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Abissinian cat

This elegant animal is a real aristocrat in the feline world. Her moves, jumps, detentions and landings. Are all done with the grace, ease and elasticity of a rhythmic gymnastics champion.

The cats Abyssinian breed is affectionate and intelligent, oriented, active. He likes to interact and to play, and to be present in every activity the master carries out.

Because of its overflowing energy, the cats Abyssinian  is not suitable for the elderly.


Short history

The views divided on the origin of the breed. Some claim that her origin is not Ethiopia. But most converge to the idea that the breed imported Abyssinia. Through the English armies in India.

The Abyssinian breed is one of the oldest known breeds. Still, there are speculations about her history. The native Abyssinian with the paintings and sculptures of ancient Egypt. They were an elegant feline.

With muscular body, neck in perfect bow shape. Large ears and almond eyes. The name of this breed makes us believe it comes from Ethiopia (sometime Abyssinia). But the recent genetic breakthroughs show that Abyssinian origin stems from the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia.

The first Abyssinian imported from England to North America arrived in 1900. Until 1930, not enough cats were brought in to form a basis for the development of this breed on the new continent.

Pure specimens of this breed do not exist. In England the Abyssinian cats Club has 33 members. And about 170 pure-bred cats entered in the club’s register.

Abyssinian is a recommended breed for children. If you want to know more, you can see here how to choose a pet for your baby

If you want to know more about this wonderful cat you can enter here.

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Standard (how to rate in the contest)

Fleece – clear and colored, medium waist and royal outfit, supple. Elastic, well-balanced both, physically and temperamentally, proportionally. She’s a short-haired cat. Males are proportionately higher than females, but they are more active.

Head-mild edges, slightly rounded, without flat surfaces. Eyebrows, cheeks and all lines of a tandem profile. A slight slope along the nose to the forehead, which should be of the right size, with space between the ears. This line continues invisible, elongating in the line of the neck arch.

The Bottom is neither sharp nor very pigmented and not square. The beard should not be too prominent, nor too withdrawn. A permitted exception may occur when it comes to jaws of adult males.

Ears-Very lively, large and moderate pigmented. Wide at the base and conical, worn in the position as if they were just listening. The hair on the ears is very short and smooth. With the tips colored in black or dark brown (reddish red) or wild, brown chocolate (red).

Eyes-They have almond shape, they are broad, bright and expressive. Neither rounded nor oblique. The eyes accentuated by a fine black line, covered by a lighter colored area. Their color is golden or green.

Body-Average length, supple ratio, showing well-developed, but not distressed muscles. Greater importance given to proportions and balance, in general, than simple dimensions.

Feet and paws-proportionally supple, fine bones. Abyssinian stays very stable on the ground, giving the impression that he stands at the top of his toes. The elbows are small, oval and compact, the front legs have five fingers, the four at the back.

Long tail at the base, long enough and sharp. The fur is soft, silky, with a fine texture, but thick, elastic to the touch and glossy, clear, warm and vivid colors.

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>


Abyssinian is a tabby cat with ornamental specific AGOUTI. “AGOUTI” is a gene that predominates all other tabby genes. Does not allow specific ornamental tabby to appear. The background made up of red, brown and black tufts. Evidence that the cat is tabby we have at our forehead -, M “characteristic). Thus placed, the hairs give the illusion that the cat changes its color when it moves.

The four recognized colors:

RUDDY (light red, orange-brown or wild color) -the color of the dried straw, the puff

RED (color SORREL or CINNAMON, red-brown reddish) – color of the fox, intense brick

BLUE (blue) – an ash-bright, warm and gentle, pigmented with intense blue

FAWN (pink beige) – deer color, beige Matt hot cream circles, and light cream base

FIFE also recognizes the following variants. They are silver, blue silver, sorrel silver and fawn silver (beige).


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

Somali, variety of the Abyssinian

Fade everything that tempts her. She is affectionate and intelligent. It can teach more everything you ask for. The very discrete-gangster meadow. Somali, the classed long-haired Lynx specimens as a distinct variety. The look is original, chic, elegant. Supple, the sturdy blade, gives her the grace of a big cat. The huge, almond, golden or green eyes give it a unique beauty note.

