Burma Breed – silk cat

Burma Breed is an elegant, medium size, oriental cat. But it can be mistaken for unknown people by Siamese or British Shorthair.

Burma breed has very short fur with texture as well as satin.

Active, intelligent, extremely friendly and affectionate cats. Ideal in active families with children. Burma breed also suited to families that have dogs. Get along well with dogs.

Burma 1

Short history

For centuries these cats have found in Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia. They imported into Europe along with Siamese. In England, towards the end of the seventeenth century, they are known as “Siamese Chocolates”.

In 1930 a single copy brought to the United States (from the Orient). Wong Mau has the following description: a cat with a fine bone structure, but with a more compact body than Siamese; shorter tail, rounded head, short shoe, large, rounded, eared eyes. The color described as an open light (the color of the nut ) with dark brown dots.

This breed lives in natural conditions in Malaya peninsula. It is a very popular rarity.

The Burmese cats lived in the temples. They were the cats of the highest ranked priests. They worshiped and honored by the ancient kings of Burma. In India, they exposed as a rarity.

The ’70s were probably the most successful ten years in Burmese history. They were so popular that they reached third, after Persian and Siamese. For a race that started in 1930 with a single cat 9 and that hybrid,) performance is great.

Burma has established itself as a stable and popular breed in the cat lovers world. It just went through several steps to get here. Nowadays, the colors are also known as the Malayan breed.

The following colors recognized in Europe: brown, blue, chocolate, purple, red, cream, tortie, chocolate-tortie, bat-tortie.

In America, only brown, chocolate, blue and platinum (lilac, purple) cats recognized.


The Burma cat must never be left out. She is trustworthy, curious and well-intentioned. Survival instinct does not cope with living conditions outside the home. Her survival idea based on the expression of large and expressive eyes to get you to do what is right and right for them.

Burma 2

Burmese chickens are full of life. Playful spirit keeps it mature, to our joy.

Burma proves a high level of intelligence. She overwhelms all of her houses, watching everything with her big eyes. If she encouraged, Burma “speaks” using a sweet and soft voice.

They are good and understanding with the children and tolerant of the dog’s house. If they have taught by small cars, they will enjoy traveling.

Burma is highly human-oriented. She loves to sit in her lap or caressed. It tends to be the shadow of the master, in her desire to offer and receive affection.

Females tend to occupy the central spot in the home and actively coordinate activities. Males are more tolerant and prefer to watch from a more secluded position.

Burma may feel embarrassed if she feels that her emotional needs are not met.

Many owners have confirmed that a complete Burmese experience is only possible if you have two copies of both sexes and two colors.

Burma 4

Health, reproduction

Burma is generally a healthy, strong and resistant cat. She has a long life and is full of vitality even when she gets older.

Burmese is a very good mother. Put it easy. While large and heavy cats valued at exhibitions, small, supple and compact females are better reproducers.

The Burmese males are attentive and tender with the females. Their calm behavior does not change during mating. Males adore chickens and will gladly dad if they have the opportunity.

The exhibitions are like benevolent bears. They like to play on the referees’ table. Communicate in a non-aggressive way. Thus, they recall their strong performance that must be respected.


The characteristics of the breed are the smooth, silky texture of the fur as well as the large, expressive eyes that emanate innocence but also an irresistible seduction.

The front-viewing head is of the shape of a short triangle, wide under the cheeks, extending to the slightly flattened tip of the muzzle. The head of the head, wide between the ears and slightly rounded. Slightly rounded profile, the nose, and chin line form a vertical line. Nose distinguished, the line interrupted at the base. Jaws tapered to the wrist. Beard is strong; a profile of the well developed lower jaw.

Ears of medium size, wide at the base, rounded at the top and slightly profiled from the profile.

Big eyes, shining and shining; the top line of the eye must have a slope towards the nose, the bottom line being round. The color of the eyes is very sensitive to the intensity of light. The most suitable is indirect light. Any yellow hue accepted, but yellow gold preferred.

The body-length and medium size, giving the feeling of hard and muscular. Strong chest and rounded profile; back right from shoulder to tail.

The legs are proportional to the body; those behind slightly longer than those in front. Paws have an oval shape.

Right-edged, medium-thickness base at the base; the long tail touches the shoulders.

The fur – with a fine structure, is shiny, silky, lying on the body, almost without a puff, very short; brilliance is a characteristic of the breed and indicates good health.

The color-pigmentation is maximal in the extremities (mask, tail, paws), average on the back and on the flanks and attenuated on the abdomen; the hairs are darker and lighter towards the root; is uniform, without streaks or spots.

Variety of recognized colors: brown, blue, chocolate, purple, red, cream, brown-tortie, blue-tortie, chocolate-tortie, lilac-tortie in Europe and brown, chocolate, blue and platinum


Burma is a healthy, well-developed, affectionate and tolerant cat. If you have children is an ideal cat for them: they are good and understanding with them. Moreover, if you already have a dog is welcome and Burma in your home, because it is good with dogs.

She is an active cat, even when she gets old.Burma 4

Burma is highly human-oriented. She loves to sit in her lap or caressed. It tends to be the shadow of the master, in her desire to offer and receive affection. That is why it is also indicated for single people, who lack affection.

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How do I save my furniture from the cat’s actions?

Cats are darling, loving but also destructive. So I asked, How do I save my furniture from the cat’s actions? Do you think you can? Definitely yes. In this article, I will tell you the answer to the question, “How do I save my furniture from the cat’s actions?

skyscrapersscratch anything

About cats

Since they have become a companion highly appreciated by humans, cats have settled their place in the heart and home of their human friend. With all her independence and personality. But making small concessions. Very small. The cat is very volunteer and does nothing but what she wants. Unlike the dog, who is waiting for something to want owner. Execute immediately.

By its constitution, the cat is clawed. From the time he lived in the wilderness and the valley. But the claws are growing all the time. In thin layers, from the inside to the outside. The last layer, when it is no longer “alive”, is removed. It is not tainted and it is left in the cat’s actions in the natural environment. When climbing, fighting, hunting, marks the territory.

