My second cat, Thomas

It was November 11, 1997. I was coming back from the post office. From a bush heard a caterwaul.

You’re approaching me. The caterwaul stops. I’m moving away, Meadow heard again. And so, a few times. It was for the evening, bad and cold weather. Finally, I discovered a kitten with cold. It turned out to be my second cat. I took him in my arms. She stuck to me. I was going somewhere, but I quit. I went straight home. He ate on saturates. My daughter stared in disbelief at him. I’ll calm her. I told him it’s my second cat. That he will stay in the house.


After he was calm and he realized that everything would be good, I did a bath. I dewormed internally and externally. There was another cat already. In the meantime, I discovered he was a boy cat. It was about six months when I took him. In fact, he chose me. My daughter called him Thomas. Although he picked up on the street and still small, he fast learned his name. And not only the name. He learned the meaning of the house. How it should behave. Right, I raised him open. In a sense that I respect hi’s personality and his desires. He understood this and was an exceptional kitten. I have told that the cats who choose you are very smart and agile. We were playing with him, waving a red canvas. He’s like a little bull. So it mentioned with a nickname: Torro, from the toreador.


He immediately adapted to our house. I loved him all. I already had Jessie with whom she immediately became friends. Jessie was 12 years old. He was very clean. Childhood has gone without major incidents. In fact, it was only one. He peed in our bed, where she was asleep. But only on the husband’s side. I asked my husband to move to another room. He moved. Thomas has not dirty the bed. Like was jealous, he only wanted me. Unfortunately, 7 months after I brought Thomas, Jessie died. He also suffered, he did not play as before, he was sad.

An adventure with Thomas

Thomas had his life, quiet, in the house. Only one day he’s disappeared. We reproached each other slovenliness. We quarreled. Someone was not careful when she opened the door at the entrance and Thomas broke it. We started looking for him around the block. At that time I still lived in the block. Ever since I picked him up, he was not out. We were thinking of the horror we could suffer. There were 3 days of nightmare. Meanwhile, I had two cats, Clara and Jimmy. I took them outside. I kept the glass in the open kitchen. They were coming in and out when they wanted to. They accustomed to the dangers outside. So I told them that Thomas disappeared and sought him. You will not believe me, but they understand. Anyway, they were my only hope of finding Thomas. On the third day of extinction, Clara came to me. It was pulling me out and she”s moon. He took me a few blocks away. That’s where Jimmy was guarding. I shouted again Thomas. There was a faint caterwaul.

I headed in the direction she heard. And, surprise. Thomas was there. Blocked between things thrown by the people in that block. I took it out and brought home. I’m not saying what a joy it was for the whole family. Clara and Jimmy saved him. Not only did I hope that it happened. About Clara and Jimmy will tell you in another post. My long term plan is to tell you about my cats in the order they came to us.

Thomas 2

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas

My daughter called Thomas her brother. He was on the computer when she was working, he was sitting on her desk when she was doing her homework. He was after her all day. But the night continues to sleep with me. He was a good lover and a lover.


At one point we moved to the house. I already had 23 cats. We moved to them and to us too. Thomas was happy to go out in the yard when the weather was good. He walked through the garden, smelled the flowers, ran after butterflies or lazily in the sun. When we moved to the yard, we took three Stamping dogs from the block and a puppy off the street. Thomas was a friend to them. They were playing together.

I like to think that Thomas felt good to us, knowing he was very loved.

I only had an epidemic and we had to treat all the cats. It was awful bad luck. The attendant veterinarian was out of town. All the cats were going for good, except for Thomas. I ran with him to the clinic but there they did not realize what he was with him. He died after two days. Later, when the doctor returned to the city, we cleared. Thomas was allergic to the antibiotic. If he had the correct diagnosis, he could be treat,

I was very impressed with how he died. He was on the bed and my daughter next to him. He did not want to die in front of her. When my daughter left for a very short time, Thomas gave up the end.

He was almost 13 years old. He was waiting for her not to be present. I don’t say what mourning it was for the whole family.

For the end

I know that is a personal story. But I also promised personal stories about my cats. Too many tips from this story cannot broken. But it’s a beautiful story because I loved him a lot. Though 19 years have passed since Thomas thrilled, I still miss him. In fact, the only advice that comes out of my story. And which I have already given, is: how much love do you give your cats, so you get it. Thomas had immortal love. And he had a beautiful life.

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Cat carrier during a trip-review

We plan a trip and we want our cat to go with us. We have to have a cat carrier. If i don’t  have one, we have to buy it early. Especially if the cat is not already used. Most experts agree that any cat carrier is good. Providing the cat with the necessary comfort. We can choose what we like.

good cat

Preliminary judgments

First of all, we have to appreciate if the cat supports the journey. We know our cat so we can do it. In general, cats stay at home. They are very attached to their daily space and habits. Then we need to know the duration of the journey and its purpose. The means of transport. We leave for 2-3 days, it is preferable to leave the cat home. In the care of a trusted person. If i don’t not have to expose the cat to unpleasantness. He’s our best friend.

We leave on vacation we can leave the cat in special settings. They offer accommodation, adequate food, and medical care if needed.

How do we use the cat with the carrier

Cat must accept the carrier as normal. A long journey does not have to be the first contact of the cat with the carrier. A gradual adaptation program recommended. And with the carrier, and with tourism. Some cats associate these with a visit to the veterinarian. Thus, the carrier must stay open in the house. We’re putting a toy inside. After visiting, we walk the cat through the house. We gradually increase the amount of time the cat spends in the carrier. As far as adapting to the car journey concerned, the same goes. We gradually increase travel time.

It is advisable to spend some time with the car parked. Then we walked a little around the house. We’re on the move. So the cat realizes that nothing bad happens to her with this change in her daily habits.

Basic rules

Cat must eat, drink water and use the litter before traveling. If you want a trip without surprises, be patient. If the cat has eaten and must use the litter, give him time. Most experts in the field agree that on a trip shorter than eight hours, the cat does not need water or food. Most cats are not interested in food and water during the journey.

It is advisable not to remove the cat from the carrier. If i don’t, the cat may scandalize the rest of the way to get out of it instead of sleeping quietly. If the journey takes more than eight hours, we must plan breaks in which the cat will eat, drink water and use the litter.

