The story of another kitten, Jimmy

Although I lost it in 2009 and lived only 9 years, his memory is still alive. It’s my sixth kitten. A beautiful, intelligent, courageous and relaxed kitten. Very clean. Writing his story I want to pay homage to him.

The story of another kitten, Jimmy, I write it in a moment of sadness. It overwhelms his memory.

He was a very friendly kitten.

But let me tell you the story of another kitten starting with:


It was September 2000. During this time of year, in our area is a beautiful and gentle autumn. Mitzi, the mother of Clare, made chicken again, somewhere in the grass, among the blocks.

When they were one month old, together with my daughter, I moved Mizi with the chickens in the kiln dryers. There were five puppies. Everybody was really expensive, but Jimmy, when I got it, spit on me and fight.

From now on it was October and it was cold, so I had to move Mitzi to the chickens.

Clara started to care for them. It was their sister’s bigger. He also gives Mitzi time to walk.

When they were 3 months old, 4 chicks gave them for adoption. Jimmy kept it.


Christmas Eve

In the evening they invited us to my father-in-law. But I was not in the mood to leave home. So I told them I invited some neighbors, Clara and Jimmy. My societies were pleased and told us it was very good. It’s great to have good with our neighbors. But they did not know that the neighbors were two cats lol.

I got the carols that I invited in the house. There were high school boys who were already studying for the third year. We have already become friends. They stayed until morning.

Along with the carols, they entered Clara and Jimmy’s house. We already had three kittens: Thomas, Little Jessie, and Pussy.

Clara and Jimmy approached the Christmas tree. They were very interested in the ornaments of the tree, but they were good and did not ruin anything. Clara seemed to tell Jimmy: “Let’s be good, maybe we’ll get into the house.” And we understand: they stayed in the house. But with a special regime. If the other three of our kittens did not get out of the apartment, Clara and Jimmy

Jimmy 2

were leaving when they were in the mood. They lived outside, they knew to avoid dangers.

Living in the block

Jimmy was very well integrated into our house and was extremely good. I was working at home, on my computer. Jimmy wanted my attention. I could not always give it to him. He sat down beside the computer and sat for hours.

Once he urgently asked for his affection, and if he saw that he was not receiving it, he turned his back towards me and “marked me” lol. I talked to the veterinarian about this and he told me that his mother was “marked” by a lion at the lol zoo.

Until one day when Jimmy did not come home for three weeks. He disappeared at the same time as Clara. I searched for them, I called them all the time. I had already lost all hope. But three weeks later, Jimmy appeared at home, weak, hungry, dirty. A few more days I found Clara.

At one point I lost Thomas. He was not accustomed to of the house. I do not know how he slipped. After three days of searching, my only hope of finding was Clara and Jimmy. I told the episode in my post about Clara. The fact is that after a conversation with a man I had with Clara, it pulled me out and next to a block was Jimmy. He was actually watching Thomas. I cried at him and at the block of the block was halfhearted. It was Thomas, blocked by things thrown by neighbors. Blocked for three days. I took him and took him home. What clearer proof I would have wanted Jimmy

Jimmy 3 and Clara to be particularly intelligent.

Living at home

We moved in 2003, November, to the house. The hardest thing to do was to take kittens. But I finally succeeded.

The winter came and I did not leave the cats outside. They have adapted relatively easily to the new conditions. Okay, with great care and understanding on our part. Cats hardly adapt to major changes in their lives.

But in the spring cats have discovered the yard and the garden. Who was happier than them? They were running through the garden, standing in the sun, “swarming” butterflies.

But JimmyJimmy 4

was running away from home through his neighbors. Until I secured the yard, she can not leave. Let’s know it safe.

It’s been six years that Jimmy was really happy. He had made friends with the dogs I had taken from the block.

But unfortunately, in 2009 he got sick. He did kidney failure. Six days I went to the doctor to give him infusions. Twice a day. During this time, the home was good and very clean. She used the litter until the last minute. But the poor did not resist on November 23, 2009, when the doctor was at 20:30.


First of all, I told you Jimmy’s story in his memory.

