Cat’s taste


After a few days break, here I am again.

Today I want to tell you about the cat’s taste.

The cat has a sharp sense of smell. Much better than man. Instead, cat’s taste is less developed.

The content of today’s post:

Feline does not chew but swallow

The role of the experience


Cat preferences


Feline does not mesh but swallow

We all know that the cat is a feline. One smaller one. The big cats are perfectly suited to predatory life. Their teeth reveal many features of diet and lifestyle.

The small skull provides limited space for the teeth (16 on the upper jaw and 14 on the lower jaw). The four canines positioned on both jaws use pruning and killing the leek. Most felines penetrate the throat.

Molars work like scissors. Thus, the cats cut the meat into pieces that can be swallowed.

pisoi 3

The lower jaw can only be moved vertically. That’s why cats don’t chew but swallow.

Domestic cats suffer from various tooth disorders. Especially tartar. That’s why veterinarians insist that cats be fed only with dry food. Breaking croquettes and friction on the tooth reduce tartar. Nature fights dental affections through a certain diet. But I give them to spoil, sometimes and wet food. But just as spoiled.

The role of the experience

Mother’s food influences the composition of amniotic fluid and milk consumed by chicken. It is the first step towards the development of the taste sensation.

After birth, the environment influences food preferences. The cat is always drawn to new food. If it is more palatable, it has a good chance of being quickly accepted. The refusal of a new, even palatable, meal occurs, especially in stressful situations. For example a brutal change in diet or the environment. That’s why when we change the cat’s diet we have to do it gradually, within two, three weeks. We were mixing the food from the two diets: initially more of the old diet, then gradually mixing more of the new one.

pisoi 1

If a cat gets sick after ingestion of a toxic product, she learns to avoid it in the future.


Taste and palatability are not the same things. Palatability is essential when the cat decides to eat something. Palatability is the term describing how much cat likes the taste, smell and texture of the food.


Quality food is formulated not only to be nutritious but also to be palatable. The value of quality food lies not only in its ingredients but also in the fact that it is consumed by the cat. When she eat with pleasure means that the goal has been reached.pisică

Major manufacturers are investing in studies that determine the happiest combination of ingredients and processing technology. This results in nutritious and palatable food.

Cats are attracted not only by the taste of the food but also by its color, aroma, and texture. They are interested in the shape and size of the grain and prefer the acid taste.

Among the most important elements that contribute to greater palatability are fat, acidity, and dehydration.

In the pet food industry, palatability is a concept that is based on an optimal partition system, the use of top quality raw materials, the control of the technological process. Both the raw materials and the feed obtained are stabilized against oxidation and protected from microbial alteration.

Cat preferences

The cat, strictly carnivorous, is very sensitive to the presence of certain amino acids associated with animal proteins. But the false impression is that the cat only prefers fish or meat. This preference varies greatly depending on the individual.

The cat has its own way of testing fat, each type of fat is characterized by a certain length of the fatty acid chain. For example, the cat refuses certain vegetable oils characterized by an average length of the fatty acid chain. She gives great attention to texture and granulation. He does not like the very small particles.

With several cats, I noticed that some prefer sunflower oil. Others, coconut oil. Others, pig fat. Butter. It is clear that preferences vary according to the individual.

The cat is very sensitive to bitter taste, not supporting it. For example, refuse food containing sweeteners with a bitter taste like saccharin. The sense of taste varies from one specimen to another. The cat detects salt only in higher concentration.
Instead there are cats who love sweet ones.

pisoi 4

Taste helps cats test the taste of the food they provide. Soil, gastric and pancreatic secretions are stimulated. Receptors or taste buds are part of the taste buds. These were located on the upper surface of the tongue, the palatal mucosa, epiglottis and pharynx. By comparison, the dog has more starters than the cat.

These receptors are functional from birth, but they take a few weeks to mature. The intensity of taste perception decreases with age.

Certain diseases or the administration of certain drugs alter taste sensitivity. Cells are connected to the brain where sensations are recorded: a meal will be accepted later.


The cat appreciates the food by associating the two senses: taste and olfactory. They have clear preferences for animal products. In the pet food industry, the raw materials and flavors used are processed from ingredients of animal origin.

Especially for cats, we have to take into account the cat’s preferences and how he appreciates the taste of the food offered. And not just for cats of race. If we love our cat, we want to have it healthy and enjoy it as long as possible.