Domesticity, she also uses claws. To hunt and to defend itself when needed. Some people advise us to cut them down every month. I personally disagree. Especially because there are other solutions.

What the experts did?

The domestic cat, living with a man, does not have the opportunity to wear their nails to the extent they grow. Consequently, it needs to be helped.

If you do not want furniture, sofa or carpet to be “worked” by your cat, give it a little better.

Experts, studying the cat, created a series of special objects to sharpening the claws.

They are experts in cat’s health and behavior. They realized the cat had the ability to detach the dead layer of the claw.

A small plate (10x40cm) is worn in a durable material. This can be fixed vertically or horizontally (depending on the cat’s preferences).

If you want a more “luxurious” version, there are many variations.

Even if they seem too expensive, think that furniture, sofa or carpet are much more expensive. The cat will not give up his manicure and pedicure. Pay close attention to this ritual.

My point is to leave the cat as God created it, with her ancestral habits. I’m coming back, saying it’s not appropriate to cut her claws. They can be allowed to grow naturally. Provided you leave the cat special objects created by experts to sharpen the claws.

Modern cats furniture that both cats and people will love

This furniture will complement any cat’s house, harmonizing perfectly with the environment.

Lato can be seen here.

sisal 1

It has a design since 1930. It is of quality material: solid and beautiful birch and natural sisal. There’s no need assembly.

Natural sisal attracts cats.

It will look good in any house and cats will love it, It’s for all cat sizes. The sofa and the carpet will get rid of “maltreatment.” When I do not use it for scratching the cats adore sitting on it. Being from natural materials, the cat is encouraged to use it. Maintenance is easy: wipe with a damp cloth and ready.

Dimension: Height 36 “; Width 16 “; Depth 16 ”

We have not identified any weak points in this scratch-resistant device.

The price is $ 129.

Marvin, the version with 2 platforms, you can see here .

sisal 3

This two-tiered cat tree offers your cat an ideal space to scratch and perch upon. It’s made of organic materials. The wood is made of birch-finishes and represents the cat rest platforms. The central pole is embedded in natural sisal.

Natural sisal attracts cats.

Requires 30 minutes for assembly. There are instructions and materials for them. It is easy to maintain, wiping with a damp cloth.

Your cat loves him because he offers him the opportunity to practice climbing, besides the sculpture of this pole: sharpening his claws. It can also be fixed in the wall.

It is indicated for cats of any size, except for very large cats. For example, a 13 kg cat can play, rest, but especially can sharpen his claws.

In addition, it also has a raft toy that your cat will be excited about.

Dimension: Height 36 “; Width 17 “; Depth 17 ”

I have not identified any weak points in this scratch-resistant device.

The price is 179%

The three platform version, Ozzi, you can see it here.

sisal 2

You have to decide quickly to buy it because there are few in stock.

It has exactly the same features as Marvin, but it has an extra platform. For this reason, 2-3 cats can be used.

Dimension: Height 47 “; Width 17 “; Depth 21 ”

We have not identified any weak points in this scratch-resistant device.

Price $ 219

Natural materials

The cat comes from the wild and has kept almost all her instincts intact. That is why the objects and materials used for its care must be natural, very similar to their natural environment of origin.

For example, absorbent sand is similar to earth. The cat can carry out its activity almost as if in nature. Hide from enemies, “production” of it.

Scratch-resistant objects must also be of natural materials. Wood is the one in nature, where it has been practicing generation after generation, the sharpening of claws. The natural sisal draws the cat, so she will scratch with great pleasure. Your furniture, your carpets, or your sofas will escape intact.


I have many cats, I have experienced many models for a climb and scratched. More details you see in my post here.

Obviously, they are degraded over time and new ones are needed. But with less expense than changing sofas, carpets, furniture.

Reading this post I hope you understand the cat’s need to scratch. She does not want to be destructive, she just meets her need to climb and scratch.

For an indoor cat, this particular furniture is ideal.

Please leave me a comment and tell me about your experiences.

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British Shorthair – another breed under the magnifying glass

Vă voi prezenta la una dintre cele mai populare rase de expoziții, British Shorthair. Fiecare pisică are personalitatea ei. Chiar și frații din același cuib au caractere complet diferite. British Shorthair

albastru britanic

are un temperament independent și rezervat. Minunat și demn. Ea este o pisică minunată, alertă și jucăușă. Nu este exagerată sau distrugătoare.

Scurt istoric

Legiunile romane au adus primele pisici pe insulele britanice. Câteva secole mai târziu, pe fiecare stradă din Regatul Unit, se găseau pisicile acestei rase.

By the end of the 19th century a great lover of this breed, Harrison Weir, made it very popular on this native British cat. He wrote: “The common cat survived all the hardships and persecutions. The fact that it still exists is due to its character and resilience”. By selecting and raising the best cats British Shorthair breed was born. Similar to today. A compact cat, with large head and eyes, round. Short coat with fine texture and fluff often.

British is a medium-sized cat to the sea. It reaches between 4 and 8 kg.

She was highly appreciated in exhibitions until the Persian.

After World War, it there was a dramatic fall in the feline in England. Some breeders crossed the Persian breed, but British Shorthair was a stable breed. The resulting descendants could not compete like British Shorthair. Only after three generations of breeding within the breed, the heirs could be eligible for registration as British Shorthair.

After the Second World War, the decline of the race continued. Thanks to the growing Kit Wilson, the race has regained public interest.

The wish of British Shorthair

bicolor britanic

breeders was to reach the original breed without crossing it and succeeding. Up to this point, crosses have been tried with Persians, Russian Blue, Burmese, etc., but the resulting offspring were foreign.



She appreciates people’s company but can not be described as a “sticky” cat. She is smart and courageous. Can attract attention to draw attention to her. But provided she is admired from afar (especially from strangers).

She lives well with the other animals in the house if her needs are met. She’s a quiet and quiet friend. A great comrade for children. British

albastru britanic

is a lovely cat.

Health and development

British Shorthairalb britanic

is a sturdy cat. He has a few health problems. Genetic basis and careful growth ensure this.

