5 remedies against cat aggression

cat aggression

Many of you are facing the less pleasant aspect of living with your cat. The aggressiveness of the child with fur.

That’s why I decided to present to you today 5 remedies against cat aggression.

Aggressive behavior against people – owners or visitors – is an increasingly common problem in family cats suddenly transformed into “scorpions”.

Identifying the causes of these phenomena helps you choose the best remedy. Find out if you have an aggressive cat. Or if it just has behavior problems.

I offer you 5 remedies against cat aggression.

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In this article, you will find some causes of feline aggression and the best solutions to prevent and protect yourself.

The first thing you need to do is take your little cat to a thorough veterinary check. It is known that ignoring health problems leads to aggression. It can be caused by painful arthritis or hyperthyroidism.

If the cat is perfectly healthy, it means that these are behavioral deviations that are explained below. But they can be corrected with patience and perseverance.

Aggression in play


Causes: You may have encouraged her by allowing her to play with her fingers or toes. Thus, the message sent is: “there is no problem if you bite my hands and feet”. On the other hand, a kitten taken from his siblings too early may not have had time to learn to refrain from biting and scratching.

Solutions: to entertain your cat, use a toy fishing rod that allows you to keep a sufficient distance between its fangs and your hand. But also to control the intensity of the game. Do not shake the toy too much because the kitten will feel frustrated and become even more agitated. Cats that do not play enough during the day tend to bite their owners. This is to draw attention to the deficit of activity.

I recommend that you strictly follow a schedule of two “sessions” of play a day, each of 15 minutes. Often, for many cats, the only things moving in the house are the feet of the occupants. In the absence of a play program, they are “stapled” at will. While you are away from home you can take various toys so that the cat does not get bored. But when you’re home, I recommend you play with her.

Redirected aggression

redirected aggression

Causes: This may seem unprovoked, but it is a normal response to a frustrating situation. If a cat is prevented from reaching a point of maximum interest, the frustration may have been redirected to its owners. For example, if a cat sees another in the garden or a bird on the windowsill and cannot reach them. It can happen to attack the first person you meet in the house. Not knowing what caused this behavior, the owners will categorize the event as provoked aggression.

Solutions: do not try to catch and hold the cat. You will be scratched and/or bite. You will be associated with the event that generated the aggression. Start by eliminating its cause.

If the cat continues to be irritated near the window, cover the bottom of the window for a while. If you have several cats or other pets, delimit the territory from that of the cat in question. He advises other family members to avoid it until they resume their daily activities. These are diet, litter use, daytime sleepiness.

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Aggression caused by fear

aggression caused by fear

Causes: it occurs in any cat when it is threatened by imminent danger. In reality, it is a normal self-defence reflex. In these cases, the attitude and position of the body are how the cat tries to avoid confrontation. She will meow and sigh, trying to scare her opponent. The next step will be to adopt the attack position. Body language sends two messages at once. “I fight if I have to, but I’d rather get the hell out of here!”

Children are most often the victims of this type of feline aggression. When trying to hold a cat by force or catch it. Teach the child to recognize these positions and not to violate their safety territory. Not to “get into her soul.” Many cats are labeled as aggressive because owners do not follow specific signs. Cats learn to communicate with them only through aggressive “messages”.

Solutions: If your cat tends to behave based on this type of aggression, make sure it has enough hiding places in the house. Any scared cat needs a retreat. Space where she can feel safe. Many of them have this feeling when they are at a height. You can also consider purchasing a tiered system for cats,

Command Center

a play set. He will play several roles, including retirement.

Aggression caused by caresses

aggression caused by caresse

Causes: it has certainly happened to many to caress their cat for a long time. To her full delight. Until, certain moment. The cat got bored and they were bitten by the hand. The over-blame is to blame. Many cats are initially delighted by the caresses of their owners. Eventually, they become uncomfortable.

Solutions: pay close attention to body language! Before you bite, the cat will signal that you have reached the tolerance limit. Here are some of these signals and urge you to stop. The cat will move its skin convulsively, wag its rhythmic tail, quickly shake its ears or “turn its back”. It will stop spinning, increase in low tones or change its position often. To teach her to bite you, limit the duration of the “tenderness”, leaving her too long for daily caresses.

Status aggression

status aggression

Causes: Some cats feel the need to strictly control the environment. Reacts aggressively to interactions not initiated by them. For example, they can bite if you start stroking them without their “permission”. Another aspect of this type of aggression is the phenomenon of blocking the access of some family members to certain rooms. The cat will stand at the entrance with its ears on its back, wagging its tail and staring at the opponent.

