Nutritional needs of cats

OK. You took a kitten. You were with her at the vet. You have the necessary one so you can feel comfortable in your home. But very soon you have to learn about the nutritional needs of  cats. While a dog is an omnivore, a cat is carnivorous by excellence. So the cat’s nutritional needs are different from a dog’s.

Nutritional needs of  cats

A feline nutritionist I’ve never seen, someone will say more. And yet, in the US, the cat’s country, and then the dogs, there is the National Animal Diet Food Institute. Which solves this big problem of our true and disinterested friends. Anyone who knows that cat food is based on meat. How many cat lovers are, there are so many eating methods. From my 33-year-old experience of raising cats, I can tell you many things.

A balanced diet of cats provided by the following food components:

• Taurine-maintains heart health and visual acuity

• Carnitine – supports lipid metabolism for urinary tract health

• Carcass-source of betacarotene to keep a strong immune system

• Spinach-rich in iron and vitamins, to maintain a healthy circulatory system

.• Chicory – a natural source of prebiotics that helps maintain healthy digestion

• Rosemary-is a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals

• Rape Seeds – an important source of fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) that help maintain healthy skin and coat

• Chicken, turkey, beef, fish, etc.

All these found in special food for cats. The form of croquettes (dry food). The form of canned foods (junk food). For juniors, adults, seniors, sterilized cats, diabetic cats, etc.

I have many cats, I give them dry food and I give them some moist food From time to time. You can also see my post here.

Do not spoil at the price of food, the better it is, the more cats will eat, but will be healthier to our delight.

List of foods that can given to cats as such

• Food based on meat (meat of all species). Organs (liver, cow’s heart, kidney, spleen); fresh or frozen, mixed with rice. Attention to fish: only boned and boiled. All meat given only at room temperature, only boiled pork

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Milk- based foods – Calcium port for bone health – Milk appreciated by the cat and can eat daily. In quantities of up to 100 ml, especially in younger nutrition. Some cats refuse milk but accept cow’s cheese, butter, melted cheese, sour cream and cheese. Butter is particularly necessary, especially in the younger.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Eeggs-just yolk, 2-3 times a week

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Spinach, carrot, ivy … and grass – are secondary foods in the cat’s diet. Is necessary because of their vitamin content. Some vitamins purchased by themselves by washing their skin and coats. I cultivate grass in jardinière and my cats eat it with pleasure to adjust their digestion.

• Bones are not given in cat food except for bone powder

Chocolate attention: It is toxic to cats and sometimes its consumption can be fatal. I tell you to resist the temptation to offer him chocolate if the cat urges her. Instead, offer your cats olive (black only) and you will witness a special show until they eaten.

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

Also prohibited: onions, potatoes and uncooked tomatoes, dough, grapes and raisins, caffeine and alcohol, garlic and chives.

How to administer food and drinking water

The Great Pasteur recommends that the water and food vessels are very clean. They should washed daily (twice a day in sommer), but never with detergents. Detergent traces, would produce cat-poisoned cats.that ate or drank. From such dishes. Foods should always chop or in the form of pasta. The ration will include meat or data through the mincing machine. Mixed with green vegetables and carrots. How can we teach kittens to eat, so we’ll have them all their lives.

An amount of about 150 gr. Raw beef or boiled pork should found daily in the food ration. For young cats, two meals a day recommended, in the morning and in the evening, for adults only, in the evening. In the morning they will be dairy. If the cat refuses to eat, it’s definitely a problem with this freshness.

I have several cats. I have used them with croquettes, at their disposal all the time and canned dates. From time to time, all at once. It seems cats eat what they need, I have no problems. But they always have fresh water. You can see here my revew.


Cats do not like receiving food less often and in large portions. They are prone to eat small quantities several times. Commercial dry food is ideal. It can leave permanently at the cat’s disposal. If you want to dispose of the dry food from the trade, you do it gradually. Mix the new type of food with the old one.

Refusal of food is a symptom of many diseases. But you can also meet the healthy cat.

The cat may refuse food if:

• it placed near the litter

• placed in a place circulating with many people

• in the presence of an aggressive cat who threatens her and attacks her when she wants to eat

A negative experience (allergic reaction, nausea, vomiting) can cause an aversion to the taste and smell of food.

The reduced physical activity combined with a too rich diet can easily overcome the nutritional balance of the cat. Offered in the sign of love, too often, can also unbalance. The result: you will have an obese cat. The overweight cat does not have an ideal life for his prey.

The quality of food can checked by the condition of the hair. It must be soft, odorless, clean and shiny. If health problems occur, the hair is more opaque, greasy and fragile.

Food administration

If you want a healthy cat to enjoy, you will take my advice into account. The nutritional needs of the cat differ from a dog. It differs from human needs. You will maintain a rigorous hygiene of the pots that you give them to drink and From which they drink water. If you can give it to cats, remove the remaining contents From the cat’s table into a jar. The jar holds it in the fridge.