In the 1970s hemophilia was found in a nest. Responsible growers turned to an expert on cat’s blood diseases. He tested all suspicious cats. He sterilized those affected. This has made it possible to eliminate the disease in the next generations.

The breed matures slowly. The process will be completed every 3 years. Thus cats look good for a longer period, being long-lived.

The kittens are 4-5 on the nest. The cat breeds easily. She loves and caring with them. The kittens open their eyes in less than a week. The third week shows interest in the dry food.

They are very fond of their mother as long as she allows them. He’s always looking for food and affection. They quickly grow in weight and become round, but not fat. Growing, the kittens passes through several non-uniform developmental phases. Growers avoid showing them in exhibitions under the age of 3 years.


The standard dosen’t describe a live cat; this is an artistic ideal that is never touched by a single cat.

The standard is an objective guide that the referee uses when judging a cat.

The ideal cat is a perfectly proportioned animal with a pleasant look – a sophisticated look of the domestic cat.

That being said, I introduce you to British Shorthair.

calico britanic

It is a strong, balanced cat with a broad chest. The legs are strong, short to medium. Round Heels. The short and thick tail, round. Round head. Eyes wide, large, round and wide open. The female is less massive than the male.

Round and solid head; round bone structure; round forehead, flat skull; a short and straight nose;  bot characteristic breed; rounded cheeks.

Narrow-short and straight; some associations also recognize an average nose, slightly profiled.

Fir-bar-well-developed, in line with the nose and upper lip.

Bot-developed and distinct to broad and round cheeks by broad and round cheeks

Ears-Medium-sized, well covered, rounded at the tips and at the base, distant, harmoniously framed in the round headline.

Eyes-large, round, well-open, spaced; alert expression; horizontal position.

Compact, balanced and powerful body, right back and broad chest

Legs – short, strong, bony and muscular ; proportional to the body.

Round paws

Tail-like, dense fur with the rounded tip

Coat short, very thick, firm to touch

Color-appear almost all colors: white, solid color variants (black, blue, chocolate, purple, red, cream, tortoiseshell, and all these colors combined with white); all the variations of smoke of elementary colors; all tabby variants; the whole silver palette; silver-tabby variants of elementary colors, golden variants.


Of pure breed, pedigree or simple cat, British Shorthair

argint britanic

is a very pleasant companion. A discreet cat, but who appreciates the company of people. If his needs are met, he understands well with other animals in the house. If you have children, I recommend this breed. He’s a great comrade.

He enjoys excellent health so he will not raise problems. It’s a long-lasting cat, so you can enjoy her company for many years.

Dacă doriți să aflați mai multe, puteți vedea aici.

Vă invit să vă spuneți opinia dvs. despre această rasă minunată, lăsând un comentariu. Mulțumesc.

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What is the best food for your cat-Review

You always look for the best food for you. Contain all the nutritional elements necessary for the body. Why would you act differently for your cat? She’s just your best friend. Let’s see what is the best food for your cat. I have been growing cats for over 33 years. During this time I learned a lot about cats. And about their nutritional needs. Now I want to share with you what I have learned. So, what is the best food for your cat?

The cat is an excellent carnivore

Yes, as the title says, the cat is a carnivorous animal. When looking for food for your cat, you must first take into account this fact.

We’re just talking about dry food. It’s more convenient for you. And for her. You can always leave it at her disposal. Provided they have fresh water. Cats prefer to eat a little and often. You can spoil it from time to time with moist food.


But only if the cat consumes it immediately. Otherwise, it is altered.

Do not rush to buy any food. Read the label carefully. Dry cat food must contain 30% -40% animal protein. It’s easier to digest than the vegetable protein. Your cat will be happy with such a meal.

Let’s not forget that the cat hunts freely. So she assures the need for animal protein.

It will accumulate the energy it needs. It will fulfill its purpose. Even now she’s the cat.

Other food components

In addition to protein, food must also contain fat, fiber, moisture. It also needs to be enriched with essential minerals and vitamins. You should not miss biotin, choline, taurine.

Taking care that the food contains these elements, we will provide our cats with long-term health.

Cats do not like changing the food. If we change it, we will do it gradually. We were mixing old food with the new one, little by little. It takes about two weeks for me to change this. But I confess that for years I have not done it for the simple reason that I am giving them quality food. And the price is attractive. It matters to me because I have a lot of cats. Moreover, this food also ensures the health of the urinary tract. The antioxidants it contains provide immunity to the cat. It does not contain artificial additives, preservatives, flavors or colors.

The only thing I do is to take alternative meals of the same range, but with different forms of meat. So I do not have to make a gradual change. And yes, I trust 100% in this food. What it is? Well, it’s Purina Cat Chow. It is a dry food with a special formula for a healthy urinary tract, strong teeth, and beautiful fur. I alternate food for sterilized cats with food for the urinary tract. Meat types also change.

The reason for this review

I made another review on the same theme on 21.02.2019. You can see it here. The same brand of cat food. The producer has experience of 80 years.

In a market dominated by Hils, Purina is a good alternative and at a reasonable price.

dry food

The reason for the return is that I have discovered an online company from Awin, called ZOOPLUS, which exists in all European countries. You can only order online. The warehouse is in Germany and the order is honored in 2-5 days. It is ideal for busy people and cats. He does not have to go to the store after eating. During the winning, they can handle the cat.

Zooplus-shop in every country in Europe

Zooplus is the largest online pet and pet shop in Europe. The company offers a 5% discount for new subscribers, discount coupons and promotional campaigns.

I’ll give you links to the shops I’ve affiliated with.








if you are in another country in Europe, you can look for the next link https://www.zooplus. ; after the point you write the abrevation of coutry/shop/cat. You write cat in your language.

In these stores, you find any other object you need for your cat. Also other types of food. What I can tell you is that all types of food on this site are of good quality.


