British Shorthair – another breed under the magnifying glass

british blue

I will introduce you to one of the most popular show breeds, British Shorthair. Every cat has her personality. Even brothers in the same nest have completely different characters. British Shorthair

Has an independent and reserved temperament. Wonderful and worthy. She is a wonderful, alert and playful cat. It is not exaggerated or destructive.

Short history

The Roman legions brought the first cats to the British islands. A few centuries later, on every street in the United Kingdom, there were cats of this breed.

By the end of the 19th century a great lover of this breed, Harrison Weir, made it very popular on this native British cat. He wrote: “The common cat survived all the hardships and persecutions. The fact that it still exists is due to its character and resilience”. By selecting and raising the best cats British Shorthair breed was born. Similar to today. A compact cat, with large head and eyes, round. Short coat with fine texture and fluff often.

British is a medium-sized cat to the sea. It reaches between 4 and 8 kg.

She was highly appreciated in exhibitions until the Persian.

After World War, it there was a dramatic fall in the feline in England. Some breeders crossed the Persian breed, but British Shorthair was a stable breed. The resulting descendants could not compete like British Shorthair. Only after three generations of breeding within the breed, the heirs could be eligible for registration as British Shorthair.

After the Second World War, the decline of the race continued. Thanks to the growing Kit Wilson, the race has regained public interest.

The wish of British Shorthair

bicolor britanic

breeders was to reach the original breed without crossing it and succeeding. Up to this point, crosses have been tried with Persians, Russian Blue, Burmese, etc., but the resulting offspring were foreign.



She appreciates people’s company but can not be described as a “sticky” cat. She is smart and courageous. Can attract attention to draw attention to her. But provided she is admired from afar (especially from strangers).

She lives well with the other animals in the house if her needs are met. She’s a quiet and quiet friend. A great comrade for children. British

albastru britanic

Is a lovely cat.

Health and development

British Shorthairalb britanic

is a sturdy cat. He has a few health problems. Genetic basis and careful growth ensure this.

In the 1970s hemophilia was found in a nest. Responsible growers turned to an expert on cat’s blood diseases. He tested all suspicious cats. He sterilized those affected. This has made it possible to eliminate the disease in the next generations.

The breed matures slowly. The process will be completed every 3 years. Thus cats look good for a longer period, being long-lived.

The kittens are 4-5 on the nest. The cat breeds easily. She loves and caring with them. The kittens open their eyes in less than a week. The third week shows interest in the dry food.

They are very fond of their mother as long as she allows them. He’s always looking for food and affection. They quickly grow in weight and become round, but not fat. Growing, the kittens passes through several non-uniform developmental phases. Growers avoid showing them in exhibitions under the age of 3 years.

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The standard dosen’t describe a live cat; this is an artistic ideal that is never touched by a single cat.

The standard is an objective guide that the referee uses when judging a cat.

The ideal cat is a perfectly proportioned animal with a pleasant look – a sophisticated look of the domestic cat.

That being said, I introduce you to British Shorthair.

calico britanic

It is a strong, balanced cat with a broad chest. The legs are strong, short to medium. Round Heels. The short and thick tail, round. Round head. Eyes wide, large, round and wide open. The female is less massive than the male.

Round and solid head; round bone structure; round forehead, flat skull; a short and straight nose;  bot characteristic breed; rounded cheeks.

Narrow-short and straight; some associations also recognize an average nose, slightly profiled.

Fir-bar-well-developed, in line with the nose and upper lip.

Bot-developed and distinct to broad and round cheeks by broad and round cheeks

Ears-Medium-sized, well covered, rounded at the tips and at the base, distant, harmoniously framed in the round headline.

Eyes-large, round, well-open, spaced; alert expression; horizontal position.

Compact, balanced and powerful body, right back and broad chest

Legs – short, strong, bony and muscular ; proportional to the body.

Round paws

Tail-like, dense fur with the rounded tip

Coat short, very thick, firm to touch

Color-appear almost all colors: white, solid color variants (black, blue, chocolate, purple, red, cream, tortoiseshell, and all these colors combined with white); all the variations of smoke of elementary colors; all tabby variants; the whole silver palette; silver-tabby variants of elementary colors, golden variants.


Of pure breed, pedigree or simple cat, British Shorthair

argint britanic

is a very pleasant companion. A discreet cat, but who appreciates the company of people. If his needs are met, he understands well with other animals in the house. If you have children, I recommend this breed. He’s a great comrade.

He enjoys excellent health so he will not raise problems. It’s a long-lasting cat, so you can enjoy her company for many years.

If you want to know more, you can see here.