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Suggested resources

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How to choose a kitten, the preliminary health assessment


You decided to buy a cat. Congratulations! Now ask yourself: Where can I get a cat? I ask my advice about what kind of cat you want to take. You can choose a homemade breed (pedigree), a mask or a regular cat. The only condition is to like it. The cat can take from a breeder, with friends, relatives, answering ads. But the most humane way to get a cat is to”take” from the street. Regardless of the way cats are bought. I recommend that you go with her to the veterinarian to assess the health of your new friend.

Preliminary assessment of cat health

To realize how healthy the kitten is, even if you are less cunning in cats. You have to look at the following:

• Coat. It should be soft, clean and pleasant to touch. Until you take your kitten home, look at how your hair looks. If it is fat, sticky or rough, it means that the cat has not received the care or illness. Moreover, if the cat adopted on the street, this may interfere. But do not be afraid; with a visit to a veterinarian and proper care, all solved.

• Weight and Constitution. The kitten must be full, but not in the chest. Drag your hand over the cat’s body, on the left and right. You have to feel its ribs, which should not be too sharp. When you take a kitten, it must look like “carnage” and have a certain weight.

• Tummy. It must be proportional to the rest of the body. Try to pick up a kitten stomach and pick it up. It does not have to be round and hard. The big cat, rounded, swollen, has intestinal parasites. This has been solved with a pill.

• Eyes, ears and nose. The eyes must be clear and clear. This last aspect also applies to the nose. Ears must be clean and have a pink lip inside. It is not allowed in the ears to be pus or brown wax, the latter indicating that the cat has a radial ear. It resolves with mouth treatment. Check for white teeth and gums have a uniform pink.

• Appetite. Notice how the kitty behaves when you give it something to eat. In general, kittens must have a great appetite. As I said earlier, no kitten takes less than three months and I insist on this. The kitten must already use to feed without milk. In any case, no matter how healthy your kitten will look like. You must take it to the veterinarian for a routine check.

How to administer a pill to your cat


<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

It’s a translation by Marija Giganovici. And more jokingly, more seriously, telling the truth.

 “Place yourself in the armchair. Take the cat in your arms. Talking softly.

 With your right hand, grasp the mouth of the oyster and gently squeeze it. Be patient. It will open it. Put the pill in your mouth, Leave the cat in your arms. Be careful what direction you run.

 Pick up the pill on the floor. Go for the cat. Sit on the kitchen floor. There he stood there. Take the cat in your arms. Put the pill in your mouth. Looks like the direction is running.

 Start on the floor to take the pill. Go find the cat. Bring her back to the kitchen. Proceed as before. Immobilize the front legs of the cat with your hand. Pillow Dates!

 Remove the cat’s claws from the back of your hand. Pick up the half-grained pill on the floor. Throw it into the garbage. Search the cat again.

 Take a new pill. Go to the bathroom. Take a thicker towel. Stay with the cat in the bathroom. Close the door!

 Sit. Cover the cat in a towel. Just leave your head free. Take the cat in your arms. Pill administrations.

 Get the cat down from the shower. (A cat jumps 1,5 meters up, on the spot). Cover it more tightly in the towel. Make sure he does not pull his feet out of the towel. Put your fingers on both sides of the jaw. Hang up until your mouth opens. Bag pads on the neck. Quickly close the mouth (your cat, not yours!).

 Unfold the towel. Open the bathroom door. Comb your. Wash your hands. Take care of your scratches. Find a job for the next six or eight hours.

 Repeat everything calmly. This time we want more luck! ”

<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

How do I administer a pill

I admit it is a test rock. But after years of experience, I manage to give my cats pills. How am I doing? I take the pill without seeing my cat. Cats even feel your intentions. I keep it hidden in my hand.

Caress  cat. A headlock. Just like she’s wearing her puppies. I open my mouth. She poured her deeper pill on her neck. I leave it behind my back and wash it again. If he licks on the shoe, it means he swallowed it. If not, I’m looking for the pill. Repeat the procedure. Sometimes slicing pill in the food. Sometimes I sketch them, put some water to dissolve and give them the syringe

What names do you give your cats?

A kitten arrived at your home. You got what you needed: food, litter, sand, basket, toys. There is only one thing left: to put a name on it. The name must be sound, easy to pronounce, sympathetic, and, of course, original. Whatever the name you choose, you will not be wrong. It will replace one or more nicknames. Avoid giving your hard-to-pronounce or sound-free name. Examples of names: Einstein, Edison, Cesar, Samson, Houdini, Elvis, Figaro, Baghera, Simba, Garfield, Felix, Thomas, Boots, Fluffy, Lucky, Tiger, Ariel, and the list can continue.

What use cats

You decided to take a cat. You made the necessary purchases. You took her, you evaluated your health, you took her to a doctor, you gave her a name. The question now is: what cats are using. Find out that I’m fascinating. Mysterious animals, full of personality, funny. You have chosen a very good friend who will not criticize you. It will take you the way you are. A friend who is very attentive to you. And if you’re indifferent or injured, the cat will put you in a painful place. Taking negative energies. Let her stay the way she wants. He knows better than he.