I hope you enjoyed this review because you found out that you can feed your cat healthy and at a reasonable price. You also learned that you can order online, just by giving a few clicks without losing time through stores. Your time is precious and does not return. Instead, you can spend it with the cat. Well, only the Europeans. For the rest of the world, you see my first review of Purina at Sow and buy the food for cats from Amazon.

I invite you to leave a comment and tell me your opinion about the food of cats.

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Health and well-being-cat

My dear, today I want to share about health and well-being when you have a cat. If you do not know, the cat is not just a cute companion. It is also a source of  health and well-being. Of course, of course. It brings you joy. And joy is beneficial for the optimal functioning of the body.

After a day of work

You get stressed and tired of work. Or just bored. You have a number of problems. Unlock the door of the house. And by wonder, all worries disappear. How? Your cat is waiting for you on the hanger. Impatient to tell how he spent the day. How did he keep the home? Your good condition is being installed. You have a more relaxed attitude. Your attention is distracted by that little creature that just wants to caress. Well, yes, and love. All the problems have gone out of charm.

Only cat owners know what a calming effect is the bruising of the fur.


Or the mole in your lap. The Japanese rub two balls in their hands to calm down. It looks like cat care has the same effect. In our hands, we have key control points on other organs. Therapists believe that through these points the energies of the meridians of the body can be controlled.

The first data on the importance of certain palm energy points dates back 4000 years ago. They were found at the tomb of Ankmahor’s doctor in Egypt.

Emotional help

The rhythm of life is increasingly stressful. Whether people realize it or not, pets help us emotionally, psychologically and socially. But not always this help is appreciated at its true value.

Specialty studies demonstrate how important this aid is to the physical and mental health of humans. The living and cheerful presence of an animal, his warm and curious look, removed the state of loneliness and sadness.

Man feels the need to be useful. Older or lonely people find a reason to care for an animal. The most comfortable and less expensive is a cat. You can play with.


Animal forces people to stay active. It needs to be fed, brushed, just to talk about the conversation. Caring for an animal is a daily activity in which routine cannot be installed.

Animals give another color and consistency to life. I tell you this because I have been growing cats for over 33 years and I never get bored.

If the others come and go, each absorbed by his life, the cat remains. She is a faithful friend, always ready to play or to have a blessing offered by her biped friend.

Families that adopted a cat said that all of her members felt happier than before. And happiness is very important for our health.

But at first, the cat owners are not fully aware of the responsibility they have taken. The joy and animation around them are felt by everyone.

About kids and cats

Children who grew up with a cat have a collection of pleasant memories. But they also learned to be more attentive, more sensitive, less selfish, more responsible.

Parents must oversee them permanently but discreetly. Know how the relationship between their child and companion flows. Starting with hygiene and ending with fulfilling the tasks to their little friend. Soon, parents will discover a more mature and understanding child.

Cats have a great influence on those they come into contact with. Regardless of age or occupation. Especially on those who live in the city. They are ruined by beneficial contact with nature.

Cats are companions, confidants, teachers, and healers of great talent, Everything depends on people adopting them and enjoying their entourage.

How are cats?

Cats are alive, warm and fluffy. Anyone who feels great comfort when holding them or kissing them. They do not judge and criticize their owner. He accepts with his defects and qualities. They trust him and help him to trust himself and others.

Cats feel when their owners are sad and abusive. Reacts amazingly to their condition, consoling them.

Cats listen with pleasure to any subject that their biped friend wants to tell him and don’t interrupt him.

Cats make people feel useful and important because they depend on them.

Gladly rejoicing at home, you will soon forget the stress of a busy day at work.

We live in an increasingly competitive world. We feel good when we play with cats. It’s a noncompetitive game, a game for the sake of the game. Fun and disconnect.

Cats drive away loneliness. Their torso calms us. They’re funny. It’s destroying us. Managing a cat is ridding the anxiety. Cats are a ZEN master who reminds us all the time to enjoy the present.

Assisted pet therapy

It is a branch of recovery medicine that uses animals to rehabilitate or cure people with special needs.

In this type of therapy, different animals are used, but I will only talk about cats.

Cats helped children


and adults become normal people. Or reach an incredible level of recovery.

The cat’s qualities were, “exploited” by doctors, helping the sick. Thus, people with the most diverse affections have benefited from this therapy. The cat communicates with the patient in a way that the doctor does not have access to. Even handicapped animals have a therapeutic role: “If a cat without a foot can go, then I can too.”

Examples of diseases in which this therapy is applied are:

Down Syndrome, mental illness, emotional problems, heart attack and especially its prevention, allergies, and obesity in infants, asthma in children, emotional support in autism. Also, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Researchers say the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis could be used to create vaccines against serious cancers.

Read this post.



Having a cat is not a fad. There are many benefits you sometimes do not realize. In addition to being lovable, they help you greatly in keeping your health and emotional balance. They help you in educating children. Some people even think that it helps you grow financially. This post is also very interesting.

My family and I are healthy. Maybe because of the heredity. But surely because of cats, we have been growing with love for over 33 years.

I invite you to leave your comments to tell me what experiences you had with cats in the health field, or you may have questions. I will respond with pleasure if I know the answer.

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My Pussy cat


When she was only two months old my Pussy cat came to us. In my tongue Pussy means kissing. It was November 17, 2000. On the inserted. It was a cold and ugly day. He was in the middle of the street full of cars. Coming out of school, my daughter noticed it. It was so small and confusing. So she took it and brought her home.

Actually, my Pussy cat was a fur ball.

Pussy 2

We lived in the block, downstairs. I put it in the kiln and I fed it. We went to bed after.

A very beautiful cat

Pussy became my fourth cat. I understand that it will not be the last one. My love for cats and the desire to save became more and bigger every day. Even if my daughter brought them home, it is called that I also saved them somehow.

But let me come back. All night Pussy screamed. I could not sleep like the world. I went to the drying room to see why she was crying. At first, I did not realize. I took her home and looked at her very carefully. Pussy was actually a flea with a cat. I did a bath with 3 kinds of anti-parasitic shampoos. Her fine skin was all mellow. I anointed her with a cream to relieve her suffering. I disinfect it internally.