They have a formidable instigation and will refuse food they do not like.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cat food available on market . Even for sensitive cats or dietary foods for various diseases. It depends on us what kind of food we offer. But first of all, he must satisfy their nutritional needs of cats and be of good quality.

I would love to read your comments. Or maybe you have questions to try to answer.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

How do we avoid the unwanted behavior of cats?

Many owners face various problems: the unwanted behavior of cats. From harmless ones to troublesome ones. Scratching the furniture, climbing the curtains, playing with toilet paper or avoiding the use of a litter are just a few examples.

Today I will explain the serious problem of unwanted  behavior of cats and especially how to cope with splashing.

Identifying unwanted behavior-marking

The cat has a very developed sense of smell. If our smell is like a stamp, the smell of the cat is a handkerchief. It also communicates olfactory. The ways she communicates this way are: rubbing, scratching and spraying with urine.

marking territory

An important indicator of the difference between marking and urination is the behavior of the cat in the two situations.

If the cat urinated and started burying, it will stop to smell the spot before continuing. This will be repeated as long as the smell intensity is pronounced.

Splashing is usually aimed at visible and significant objects. The cat turns back toward the wall and, in the right position, sprays a small amount of urine. In tomcat, the phenomenon is more frequent and more pronounced. But cats can also see the same thing.

The target is sprinkled at a height of 30-60 cm from the ground. Splashing is followed by intense vibration of the tip of the tail. The cat’s face has a very concentrated expression.

Purpose of splat marking

The highest percentage of splashing is found in cats that are not castrated.

It decreases significantly after we castrated it. But absolutely all the cats mark.

In a mixed cat community, males splash more frequently when there is a hot dog. Females splash when they are in the first phase of heat. Their markup contains information about one reproductive status. Males spend a lot of time investigating it. Much more than if the mark is of a female that is not hot. This is the sexual function of the marker.

Splashing has three functions: territorial, relational and reaction (emotional stabilization).

In cats kept in the house, emotional stabilization is most prominent. A new space incites the marking mechanism. The cat introduces its own odor into the unknown space. To customize it and increase your sense of security.

And in cats living outside, there is the possibility of scarring in response to stress. It reacts in the same way as a house cat.

When the cat splashes the owner’s personal things, something is wrong in their relationship.

The cat may splash in the following situations:

– Stress due to general conditions ( when a baby or a new animal appears in the house)

– When something changes in the apartment

– When the furniture is rearranged

– When the family moves

In these cases, the sprinkling direction defines the cat’s space.

– Changing family relationships

– The existence of a conflict with a family member with another animal or the overpopulation of the house (a cat needs 5 square meters  at least to live comfortably).

The cat usually sprinkles where it feels vulnerable.


A safe boundary between the inner world (the house) and the outer one must be created. The cat owner has full control of the access ways.

When the cat stays alone at home, she must have water, food, litter. Also, have free access to the house.

The ideal is not someone outside, not even the cat door.

Let’s make sure that the smells of the house stay as stable as possible and familiar to cats. This reduces the risk of splashing.

The open-door conveyor will be an effective help.

To minimize the feeling of insecurity, we will give cats the opportunity to climb high-quality furniture, poles and special platforms. The behavior of the cat will be relaxed and quiet because it can always catch up and get rid of potential danger. So she will not feel the need to escape or marking.

marking territory 1

Some suggestions

We were laying the cat with a towel, especially the head (the glands used by her to mark the territory) and then wiping the vertical surfaces of the house at the height of the cat with that towel. This makes the cat feel at ease and the risk of stamping is significantly reduced.

If you struggle with the unpleasant smell of house cat urine, do not use aggressive detergents containing chlorine or ammonia. They also contain elements that have decomposed urine. I can generate repeated cat splashing.

Sprayed surfaces should be cleaned with enzyme-based products. They will eliminate bacteria and odors. But it could also encourage the cat to sprinkle again because the signature has “expired”.

It is not advisable to use a water gun against the sprinkler cat. Rather, it increases anxiety and causes more sprains. If we punish the cat, the splash will continue when we are absent.

Splashing can also be translated by attracting attention when not enough cat attention. Splashing becomes, in this case, the tool of our conditioning cat.


Although it is a natural and normal phenomenon, spraying can be avoided.

Socializing and forming appropriate habits will develop the ability to overcome challenges.

