Care for cats-the first steps


The story begin over 33 years ago. It was September. Following my husband’s birthday. I’m thinking of making a special gift.

When my husband was a boy he had two cats, when his parents found out about the cats, they made him abandon them.

The story of my husband impressed me. In my childhood, I had a cat, called Beauty, who enjoyed me at that moment of my life.

I decided to give to my husband a cat, Jessie. I said and I did it well. Jessie delighted in her pride, her beauty, her boldness. 

Cat care involves liability. But it involves a lot of unconditional love from the Masters. Jessie answered our love.

That’s how I found out how much love you give a cat, that’s all you get.

As far as I’m concerned, Jessie and I started caring for cats. I’ll tell you a story about every cat of mine.


Some tips from the beginning of the road

Now you will find the most important tips. Before taking a cat, you have to check out your free time to devote your cats. And financial resources are important. You need money for maintenance and visits to your veterinarian You will never get a cat for less than 3 months.

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Up to 3 months, the cat must stay near her mother for a further harmonious development. When she stays near her mother, she learns everything she needs throughout her life. The cat is the biggest mother in the world. The mad mothers of mother instinct mother … mother. Also, care of the veterinarian. If you do not pay any aspect (competence, attitude, behavior), change it quickly.

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It is preferable that the veterinary cabinet be near the house.

With these things, it begins to take care of the cats.

Raising a cat is a great responsibility

You decided to take a cat. You have to love it, take care of it. Consider it an equal member of the family with “full rights”. And all this not only with the word but also with the deed and the soul.

Surround it with love and goodwill. And give him a name, he’ll teach him very fast. Raising a cat is a great responsibility. But do not worry, if you are generally a responsible person, you will also be in the care of cats.

If you already have a cat, you know some aspects of cat care and maintenance. What you may not know is that you will receive as much love as you give them, they seem to have a special dispenser. The cat is a pleasant, clean, discreet but also full of personality.

Of course, the cat has always been defamatory and admirers. But nowadays it is nice to find out that the latter has surpassed the number first. My personal opinion is that the cat’s lack of knowledge has been defamatory.

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A few words about the cats

Generally, the cat is a sturdy, healthy animal. It says that the cat has nine lives. Especially if it has the chance to live a normal life. Being fed, well cared for and “housed” in the proper hygienic conditions.

Attention to vaccinations (according to the vaccinations schedule given by the veterinarian). Internal and external de-visitation, which must be done every three months.

The cat has a mysterious air. That is why it has been the subject of many legends throughout history. One of them tells us that << Noah’s Ark >> has been floating for several weeks.

One morning, the pig has vomited two rats. Noah summoned the lion, who was blowing his nose. In a nostril, he threw a cat. This in turn immediately jumped on the rats and killed them. It was only after that, that the cat began to behave.

Noah, taken out of yarn to punish the cat, tied it to the ship’s deck in the storm. Since then it says that the mysterious air of the cat and its water horror date back. There are water-loving cats. About which I will speak in another post when I present the Van Turkish breed.

Cats breeds

A classification of cat breeds, based on scientific criteria, does not yet exist. The most competent researchers and experts have not reached an agreement.

A grouping of different breeds established according to their specific characteristics. The scoring grid refers to eye color, hair color, body, and head. A cat considered a breed if she has a pedigree. Or she has obtained pedigrees following her participation in awards and prizes. There are divergent opinions.

But these, in a positive sense, should be retained to improving breeds. Specimen breeds, which in market-economy countries are also called ,, luxury cats“. Tend to become an indicator of the nation’s social state. Having a cat starts to get a note of elegance, refinement.

Many cat owners believe they have acquired something for ,, impress their friends”. Big mistake. Cats may seem ,, inflated”, whether they are of race or not. They have never heard of, ,,fashion” and expect to considered as a family member.

I had and have only common European breed cats, saved from different circumstances. Or born in the house. And I have a lot. But each one was different. All have given us their unconditional love.

Obligations of the owner of cats

We can talk about cats, being so complex in their diversity. A lot of cats have written, but the subject is so vast that it will never be exhausted. Do not take a cat unless you have time and money in the long run.

Although the cat is a pure animal. It is also the duty of the owner of maintenance on fur, ears, eyes and claws. If you take a cat, treat it as an equal family member. And above all, you love a lot, you will be happy.

If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea, you can suggest in your comments. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?


You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

22 Replies to “Care for cats-the first steps”

  1. thank you Daniel, 
    your words encourage me to move forward; my passion and 33-year experience materialize in my seit; to live your cat

  2. I have 4 dogs besides the 15 cats; my husband loves dogs more, I love cats more; your son can take a cat quietly, it does not require so much time from the owner as a dog; cats sleep up to 18 hours a day

  3. yes Louis, some people do not understand the responsibility to grow a cat, so I try to help them with my advice, following 33 years of experience

  4. I’m glad you found something new in my post; years ago I was at a cat contest (I thought it was an exhibit) and so I learned how it is with pedigree; thank you for your comment, I really liked it

  5. nice comment; Take great care at any change in your cat’s behavior, may be a sign of disease; In cats, first of all, it is quite grue, and secondly it is rapidly evolving; health of your cat

  6. vaccination refers to kittys, after which we have not vaccinated for what is expensive for cats that I have; a visit to the veterinarian is required once a year if it is healthy; I’m lucky, the vet comes home; a good tip would be to sterilize cats, it’s healthier for them

  7. Unfortunately, there are such people who do evil to these wonderful creatures; I can understand that you do not like cats, but I can not understand to get them wrong when they did not

  8. Having a pet is really a great responsibility and often times, people are not as ready as they think they are to own a pet. I enjoyed reading post and I believe anyone looking to own a cat show really read this. I like cats because of the mystical stories surrounding cats. And cats are absolutely neat unlike what is referred to as man’s best friend.