Then to draw some lessons:

1. Though when he was young, he was bitter, when we offered him decent living conditions and especially all our love, Jimmy became a good, educated and loving kitten. How can you take care of a kitten you can see here.

2. If you want a cat, adopt one. You will have a friend who loves you unconditionally. Only if you want to go to competitions with your cat, you can choose a cat with pedigree, breed.

3. They all have an end. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of cats is much smaller than ours. It’s very hard to get over the extinction of your dear friend who lived with you, both good and bad. It is the same as losing a relative, or worse. How can you overcome such sadness you can see here.

I would love to leave a comment telling me your thoughts about the cat you have. Thank you.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

My cat Clara

Was August 2000. We were still living in the block. In front of the kitchen window was the vine. One morning I heard a kiss in the beef. Was the one that would become my cat, Clara.

Was a cat for about two months, hungry. I went outside and took the kitten. I brought him home and gave him food. We had special cat food in the house. It proved to be mild though it was a cat of no one.

I guess had just finished sucking. After eating, he was asked out. I left it. Though I felt sorry to let them go into a world full of dangers for such a small cat.

But my cat Clara returned to the vine every day. She said, “I’m here, I’m here.” So I cut the net from the kitchen window and Clara went to eat.

That summer

Outside it was warm and pleasant. Clara was accustomed to eating every day. Same ritual: I’m here, I’m here.

Over time, I noticed that Clara had a brother. Later he found a home.

At one point her mother also appeared. She was a little wild but very careful with her chick. I called her Mizti.

Clara grew handsome. Meanwhile, the fall came. Mizti made  news kittens, somewhere between blocks, in the grass. I made him a couch in the drying room, which was the door in the door with our apartment. I took Mitzi with the chicken and took her to the couch. One of the chicks spit at me and I was informed, but after all, I took him. Later, I took him home and became one of my adorable kittens, Jimmy. But about him, I will write another post.

When they were three months old, the other four of his brothers gave them adoption.

From the kiln, besides the pipes, a cat had the possibility to sneak into the basement, and out there. So Mitzi sneaked quite often.

But dear Clara Clara 1

cared for kittens. She was their big sister and took her role seriously. She was particularly affectionate with them.


It was past autumn and winter was approaching fast. Kittens grew up and placed them. Not Jimmy.

Christmas came, and in the evening I “invited” Clara and Jimmy to the house. I had some friends visiting. They were very good. Clara seemed to say to Jimmy: To be good, maybe we can get home. They sat under the Christmas tree and done’t disturb or broke anything.

They stayed in the house. It was winter now. They have learned the purpose of the house. They got used to the litter immediately. They were strong and loving.

All the winter in the house.

As spring came, they were asked out. I left them, knew the dangers and knew how to guard. When they wanted, they came to the house: eating, sleeping, loving him, They sneaked on the kitchen window.

The other kittens we had done’t go out.

Clare’s kittens

Clara, I was walking outside, in May 2001, the twentieth day, he gave me 5 gorgeous puppies. The gesture was, it was immense. My daughter said she was a …ship lol.

On the morning of May 20, 2001, I woke up with something black in bed. At first, I did not know what it was. But I realized immediately: it was Clare’s first cat pup. I quickly made her comfortable in a large laundry basket and helped her bring the rest of the chick to the world. Everything went very well and after he washed them he started to breastfeed.

It is a feeling I can not play in the words I have had. I actually saw how she brought the world and how she cared for them. It’s something fabulous what maternal instincts the cats have.

Little Jessie, another cat of mine, came to help immediately. They were both in the basket and were watching them.

When they were alone and were crying, Jessie was the first to them. They let Clara rest or eat. She had a cat litter. It seemed she wanted herself.Clara 2

When I was three months old, I gave my puppies for adoption, less one.

The following year, Clara had anothers kittens. I was exactly on February 14, 2002. She already had experience. I kept four cats this time: Titzi, Pupi, Pufly, and Albutz.

In June 2002 I sterilized her.

The adventures of Clare

Once Clara has been at home for three weeks. I thought we lost it. But I did not stop looking for her day and night. One morning I found her. It was weak and hungry. I took her home and I took care of her.