While moving, we put a pillow in the carrier. Cat will travel more comfortably. If the temperature is high, the pillow must be cotton so that the cat does not suffer from the heat. It is advisable to take home water, the one with which the cat used. During the trip, the cat needs comfort and safety.

cat sleep in carrier

When we get to the destination we must let the cat rest, let food, water, and litter available. To expose the cat to some unpleasantness. He’s our best friend.

We leave on vacation we can leave the cat in special settings. They offer accommodation, adequate food, and medical care if needed.


We leave on vacation, we can take the cat with us. The carrier is the most important part of the road equipment. No matter which means of transport we go, the cat will feel the best in her carrier. There are different forms of carriers that follow certain standards. All provide safety and comfort to your cat. The important thing is to choose the right size. The carrier must be large enough. Cat must be able to get up and stretch in. But not too big. We risk that his cat does not feel protected in him. Cats love the tight spaces. Drawers, shelves, boxes.

One of the conditions for a successful trip is that the cat always has fresh air. That is not to stay in the current. Cats get used to the carrier. Especially if they have the opportunity to use it small.

Amazon is a wide range of carriers.

Since experts say, any model is good.  Provided the cat feels safe. And comfortable.
I have nothing to add; I have presented some models from Amazon.

I have three sizes of carrier because I have many cats of different sizes. I use the carrier only when I go to  vet. I’m not for cat trips. If I don’t have another solution, I don’t go on trip. I know the cat feels best at home. 

Okay, there are exceptions.

The train journey is like the car. In some countries, we need to pay an extra ticket for the cat.

I moved to 700 km and I chose to go by train to the sleeping car because of the cat. I had a seam in which I was able to let it go. Later the husband returned after the car.

Journey with the plane

Taking into account the travel conditions. Temperature, pressure, humidity, noise. It is preferable for the cat to stay at home.

We take it with us on the plane, we have to adhere to a few rules. We have to announce in advance the airline we were flying with. Each company has its own internal rules on the transport of pet animals. Maybe we need to make a reservation for the cat. Maybe we have to fill out some forms. Some companies carry the cat in the hold. Others allow the cat to go with us even in the compartment. It’s that we have to inform about the accepted dimensions of the carrier.

We go abroad, we need to prepare the necessary documents. It takes a health book, filling out forms, paying taxes. The veterinary will guide us. Cat must cleansed and vaccinated. It is advisable to know the laws of the country of destination of cats entering the country. You can get information from the consulate or embassy. Some countries have strict rules on quarantine.

I recommend you to inform yourself in advance of the formalities that must met to take the cat on the journey. This way you can avoid some unpleasant situations.


If you have a cat you must have a cat carrier. Not only for travelers but also for regular visits to the veterinarian. Do not improvise, the cat must be safe. My advice is not to take the cat on the trip. If you do not have another solution, get used to the carrier in advance. And by car. At the time of the trip, the cat must feel comfortable. And last but not least you have to consider the accommodation conditions. And the time the cat will spend away from home. For many cats, the journey is not a problem. It depends on her personality.

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Why my cat refuses to use the litter

I knew from a week of four weeks of life she was very careful when she resolved her physical needs. It is a sacred ritual for taking care of income for thousands of years and has been transmitted instinctively to cats. There’s nothing to do with education. If the bedding is at the reach of the cat, it will use it. There are situations where my cat refuses to use bedding. In this post, I will consider the possible causes for my cat to refuse to use bedding. When you discover that the sand is clean and other parts of the house come with strange odors, you have to ask questions about the cat. There are good reasons to avoid bedding. See my post here.


<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

Intimacy plays an essential role in the cat. She is a proud pride, an innate hunter who hides her traces. Thanks to this capacity, he survived for thousands of years. Let’s give him the right to privacy when he focuses on his physiological needs. And the silence that must follow their disappearance. Make her unseen. If we think a little, we will find the ideal place to place bedding. So, the need for intimidation of the cat solved. Intimacy plays an essential role in the cat. She is a proud pride, an innate hunter who hides her traces. Thanks to this capacity, he survived for thousands of years. Let’s give him the right to privacy when he focuses on his physiological needs. And the silence that must follow their disappearance. Make her unseen. If we think a little, we will find the ideal place to place bedding.

Dirty rubbish

It is  knows that if we compare the smell with a cat, we have the following result: ours is a stamp, a cat like a handkerchief. The cat is 2 times closer to the source of the smell. The cat wants that whenever he uses the bedding to be clean. Sand to be dry. If these conditions are not met, dig up to find what they are looking for. Or elsewhere. Neither we nor the cat wants to feel the bad smell of garbage. So we can make someone who does not know it’s a garbage in the room, he does not even know. How? Keeping garbage clean. So the cat will not have any problems.


Changing the type of sand

<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

Cats do not change their habits very simply. If we change bedding, the cat may refuse to use it. The reasons are: the new sand is of inferior quality, has a tougher texture, smells more unpleasant. It is unpleasant for cats to pass it. Or he does not like to inhale dust. Or her legs irritated when she digs. Or, he was disturbed by the odor of the smell of sand. Before changing the litter type, think about the possibility that your cat will not use it. You better leave the sand he loves.

Tray size

She said bedding is growing with the cat. We have to try several sheets until we find the right size. Small cats do not have to climb to the sand. Big cats should not cause trouble with a small rifle when they are chickens. The big cat can overturn a small rifle, grabbing the contents. Worse, it may have moments of claustrophobia. In conclusion, choose a bed suitable for the size of the cat.

Bedding number

Usually, when we have more cats, we must have a litter for each.


<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />


If we have more cats in the house, there is also a territorial and social hierarchy. It also counts the individuality of each cat. So we have a challenge with the organization of the toilet. I helped each cat’s desire to have a garbage. With patience, regular cleaning and careful observation of cat behavior, we can figure out how we can solve all the problems. If we have solitary and aggressive cats, it is more than likely to have mild and tolerant cats. If we immediately respond to tensions and arrange personalities that respect space, we will enjoy the existence of cats in our house.

