About the cat’s claws


About the cat’s claws tell you they are retractile. She can remove or withdraw them, depending on the circumstances. The cat’s cat is a true culmination of creation. About the cat’s claws, I can also say that if they withdrawn they are not a danger to us.

What are the cat’s claws for?

The removed claws are the cat’s most fearsome weapon. And its irreplaceable tool. They are sharp and sharp like a sword. Only human scratch is worse than cats. Poorly strong enough to climb. They are sensitive enough to catch the prey or toy. He can also place himself under the blanket, with the help of his claws. Or it can save.

I have a cat who left the yard a few years ago. How he did, he only knows. My court insured so cats can not get out. Outside the courtyard is full of dogs. My dogs get along with cats. The outsiders attack them.

He spent an entire night out. In the morning a neighbor told us that Pufly is under our car. My husband took him right away. I’m not saying that all day I handled him. It was full of grass in the fur.

But worse, they showed the paws. He probably tried to climb the fence because they were living flesh. His claws were all over him. And he was very scared. But with affection and care, he recovered.

Claw care in general

As I said at first, the cat’s paw is a true culmination of nature’s creation. Pins, fingers, claws are a complex of bones, muscles, and ligaments. So elegant and practically combined. It make the cat be what it is. A slender, graceful, powerful animal. And last but not least, the subject of our affection and attention.

Withdraw, the claws do not wear out unnecessarily. It is not a danger to the loved ones that the cat touches. She just shows her affection. Cat’s claws are growing all the time. In thin layers. From the inside out. The last layer removed when it is no longer “alive”. He is not torn. It goes into the cat’s actions in the natural environment.

When she hunts, fighting, climbs, marks the territory. But the cat does this with the help of teeth. Pay great attention to this ritual. And it’s a pleasure to watch her when she meets this ritual. Sharpening the claws is a necessity for the cat.

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Care of claws on house cats

Under the conditions of cohabitation with the man, the cat has no opportunities in nature to sharpen his claws. As the cat grows, it must helped. There are at least two ways.

If we do not have too much money, we cut the claws of the cat. But with great care. We just cut the transparent side. We took the cat in his arms. We pressed the cushions lightly enough for the cat to pull out its claws. We’re cutting it. With special scissors.clap the claws Not with our forlorn. This can damage the claw. Instead of cutting correctly, it can break the nail. My sincere advice is the first time you do this operation to seek the help of your veterinarian.

correct cutting

To be sure you do this right. There are people who always turn to a veterinarian.

First, look at the nail condition. They must be pink, healthy, strong, without deformity. If they do not look like this, it can be a disease. Especially in older cats. See your doctor.

If we have money, it’s a much nicer story. Experts in cat’s health and behavior have created a series of special objects for sharpening the claws. Thus, they created the scratch plate. O the suspended platforms on which the cat climbs. The latter, the higher they are, the better. The so-called sisal.



Besides being elegant, cats delighted to use them. Especially if they have toys. When cats climb, they greatly appreciate the possibility of putting their claws to their contribution.

The first thing the cat needs is the scratch surface. If we want our furniture and carpets to escape intact, we’ll take at least one 10×40 cm plate. Dressed in a durable material. We fix it vertically or horizontally, depends on how the cat prefers.

A more “luxurious” version is larger and provided with toy cats. The best solution would be the vertical climbing pillar. Equipped with many platforms and boxes.

other sisal

The higher it is, the better. Thus, the cat has the ability to detach the dead layer of the claw. And she’s also given the opportunity to sharpen her sharp point.

Some people think that catching the claws is not enough activity in the cat’s house. And he recommends that once a month you have to make “manicure” and “pedicure” the cat. I don’t think so. If the cat escapes out of the house, it must have a means of defense. From my point of view, sisal is enough.

My experience

Over 33 years I’ve had over 40 cats. Some have stayed with us. Others were less. Either they disappeared (few) or got sick and in the end, they died. Each cat is different, but in a way they are identical. Adore sisal. So over the years, I have experienced all sorts of sisal. From low to high. From those with two platforms to those with many platforms and boxes.

But with so many cats, the sisal resisted a year or two. At one, two cats resist much longer over time. Finally, I did, one on the order that resisted me for more than 5 years. This is how it looks.

and that all my cats have a place


Nature knows what he does. He has “fitted” clawed cats for a very good reason. He can hunt, attack when he is in danger, can “hang” toys, he can put under the blanket.

But the claws are constantly growing and we have an obligation to help his cat and maintain them. Above we outlined various methods, cheaper or more expensive.

But I tell you my opinion: give up a buy that is not necessary and take your sisal to your friend. She will be extremely pleased. Okay, he’ll use it, but when it comes to sleeping, he’s going to nest in bed.

If you have ideas or opinions about the topic, do not hesitate and tell me about them in a comment.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

20 Replies to “About the cat’s claws”

  1. Hi Carmen,

    Thanks for the interesting post. Although it’s been a few years since I have had a cat, I learned a few things about their claws after reading this that I didn’t know. Every cat we had ended up doing a fair amount of damage within our house from scratching up on things like the wall so I wish I had this article then! I think it would’ve helped us to prevent a lot of that. I think that cat’s claws definitely make them unique. I’m sure we will get another cat in the future so this will be very helpful! 