At one point I lost Thomas, the cat who was never out. I searched him for three days without any results. Then I talked to Clara as to a man. I told him Thomas was gone and my only hope of finding her is Jimmy. They were accustomed to. I asked her to find him. Maybe you can not believe it, but soon Clara started dragging me to a place where Jimmy was standing guarding something. She actually found Thomas. He was immobilized in another building by some neighbors. I cried, he answered. I recovered it. Without words, only Clara was very smart.

We moved to the house. Clara was used to patrolling out on the rooftops. But I had very bad neighbors. I secured the yard so no cat could go out. I felt sorry for Clara, he could not run freely anywhere he wanted. But I knew her safe.

She was a very fine cat, sweet, good and very clean. My husband  telling her Lady Clara.Clara 3

He’s got a move of ours to a bigger house. And a yard with a bigger garden.

He felt great, ran the stairs, played outside, stood in the sun, smelled the flowers. He never had a conflict with other cats or dogs. With an exception: George. A Stamp dog we got from the block when we moved to the house. I made him a yard dog. By the time he had the first cat chick, he scratched George. The dog then respected her.

In the yard, they became good friends and they were sleeping together.


My story has a substrate. If you save a cat from living insecure, she will reward you. Long and good. Providing it with adequate care. Clara ceased on August 16, 2018.

She had a long and beautiful life. He lived in three houses. And while the cat is said to be of home, I believe something else. The cat is really of house, but the house is where you are. If you change your home, your cat will feel very well in the new home. Provided you love and respect her. Understand the nature of cat.

If you love cats and want one, save it from an insecure life. There are plenty of others who really want a cat of breed. My opinion is that cats of breed are for competitions. If you want a loyal friend to love, any cat is great.

Please leave a comment on your experience with cats.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

My Pussy cat


When she was only two months old my Pussy cat came to us. In my tongue Pussy means kissing. It was November 17, 2000. On the inserted. It was a cold and ugly day. He was in the middle of the street full of cars. Coming out of school, my daughter noticed it. It was so small and confusing. So she took it and brought her home.

Actually, my Pussy cat was a fur ball.

Pussy 2

We lived in the block, downstairs. I put it in the kiln and I fed it. We went to bed after.

A very beautiful cat

Pussy became my fourth cat. I understand that it will not be the last one. My love for cats and the desire to save became more and bigger every day. Even if my daughter brought them home, it is called that I also saved them somehow.

But let me come back. All night Pussy screamed. I could not sleep like the world. I went to the drying room to see why she was crying. At first, I did not realize. I took her home and looked at her very carefully. Pussy was actually a flea with a cat. I did a bath with 3 kinds of anti-parasitic shampoos. Her fine skin was all mellow. I anointed her with a cream to relieve her suffering. I disinfect it internally.

He has suffered for a few more days. But then a very beautiful cat was made. She had long hair and a thick, well-bent tail. Perfect sowing with a Norwegian Forest. And she was actually saved on street.

Pussy, down

Pussy grew nicely without major incidents. It turned out to be a very loving and eager pet. But also full of personality. It climbs everywhere and looks up at us. When I said, “Pussy, down,” and I pointed out with the gesture of her hand to shake off, it was an indescribable delight: the young man’s body was arcing, imitating the gesture of his hand. We’re having a lot of fun, repeating softly, “Pussy, Down” and hand gesture. Every time she was young she was arguing. I think he understood what we were saying to him, but he was telling us that he felt very good up there, where he was.

I miss PussyPussy 3 and her daring. Because I have to tell you that I lost her on April 9, 2014. He got sick with diabetes. Although diabetes is reversible in cats, unfortunately, we could not save she. He went into a diabetic coma.

Pussy adult

When she grew up, nature told her the word. I’ve been given hormonal inhibitors when it’s hot. At that time I did not know that they were actually totally counter-indicted. A few times.

Then we consulted with the veterinarian and decided to sterilize it. Thank God for this decision. The operation proved to have a pyometra. If I did not, she would have died.

Now I give you a very important tip: if you don’t want to have kittens, sterilize the cat. Hormonal inhibitors are very damaging. The cat develops a form them. At one point this is lethal.