Moving litter

Many cat lovers, when they have guests, move their bedding from their usual place. Wrong! This gives a sense of confusion and insecurity for our cat. The new place is not necessarily better for the cat. He could interpret this movement as a kind of punishment. Or a personal affront. The cat associates everything with the surrounding space. If her bed moved, suffers, she does not feel loved. It is a challenge for respect and self-confidence. After all, guests come and go, the cat stays. Let’s not allow some insignificant things to intervene between the cat and us. Let’s leave the bed in his place.

Penalty for cats

If the cat catches in the sand when the cat does not use the bedding or we use it, the cat understands our message as an order. , “Never do here”. And it will follow.

Any possible evil connected to that place. The cat understands only motivational and affectionate language. So he does not punish the cat. Punishment will not have the desired effect. On the contrary.

Invading the Territory

Cats are vulnerable in the following situations: when they sleep, eat, drink water, or go to garbage. I prefer to stay in higher places. From there I can see what’s going on around. It creates a sense of security that it associates with the territory. If they sleep, they will always have an intriguing eye.

If exposed or attacked when cat is cat by a more aggressive cat, he stressed. This stress associated with bedding. In the future, he will avoid it.

Inappropriate place

Garbage should be placed in a place where the cat enjoys little intimacy. A crowded place with many emotions and emotions is not a good choice. But no dark, mysterious, hidden, distant place is a solution. Or a place where you have to look for half an hour. If the bed is placed in a discreet and accessible place, take a look in its neighborhood. Do not be a source of stress for our girlfriend. Washing machine, dog cushion, dog bowl are not inspired places. However, any source of noise can become stressful, cat avoiding bedding. He prefers to do his needs elsewhere, alone. So, we need to think about where to put the bed so it does not have to move and meet the cat’s needs.

Health problems

Last but not least, the cat refuses to use bedding for health reasons. This is immediately checked by your veterinarian. The cat may have problems with the urinary tract. These are kidney failure, kidney stone, cold, diabetes. It associates the pain with the place where it does its needs. By avoiding the bedding, he thinks he will eliminate the suffering. We must urgently take the cat to the veterinarian because his life is in danger if he is not treated properly and on time.

Most problems can be eliminated from the start. When the cat is a chicken, we need to take care of his diet. Let’s take this seriously, do not feed it chaotically. In this way and with our cat we will be pleased.


Usually the cat uses bedding and does not “work” elsewhere. When the cat starts to avoid bedding, we need to find out why. First, we need to eliminate health problems with your veterinarian. Then we need to evaluate the situation and see how the causes I have set out above are being solved.

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Cats and litter boxes-product review


Links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

So you’re planning to take a cat. Before you do, you have to do some shopping. These include at least one litter. The cat and the litter will be inseparable at certain times of the day. Amazon offers many options. But the cat and the litter have to be compatible. Cat is small, you will take a smaller litter. If it is large or raised, a larger litter is needed. Cat is shy, take a relatively closed litter. It matters and where you want to place it in the apartment. Below I will give you several examples of litter from Amazon’s offer. The offer is for all types of cat’s personalities and for all pockets. Do not forget, if you have more cats, each has to have her litter. The review indicates the manufacturer’s specifications and customer reviews.

CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

You also receive a box of granules for 6 months and a cartridge to be changed every 2 months

Although it’s a bit expensive, you actually save money. It’s a litter that binds to the water in the bathroom and connects to the electricity. So, after the cat does his job, there is no need to clean. Let go of the water. The water washed the crystals from the cat’s bed. I recommend this litter to the busy people who still want a cat.

Although they say it goes for 3 cats, my opinion is that it only works for a cat. This will work in Although they say it goes for 3 cats, my opinion is that it only works for a cat. This will work in poble conditions. She has some cleaning times, and if another cat wants to go to the litter, she expects to be clean. It is possible to do it in places that are not allowed conditions. She has some cleaning times, and if another cat wants to go to the litter, she expects to be clean. It is possible to do it in places that are not allowed


clean it yourself


big price

it’s not for big cats

The manufacturer’s specifications are here:

Customer Reviews

Yangbaga Stainless Steel

Litter Box for Cat and Rabbit

Odor Control, Non Stick Smooth Surface, Easy to Clean, Never Bend, Rust Proof, Large Size with High Sides and Non Slip Rubber Feets

Some cats prefer an open litter

It is a litter presented in two dimensions, open, made of metal; control smells and do not get dirty. For a hygienist who cares for your cats.


having two dimensions, can use cats of different sizes


is discovered, not recommended for use in rooms

The manufacturer’s specifications are here:

Customer Reviews


iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

Never Absorbs Odor, Stains, or Rusts – No Residue Build Up – Easy Cleaning Litterbox Designed by Cat Owners (1 P)

It is a stainless steel, extra large litter that cats will love. It does not retain smells and does not get dirty like a plastic litter.
It is recommended for big cats.

is great and big cats can use it

reasonable price versus quality


is uncovered and can not be used in rooms

The manufacturer’s specifications are here:

Customer Reviews

Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

It’s a closed litter. You can have total odor control through the easy-to-change zeolite filter. It is from material that does not stain. Can be placed anywhere in the house.

  •  Pro:
  • easy to clean
  • can be discovered  if the cat prefers an uncovered litter
  • good price
  • can be overturned when the cat comes out
    • The manufacturer’s specifications are here:
  • Customer Reviews

Designer Catbox Jumbo Litter Box Enclosure in Black

In fact, it’s not a litter. She just hides it inside. It is recommended for any cat size. Can surge anywhere in the house being like a piece of furniture. This way the guests do not really have the cat’s toilet. Any type of open litter can be placed inside.

Provides intimacy to cats when do their duty.


the piece of furniture with the possibility of mounting the door on the drape or on the left


a little great price

The manufacturer’s specifications are here:

Customer Reviews

Pxyz Cat Litter Boxes Enclosed.

Cat Litter Pan with Cat Litter Scoop

A closed litter for cats under 4 kg. It is easy to clean by dragging a drawer. It has a nice design. Can be placed anywhere in the house.

Do not scatter the sand outside the box


being a closed litter, can be placed anywhere in the house


is recommended for cats up to 4 kg

The manufacturer’s specifications are here:

Customer Reviews

Pinky Family Litter Box with Lid Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan Extra Larg

A durable plastic microbial litter with removable lid. Can be placed anywhere in the house with control of odors. . Provides intimacy to cats. It is easy to clean.


