Burma Breed – silk cat


Burma Breed is an elegant, medium size, oriental cat. But it can be mistaken for unknown people by Siamese or British Shorthair.

Burma breed has very short fur with texture as well as satin.

Active, intelligent, extremely friendly and affectionate cats. Ideal in active families with children. Burma breed also suited to families that have dogs. Get along well with dogs.

Burma 1

Short history

For centuries these cats have found in Burma, Thailand, and Malaysia. They imported into Europe along with Siamese. In England, towards the end of the seventeenth century, they are known as “Siamese Chocolates”.

In 1930 a single copy brought to the United States (from the Orient). Wong Mau has the following description: a cat with a fine bone structure, but with a more compact body than Siamese; shorter tail, rounded head, short shoe, large, rounded, eared eyes. The color described as an open light (the color of the nut ) with dark brown dots.

This breed lives in natural conditions in Malaya peninsula. It is a very popular rarity.

The Burmese cats lived in the temples. They were the cats of the highest ranked priests. They worshiped and honored by the ancient kings of Burma. In India, they exposed as a rarity.

The ’70s were probably the most successful ten years in Burmese history. They were so popular that they reached third, after Persian and Siamese. For a race that started in 1930 with a single cat 9 and that hybrid,) performance is great.

Burma has established itself as a stable and popular breed in the cat lovers world. It just went through several steps to get here. Nowadays, the colors are also known as the Malayan breed.

The following colors recognized in Europe: brown, blue, chocolate, purple, red, cream, tortie, chocolate-tortie, bat-tortie.

In America, only brown, chocolate, blue and platinum (lilac, purple) cats recognized.


The Burma cat must never be left out. She is trustworthy, curious and well-intentioned. Survival instinct does not cope with living conditions outside the home. Her survival idea based on the expression of large and expressive eyes to get you to do what is right and right for them.

Burma 2

Burmese kittens are full of life. Playful spirit keeps it mature, to our joy.

Burma proves a high level of intelligence. She overwhelms all of her houses, watching everything with her big eyes. If she encouraged, Burma “speaks” using a sweet and soft voice.

They are good and understanding with the children and tolerant of the dog’s house. If they have taught by small cars, they will enjoy traveling.

Burma is highly human-oriented. She loves to sit in her lap or caressed. It tends to be the shadow of the master, in her desire to offer and receive affection.

Females tend to occupy the central spot in the home and actively coordinate activities. Males are more tolerant and prefer to watch from a more secluded position.

Burma may feel embarrassed if she feels that her emotional needs are not met.

Many owners have confirmed that a complete Burmese experience is only possible if you have two copies of both sexes and two colors.

Burma 4

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Health, reproduction

Burma is generally a healthy, strong and resistant cat. She has a long life and is full of vitality even when she gets older.

Burmese is a very good mother. Put it easy. While large and heavy cats valued at exhibitions, small, supple and compact females are better reproducers.

The Burmese males are attentive and tender with the females. Their calm behavior does not change during mating. Males adore kittens and will gladly dad if they have the opportunity.

The exhibitions are like benevolent bears. They like to play on the referees’ table. Communicate in a non-aggressive way. Thus, they recall their strong performance that must be respected.

Not to be confused with the Burma Sacra.


The characteristics of the breed are the smooth, silky texture of the fur as well as the large, expressive eyes that emanate innocence but also an irresistible seduction.

The front-viewing head is of the shape of a short triangle, wide under the cheeks, extending to the slightly flattened tip of the muzzle. The head of the head, wide between the ears and slightly rounded. Slightly rounded profile, the nose, and chin line form a vertical line. Nose distinguished, the line interrupted at the base. Jaws tapered to the wrist. Beard is strong; a profile of the well developed lower jaw.

Ears of medium size, wide at the base, rounded at the top and slightly profiled from the profile.

Big eyes, shining and shining; the top line of the eye must have a slope towards the nose, the bottom line being round. The color of the eyes is very sensitive to the intensity of light. The most suitable is indirect light. Any yellow hue accepted, but yellow gold preferred.

The body-length and medium size, giving the feeling of hard and muscular. Strong chest and rounded profile; back right from shoulder to tail.

The legs are proportional to the body; those behind slightly longer than those in front. Paws have an oval shape.

Right-edged, medium-thickness base at the base; the long tail touches the shoulders.

The fur – with a fine structure, is shiny, silky, lying on the body, almost without a puff, very short; brilliance is a characteristic of the breed and indicates good health.

The color-pigmentation is maximal in the extremities (mask, tail, paws), average on the back and on the flanks and attenuated on the abdomen; the hairs are darker and lighter towards the root; is uniform, without streaks or spots.

