Black Friday from Amazon and gifts for cat lovers


The holiday fever started. It is interwoven with Black Friday fever.

We all have cats or just cat loving friends. Or who even have cats.

We think from now on that gifts to make dear ones.

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Deals from Amazon

I found great deals from Amazon, for all pockets and for all tastes. From spills made for cats, to ornaments and gifts. I made a selection for you. Obviously to my taste.

Click on the picture to see the product and the price.

Amazon De


Amazon SUA


Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Remember: Amazon will direct you to the country where you live for any product purchased from Amazon.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?


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