If the cat does not like it, the lid can be removed


If the cat does not love the lid, you better take one without a lid

The manufacturer’s specifications are here:

Be the first to review this item

PetnPurr Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Lid and Scoop – Large

Litter with a nice design and attractive colors, resistant plastic;

Bottom pan can be used separately for kitties.

Keep the house clean because the sand does not spread outside the litter.

The lid is easily removed to clean  inside.

It seems that customers who have bought the litter are pleased.


easy to clean

can be placed anywhere in the house


it may take a while for the cat to discover where the entrance is

The manufacturer’s specifications are here:

Customer Reviews

Petsfit Assemble Odorless Night Stand Pet House

Litter Box Furniture with Latch Holding 20″ x 24″ x 21″

The cat box can also be used as a toilet for them. Inside is an open litter.

This way it can be placed anywhere in the house, basically being a piece of furniture. With proper sand the scent control is total.


It can stretch anywhere in the house

In case of accidents, the wood begins to smell

The manufacturer’s specifications are here:

Customer Reviews


Over the 33 years since cats have grown (many cats) we tested different litters. I have cats with different personalities of different sizes. For every one I have a litter in the bathrooms. Plus litter in different room. With all my experience, I can not tell you a certain type of litter. You have to decide for yourself. Depends on where you place them. It also depends on the personality of the cat. The advice I can give you be that they will certainly not use litter several cats.

If you have a cat, please tell me what kind of litter you use. I would also like to know if my post helped you in any way.

Breeds- Blue Cat from Russia

I will present a special breed of cats: Blue Cat of Russia. The classic personality of a Blue Cat from Russia is something special, unique. It is possible that some non-pedigree cats may have the same character traits.

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

About the specimens of this breed

Certain requirements imposed on the owner of a Blue cat from Russia. This cat is for connoisseurs. If the requirements met, the cat is a special companion. It has a particular behavior compared to the other breeds. I hope to stay that way. It’s a real cat. She has most of the natural instincts of the felines almost intact.

It’s an intelligent cat. But which cat is not. She is curious, alert, cautious, lively and playful.

It’s a cat for people who indeed love felines. Females are ideal moms, I do not know otherwise cats of race or not. All cats have a special maternal instinct.

It attaches a lot to family members. Instead, he has to give him much attention and love. Must be a friend of the cat chosen. Being vigilant by nature is cautious when a stranger visits the house. She stays hidden until her curiosity conquers. Sometimes they just let go.
If he accepted someone else, he will remember him at the next visit.

Blue Russia is not an insistent or aggressive cat.
It will never need you. You can have full confidence in it.

He instinctively developed “social life”. It depends only on the individual, in part, on the personality of each.

Sometimes they come home with strangers when they are chickens. Sometimes when they are adults.

The origin of the What is definitely known is that in 1912 the first standard appeared for this breed.

Everything about their past circulates all kinds of legends and “versions”. The true origin of Blue Russia will remain a mystery.

One legend says that from the northwest of the Russian Empire, in the middle of the nineteenth century, a feline arrived with commercial ships in Europe. This known as “Archangel cat”, “Maltese”, “Spanish blue,” or “Blue”.

By the 40s the Scandinavians crossed Blue to Russia with Siamese. They have achieved a “diluted” color effect – from black to blue.

In effect, after World War II, the formation of the race we know today begins. The English took care of it and crossed it with Siamese. They introduced a more elegant form, crossing only those with “blue point”.

The quality of the fur preserved like in the times of the empire. It’s extreme velvety.

Eyes, golden or golden, with crossed cats, stabilized in green.

Since 1900, several copies have imported into America. After the Second World War, the followers of these dogs crossed with copies from England and Scandinavia.

Thus, it standardized in the 60s by Russia, as we know it today.

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>


The standard differs from one feline association to another in the sense that the score is different.

I will take into account the FIFe standard.

A harmonious cat

Compared with most non-pedigree cats, Blue from Russia is nobler and more elegant. It is very harmonious. The medium waste has a very beautiful head, high legs and long tail. All this creates a harmonious whole. It has no extremes. A closer look reveals the distinctive, distinctive features.


Blue Russia is a cat with short hair. For this reason, it is sufficient for brushing and caressing. They are also a source of pleasure for the cat. The fur has the appearance and consistency of velvet and silk. When she passes her hand through her fur, she feels soft and a little resilient. At present this seal is almost exterminated precisely because of the coat.

Color is preferred in a darker shade.

The skull is long and flat. The head has the shape of the nail short, unobtrusive. Forehead is long and right. The nose is right. Forms a concave angle with the forehead at eye level. Has strong Barbie and mustache prominent.

The eyes

The eyes are separated from each other. They are particularly expressive. They are green, big and almond. Sometimes the shape of the eyes appears rather round. The eyes are too small, deep or too close.

The first time we see a Blue from Russia, we notice our eyes. Especially when they are green, according to the standard.

The ears

Are large ‘at the base, sharper and positioned vertically on the head. That is, the outer line of the ear must be vertical. It is very important for the ears to have the right width. If they are too narrow, the rabbit ears or the exclamation mark in the crown of the head. Also, your head should be optimal width, because of your ears.

A narrow head would make the ears too close to the base. This is not desirable.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

Cat and exhibitions

Personally am against the cat’s presentation at exhibitions. Many years ago I presented two cats at the exhibition. If I knew how much stress it is for the poor cat, I would not have done it.

It is also true for Blue from Russia. Presence in the exhibition involves traveling, sometimes over long distances. You have to sit in a cage, in a huge hall, many cats and strangers.

She has to behave well in the exhibition. She must not look frightened, aggressive, not spit, scream, scratch or bite. It must be kept in mind that the cat will be presented to the jury by the steward and not the master.

It’s no secret that Russian Blue has the reputation of the “inappropriate” breed for exhibitions, especially among breeders of other breeds.

Fortunately, there are specimens that behave well at exhibitions. Cats are unpredictable, so breeders will be challenged by breeding nests according to their behavior.

The best way to find out if a kitten likes exhibitions is to bring him to one. He will take care to give us his opinion.

By its very nature, she is not enthusiastic when it comes to strangers. The thing is more true for Blue from Russia.