When Pussy was 4 years old,


I presented her at an exhibition. I didn’t know have much stress on a cat, It was the first and last time I showed a cat in the exhibition.

Pussy behaved well at the show, she was cooperative. At that show, we presented two cats in fact.

All I liked was the owners. They are a special world. A beautiful and loving world. Especially cats.

Otherwise, I regretted the two days of ten hours spent in the exhibition, even though my cats got some diplomas.certificate

At home

At one point we moved to the house. I also told another post, talking about my cats.

After a few years only in the house, in the block, Pussy was very happy to experience her livelihood. He initially came out with great care. Very circumspect, making small circles. Then more and more. Eventually, he went out to the yard and into the garden. She liked the sun. Smelling the flowers, running after the butterflies. He was playing with the other cats, and he also had friends with the dogs. It was a pleasure to see how well she feels.

I think of some point cats “humanize”. It is known that they like to stray at night. However, my cats used to sleep at night with us and play, hunt, have various activities.

We moved again to a bigger house. The yard and the garden are also bigger.

The hardest thing to do was to bring the cats. But in a few days, they became accustomed to and they loved the house. They ran up the stairs up and down. Neither did Pussy go to the sides. We moved to the winter. Only in the spring, I left the cats in the yard.

Pussy was delighted to discover a larger yard and garden. When it was nice, she was walking in one. Or was lying in the sun.

At one point I noticed she had a difficulty at the back legs. I immediately took her to the vet. He found that he had diabetes and was confident that this disease is reversible in cats. He gave us treatment, but after a few days Pussy entered a diabetic coma and within 24 hours I lost it.


I wrote this post for several reasons.

First of all in the memory of Pussy, a very dear cat.

Secondly, to highlight the importance of the parasite, both internal and external, for the health of your cat.

Thirdly, I want to draw attention to hormonal inhibition and how dangerous it is to give your cats such pills. You’re hurting your cat to make a pyometra that can become fatal. My advice is to sterilize the cat.

Forth, to draw your attention to diabetes in cats and especially that it is a cat reversible disease. Unfortunately, I was not careful enough to monitor Pussy during the treatment. And I lost she. But you can save your cat if he has diabetes.

Please leave a comment on your experience with cats.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

My third cat-Little Jessie


It’s 13 years since cats grow up. But on June 8, 1998, I lost my first cat, Jessie.

I suffered the whole family.

But on September 3, 1998, my daughter came from a school with my third cat. He was a baby for two months. All oak: paws, ears. Bad kids beat her. But my daughter saved her. I was very sorry for her. I fed it.

Then I cleaned it from the ointment, drank it and disinfect it. After all this, it turned out to be my beautiful cat’s third beautiful cat. And amazing, she looked very good with Jessie. The cat I just lost. That’s why I called her Little Jessie. My third Cat.

Little Jessie


We were still living in the block. Little Jessie grew only in the house. I was not letting him out. She delighted her with her sweethearts. I work at home. On the computer.

Jess But when Little Jessie came to assist me, I leave the work. She caressed me. It was on the computer keyboard. Purred.

It turned out to loving. She saved from the street. It could be wild. But it was not so. On the contrary.

Her childhood was without major incidents. We were plays with her, she was very playful. It was a delight to see how it jumps after the smog.

Little Jessie adult

Meanwhile, I took cats. Clara, one of them, was born. Little Jessie was very careful with the kitten. When they cried, he was the first to them. She also offered Clare rest time. She cared for her as a mother. From a large laundry hood, I made Clare and the kitten. Little Jessie was present in the basket almost all the time. She looks like she wants her too.

One day Little Jessie slipped out of the apartment. My husband and I were gone. But my daughter was home. She called to tell us that Little Jessie disappeared. We went urgently at my house. I found it easy. Around the block was full of dogs. Little Jessie climbs the block wall. That’s where my husband got it. It was a real adventure, but the cat escaped well.

After this incident, Little Jessie made me three beautiful kittens: Julie, Husky and Niky. She an accomplished mother. He taught him everything they need in life. In addition, she has borne a kitten, which I have just adopted: Tzutzu.