He has suffered for a few more days. But then a very beautiful cat was made. She had long hair and a thick, well-bent tail. Perfect sowing with a Norwegian Forest. And she was actually saved on street.

Pussy, down

Pussy grew nicely without major incidents. It turned out to be a very loving and eager pet. But also full of personality. It climbs everywhere and looks up at us. When I said, “Pussy, down,” and I pointed out with the gesture of her hand to shake off, it was an indescribable delight: the young man’s body was arcing, imitating the gesture of his hand. We’re having a lot of fun, repeating softly, “Pussy, Down” and hand gesture. Every time she was young she was arguing. I think he understood what we were saying to him, but he was telling us that he felt very good up there, where he was.

I miss PussyPussy 3 and her daring. Because I have to tell you that I lost her on April 9, 2014. He got sick with diabetes. Although diabetes is reversible in cats, unfortunately, we could not save she. He went into a diabetic coma.

Pussy adult

When she grew up, nature told her the word. I’ve been given hormonal inhibitors when it’s hot. At that time I did not know that they were actually totally counter-indicted. A few times.

Then we consulted with the veterinarian and decided to sterilize it. Thank God for this decision. The operation proved to have a pyometra. If I did not, she would have died.

Now I give you a very important tip: if you don’t want to have kittens, sterilize the cat. Hormonal inhibitors are very damaging. The cat develops a form them. At one point this is lethal.

When Pussy was 4 years old,


I presented her at an exhibition. I didn’t know have much stress on a cat, It was the first and last time I showed a cat in the exhibition.

Pussy behaved well at the show, she was cooperative. At that show, we presented two cats in fact.

All I liked was the owners. They are a special world. A beautiful and loving world. Especially cats.

Otherwise, I regretted the two days of ten hours spent in the exhibition, even though my cats got some diplomas.certificate

At home

At one point we moved to the house. I also told another post, talking about my cats.

After a few years only in the house, in the block, Pussy was very happy to experience her livelihood. He initially came out with great care. Very circumspect, making small circles. Then more and more. Eventually, he went out to the yard and into the garden. She liked the sun. Smelling the flowers, running after the butterflies. He was playing with the other cats, and he also had friends with the dogs. It was a pleasure to see how well she feels.

I think of some point cats “humanize”. It is known that they like to stray at night. However, my cats used to sleep at night with us and play, hunt, have various activities.

We moved again to a bigger house. The yard and the garden are also bigger.

The hardest thing to do was to bring the cats. But in a few days, they became accustomed to and they loved the house. They ran up the stairs up and down. Neither did Pussy go to the sides. We moved to the winter. Only in the spring, I left the cats in the yard.

Pussy was delighted to discover a larger yard and garden. When it was nice, she was walking in one. Or was lying in the sun.

At one point I noticed she had a difficulty at the back legs. I immediately took her to the vet. He found that he had diabetes and was confident that this disease is reversible in cats. He gave us treatment, but after a few days Pussy entered a diabetic coma and within 24 hours I lost it.


I wrote this post for several reasons.

First of all in the memory of Pussy, a very dear cat.

Secondly, to highlight the importance of the parasite, both internal and external, for the health of your cat.

Thirdly, I want to draw attention to hormonal inhibition and how dangerous it is to give your cats such pills. You’re hurting your cat to make a pyometra that can become fatal. My advice is to sterilize the cat.

Forth, to draw your attention to diabetes in cats and especially that it is a cat reversible disease. Unfortunately, I was not careful enough to monitor Pussy during the treatment. And I lost she. But you can save your cat if he has diabetes.

Please leave a comment on your experience with cats.

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The Burma Sacra – another breed under the magnifying glass


The Burma of Sacra has an interesting story. Why is it called Sacred? A beautiful story says these cats come from Burma. They are the bearers of the souls of deceased masters on their way to paradise. Sometimes the majority of the Sacra-Burmese cats were Buddhist monks. That is why the cats were given the name “sacred”.

Interesting is also the naming convention of these cats. Most breeders follow the French tradition. Almost all cats born in a year receive a name that begins with the same letter of the alphabet. This becomes useful when calculating the age of the cat.

Short history

The modern history of the BurmaSacra cat is full of mystery. There are several versions of the origin of the breed. The oldest and most widespread story says cats come from Burma. They are considered the holy companions of the priests in the temples.

In France, the 20-year-old Burma cat was the only (re) known breed cat.

It is said that in 1919 two Englishmen received a pair of Burma. Thank you for helping protect a temple against an invasion.

Another version says an American millionaire has received two cats from a disgruntled servant of the priests. He stole them from the temple.

Whatever the story, these wonderful cats have arrived in France. But the male did not resist the difficult journey. But the female survived and was pregnant. He gave birth to the new chicken. A little girl was mated with a different breed, probably a Siamese. From this small nucleus has been established the Burma breed in the Western world. The breed was officially recognized in France in 1925.

After the Second World War, it seems that only two specimens of pure breed remained. In order to ensure the continuity of the breed, it was accepted the need for crossbreeding with other breeds. This program was attended by Persian and other breeds. The experiment has succeeded and since that time the race occupies the place it holds today in the Western world.


BurmaBurma can be defined as “the cat that is always in your way”. They are not as active as their short-haired cousins. And not as phlegmatic as those with long hair. Of course, there are differences within the same race. And between races too.

Burma is a loving being who loves to stay in the master’s arms. Or next to him. She has a tender voice. It’s talked. He draws attention that he needs a company. It is recommended not to be the only pet in the house. If the master is busy, she feels abandoned. He generally enjoys a friend’s company. Another Birman, a cat of breed or a dog.

Burmese are not moody when it comes to food. They are robust, healthy and live relatively long.

Despite all its qualities, Burma is not recommended for children. To choose the best pet for your baby, see here.


Burman’s “unique gloves” draw the attention of viewers in an exhibition.

But let’s see how it is evaluated.

Body -of medium size, massive and slightly elongated; strong neck, medium size; legs are short and strong, rounded and well-proportioned feet; the male is stronger and more massive than the female.