Let me take or not a Russian Blue


Blue Russia is a cat for connoisseurs. It’s not a cat for anyone. Must be ready for her devotion. You need to prepared to give him more attention and love. Must be your chosen to friend. If Albania’s need for love and attention satisfied, people are no longer interested.

If you think you can meet the needs of Blue Russia, take it. Otherwise, think of another race.


If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea, let me suggest you in your comments.

Natural food for cats- Purina Review

Product: Purina

depends on type and quantity
Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Reting: 9,5 out of 10

if you want to buy through my seit is the same price as the amazon; why bother you further

In a previous post, I discussed the nutritional needs of the cat. Over time, I tried all kinds of cat food. We try to eat healthier, more natural. I’ve been looking for natural cat food too. Both dry food and wet food. Throughout my searches, the changes I made gradually, mixing the marks.

Personal experience

For some years, they have been using Purina cat food. Purina has an 80-year experience. He is not a beginner. They mainly use food for sterilized cats and cats with urinary tract health. Purina Cat Chow is a dry food with a special formula for a healthy urinary tract, strong teeth and beautiful fur.

I use these two types of the crane because I have many cats, almost all of them are old. All are sterilized. I also try to prevent urinary problems, which are common in cats. It also removes tangles of tangled fur.

It’s more convenient to give them dry meals (and cheaper) to read cats. But if you allow and wet food is very good.

I give them wet food just as spoiled.

It is complete pet food for adult cats.

I will give as an example the composition of Purina Cat Chow Urinary Tract Health:

Composition: cereals (42% wholegrain), Meat and derivatives (20%), Vegetable protein extracts, Oil and fats (0.7% fish oil)Derivatives of vegetable origin (2.7% dried beet pulp, 0.07% dried parsley equivalent to 0.4 parsley) , Vegetables (2% dried chicory root. 0.07% dried carrot equivalent to 0.4% carrot. 0.07% dried spinach equivalent to 0.4 spinach), Minerals, Yeasts (0.3%).

** Natural ingredients

*** equivalent to 40% rehidrated meat and animal derivatives (min,14%)

Quality-price ratio

In terms of quality, I am very pleased. Cats too. Dry food does not contain dyes or additives. It’s natural for cats.

When it comes to what your cat is eating, why not be natural? Purina Cat Chow Naturals offers cats the nutrition they need with natural ingredients such as true chicken, whole grains and greens. Contains high-quality protein. It is a natural diet of cats. The cat finds this natural formula delicious. It is complete with a fiber blend to help control internal hair spots. Each meal of Purina Cat Chow Naturals offers complete and balanced nutrition, including essential vitamins and minerals.

As far as the price is concerned, I can say that it is a good dream of quality.

There is chicken food, seniors. There is also food indicated in certain diseases. Convalescence food in recovery, etc.

I could write a novel only about types of food.

Some considerations

Cats don’t like to change their food. They don’t like variety. And if you change it, you do it gradually (7-10 days).

Don’t give the cats the remains of your table. It has different nutritional needs than humans. It imbalances and can become obese.

Cats don’t like receiving food less often and in large portions. They are prone to eat small quantities several times. Purina, the dry kind, is ideal. It can be left permanently at the cat’s disposal. The cat must have fresh water at hand all the time.

Wet sorts should be consumed immediately. If anything remains (but usually Purina does not stay), keep in the refrigerator. When given again, it is at room temperature.

The reduced physical activity combined with a too rich diet can easily overcome the nutritional balance of the cat. Bounty offered as a sign of love, too often, can also unbalance the cat. The result: you will have an obese cat. The overweight cat does not have an ideal life for his prey.

The quality of the food can also be verified by the condition of the hair. It must be soft, odorless, clean and shiny. If health problems occur, the hair is more opaque, greasy and fragile.

Purina offers everything the cat needs for a healthy skin and a shiny fur.

You do not need to give your cats dietary supplements. Both, dry and wet, food from Purina offers cats everything they need for a harmonious development.

A visit to the veterinary surgeon is indicated. That’s after vaccines and deforming.

My recommendations

Several varieties of dry food from Purina

The amount required for a meal is specified on the pack, depending on the weight of the cat.

Depending on age, we will choose the food as specified on the package.

Depending on the conditions, we will choose the specific type of food.

Purina Wet Diet Variety

The amount required for a meal is specified on the pack, depending on the weight of the cat.

Depending on age, we will choose the food as specified on the package.

Depending on the conditions, we will choose the specific type of food.


It’s 33 years since cats grow up. So I can say I have some experience. I can tell you that if you give them a portion of quality food, cats will be healthy. Of course, there are exceptions. Some have congenital illnesses, some acquired diseases. Some may be treated, some not. In fact, cats suffer from the same diseases as humans. And a naturally balanced, equally fed cat is like a natural and balanced man. Moreover, a cat fed with quality food, eating less, has the ideal weight, is more playful, more affectionate. But health is primordial.

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Absorbing sand

I told you about the nutrition needs of cats. But after a while, they do their duty. Your cat or kitten climbs very seriously and focuses on the litter. In the litter is absorbing sand. What is “absorbent sand”?

A brief history

By the end of the forties, a “revolution” had taken place. A salesman of clay discovered a new use of it. Mr. Edward Lowe made the first artificial sand. It based on clay. So he started a profitable business.

In 1984, Thomas Nelson manages to create artificial sand based on clay. It has the capacity to turn into granules if it is wet. These granules absorb urine and unpleasant odors. The removal process is much simpler and more comfortable. Artificial sand based on clay is very popular. It has a low cost.

Education or instinct

When, the babies are born, they are unable to make their own needs. In the first three weeks of life, their mother helps them. She was washing her tongue on her belly. It stimulates the elimination. Cat pups gain control over this function between the third and seventh week. During this time the pups learn other things too. I’m starting to play, run and jump everywhere. Get the first knowledge about other animals and people. The age at which they start using the litter is between four and six weeks. Stinging research on feline behavior has shown that cats are born with the instinct of making their needs on porous surfaces. Kitten do not need to trained to use sand. If force a kitten to use the litter, can have the opposite effect. Chickens do not need to learn this behavior from their mother. Even chickens that have grown without a mother normally follow this instinct, In many ads, we find that kittens for adoption or for sale are “well-educated.” The breeder wants to convince you that the kitten regularly visits his sandpit. The fact that the cat uses the litter is not the merit of man. Cats instinctively bury urine and feces in porous materials. People only take advantage of this instinct. Litter is simply a substitute, which cat accepted. It assumed that the role of this cat’s behavior is to hide its presence from potential enemies.