I invite you to tell your opinion about this wonderful breed, leaving a comment. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

18 Replies to “British Shorthair – another breed under the magnifying glass”

  1. I love cats and am able to make them trust me as they love to roll on their backs.  To reveal their vulnerable bellies to rub.  It seems they love my voice…Unfortunately as I tend to suffer from eczema, I cannot own one although my parents let me have one as a pet when I was younger.

    Your review is very thorough and I am glad to know that British Shorthair is very resilient in nature and breed.  Thanks for the update and interesting read.  Keep it UP!

  2. Hello, 

    I came across your site about cat lovers and I think it’s really nice. I would like to love cats too, but I have a strong phobia of them. Do you have any tips on how to overcome a phobia of cats? 

    In fact I have a strong phobia from other animals too, like dogs etc. I can’t really stand to look then in a picture in my computer if the picture is very vivid. (I had some reaction even looking at your blog). Never been scratched before from a cat or something similar, but still can’t be around them. 

    I like the fact that cats are quite independent compared to other pets, and I hope one day to get over my phobia and be around cats more. 

  3. Hey there,

    Can’t tell much here. I’ve never heard about this cat race. In my country, most of the cats are not bred, they are stray cats. Which must be of a mixed race 🙂 Since you might not be able to have any other pet – or, you love cats – this seems like a great race for a house with children. And we all know the importance of having pets in a house with kids. 

     Is this the most common cat race in England? 



  4. The good news is that the animal phobia, like the rest of the phobias, can be treated and healed easily, in a relatively short period, if the person calls for the help of a specialized psychologist.

    Psychotherapy will help you overcome these fears and free yourself from the negative emotions associated with these states.

  5. Who doesn’t love cats? I am yet to find someone who doesn’t. 

    I always want to feel their snuggle but scared of their reaction especially if we are meeting for the first time. I have endured a number of scratches, and I suspect is because I have challenges holding the cats right. 

    Is it true that cat scratches are poisonous? Can I ignore minor scratches?

  6. I’m glad you like cats; the proof is that it shows you vulnerable parts, that means they have great confidence in you; You’re a good man

  7. you have to get close to the delicacies of cats, they are suspicious; and with great patience; you can ignore us scratches, provided you wash a lot of soap and eventually put propolis solution

  8. the cat breed has a pedigree, that is, the ascendants are known; are breeders for different breeds; but a shepherd cat can be afflicted and become loving; introducing a house with children is a very important presence of a pet, but he must learn to deal with him; I do not know if in England this breed is the most popular, but in competitions is among the most popular

  9. Wow! I love this post. I am an animal lover especially cats and dogs but I couldn’t own a cat due to my sister’s phobia for them. I actually love the highlights about this British shorthair and it seems very adorable and lovely to me. I like the fact that its quiet and friendly and it looks very beautiful and cute from the pictural views I have seen in this post. Very soon, when she returns to college, I will adopt one. Thanks

  10. I always loved British shorthairs. My sister in law has one, but it is a longhair, but sold as a short haired one. Little funny but OK. No seriously these cats are so amazing of character so lovely so cute.. One day I will have one again, the previous one we had run away, ND we never found it anymore, and it is so sad, because to us, it was the best cat ever. 

  11. hi

    your sister’s phobia is easy and fast to deal with a psychologist; I’m glad you like cats; thank you for the comment


  12. Hi Emmanuel

    I’m sorry for your loss, I know how it is; I hope you will soon enjoy another cat; I love them so much that they do not conceive life without them; Thank you for your comment

  13. Loving this post, Carmen!

    I have a British Shorthair called Pebble (Because of its colour) and I was a bit curious on its size though because it’s been a year already and Pebble looks so small still, like a kitten which makes it so cute, something a munchkin. Didn’t know that they take 3 years to grow to full maturity! No wonder it’s so energetic and running around every day playing paper balls while the other grown-up Persians are all sitting on the sofa 24/7 sleeping 😀

  14. Wow! What a stunning breed! To be honest, I am not very familiar with the various breeds of cat, but this one is definitely a recognizable one. Thanks for providing the fascinating historical background of this breed, and I really enjoyed all of the colorful photos you have included here. The white one with the blue eyes is particularly breathtaking as is the all gray! I just want to cuddle all of them! 

  15. Hello Riaz

    Thank you for your comment; they really need a three-year period to reach maturity. I’m glad you have a cat 

     British Shorthair

    best regards


  16. Hello Ashley

    Thank you for your comment; If you like cats, you’ll be familiar in time, with the breeds.

    best regards


  17. Hey, I love your each article. Thanks for writing on British Shorthair – another breed under the magnifying glass. I learn from you post the breed matures slowly. The process will be completed every 3 years. Thus cats look good for a longer period, being long-lived. It looks very beautiful. You are doing awesome work for cat lovers. Keep this grate work up.

  18. Thank you for your comment. I saw that you read more of my posts. I am glad you like them. Thanks for appreciation

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