The head-skull is strong, with round and rounded cheeks; the nose of average length without a stop but slightly lying; chin strong

The ears, , preferably small, widely spaced, do not stand upright

Eyes dark blue, slightly rounded or oval, well-placed, with very little outside corner

The fur on the cheek is short, then becomes longer, on the neck forming a very rich collar; on the body is half-length, on the back and lateral is long; has a silky texture, with a little puff, without being mature

Mid-length tail, elegant and dense

THE GLOVES-the characteristic of the Sacred Bird of Cambria is “white gloves”, which must be completed and pure white; the front paws have white gloves ending in a single line; it must not extend beyond the wrist; the back paws have white gloves, which are stretching back; they climb up to about half the way to “lace”; “gloves” and “lace”, equal to all legs, are highly appreciated

Color-Burma is a cat with a point but differs from other breeds through his paws: all four are white; the point is on the face, ears, legs, tail and genital area; the rest is light, and the back is a golden beige in all variants; the color of the point should be in contrast to that of the body; only at adult the color is finished; kitties are completely whit;

Sacra kitten at different feline associations, for the contest, different colors of the point are recognized.

What you need to know when you adopt the Sacra of Burma

First of all, it should not be confused with the Burmese who is completely different


Sacra of Burma is dynamic and playful. But also quiet, gentle, when his master can not give him the right attention. It is a balanced, affectionate, faithful and very sociable animal. These cats are extremely intelligent, attach themselves quickly to their owners and are curious about the yarn. Being smart cats, they almost do not need the master’s intervention, being able to educate themselves.

They adapt easily to new living conditions, so the adoption of such a cat is not a problem.

Males mature at different ages, being able to pair at age 1 or 2 years.

Females have a well-developed maternal instinct, the number of chickens ranging from 3 to 5, who are completely white at birth. Although the points appear in the first two weeks of life, the color finishes much later.

Like any cat pup, at 3 months of age, kittens are weaned and educated for what they need in their mother’s life. They are physically and socially stable. Can be put to adoption.

Life inside, quality food, sterilization, and the provision of scratch surfaces are factors that ensure a long life.

At the age of 18, the Sacred Virgin of Burma has matured. It will continue to grow until it reaches 3 years.

Quality specimens must be mated only with male pedigrees that do not relate to individuals in the female line.

The colors of the breed are seal and blue.


Burma’s Sacra is an excellent companion. Dynamic, playful, tender voice. Sociable, willing to keep company all the time. It’s a sturdy, healthy and longevity cat. She’s a beautiful cat. Specific to this breed is “gloves”. They must be completely and pure white.

Males mature at different ages, being able to pair at age 1 or 2 years.

Females have a well-developed maternal instinct, the number of chickens ranging between 3 and 5.

If, you adopt such a cat, you will have a very pleasant company.


I invite you to leave a comment and tell me your opinion about this beautiful  breed.

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Interesting things about cats

Well, today I thought to share some interesting things about cats. Which you probably don’t know, even if you are cat lovers. Especially if you are a cat holder shortly. I invite you to read on to learn some interesting things about cats. At least in my opinion. They grow 33-year-old cats and they continue to fascinate me.

Age of cat

Sometimes it considered that one year of cat’s life is the equivalent of seven years of human life. But it’s not like that. It is now widely accepted that the report is changing. After the first two years, a cat’s life begins to “slow down”. Each “feline year” corresponds to a 4-year period of our life. The age of the cat compared to ours shown in the following table:

Cat                   Man

6 months    10 years

8 months    13 years

1 year            15 years

2 years         24 years

4 years         32 years

6 years         40 years

8 years         48 years

10 years       56 years

12 years       64 years

14 years       72 years

16 years       80 years

18 years        88 years

20 years        96 years

21 years      100 years

Why did I want to give this table? Because I know who has cats, he wants to have them all together. But the law of nature is not how we want. I want on this path to console those who have lost a cat.

I recently lost a kitten at the age of 15. Still run after him. I did everything humanly possible for him. And the veterinarian the same. Breathe with great difficulty. But I think,  lived 15 years (76 years human). It’s a beautiful age though.

Everything to teach-play the kitten

Beginning with the 23 day of life, kittens are able to use their paws to play. They will not give up on the possibility of doing it. Around the age of months , small cats react to visual and sound stimuli. Moreover, it accumulates all the behavioral reactions of  the adult. When, they are 3 months old, they are completely mature from the nervous system.kittens

That’s why it’s recommended that babies are not taken by their mother, under this age.

mother and kittens

Very curious, kittens are always keen to explore the territory. I’m always looking for new objects and sensations. This “tonic” behavior has nothing abnormal. They are just very anxious to know the world.

Paradoxically, often even the smallest kitten in the nest is the head of the mischief. He will be the first to the dish with food. Depending on the race, the behavior of the kittens differs. Short hair breeds are more playful than those with long hair.

The game is not just a fun thing. It is a true practice of the fundamental gestures of the species. If you purchased a cat at 3 months of age or older, you have no way to know all of this.

I had the chance to give birth to more cats. It is a huge joy and a spectacle to watch.

First of all, cats are the best mothers in the world. It’s great to watch how their chickens grow.

Secondly,  kittens  are a splendor. As I grow up, I’m getting more and cuter.

kitten 2

Understanding the cat

Through its well-known qualities (tender, playful, easy to maintain), the cat is one of the favorite companions of the people. Although we have been living together for a long time, the cat manages to surprise us every time with her behavior.

What seems incredible and unintelligible to man always has a feline logic. If the owner of a cat has the interest and the necessary knowledge, he can discern what is normal or abnormal in the behavior our friends.

Thus, he takes the necessary steps to correct abnormal behavior. Although I had and I have a lot of cats, I have not found any abnormal behavior. Because I love the cat and I understand it. For example, I know that when the scrawny cat has no destructive intentions. It exhibits normal behavior. The explanation is that in the wilderness she scraps the trees. This has several functions. Maintaining the claws to be able to hunt. Stretching muscles, securing the territory. In the cat’s apartment, the scraper and traces must be visible, fulfilling the marking role. If we take a cat’s sisal, it will use it and the furniture will escape intact.sisal If it does not use it, it means it’s not rough enough or does not have the necessary texture.

