Why do we need cats and do cats need us?

“The one who, in the course of his life, shows himself indifferent to the beauty, elegance, innocence, intelligence and affection of a cat, is as poor as the one who, walking in the spring of a village, is blind to the splendor of the flowers in the gardens. , deaf to the song of birds, irrespective of the sound of insects and the expression of the wind. “(E. Hamilton)

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Negrutzu and appeal for cats

I’ll tell you the story of my little Negrutzu. Although he lived a bit at home, he certainly left his mark. He was first born in the house.

Clara,  about which I told you, made the first kitten tour. In May 2000, I woke up in the morning with something black in bed. Asleep as I was, I did not realize at first what it was about. Until I dared, Clara faced again. In total 5 beautiful kittens.

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