She later became a grandmother. A careful grandmother. Not where she got a live mouse. He brought it to a nephew. He taught him to hunt. I have found that cats have a highly developed instinct.

At home

Meanwhile, the saved cats who have found a home in our fireside have greatly multiplied. The apartment had become inconspicuous. A cat needs 5 square meters for develop harmoniously. And to feel comfortable.

I made the decision with my husband to move to the house. And we have a garden. Said and done.

I moved everything. With cats, it was harder. They were … 23 now. We organized this: in the apartment was a friend’s daughter. To the house was my daughter. To meet kittens and to calm them. And I and my husband were transporting them. I moved kittens at night. We had unhappy neighbors and did not want to see us. The friend of my daughter told me that we were doing “live meat traffic” lol.

We made three shipments.

In the next few days, cats were accommodated with the new home. Then he started to like it.

We moved in November 2003. That’s when we started in winter. So I did not leave the cats out until spring. But in the spring they were very happy to go out in the yard and into the garden. They were lying in the sun. They were running for butterflies. Socialize with dogs. Until now, they had nothing to do with dogs. But they behaved very well. I watched for a month, but it was not the slightest bit of an altercation.

Little Jessie felt wonderful. She plays with other cats. She in the garden. Smells the flowers. “Hunt” butterflies.

Jessie got her from a town called Santandrei. It was a common race. But when somebody asks what the race is, we call Saintadree. It was so beautiful that the world told us: it is. That’s what I was saying to Little Jessie that she belonged to the Saintadree breed. Of course, there is no such breed.


At the new habitat, we all have an idyllic life: we, cats and dogs.

In winter, cats were just in the house. Little Jessie has often watched TV. At Animal Planet.


And he was reacting when cats appeared. It was sweet.

But the yard was not assured and the cats could go out. It was OK if the neighbors had been OK. It was an area of houses.

But one day Little Jessie got out of the yard and did not come back. I’ve been looking for her for days. I cried out invariably.

We search her for the neighboring streets. But in vain. I lost her after 6 years.

And I don’t think she just left. She was very happy with us. She felt loved. Had both: kitten and ,,grand kitten”. Very tied to us. I think somebody hurt him.

My family and I have suffered hugely.

After this loss, we learned our lesson. We secured the yard so cats could not go outside.


Why did I tell you this story? First of all in the memory of Little Jessie. But not only that. I would like you to learn from my story.

If you live in the building, don’t leave the cat outside the apartment.

If you take her for a ride to put her collar.


Cats are unpredictable. Without the collar, you could lose it.

If you live in the house it is very good to secure the yard. This way the cat will be safe. If don’t ensure the yard, the cat, curious by nature, will leave. No problem. He knows how to get back. But if there are strange dogs or neighbors who don’t love cats … I don’t want to think.

I expect you to share your experience, leaving a comment. Or if you have any questions, I will respond with pleasure.


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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

My second cat, Thomas

It was November 11, 1997. I was coming back from the post office. From a bush heard a caterwaul.

You’re approaching me. The caterwaul stops. I’m moving away, Meadow heard again. And so, a few times. It was for the evening, bad and cold weather. Finally, I discovered a kitten with cold. It turned out to be my second cat. I took him in my arms. She stuck to me. I was going somewhere, but I quit. I went straight home. He ate on saturates. My daughter stared in disbelief at him. I’ll calm her. I told him it’s my second cat. That he will stay in the house.


After he was calm and he realized that everything would be good, I did a bath. I dewormed internally and externally. There was another cat already. In the meantime, I discovered he was a boy cat. It was about six months when I took him. In fact, he chose me. My daughter called him Thomas. Although he picked up on the street and still small, he fast learned his name. And not only the name. He learned the meaning of the house. How it should behave. Right, I raised him open. In a sense that I respect hi’s personality and his desires. He understood this and was an exceptional kitten. I have told that the cats who choose you are very smart and agile. We were playing with him, waving a red canvas. He’s like a little bull. So it mentioned with a nickname: Torro, from the toreador.