Thinking like a “cats”

The cat looks out the window. We care for her tenderly. At some point, the cat scratches us. It is normal behavior !!! This called redirect aggression. Cat’s attention channeled to outdoor events. A bird in flight, another cat sniffing. Her reaction suited to the view. Tip: You love the cat when she wants it, she will come when she needs tender tenderness.

The advantage of having more cats is that it always has a love affair.

The owner of a kitten watches with pride as the day that passes it gets the alto of a cat. But he does not know that he will soon mark the territory. He needs to know that the cat is a terrestrial animal and marking is normal behavior. A sexually mature cat marks its territory. The male more often than the female. Sterilization of the animal removes this shortcoming. And it is beneficial to his health.

Although the cat accustomed to the litter, at one point we notice that he does not use it anymore. This behavior can caused by urinary tract disorders. The cat is a pure animal and does not like the changes. That’s why a dirty litter or with odors (strong detergent, insufficiently rinsed litter) will also avoid.

The cat is a nocturnal hunter. A walk after dark is perfectly normal. To consume her energy, in the evening, before bedtime, we must play with her. He will also satisfy his hunting instinct. Even the most inflated games do not exceed 30 minutes. Cats usually get tired quickly. Their small hearts are not quite resisting sustained efforts.

The cat has a logical behavior. It explained by its physical, medical, emotional or environmental condition. The owner of a cat caught companion’s attitude will always find the answer, thinking like a cat.


The cat is a fascinating animal. If we have enough information, from birth to death, we can understand the cat. She has different behavior depending on age. Even if we do not seem to be normal to her behavior, she has a feline logic. But being our best friend, we’ll do anything to understand his behavior. And accept it, possibly helping it.

I invite you to leave a comment and tell me your opinion about the behavior of the cat.

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My third cat-Little Jessie


It’s 13 years since cats grow up. But on June 8, 1998, I lost my first cat, Jessie.

I suffered the whole family.

But on September 3, 1998, my daughter came from a school with my third cat. He was a baby for two months. All oak: paws, ears. Bad kids beat her. But my daughter saved her. I was very sorry for her. I fed it.

Then I cleaned it from the ointment, drank it and disinfect it. After all this, it turned out to be my beautiful cat’s third beautiful cat. And amazing, she looked very good with Jessie. The cat I just lost. That’s why I called her Little Jessie.

Little Jessie


We were still living in the block. Little Jessie grew only in the house. I was not letting him out. She delighted her with her sweethearts. I work at home. On the computer.

Jess But when Little Jessie came to assist me, I leave the work. She caressed me. It was on the computer keyboard. Purred.

It turned out to loving. She saved from the street. It could be wild. But it was not so. On the contrary.

Her childhood was without major incidents. We were plays with her, she was very playful. It was a delight to see how it jumps after the smog.

Little Jessie adult

Meanwhile, I took cats. Clara, one of them, was born. Little Jessie was very careful with the kitten. When they cried, he was the first to them. She also offered Clare rest time. She cared for her as a mother. From a large laundry hood, I made Clare and the kitten. Little Jessie was present in the basket almost all the time. She looks like she wants her too.

One day Little Jessie slipped out of the apartment. My husband and I were gone. But my daughter was home. She called to tell us that Little Jessie disappeared. We went urgently at my house. I found it easy. Around the block was full of dogs. Little Jessie climbs the block wall. That’s where my husband got it. It was a real adventure, but the cat escaped well.

After this incident, Little Jessie made me three beautiful kittens: Julie, Husky and Niky. She an accomplished mother. He taught him everything they need in life. In addition, she has borne a kitten, which I have just adopted: Tzutzu.

She later became a grandmother. A careful grandmother. Not where she got a live mouse. He brought it to a nephew. He taught him to hunt. I have found that cats have a highly developed instinct.

At home

Meanwhile, the saved cats who have found a home in our fireside have greatly multiplied. The apartment had become inconspicuous. A cat needs 5 square meters for develop harmoniously. And to feel comfortable.

I made the decision with my husband to move to the house. And we have a garden. Said and done.

I moved everything. With cats, it was harder. They were … 23 now. We organized this: in the apartment was a friend’s daughter. To the house was my daughter. To meet kittens and to calm them. And I and my husband were transporting them. I moved kittens at night. We had unhappy neighbors and did not want to see us. The friend of my daughter told me that we were doing “live meat traffic” lol.

We made three shipments.

In the next few days, cats were accommodated with the new home. Then he started to like it.

We moved in November 2003. That’s when we started in winter. So I did not leave the cats out until spring. But in the spring they were very happy to go out in the yard and into the garden. They were lying in the sun. They were running for butterflies. Socialize with dogs. Until now, they had nothing to do with dogs. But they behaved very well. I watched for a month, but it was not the slightest bit of an altercation.

Little Jessie felt wonderful. She plays with other cats. She in the garden. Smells the flowers. “Hunt” butterflies.

Jessie got her from a town called Santandrei. It was a common race. But when somebody asks what the race is, we call Saintadree. It was so beautiful that the world told us: it is. That’s what I was saying to Little Jessie that she belonged to the Saintadree breed. Of course, there is no such breed.


At the new habitat, we all have an idyllic life: we, cats and dogs.

In winter, cats were just in the house. Little Jessie has often watched TV. At Animal Planet.


And he was reacting when cats appeared. It was sweet.

But the yard was not assured and the cats could go out. It was OK if the neighbors had been OK. It was an area of houses.

But one day Little Jessie got out of the yard and did not come back. I’ve been looking for her for days. I cried out invariably.

We search her for the neighboring streets. But in vain. I lost her after 6 years.

And I don’t think she just left. She was very happy with us. She felt loved. Had both: kitten and ,,grand kitten”. Very tied to us. I think somebody hurt him.

My family and I have suffered hugely.

After this loss, we learned our lesson. We secured the yard so cats could not go outside.