She appeared as a result of a spontaneous genetic mutation. It has brought through a careful selection of her form today. He has a great coat of fine fur. With thick and silky hair in splendid colors. With a long and bushy tail, Somalia is a wonderful feline.

The puppies get very late, characteristic “ticking”. The final color is only two years old. If you want a Somali, look good on your parents’ fur.

Being of the same breed, the standard is the same as that of the Abyssinian.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

Growth and nutrition

The Abyssinian cat is robust and healthy. It resists cold weather in the winter. Consume a lot of meat. Four times a week, cooked vegetables, raspberries, or very delicate salad should added. Thoroughly administer for their vitamin content. In the evenings it can be over boiled, boned or boiled rabbit. Sometimes a porridge with milk can give. Should brushed or brushed regularly.

Arbitration of an Abyssinian

The standard of the breed is very similar from one association to another. Some qualities, yet, evaluated otherwise. So, a cat that participates in exhibitions organized by different associations can get a different score.


· Other color spots

· Long and narrow head, short and round head

· Striped on your legs

· Closed dark collar

· Rings on the tail

· Cold or gray tones in the fur

· White fluff to blue or “fawn”


If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea, you can suggest  in your comments.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

12 Replies to “Breeds – cats Abyssinian – standard”

  1. Hi Carmen
    This is such a lovely write up about the Abyssinian. They are incredible cats, I have not owned one (as I lean towards rescues which means I take whatever I get :-)) but friends have and I can concur that they are highly energetic and so gorgeous in appearance. I never knew that the Abyssinian and Somali are related – I learned something new today, thank you.

  2. Hello Louise
    neither did I have the Abyssinian; I have only common cats, saved from various circumstances or born in the house;
    but I saw Abyssinian at the contests, I liked it a lot and I read about it.
    all the best for you

  3. it’s good to do research, there’s a lot of information about cats, some contradictory; 

    you must also use your own filter

  4. I just loved and loved cats, besides having and having a lot, I always read about them; if you know them and respect them, you will find that they are wonderful pets

  5. there are people who want to participate in competitions, because they want cats of race; but I agree with you, saving a cat is more important; my cats are saved from different circumstances or born in the house of the common race

  6. the roots of the short hair oriental are in Thailand; is approaching Siamese;
    Do not be sorry that you did not go to the contest: it is a great stress for cats; I was only once, but it came to me

  7. This is a must read for all cat lovers; I love the way you outlined the short history of abbysinian breed. i am just getting to know about this for the first time.They are such incredible.

    With what i read on your blog about abbysinian breed; I wish to have one as pet. i will also do my research about them. Thanks for this eye opener

  8. I used to own a pitch black oriental shorthair (named Bagheera, naturally). I keep thinking about him when I’m reading this post. He was very energized and athletic/gymnastic. My ex wanted to bring him to cat shows, but we lived so far from those that actually were arranged in my country, so it never happened. 

    He was such a handsome boy.

    Are the Abyssinians similar to the oriental shorthair?

  9. A good friend of mine in college had an Abyssinian, well his mother did anyway – they lived in the same house! Lovely animal and a lovely personality on it. 

    My family leaned more towards the sanctuaries when we got cats or dogs – we felt it was more correct to save and home an animal that go out and buy a specialised one. Obviously, there weren’t many Abyssinian breeds in the animal shelters in South Wales!

  10. Awe- this was a great article! I do not think people know that much about cats–I thought I did until I read your article!

    Do you show cats? I would love to be a judge– goodness, they are so cute!

    What peaked your interest in cats? I am definitely more of a dog person, but my boyfriend brought a cat into our relationship and it has been a fun learning curve!

    Thanks for writing this article, I enjoyed it very much.


  11. cats are a great companion if you respect their way of being; they are not only friendly but very loving; I’m thinking of getting one; is easier to care than a dog

  12. Thank you so much for taking your time to wrote about this interesting article about cat. Y out must have put a lot of energy and I really appreciate that. What maks you like cat this much? Thou I like pet but is crazy that I don’t have one. I think I need a cat to stay with me. Cats are so friendly.

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