He immediately adapted to our house. I loved him all. I already had Jessie with whom she immediately became friends. Jessie was 12 years old. He was very clean. Childhood has gone without major incidents. In fact, it was only one. He peed in our bed, where she was asleep. But only on the husband’s side. I asked my husband to move to another room. He moved. Thomas has not dirty the bed. Like was jealous, he only wanted me. Unfortunately, 7 months after I brought Thomas, Jessie died. He also suffered, he did not play as before, he was sad.

An adventure with Thomas

Thomas had his life, quiet, in the house. Only one day he’s disappeared. We reproached each other slovenliness. We quarreled. Someone was not careful when she opened the door at the entrance and Thomas broke it. We started looking for him around the block. At that time I still lived in the block. Ever since I picked him up, he was not out. We were thinking of the horror we could suffer. There were 3 days of nightmare. Meanwhile, I had two cats, Clara and Jimmy. I took them outside. I kept the glass in the open kitchen. They were coming in and out when they wanted to. They accustomed to the dangers outside. So I told them that Thomas disappeared and sought him. You will not believe me, but they understand. Anyway, they were my only hope of finding Thomas. On the third day of extinction, Clara came to me. It was pulling me out and she”s moon. He took me a few blocks away. That’s where Jimmy was guarding. I shouted again Thomas. There was a faint caterwaul.

I headed in the direction she heard. And, surprise. Thomas was there. Blocked between things thrown by the people in that block. I took it out and brought home. I’m not saying what a joy it was for the whole family. Clara and Jimmy saved him. Not only did I hope that it happened. About Clara and Jimmy will tell you in another post. My long term plan is to tell you about my cats in the order they came to us.

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas

My daughter called Thomas her brother.

It is good for a child to have at least one pet. It makes him responsible and helps him not become selfish. If you want to know more about how to choose  pet for your baby, see here.

Thomas was on the computer when she was working, he was sitting on her desk when she was doing her homework. He was after her all day. But the night continues to sleep with me. He was a good lover and a lover.

At one point we moved to the house. I already had 23 cats. We moved to them and to us too. Thomas was happy to go out in the yard when the weather was good. He walked through the garden, smelled the flowers, ran after butterflies or lazily in the sun. When we moved to the yard, we took three Stamping dogs from the block and a puppy off the street. Thomas was a friend to them. They were playing together.

I like to think that Thomas felt good to us, knowing he was very loved.

I only had an epidemic and we had to treat all the cats. It was awful bad luck. The attendant veterinarian was out of town. All the cats were going for good, except for Thomas. I ran with him to the clinic but there they did not realize what he was with him. He died after two days. Later, when the doctor returned to the city, we cleared. Thomas was allergic to the antibiotic. If he had the correct diagnosis, he could be treat,

I was very impressed with how he died. He was on the bed and my daughter next to him. He did not want to die in front of her. When my daughter left for a very short time, Thomas gave up the end.

He was almost 13 years old. He was waiting for her not to be present. I don’t say what mourning it was for the whole family.

For the end

I know that is a personal story. But I also promised personal stories about my cats. Too many tips from this story cannot broken. But it’s a beautiful story because I loved him a lot. Though 19 years have passed since Thomas thrilled, I still miss him. In fact, the only advice that comes out of my story. And which I have already given, is: how much love do you give your cats, so you get it. Thomas had immortal love. And he had a beautiful life.

If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea, you can suggest in your comments.


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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

My first cat, cute kitten name -Jessie

It was September and followed my husband’s day in our first marriage year. I was thinking of making a special gift.

I decided to give her a cat kitten. He said it and did it well.

When, my husband left the delegation, I had time to surprise him. I went to the country with a colleague of service to his relatives. There I chose a cat.

I called her Jessie-cute kitten name.

First childhood

She delighted herself with her gentleness, her beauty, her daring. And because we loved it very much, she responded to our love. And she was a common cat, the European breed, but no pedigree. From her I learned how much love you give a cat, so you will get it in return. It was with her the beginning of cat care for me.

I have accumulated a lot of experience, which I want to share with you as well.

Jessie-cute kitten name – was a full-fledged family member.

At first, she grew up with us. We were living on the 9th floor. But when I left home, Jessie was making a scandal that was down to the first floor. So we decided to take her to my mom while I was at work. We took her in the morning and took her after the afternoon. Like a baby grown up to grandparents, while parents were at work.