    Thanks for Sharing

  9. Wonderful information!  I do not have cats, as a matter of fact I have two wonderful dogs.  But, my son is a huge cat lover and he is getting his own place and ready to get himself a pet.  I am pretty sure it is going to be a kitty.  I think that is a good choice, because somehow I think a kitty might be easier to train and take care of.  He works full time and goes to college, will this be an issue for the kitty?  

  10. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative Caren. Cats are great animals and they really deserve our attention. I personally like cats and I already have one, it is an old one, it has 10 years but I like him. Your words are very true and I will definitely share this on my FB page. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hello Carmen,This is a very informative article on the taking of cats.  I’m always fascinated by cats because they seemed to be so elegant and great company. I used to have a cat which i adopted not too long ago and you mentioned that they are very sturdy and mine had no problems with maintenance. I totally agree with you on the caring for cats and constant visits with veterinarian has to be on your schedule.Very helpful reading resource

  12. Hey there Carmen,

    Only for cat lovers- well You’ve found one here commenting right now! First of all I will start of by saying that I truly love and adore animals, and I have enormous passion for petting and spending quality time with our lovely cute furry friends. But just like You’ve said in You article- Rasinig a pet, in out case here it” a cat- is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of dedication, knowledge and love. While for the most part I am kind of familiar with raising cats, I still did learn some new things from reading You article which by the way I found to be very informative and helpful. Prior to reading this article I didn’t know that a cat considered a breed if ”she has a pedigree or has obtained pedigrees following her participation in awards and prizes”- that’s something new and interesting! I’ve also for the first time discovered the story regarding Noah and mysterious air of the cat which is very captivating to read and learn about.

    Keep up the great work Carmen and best of luck to You 😉

  13. Your site as the title indicates is dedicated to cat lovers. You have given your visitors some interesting anecdotes about your experience with these placid and harmless creatures. 

    Cat lovers certainly need to invest their time and money in caring for them. I have a neighbor who spends quite a sum of money in feeding some twenty strays in the neighborhood. Rain or shine the cats will be fed three meals a day. You remind me of her. There are sadistic people who take pleasure in strangling or mutilating these poor creatures. Or even throwing them down from high floors just for kicks! A few months ago, a pack of stray dogs suddenly mauled to death a cat which was crossing our carpark. We were awakened by the commotion. The lady was heartbroken as the dead cat was a favorite of hers. Blessed are those who love these adorable creatures!

  14. Thank you for sharing your story and some tips on how to take care of cats.

    Cats have always been part of our family. There was never a time when we did not have 1 or 2 cats, the most we had were 5 after some of them gave birth. However, we knew that we could not take really good care of them if they were too many so we had to give others up for adoption to families whom we know also love cats.

    Cats like dogs should be loved and cared for as part of the family that’s I do not understand how some people are disgusted with them. Anyway, you mentioned something about vets, vaccination and all that concern our pets’ health, so how often should we bring them to the vets? I understand that every visit means money and as much as possible our family does not want to spend money if it’s not necessary.

    Do you also suggest spaying our pets?

  15. I must be honest with you. I’m an avid dog lover. However, this information is an education for me. I know of several cat lovers. Your information gives me more insight in the care of a cat. Great information. I enjoyed reading your article.

  16. Thank you for your comment Ronald. I like dogs, but cats love them. Currently I have 3 dogs and 18 cats.
    All the best for you.

  17. Cats are perhaps the most adorable animals on this big beautiful planet. I have two cats, Lara and Riya, and these two feline buddies of mine have proven to be more than just pets. Just like humans, it is important to give cats good, tender care. In truth, there’s a lot of work to be put into it, but it’ll definitely be worth it over time. My cats don’t get ill often and whenever they do, I take them straight to a veterinarian for check up

  18. Thank you for your comment. I also believe that cats are the most beautiful creatures of God.
    I am glad to find out that you have two cats and you are aware of the need for their care

  19. Your article interests me as I do not have cats. In fact, we have four dogs, so I understand the responsibility that goes along with having a pet.

    There are many responsibilities, as you mentioned, including financial. I believe that this is the one that potential pet owners forget about most often.

    It is a great responsibility to have a pet, whether a cat or a dog, and people need to understand that. your article does a great job of pointing out all the responsibilities.

    Your article also mentions the unconditional love you get back from a pet, which can’t be forgotten.

    Thanks for writing a comprehensive article on pet ownership.

    Have a great day!


  20. Thank you very much for this valuable article.

     In addition to what you said, there are some things that an affected pet owner should know about when caring for them. When a cat approaches somewhere between the ages of eight or twelve years, it’s the equivalent of a middle-aged human being. This will be the time that your pet cat may be needing a bit of extra attention. 

  21. Hi Tom. I have dogs, but I love cats more because of their independent character. So I have a lot more cats lol. Thank you for your comment.

  22. Thank you for your comment. Actually, as we grow older, we need to be more careful with them and give them more care. All the best to 

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