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Welcome to my page!!!




I hope you like it because I put all my soul in it.


I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.
My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.
My daughter is coming to the end.
My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.

The first faculty was economics and master of business administration.
Four generations, what do you think?



In my youth there were hard times in us, I did not have internet to inform me. I gather information from wherever it may be, but especially from books and my veterinary.
But now it’s great, whatever you find the answer on the internet.
Here too, must be the filter itself, not even any information is correct.
Besides the profession I practiced, my great passion was cats.
I am now a retiree. I try to help the cat lovers, sharing them from my experience. I had and still have dozens of cats.
cats eating



The stated purpose of this site is that you focus on certain stages in the knowledge and care of cats.
Stages that we have undergone for decades. I want to help you extend the life of your cat. It is a known thing that a cat’s life is 7-14 years old, but I can say that I had a cat that left at 20.

You will find the description of the various cat breeds.

I would also say “1001 nights” about my personal cats.
You can now learn to comunicate directly with your cat
All the best,
I’m sorry I don’t  master English, I use on-line translator and many filters (programs). Still, there are errors. But I hope the idea I want to convey is understood. Thanks for understanding.
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14 Replies to “About me”

    1. thanks for the comment Chad, they are really interesting animals and offer a good company to the active people, requiring less time than the dogs; have a good day

  1. Hi! Carmen,

    Congratulations for posting. Glad to know that you want to help people by informing them how to take care of cats. With your experience, it will be much easier for you to write content on this topic.

    Glad to know your daughter is also studying about cats. That is very impressive.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Hi Carmen in joyed reading your blog about your cat generation I love the little kittens I had one I promise he was a natural comedian , I wish you great success!

  3. Very nice website and page .i love cats and i think the cats has imprtant secret in the life .and i like read about story of cats because in egypt cats was importante alot of years ago. And if we look we will see how much cats is clean and they proud and they like to clean them self.and they has a dignity and they has good energy reallyyyyy.

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