking in the spring of a village, is blind to the splendor of the flowers in the gardens. , deaf to the song of birds, irrespective of the sound of insects and the expression of the wind. “(E. Hamilton)

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