Solutions: If the cat bites you while sitting in your arms or lap, stand up slightly and let it fall to the floor. If it aggressively attracts your attention, ignore it until it returns to normal behavior. Reward her with croquettes or a can if she gives up the painful “grips”. Never hit the cat! If she doesn’t want to be corrected, ignore her. Sprinkle it with a water gun when it becomes aggressive.

Studies conducted by cat behavior specialists and veterinarians have shown that aggression can be cured. Responsible and knowledgeable owners can turn an aggressive cat into a loving and well-bred pet.


If you have an aggressive cat you can turn it into a loving and well-bred pet. The first thing you need to do is take your little cat to a thorough veterinary check. It is known that ignoring health problems leads to aggression. It can be caused by painful arthritis or hyperthyroidism.

I have many cats, of different ages, girls and boys. They are saved from various circumstances or born at home. But none is aggressive. They are all extremely loving and are always looking to be around us.

I have only one cat we can’t get our hands-on. He is 10 years old and last year he gave me three special puppies. She suffered trauma in her early childhood (I think she had a terrifying experience with people) and is very scared. But we understood her and left her alone. She would definitely become aggressive out of fear.

The vet told me there were exceptions and that we will never be able to tame it. During the time she was a mother, she softened, she let us caress her. He leaves his chicks in our hands. But that period passed and she became scared again. Instead, he has a very good friend, one of our cats. Now, one of her daughters has befriended that cat. It’s touching when you see them together. They wash each other, look for each other or sleep together.

I would be happy to leave you a comment and tell me about your experience with an aggressive cat that you turned into a loving pet. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.



12 Replies to “5 remedies against cat aggression”

  1. Hi Carmen, 

    I love cats! I have two cats, Max and Blue. I got them in 2012 and we lived together happily ever since. I guess we are lucky because my cats are never aggressive. They are just happy and playful 🙂 We take great care of them: organic raw meats, brushing their coats daily, etc. I learned a lot from your article about cat aggression. I will keep the information in mind and hopefully will never need to deal with an unhappy kitty though… Thank you for putting together this very informative post! -Jane

  2. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. Being a cat lover i must say i really enjoyed going through your article. My cat has been acting really aggresive for the past few days now and i don’t know what to do about it, after going through this article i think it must me caused by fear and i now know what i must do to resolve this. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow! This is interesting!

    I am only familiar with dogs but cats aggressiveness is something I never understood! I feel it is difficult to understand cats, I see them as little tigers.

    I have learnt a thing or two from your article, I will practice them and watch out for positive response. Thanks.

  4. Hi. I’m glad to hear you have two happy cats. I hope you don’t need the information in the article, but I think it’s good to know it. Your cats will get older and if they have health problems, they can become aggressive. I advise you to take them to the vet then. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad I was helpful with my article. If I help one person with the article, I am happy. Good luck with your cat.

  6. Thank you for your comment. In general, cats are not aggressive. There are causes if they become aggressive. I also have dogs, but their behavior is very different from that of cats.

  7. This is really interesting I find cats to be quite a challenge to understand. I am more of a dog lover. Many of my friends have cats and I noticed that some tend to be aggressive and I could not understand why your article has given me insight.  I will try some of these next time I visit my friends. Once Lockdown has passed. 

  8. I have a cat and I can also help about it: If you notice that your cat is behaving strangely or aggressively then the best thing you can do is to pay a visit to a professional behaviourist. The behaviourist will perform certain physical tests and then will try to determine the type of aggression your cat displays. Most of the times don´t really depend because of the cat. It could be an allergy, food, sickness.

    To correct the cat’s aggressive behaviour it might need to make changes to the pet’s environment or even try certain drug therapies as part of the treatment.

  9. Thanks for the comment and advice. Long live your cat. For that you have to be safe during the pandemic.

  10. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you used my article. Some cat aggressions do not depend on it. I hope you share with your poetry-loving friends what you learned from my post.

  11. Hello, 

    I am a cat lover and really enjoyed reading this article a lot. 

    We have an aggressive cat in our neighbourhood who comes into our garden and terrorizes our two cats. 

    We’ve had to take our pets to the vet for treatment after these attacks.

    We keep a water pistol by the backdoor so we can try to prevent these attacks. 

    Do you have any other ideas of anything we could do to protect our pets?

    The bully is a Bengal cat so bigger than ours.

    Best wishes,


  12. Thanks for the comment Cameron. It is perfect to have a water pistol at hand. That should be enough. You have to think that the aggressive cat in the neighbors is a soul and there are some reasons why she is like that. All the best to you. Carmen

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