<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

The usual way

The cat starts each visit of the litter with the scent of the surface.

Then he digs up his front paws, making a small hole. It depends on each cat in part how long this phase lasts. Then the cat makes his needs in the place where he digs. Follow the burying. Some cats only make two, three moves. After that, he leaves nothing. Others repeat burial, always checking whether they did the job well. Almost all cats, irrespective of their breed, bury their manure. Exceptions do only when something is wrong around something.

With rare exceptions, cats do not change their habits all the time. The new one is only to ease the necessary conditions. Besides, are not the cats known as very clean animals?

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

If, got a cat, you will ask what hygienic habits you will have. There is no need to worry.

Partnership man-cat

In the millennia of man and cat mingling more and more things are changing. The cat has new possibilities to get closer to humans. Still retains its spontaneity, character, nature. They were at first.

In recent years, a developed industry, has found the solution to the biggest hurdle of associating today’s cat. “Is it clean? Do not do the house? I do not have a yard … ”

Inventing artificial sand for cats has led to hard-to-imagine evolution in the past.

The number of cats has increased, They have become family members. They can now live under the same roof and not near. House cats have a living average of 17 years. The cat lives only 2-5 years. 80% of the cats with the master are house cats. They do not leave this environment. Was impossible 45 years ago. More than 72% of them have a litter.

At first, the first cats kept in the house packed with regular sand, chips or wood chips.

But the absorbent sand invented, the market has grown. There are a lot of researchers and producers who pay close attention to this topic. In North America, more than 200 million tonnes of sand produced in 2000.

Artificial sand (absorbent) as we know it today produced in four basic forms. These differ in production and feature technology:

• Clay-based (cheapest)

• What comes in contact with moisture

• Natural, natural fiber (wood or paper)

• Alternative technologies based on special technologies

Artificial sand based on lutes is very popular due to its low cost. It is available everywhere and can be easily removed. After use, empty the trash. May contain deodorant. But control of odors is his weaker part. Other disadvantages would be dust and mud that form after use. Cats accustomed to the smell of the earth. This bedding is a practice ground. I mean, it’s something familiar. But cats do not like ugly smell, dampness, mud or dust inhalation. This sand needs to changed more often.

An alternative closer to today’s man’s lifestyle is the bedding that closes in contact with moisture. Absorbs urine and odors, isolating what needs to thrown away. This sand is more practical and provides better hygiene. Only the “stones” dropped and not all the contents of the tray. Washing and filling with new bedding done only weekly. Some materials are degradable in water.

Careful! If have more cats, each has its own litter.


A more technologically advanced option is a natural fiber bedding. They made of wood, paper or other natural material. They have a smell control, an increased absorption power, are biodegradable.

There are also bed sheets that change monthly. They based on the latest technology. The principle is the evaporation of the absorbed liquids, capturing the unpleasant odors. They are more expensive, but the price/quality ratio is good.


If want a cat, take it. Do not worry about hygiene. You only have to get a litter and absorbent sand. It should placed in a retired corner, possibly in the bathroom.

I personally have more cats and the sand for them costs me a lot. After a while I used sand, I gave up. My cats are very smart. I made some stainless steel sinks in the baths. In them, I put perforated plastic jars. The dishes cleaned them with natural substances.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

My cats have been using them for years. They only did not give up digging.

For sick cats, there is a type of sand to watch the health of the cat. So we can help the veterinarian in establishing the diagnosis.


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My first cat, cute kitten name -Jessie

It was September and followed my husband’s day in our first marriage year. I was thinking of making a special gift.

I decided to give her a cat kitten. He said it and did it well.

When, my husband left the delegation, I had time to surprise him. I went to the country with a colleague of service to his relatives. There I chose a cat.

I called her Jessie-cute kitten name.

First childhood

She delighted herself with her gentleness, her beauty, her daring. And because we loved it very much, she responded to our love. And she was a common cat, the European breed, but no pedigree. From her I learned how much love you give a cat, so you will get it in return. It was with her the beginning of cat care for me.

I have accumulated a lot of experience, which I want to share with you as well.

Jessie-cute kitten name – was a full-fledged family member.

At first, she grew up with us. We were living on the 9th floor. But when I left home, Jessie was making a scandal that was down to the first floor. So we decided to take her to my mom while I was at work. We took her in the morning and took her after the afternoon. Like a baby grown up to grandparents, while parents were at work.

Once a colleague told me he was on the bus and saw me talking to a bag. Actually we brought Jessie home and talked to her. She was in a bag. At that time there were no cats transporters in our country.

It was a great cat. I went for a walk in the park with her, without the leash, and she was holding us like a puppy. Once we get home, it falls into a fatigue.

New experiences with Jessie

She chose to do his “duty” in the bathroom sink.

When, nature told her word, I took her to the boy cat. I remember it was Easter day. At that time, I did not know the boy cat was going to the cat. Jessie knocked out a whole yard. Then he disappeared. I searched her all the streets around but I did not find it. After few days he found her in the attic of the house. He announced it. I went and I took it. The problem was not resolved. So I gave him hormonal pills. These have the effect of suppressing or interrupting the cycle in females. We found out that side effects (mammary cysts that can turn into tumors). Occur after a period of continuous administration. So I made the decision to sterilize her. It recovered well after surgery. But after surgery my mother did not want to give it to me anymore. The orc was passing by to her every day. That’s how I saw Jessie.

Jessie and my little girl

When Jessie was two years old, my little girl came to the world. Jessie was careful not to walk on her clothes.

Besides, take care of the little girl. We leave it in the sun on the balcony. If she started crying, Jessie was coming to call me.

I remember that my mother-in-law was once on my visit. She washes some diapers of her face in the sink. Jessie approached the shifty and began to cry. My mother-in-law called me immediately. She did not know that Jessie needed the toilet. The toilet was busy. I immediately took the diapers from the sink. Jessie used the sink right away. Since then, my mother-in-law loved Jessie.