Variety of recognized colors: brown, blue, chocolate, purple, red, cream, brown-tortie, blue-tortie, chocolate-tortie, lilac-tortie in Europe and brown, chocolate, blue and platinum


Burma is a healthy, well-developed, affectionate and tolerant cat. If you have children is an ideal cat for them: they are good and understanding with them. Moreover, if you already have a dog is welcome and Burma in your home, because it is good with dogs.

Burma 4

She is an active cat, even when she gets old.

Burma is highly human-oriented. She loves to sit in her lap or caressed. It tends to be the shadow of the master, in her desire to offer and receive affection. That is why it is also indicated for single people, who lack affection.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

14 Replies to “Burma Breed – silk cat”

  1. How is the Burma with allergies? I know that they have short hair but are they considered to cause a allergic reaction? 

    I love cats but my daughter seems to suffer with indoor allergies especially in the winter when the windows are closed and no fresh air is coming into the house. So do these cats have a lot of dander and do they shed a lot?

    Thank you 

  2. Hi Lee

    I do not think your daughter is allergic to cats; But if you think so, they’re racing for allergists:






    thank you for comment


  3. I am from Thailand and haven’t seen these cuties before. They look similar to Siamese but I think they are cuter. I currently have an American short. His name is Sno Sno and he just completes our family. Sno Sno is white and loves to go potty outside and he acts like a dog. Enough about Sno Sno, Does the Burmese cat get along with other breed? Where can I find one? Ultimately I would like to adopt a rescue do you think they have a shelter specifically for them?

  4. hi,

    I happen to have one of these cats. It is true that they are very well-tempered and playful. I noticed you say that they get along with dogs. I didn’t know that, thanks for the info!

    I also think that, while it is not absolutely necessary to have two cats of this vreed, they do have a big need for affection, playing, and attention in general. So if you have children that love playing with the cat or you have enough time to do so, you don’t need a second cat. But if neither of these cases are true, your cat could get lonely and sad.

    So, while I think it is possible to own only one of these cats, this is not the type if cat that should be left alone every day of the week.

    thanks for your post!

  5. Hello Alex

    Thank you for your comment; they are really cats that have a great need for affection; I’m glad to find out that you have a Burma; take care of her; take care same for you


  6. Oh my God! They look so beautiful. Though I once parted with my cat when I was younger but this looks so beautiful. A good turn on for me concerning this cat is its willingness to accept dogs around it because I own a dog right now. But I would like to ask of its dominance. Do they like to be the dominant ones like the other cats or they are different? But they really appeal to me a lot.

  7. You do an absolutely wonderful job at describing the nature and temperament of the Burma cat. I have been looking into getting a cat for awhile now, and this one seems like it would be a great fit for our family. We currently have an aging 10 year old blind pug, who can be a little choosy about what animals she has around, so it was good to read that they get along well with dogs. My husband wants to get a Savannah cat but I am not altogether sold on the idea of a huge cat in the house. This one looks like it would be just the right size for me! Thanks for the article, the Burma is now definitely on my list of breeds to look at.

  8. Hello Nuttanee

    Thank you for your comment; I think these cats are only found in breeders of this breed; I’m glad to hear that your family is complete with Sno Sno;

    in post I said that this cat can be confused with Siamese

    all the best for you


  9. Hello

    Thank you for your comment; cats are dominant in establishing a hierarchy, when there are more; not all: after my alpha cat died, no cat wanted to take her place; I do not know what to say to you Burma: there are many factors that influence a cat to be dominant; however, Burma is a very affectionate cat


  10. Hello Mallory

    Thank you for your comment; I’m glad you liked this cat and you think of one; surely you will reward her with her daring

    all the best for you


  11. Hi! I have found interesting the fact that most modern Burmese are descendants of this female cat you mentioned that was called Wong Mau. She was brought from Burma to America in 1930. And it’s not only an assumption, but in fact some of the cats we have today can be tracked by pedigree back to Wong Mau!

  12. Very informative article about this cat breed. This breed seems to be for families, and the best thing is that it does not matter if you have a dog as the cat will have a good relationship with dogs.

    It is really good that you pointed out the details of this cat, so I can avoid confusion on getting a different breed because they have the same color. In this case, I have a dog and I wouldn’t want to have a problem between him and a cat if I get one, so probably this Burma will be a great choice.

    This is a beautiful cat well-suited with everything I need from a cat. I really like the way you explain step by step all the information related to this cat, it is really hard to find all the information in only one article.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Jhello Henry

    Thank you for your comment; I’m glad you found something interesting in my blog

    all the best for you


  14. Hello Andres

    hank you for your comment; this cat is suitable if you have a dog; will interact with him; in addition it is very beautiful and affectionate, you will not be wrong by taking a cat of this breed

    all the best for you


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