Once a colleague told me he was on the bus and saw me talking to a bag. Actually we brought Jessie home and talked to her. She was in a bag. At that time there were no cats transporters in our country.

It was a great cat. I went for a walk in the park with her, without the leash, and she was holding us like a puppy. Once we get home, it falls into a fatigue.

New experiences with Jessie

She chose to do his “duty” in the bathroom sink.

When, nature told her word, I took her to the boy cat. I remember it was Easter day. At that time, I did not know the boy cat was going to the cat. Jessie knocked out a whole yard. Then he disappeared. I searched her all the streets around but I did not find it. After few days he found her in the attic of the house. He announced it. I went and I took it.

The problem was not resolved. So I gave him hormonal pills. These have the effect of suppressing or interrupting the cycle in females. We found out that side effects (mammary cysts that can turn into tumors). Occur after a period of continuous administration. So I made the decision to sterilize her. It recovered well after surgery. But after surgery my mother did not want to give it to me anymore. The orc was passing by to her every day. That’s how I saw Jessie.

Jessie and my little girl

When Jessie was two years old, my little girl came to the world. Jessie was careful not to walk on her clothes.

Besides, take care of the little girl. We leave it in the sun on the balcony. If she started crying, Jessie was coming to call me.

I remember that my mother-in-law was once on my visit. She washes some diapers of her face in the sink. Jessie approached the shifty and began to cry. My mother-in-law called me immediately. She did not know that Jessie needed the toilet. The toilet was busy. I immediately took the diapers from the sink. Jessie used the sink right away. Since then, my mother-in-law loved Jessie.

When the little girl started to go with the precursor, Jessie was standing in two feet and watching her.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

About a year and a half of the girl, Mother found both of them eating over Jessie’s plate.

It is advisable for children to have a pet. Especially the unique child at parents. This will make him responsible. It will also make him not selfish. It will also strengthen your immune system. And where do you think he will have fun and baby.

My daughter spent her first childhood with Jessie.

Other experiences with Jessie

Jessie grew more in the house. So she did not know how to get out of a tree. We did climb-down exercises with her with the ironing board. Then I took her to nature. But the fellow scared. He climbs higher up the tree. My husband had to climb into the tree after her. It was on a Sunday. All the neighbors were at home. It was a great show. And a lot of neighbors saw the show.

I once loved her forcefully when she was not in mood. I finally let go of it. But after about two hours, when I was watching TV, he passed me and gave me a paw in my head. To make me understand that I can not love her if she does not have the feeling. Over time, I found out that it is valid for all cats. They are full of personality and do not do what they want. If you respect this, you will have a perfect companion.


At Jessie’s 12 years of age, we moved to 700 km. We sent things with a car, and we left for a train with a sleeping carriage for Jessie. It was 12 hours to walk, afterwards the husband returned after the car. Jessie adapted very well to her new home. It said that the cat is the house and dog of man (to suggest, we have four dogs). But I do not think so. Rather, the cat is the house, but the house is where you are.

At one point we had a dove in the house. He had the broken wing. We took care of him until he did well. But not only us. Jessie cared for him and seems to love him too. It was really nice to watch them.

We moved in September. On November 11, 1997, I got a boy cat, Thomas. The photo below is both.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

At one point, Jessie got sick and we had to operate. She did not wake up from anesthesia. Unfortunately, the doctor who acted did not get it. But there was not much time in the new city. We were not interested enough about veterinarians. In the former city, we had an excellent doctor. I found one here as well. Unfortunately, he went to angels too early. We continue to his clinic. Hi’s wife is a veterinarian; more, my daughter is doing practice at that clinic.

A few conclusions

How much love you give to a cat, so you will receive.

When, nature tells the word, it is advisable to sterilize the cat. Thus, afterwards it protected by cysts in uterus or mammary cysts. Less, you want to have offspring. Or if he is a champion.

Pets, especially the cat, recommended for children. She make them responsible. They will not become selfish. Strengthens the immune system. She’s having fun with the kids.

Feeding does not raise problems. You can offer food from commerce. Just worry about being natural. See my review here.

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