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write this informative post about cat’s claws. I would also like to add that removing a cat’s claws should never be done because they are infact part of their fingers. It is painful even after the surgery which is why many are very agressive afterwards. I have seen people blame the cat for being mean after having its claws removed. I felt so badly for the cat. Hopefully we can continue to spread good info until this terrible practice is no more. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. In my perspective,

    My cat’s claws are what makes e step back. Not that I am afraid of getting scratched, it’s that it is  approach with the claws gets to me. I feel its going to I don’t know, maybe hurt with the scratch. Okay, maybe it is the scratch itself. But its not the mark, its the approach. You make a good relation to the nature of humans. I have never seen my cat’s claws. 

  4. hi Carmen, The post is good and very informative on how to help our cats with their claws, thank you for sharing the type of scissors we can use for our cats claws when i was reading before getting to the end i taught it normal scissors that i will use but i later see that it is special scissors, I look forward to reading your other articles about cats because you really understand cats.

  5. I did not want to recall this practice in my post because it is really criminals; what doctors do, I do not understand; and what kind of cat owners they want? they are not true cat lovers if they keep more on furniture than cats; they could buy sisal

  6. the cat does not scratch out of the suddenly; only if you do not leave it alone when it does not feel like it or it does it to defend itself

  7. yes, I’m growing 33-year-old cats and I’m still learning about them; I really understand cats because I love them immensely

  8. Cats are actually an emotional creature. They understand human emotion and cooperate with people in many ways and Be friendly with people and play together. Most of the time we can see that there is a close relationship between creatures. In real life, we can see directly. But if any animal is not celebrated then we are afraid. Thank you for writing this article

  9. Hello Carmen,
    This article is so interesting and got useful information about how to maintain the cat’s claws. Our family has cats for a long period continuously. We never maintain the claw. Actually, had never thought about that. They have damaged many things inside the house when they do scratches on the sofa and on other things. Besides the scratches, I think it is better to remind untouched of the cat’s claws for their safety.
    By the way thanks a lot for sharing this useful informative article.

  10. cats are much smarter than dogs; dogs have other qualities; the cat’s brain is very similar to man, so they are emotional creature

  11. Hi Ranao

    thanks for appreciation and comment; I really wanted to be helpful to those who have cats but do not have time to think about certain aspects

  12. My wife is not big into cats but I am. We have had a few kittens but we have had to get new homes for them as we found out my wife was pregnant and needed to find them better homes. Appreciate the information! But we have two babies in diapers and animals will have to wait. Yes. Even the fish 🙁 

  13. This is a very thoughtful article with excellent information.  EXCELLENT topic and thoroughly covered.  I especially liked the pictures of the “cat condo” that you made!

    I must say, however, that the grammar is not at all good.  Here are some things I noticed:

    1.  Incomplete sentences:  “Poorly strong enough to climb.”  I’m not even sure what this means.

    2.  Switching from he to she when describing the cat.  Its confusing.  You may wish to keep one or the other or go gender neutral as in “it” except where you tell your personal story of when your cat got out.

    3.  Confusing sentences:  “The removed claws are the cat’s most fearsome weapon.”   This implies to me that if you have your cats claws removed (a barbaric surgical procedure) that they will still be a weapon.  Rather than saying remove, you may wish to stick to retract.  In the above sentence, just take out the word “removed”.  A cat cannot “remove” its own claws, only retract.

    4.  If you have used one word to describe something, continue to use it for continuity.  You refer both to veterinarians and to doctors.  (You might also want to mention that groomers may do trimming and you can learn from them),

    One thing (as a cat owner and lover) I would have liked to have seen in your section on trimming the cats claws is not just a picture of the special scissors but exactly where you are supposed to be cutting.  After the picture is another sentence that makes no sense “Not with our forlorn.”  Forlorn means sad and this is also an incomplete sentence.  You may wish to get a proofreader with excellent English language skills to proof read your articles before publishing.

    When describing what happened to your cat you state “His claws were all over him.”  I am figuring that this means he had claw marks all over him?  The sentence as it stands means that he is either growing claws all over him or your husband had his claws all over your cat and I don’t think you meant that!

    The best advice I can give is proofread, proofread, proofread.

    This really is an awesome article about cats and claws.  As one comment stated, you might want to say a bit about surgical claw removal and why this is so wrong and so here is what you can do instead but that is just me.

    All the best and keep up the great articles!

  14. Hi Trevor

    Thank you for your comment; It’s your choice. My opinion is that it’s good for kids to have an pet in the house. They will not be selfish, will feel responsible and will have a harmonious emotional development.

    best regardas


  15. Hi Feochadan

    Thank you for your comment. If you read “About Me” you would have realized that I don’t know English. Your comment looks more like “feedback”.


  16. I always read your articles with great interest. All of this information and the experiences you have helped me to improve my knowledge’s and know how to react if I go through it. Did you know that a cat’s claws describe her personality? I had a cat that had very strong and long claws and I can say that it was a cat who owned the house. Everyone who came into the house was attentive and imposing. She was not aggressive but she just following you and warned not to take any wrong step.  Instead I had a cat with short claws which was very good but was very scared if strangers entered the house. 

    Cats are unique animals and I love them for that. Thanks for your amazing work. Good luck! 

  17. Thanks for this post about pets cats. I also had a cat leave the balcony door half open up one time and the cat saw an opportunity to get out of the house through the door. When the cat jumped on the half open door then it stuck, head she was left in the door and when she wanted to get out she damaged the door and lost her claws. So my daughter and my wife found her hanging in the door. They rescued the cat and we took her to the vet who saved her claws.

  18. Thank you for your comment. I didn’t know about it. The man who lives, learns. Thanks for telling me. It is interesting, but also logical.

  19. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to find out about your cat that suffered but I am glad that your wife and daughter saved her and saved her claws.

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