When the little girl started to go with the precursor, Jessie was standing in two feet and watching her.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

About a year and a half of the girl, Mother found both of them eating over Jessie’s plate.

It is advisable for children to have a pet. Especially the unique child at parents. This will make him responsible. It will also make him not selfish. It will also strengthen your immune system. And where do you think he will have fun and baby.

My daughter spent her first childhood with Jessie.

Other experiences with Jessie

Jessie grew more in the house. So she did not know how to get out of a tree. We did climb-down exercises with her with the ironing board. Then I took her to nature. But the fellow scared. He climbs higher up the tree. My husband had to climb into the tree after her. It was on a Sunday. All the neighbors were at home. It was a great show. And a lot of neighbors saw the show.

I once loved her forcefully when she was not in mood. I finally let go of it. But after about two hours, when I was watching TV, he passed me and gave me a paw in my head. To make me understand that I can not love her if she does not have the feeling. Over time, I found out that it is valid for all cats. They are full of personality and do not do what they want. If you respect this, you will have a perfect companion.


At Jessie’s 12 years of age, we moved to 700 km. We sent things with a car, and we left for a train with a sleeping carriage for Jessie. It was 12 hours to walk, afterwards the husband returned after the car. Jessie adapted very well to her new home. It said that the cat is the house and dog of man (to suggest, we have four dogs). But I do not think so. Rather, the cat is the house, but the house is where you are.

We moved in September. On November 11, 1997, I got a boy cat, Thomas. The photo below is both.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

At one point, Jessie got sick and we had to operate. She did not wake up from anesthesia. Unfortunately, the doctor who acted did not get it. But there was not much time in the new city. We were not interested enough about veterinarians. In the former city, we had an excellent doctor. I found one here as well. Unfortunately, he went to angels too early. We continue to his clinic. Hi’s wife is a veterinarian; more, my daughter is doing practice at that clinic.

A few conclusions

How much love you give to a cat, so you will receive.

When, nature tells the word, it is advisable to sterilize the cat. Thus, afterwards it protected by cysts in uterus or mammary cysts. Less, you want to have offspring. Or if he is a champion.

Pets, especially the cat, recommended for children. She make them responsible. They will not become selfish. Strengthens the immune system. She’s having fun with the kids.

Feeding does not raise problems. You can offer food from commerce. Just worry about being natural. See my review here.

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Breeds – cats Abyssinian – standard

This elegant animal is a real aristocrat in the feline world. Her moves, jumps, detentions and landings. Are all done with the grace, ease and elasticity of a rhythmic gymnastics champion.

The cats Abyssinian race is affectionate and intelligent, oriented, active. He likes to interact and to play, and to be present in every activity the master carries out.

Because of its overflowing energy, the Abyssinian cat is not suitable for the elderly.

Short history

The views divided on the origin of the breed. Some claim that her origin is not Ethiopia. But most converge to the idea that the breed imported Abyssinia. Through the English armies in India.

The Abyssinian breed is one of the oldest known breeds. Still, there are speculations about her history. The native Abyssinian with the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egypt. They were an elegant feline. With muscular body, neck in perfect bow shape. Large ears and almond eyes. The name of this breed makes us believe it comes from Ethiopia (sometime Abyssinia). But the recent genetic breakthroughs show that Abyssinian origin stems from the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. The first Abyssinian imported from England to North America arrived in 1900. Until 1930, not enough cats were brought in to form a basis for the development of this breed on the new continent.

Pure specimens of this breed do not exist. In England the Abyssinian cats Club has 33 members. And about 170 pure-bred cats entered in the club’s register.

Standard (how to rate in the contest)

Fleece – clear and colored, medium waist and royal outfit, supple. Elastic, well-balanced both, physically and temperamentally, proportionally. She’s a short-haired cat. Males are proportionately higher than females, but they are more active.

Head-mild edges, slightly rounded, without flat surfaces. Eyebrows, cheeks and all lines of a tandem profile. A slight slope along the nose to the forehead, which should be of the right size, with space between the ears. This line continues invisible, elongating in the line of the neck arch.

The Bottom is neither sharp nor very pigmented and not square. The beard should not be too prominent, nor too withdrawn. A permitted exception may occur when it comes to jaws of adult males.

Ears-Very lively, large and moderate pigmented. Wide at the base and conical, worn in the position as if they were just listening. The hair on the ears is very short and smooth. With the tips colored in black or dark brown (reddish red) or wild, brown chocolate (red).

Eyes-They have almond shape, they are broad, bright and expressive. Neither rounded nor oblique. The eyes accentuated by a fine black line, covered by a lighter colored area. Their color is golden or green.

Body-Average length, supple ratio, showing well-developed, but not distressed muscles. Greater importance given to proportions and balance, in general, than simple dimensions.

Feet and paws-proportionally supple, fine bones. Abyssinian stays very stable on the ground, giving the impression that he stands at the top of his toes. The elbows are small, oval and compact, the front legs have five fingers, the four at the back.

Long tail at the base, long enough and sharp. The fur is soft, silky, with a fine texture, but thick, elastic to the touch and glossy, clear, warm and vivid colors.

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>


Abyssinian is a tabby cat with ornamental specific AGOUTI. “AGOUTI” is a gene that predominates all other tabby genes. Does not allow specific ornamental tabby to appear. The background made up of red, brown and black tufts. Evidence that the cat is tabby we have at our forehead -, M “characteristic). Thus placed, the hairs give the illusion that the cat changes its color when it moves.

The four recognized colors:

RUDDY (light red, orange-brown or wild color) -the color of the dried straw, the puff

RED (color SORREL or CINNAMON, red-brown reddish) – color of the fox, intense brick

BLUE (blue) – an ash-bright, warm and gentle, pigmented with intense blue

FAWN (pink beige) – deer color, beige Matt hot cream circles, and light cream base

FIFE also recognizes the following variants. They are silver, blue silver, sorrel silver and fawn silver (beige).


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

Somali, variety of the Abyssinian

Fade everything that tempts her. She is affectionate and intelligent. It can teach more everything you ask for. The very discrete-gangster meadow. Somali, the classed long-haired Lynx specimens as a distinct variety. The look is original, chic, elegant. Supple, the sturdy blade, gives her the grace of a big cat. The huge, almond, golden or green eyes give it a unique beauty note.

