Negrutzu and appeal for cats

I’ll tell you the story of my little Negrutzu. Although he lived a bit at home, he certainly left his mark. He was first born in the house.

Clara,  about which I told you, made the first kitten tour. In May 2000, I woke up in the morning with something black in bed. Asleep as I was, I did not realize at first what it was about. Until I dared, Clara faced again. In total 5 beautiful kittens.

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British Shorthair – another breed under the magnifying glass

I will introduce you to one of the most popular show breeds, British Shorthair. Every cat has her personality. Even brothers in the same nest have completely different characters. British Shorthair

Has an independent and reserved temperament. Wonderful and worthy. She is a wonderful, alert and playful cat. It is not exaggerated or destructive.

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What is the best food for your cat-Review

You always look for the best food for you. Contain all the nutritional elements necessary for the body. Why would you act differently for your cat? She’s just your best friend. Let’s see what is the best food for your cat. I have been growing cats for over 33 years. During this time I learned a lot about cats. And about their nutritional needs. Now I want to share with you what I have learned. So, what is the best food for your cat?

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My Pussy cat

When she was only two months old my Pussy cat came to us. In my tongue Pussy means kissing. It was November 17, 2000. On the inserted. It was a cold and ugly day. He was in the middle of the street full of cars. Coming out of school, my daughter noticed it. It was so small and confusing. So she took it and brought her home.

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The Burma Sacra – another breed under the magnifying glass

 The Burma Sacra has an interesting story. Why is it called Sacred? A beautiful story says these cats come from Burma. They are the bearers of the souls of deceased masters on their way to paradise. Sometimes the majority of  the Burma  Sacra cats were Buddhist monks. That is why the cats were given the name “sacred”.

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Turkish Angora cat-breed under the magnifying glass

Most appropriate term for defining characteristics of the Turkish Angora cat is “capable”. Smart and powerful at the same time. Caution: don’t confuse Turkish Angora with Angora. The Turkish Angora cat is the original breed. It is the result of Turkish-American cooperation. She called Turkish to distinguish itself from the breed created in England. And which named Angora.

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Why my cat refuses to use the litter?

It is known that from the fourth week of life the cat is very careful where it solves its physiological needs. It is a sacred ritual that has come for thousands of years and has been transmitted instinctively to cats.

It has nothing to do with education. If the litter is in the cat’s reach, it will use it. However, there are situations where my cat refuses to use the litter.

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Cats and litter boxes-product review

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So you’re planning to take a cat. Before you do, you have to do some shopping. These include at least one litter boxes. The cat and the litter boxes will be inseparable at certain times of the day. Amazon offers many options.

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