<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

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Care for cats-the first steps

The story begins 33 years ago. It was September and my husband’s successor in our first year of marriage. I’m thinking of making a special gift. He told me that in childhood he raised two cats at the bridge of the house. No parenting knowledge. Call Orange and Littlelemon. Parents did not like cats. When they discovered it, he had to abandon it. The story of my husband impressed me. In my childhood, I had a cat, called Beauty, who enjoyed me at that moment of my life. I decided to give her a cat, Jessie. I said and I did it well. She delighted in her pride, her beauty, her boldness. And because I loved her very much, she responded to our love. And it was a common cat. From it I learned how much love you give a cat, so you will get it in return. With her, she began to take care of cats as far as I am concerned.



Some tips from the beginning of the road

Now you will find the most important tips. Before taking a cat, you have to check out your free time to devote your cats. And financial resources are important. You need money for maintenance and visits to your veterinarian You will never get a cat for less than 3 months.<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

Up to 3 months, the cat must stay near her mother for a further harmonious development. When she stays near her mother, she learns everything she needs throughout her life. The cat is the biggest mother in the world. The mad mothers of mother instinct mother … mother. Also, care of the veterinarian. If you do not pay any aspect (competence, attitude, behavior), change it quickly.

<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

It is preferable that the veterinary cabinet be near the house. With these things, it begins to take care of the cats.

Raising a cat is a great responsibility

You decided to take a cat. You have to love it, take care of it. Consider it an equal member of the family with “full rights”. And all this not only with the word but also with the deed and the soul. Surround it with love and goodwill. And give him a name, he’ll teach him very fast. Raising a cat is a great responsibility. But do not worry, if you are generally a responsible person, you will also be in the care of cats. If you already have a cat, you know some aspects of cat care and maintenance. What you may not know is that you will receive as much love as you give them, they seem to have a special dispenser. The cat is a pleasant, clean, discreet but also full of personality. Of course, the cat has always been defamatory and admirers. But nowadays it is nice to find out that the latter has surpassed the number first. My personal opinion is that the cat’s lack of knowledge has been defamatory.

A few words about the cats

Generally, the cat is a sturdy, healthy animal. It says that the cat has nine lives. Especially if it has the chance to live a normal life. Being fed, well cared for and “housed” in the proper hygienic conditions. Attention to vaccinations (according to the vaccinations schedule given by the veterinarian). Internal and external de-visitation, which must be done every three months. The cat has a mysterious air. That is why it has been the subject of many legends throughout history. One of them tells us that << Noah’s Ark >> has been floating for several weeks. One morning, the pig has vomited two rats. Noah summoned the lion, who was blowing his nose. In a nostril, he threw a cat. This in turn immediately jumped on the rats and killed them. It was only after that, that the cat began to behave. Noah, taken out of yarn to punish the cat, tied it to the ship’s deck in the storm. Since then it says that the mysterious air of the cat and its water horror date back. There are water-loving cats. About which I will speak in another post when I present the Van Turkish breed.

Cats breeds

A classification of cat breeds, based on scientific criteria, does not yet exist. The most competent researchers and experts have not reached an agreement. A grouping of different breeds established according to their specific characteristics. The scoring grid refers to eye color, hair color, body, and head. A cat considered a breed if she has a pedigree. Or she has obtained pedigrees following her participation in awards and prizes. There are divergent opinions. But these, in a positive sense, should be retained to improving breeds. Specimen breeds, which in market-economy countries are also called ,, luxury cats”. Tend to become an indicator of the nation’s social state. Having a cat starts to get a note of elegance, refinement. Many cat owners believe they have acquired something for ,, impress their friends”. Big mistake. Cats may seem ,, inflated”, whether they are of race or not. They have never heard of, ,,fashion” and expect to considered as a family member. I had and have only common European breed cats, saved from different circumstances. Or born in the house. And I have a lot. But each one was different. All have given us their unconditional love.

Obligations of the owner of cats

We can talk about cats, being so complex in their diversity. A lot of cats have written, but the subject is so vast that it will never be exhausted. Do not take a cat unless you have time and money in the long run. Although the cat is a pure animal. It is also the duty of the owner of maintenance on fur, ears, eyes and claws. If you take a cat, treat it as an equal family member. And above all, you love a lot, you will be happy.

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About me

Welcome to my page;


I hope you like it because I put all my soul in it.


I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.
My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.
My daughter is coming to the end.
My daughter loves cats so much that he makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.
The first faculty was economics and master of business administration.
Four generations, what do you think?


In my youth there were hard times in us, I did not have internet to inform me. I gather information from wherever it may be, but especially from books and my veterinary.
But now it’s great, whatever you find the answer on the internet.
But here too, must be the filter itself, not even any information is correct.
Besides the profession I practiced, my great passion was cats.
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I am now a retiree. I try to help the cat lovers, sharing them from my experience. I had and still have dozens of cats.



The stated purpose of this site is that you focus on certain stages in the knowledge and care of cats.
Stages that we have undergone for decades. I want to help you extend the life of your cat. It is a known thing that a cat’s life is 7-14 years old, but I can say that I had a cat that left at 20.

You will find the description of the various cat breeds.

I would also say “1001 nights” about my personal cats.
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