Why did I tell you this story? First of all in the memory of Little Jessie. But not only that. I would like you to learn from my story.

If you live in the building, don’t leave the cat outside the apartment.

If you take her for a ride to put her collar.


Cats are unpredictable. Without the collar, you could lose it.

If you live in the house it is very good to secure the yard. This way the cat will be safe. If don’t ensure the yard, the cat, curious by nature, will leave. No problem. He knows how to get back. But if there are strange dogs or neighbors who don’t love cats … I don’t want to think.

I expect you to share your experience, leaving a comment. Or if you have any questions, I will respond with pleasure.


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The Balinese breed

The Balinese breed is a slender cat. Elegant, refined, medium-sized. With long hair and a thick tail. It has lines that give discreet and well-proportioned shape to the body.

Besides the attention it strives to achieve in any way, a Balinese cat is easy to maintain.

Take a Siamese cat and dress it in a nice fur. You will instantly get the Balinese breed .

The cat is sociable, vocal, playful, curious and intelligent.


Short history

Balinese has a relatively recent history. In the middle of the 50s, the breeders were intrigued when a long-haired chicken appeared in the pure Siamese nests. Of American breeders, some were impressed by long-haired Siamese. They have decided to standardize the race. All the necessary steps have been taken to recognize it. At the end of the ’50s, the race was named Balinese. Due to the resemblance to Balinese dancing exotic. With the Balinese years, he won the title of champion at various competitions organized by US cats associations. In 1970 CFA (the largest association in the US) recognizes this breed. But only in the classic colors of Siamese: with the black point, chocolate, blue or purple. Since 1979 CFA also recognizes Balinese with a red point, cream, tabby, and torte, but under the name of Javanese.


During the ’70s, the breed started in England too. In 1978 the Balinese Cat Society was established. Race becomes more stable and stronger. FIFE recognized the Balinese and Javanese breeds in 1986. Specimens of this breed have won the title of champion.

At the moment

Balinese, as we know it today, is the result of some great efforts and the dedication of a group of breeders. Short hair Balinese are grown in renowned felines. They are intertwined with quality Siamese to perfect the guy. Cats resulting from this pairing are called Variants. They have short hair and fur has the texture of the plus. They have value invaluable in the Balinese breed growth program. They are carriers of the long hair recessive gene. Transmit the gene when it is mated with long hair baldness or another variant.

How are the Balinese

If you ask someone who has such a cat, what is so special about Balinese, he will answer everything. After that, he will keep a monologue that ends when the speaker is exhausted.

Mother Nature decided that Siamese is already famous, it can increase its fame. Thus, a spontaneous mutation of the Siamese cat appeared. The length of the hair is the only difference between Siamese and Balinese. Siamese has soft and soft hair, and Balinese has a fine, long, silky coat. Balinese has a bushy tail.

Balinese has a single layer of hair without a fluff. Unlike other long hair breeds. The fur is lying down, close to the body, falls naturally and follows the direction of growth.

The cat has a royal outfit and an aristocratic appearance. But also full of life and affection. He is intelligent. Her sapphire-colored eyes shine with untidy curiosity. It has a warmer voice than Siamese and is less charming. Balinese breeders claim their cat is the most elegant and noble of all races.

Balinese is an excellent companion, a loving friend, and a playful partner for the job. They are easily accommodated in a new environment. He understands well with other cats and is ideal as an apartment cat.

Balinese loves his master and engages his soul in everything he does. Either read, cook or wash your teeth. They are very “talked” and can comment on any subject. If the owner is sad, he’s crying with him. If he’s sick, he suffers more like him. If he is happy, he will enjoy and play even more. Balinese love to play.

The boy cats is particularly affectionate and “sticky”.

Proper eating and exercise are essential. The body of Balinese should remain elastic, tubular and silky. The perfect Balinese resembles a silvered steel arch.

Unlike other breeds, many Balinese cats are proud when they reach the ring for competitions. I know how to impose in front of the referees and get under the skin of the spectators.

If the breeder offers you an older chick or an adult, do not hesitate.

young balinese

He has proper behavior and good manners, as he has already been familiar. Easily adapts to a new environment. It will bring a welcome change to the house.

If someone needs a clever, active, “talker” friend, he will be delighted with the presence of a Balinese.


Head – Sharp shape, long profile; fine but, sharp shape; flat skull; chin/jaws: upper line of the nose parallel to the bottom line of the chin

The ears-wide shape at the base; size: large and wide; preserves the triangular shape of the head

Eyes-form: almonds; size: large; color: blue “Siamese”; it is not allowed that the space between the eyes is smaller than the width of an eye

The neck-length: long; size: thin, elegant, not dropped between shoulders

Body-Shape: tubular, same width at shoulders and thighs; size: medium; bones: fine; length: long; muscles: very firm, well-defined, easy

Tail-shaped: dense, long and fringed, giving the impression of waving; length: in balance with the length of the body.

Legs : long, longer ones than front ones; bones: fine, well proportioned; muscles: farm

Elbows-shape: oval, size: small

Fur-length: half-length hair; texture: fine, silky; density: very little puffiness, long hair, shorter hair allowed only on the head and shoulders

Color-for different feline associations the colors differ; CFA is the only association that limits Balinese to four classic colors and classifies all other colors in Javanese; in some feline associations and in some European independent clubs, long-haired, non-point varieties are called Mandarin


Balinese has blue eyes and half-long hair. Javanese has green eyes and long hair. But if you want a companion, with a pedigree or not, these are cats to consider for adoption or acquisition. It’s easy to maintain. Ideal for the apartment. They are stable enough, physically and socially, to adapt easily to the new environment. They are excellent to keep your company, very friendly and irreplaceable.

As I said at the beginning, the cat is sociable, vocal, playful, curious, and intelligent.

If you thought of taking a cat you will not regret whether you choose a Balinese or her variant, Javanese. Look at her how grateful she is when she makes her remarkable, tail up. How hard he can and he prepares for madness. He has a pride outfit.

If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea, you can suggest in your comments.


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