She appeared as a result of a spontaneous genetic mutation. It has brought through a careful selection of her form today. He has a great coat of fine fur. With thick and silky hair in splendid colors. With a long and bushy tail, Somalia is a wonderful feline.

The puppies get very late, characteristic “ticking”. The final color is only two years old. If you want a Somali, look good on your parents’ fur.

Being of the same breed, the standard is the same as that of the Abyssinian.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

Growth and nutrition

The Abyssinian cat is robust and healthy. It resists cold weather in the winter. Consume a lot of meat. Four times a week, cooked vegetables, raspberries, or very delicate salad should added. Thoroughly administer for their vitamin content. In the evenings it can be over boiled, boned or boiled rabbit. Sometimes a porridge with milk can give. Should brushed or brushed regularly.

Arbitration of an Abyssinian

The standard of the breed is very similar from one association to another. Some qualities, yet, evaluated otherwise. So, a cat that participates in exhibitions organized by different associations can get a different score.


· Other color spots

· Long and narrow head, short and round head

· Striped on your legs

· Closed dark collar

· Rings on the tail

· Cold or gray tones in the fur

· White fluff to blue or “fawn”


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Nutritional needs of cats

OK. You took a kitten. You were with her at the vet. You have the necessary one so you can feel comfortable in your home. But very soon you have to learn about the nutritional needs of  cats. While a dog is an omnivore, a cat is carnivorous by excellence. So the cat’s nutritional needs are different from a dog’s.

Nutritional needs of  cats

A feline nutritionist I’ve never seen, someone will say more. And yet, in the US, the cat’s country, and then the dogs, there is the National Animal Diet Food Institute. Which solves this big problem of our true and disinterested friends. Anyone who knows that cat food is based on meat. How many cat lovers are, there are so many eating methods. From my 33-year-old experience of raising cats, I can tell you many things.

A balanced diet of cats provided by the following food components:

• Taurine-maintains heart health and visual acuity

• Carnitine – supports lipid metabolism for urinary tract health

• Carcass-source of betacarotene to keep a strong immune system

• Spinach-rich in iron and vitamins, to maintain a healthy circulatory system

.• Chicory – a natural source of prebiotics that helps maintain healthy digestion

• Rosemary-is a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals

• Rape Seeds – an important source of fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) that help maintain healthy skin and coat

• Chicken, turkey, beef, fish, etc.

All these found in special food for cats. The form of croquettes (dry food). The form of canned foods (junk food). For juniors, adults, seniors, sterilized cats, diabetic cats, etc.

I have many cats, I give them dry food and I give them some moist food From time to time. You can also see my post here.

Do not spoil at the price of food, the better it is, the more cats will eat, but will be healthier to our delight.

List of foods that can given to cats as such

• Food based on meat (meat of all species). Organs (liver, cow’s heart, kidney, spleen); fresh or frozen, mixed with rice. Attention to fish: only boned and boiled. All meat given only at room temperature, only boiled pork

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Milk- based foods – Calcium port for bone health – Milk appreciated by the cat and can eat daily. In quantities of up to 100 ml, especially in younger nutrition. Some cats refuse milk but accept cow’s cheese, butter, melted cheese, sour cream and cheese. Butter is particularly necessary, especially in the younger.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Eeggs-just yolk, 2-3 times a week

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Spinach, carrot, ivy … and grass – are secondary foods in the cat’s diet. Is necessary because of their vitamin content. Some vitamins purchased by themselves by washing their skin and coats. I cultivate grass in jardinière and my cats eat it with pleasure to adjust their digestion.

• Bones are not given in cat food except for bone powder

Chocolate attention: It is toxic to cats and sometimes its consumption can be fatal. I tell you to resist the temptation to offer him chocolate if the cat urges her. Instead, offer your cats olive (black only) and you will witness a special show until they eaten.

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

Also prohibited: onions, potatoes and uncooked tomatoes, dough, grapes and raisins, caffeine and alcohol, garlic and chives.

How to administer food and drinking water

The Great Pasteur recommends that the water and food vessels are very clean. They should washed daily (twice a day in sommer), but never with detergents. Detergent traces, would produce cat-poisoned cats.that ate or drank. From such dishes. Foods should always chop or in the form of pasta. The ration will include meat or data through the mincing machine. Mixed with green vegetables and carrots. How can we teach kittens to eat, so we’ll have them all their lives.

An amount of about 150 gr. Raw beef or boiled pork should found daily in the food ration. For young cats, two meals a day recommended, in the morning and in the evening, for adults only, in the evening. In the morning they will be dairy. If the cat refuses to eat, it’s definitely a problem with this freshness.

I have several cats. I have used them with croquettes, at their disposal all the time and canned dates. From time to time, all at once. It seems cats eat what they need, I have no problems. But they always have fresh water. You can see here my revew.


Cats do not like receiving food less often and in large portions. They are prone to eat small quantities several times. Commercial dry food is ideal. It can leave permanently at the cat’s disposal. If you want to dispose of the dry food from the trade, you do it gradually. Mix the new type of food with the old one.

Refusal of food is a symptom of many diseases. But you can also meet the healthy cat.

The cat may refuse food if:

• it placed near the litter

• placed in a place circulating with many people

• in the presence of an aggressive cat who threatens her and attacks her when she wants to eat

A negative experience (allergic reaction, nausea, vomiting) can cause an aversion to the taste and smell of food.

The reduced physical activity combined with a too rich diet can easily overcome the nutritional balance of the cat. Offered in the sign of love, too often, can also unbalance. The result: you will have an obese cat. The overweight cat does not have an ideal life for his prey.

The quality of food can checked by the condition of the hair. It must be soft, odorless, clean and shiny. If health problems occur, the hair is more opaque, greasy and fragile.



Food administration

If you want a healthy cat to enjoy, you will take my advice into account. The nutritional needs of the cat differ from a dog. It differs from human needs. You will maintain a rigorous hygiene of the pots that you give them to drink and From which they drink water. If you can give it to cats, remove the remaining contents From the cat’s table into a jar. The jar holds it in the fridge.

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