If the cat continues to sprinkle,marking territory 2

we need to pinpoint the causes. Then eliminate them.

I have listed the causes during this post.

There is another method against sprinkling. See here.

I hope I helped many cat lovers who are confronted with this phenomenon. Especially those who keep cats only in the house. I assure you that patients will be avoided in the future.

Please leave a comment about your experience on marking. Thank you.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

Useful tips about cats

Today I will give you some useful tips about cats. I will tell you about cat discipline. Then about the problem of excessive vocals. About what we did when we brought a cat in the house where a dog already exists. I hope you find interesting these useful tips about cats.

Discipline the cat

Unlike the dog that can be trained, the cat cannot be disciplined besides a few tricks.

The dog lives in hierarchically organized packs. Man uses it. It is placed in the forefront. So he becomes the head of the group. Obtain it.

Cats form groups only when needed. This arrangement is based on respect for the territory. Not at all on the respect to the boss.

Generally, people make many mistakes in cats education. It compares the behavior of the dog with that of the dogs.

Do not try to educate the cat using physical punishment. You will only manage to fear yourself.

The cat can learn good manners. She can use data from her innate behavior.

The cat hates surprises. She gets bored to watch every move.

To stop a cat from an unacceptable action is enough to make noise. Bend your hands or say NOT decided. It is important to use the same “tactics” every time the cat has an unacceptable action. But it must be done immediately. A delay as small reduces the effectiveness of the gesture.

If your cat wants to bite, I advise you to impress your face with your palm and say NO.

Another method is to think of the cat as a child. This way you can prevent any unfortunate happening. Food should be stored in closed boxes. Dangerous or breakable objects are placed in secure places. Heavy objects, ex a shelf, must be fixed. The meat can be thawed in the cold oven, not the buffet.

The cat must be taught by the little one with what he is allowed and not allowed to do. He does not tolerate his


The cat eat  grass

cat eat grass

when it lacks certain nutrients. Indicate it would be to cultivate the grass in the pot. So the other plants in your house will get rid of cat visits. Great attention to cat poisonous plants. Inform yourself before planting the house.

Excessive vocals

Some cats are innate tongues. For example Siamese and Siamese Metis.

Is an opportunity for them to be heard, meow. When they are hungry, thirsty, or when they want to play.

The main reason why cats live is that they can get different rewards from the owner of cats. That’s how they were taught. So they develop an excessively gagging behavior.

But with little effort, he can be educated.

First, you have to accept that your cat is very vocal. Many landlords are amused by watching conversations between cats. Or char they talk with their garrulous cats.

If you upset the cat vocals, you need to take action. First of all, let’s notice the situations where the little feline finds a reason to be heard. A clear record of these situations must be kept. Lose more during the night? Before Meals? When watching your favorite show on TV?

When she digs during meal preparation, the cat anticipates that she will receive a treat and try to get it as soon as possible. The quiver of the little quad can be quenched by leaving croquettes in the saucer. Under no circumstances try to silence the cat by giving him various culinary attention. This will accentuate the unlucky vocal behavior.

When cat cats excessively when you are focused, busy, it requires attention. She’s eager to mess or play.

In some cases, the cats are constantly lying down and the owners return home. They anticipate that they will follow mangroves or play sessions.

In both cases, the cat must be taught that they do not get what they want. For this, the tender moments and the sessions of care must be limited only to the moments when the cat is silent.


Being nocturnal animals, very active, cats probably feel the need for a pet. Leave a lit night light or even a small volume radio. In addition, before you go to bed, do your time to play with your cat. So the little feline will be quieter. Plus it will maintain a better health condition.

They can lie down at night and starve. Leave them croquettes overnight.

It takes only a little patience to teach the cat to express himself more slowly.

I personally do not have this problem although I now have 18 cats. They are quiet, but they always have food at their disposal. And they have lots of tenderness. During the summer, he runs through the courtyard night. In the winter they borrowed the human biorhythm.

The cat and the dog defy the laws of nature

You have a dog but you want a cat. But you’re afraid they will not understand. Eliminate fear and inform yourself. If you know how to act your success is assured, your dog and cat will understand.

Animal behavior experts say cats and dogs who have not had the opportunity to know other species need help to get acquainted. More help than those who have grown together.

The dog is extrovert. Being curious is the interaction with the cat. But this is often confused by such insistence. At best, it remains defensive.

The cat is usually solitary. Even if it keeps a lot of other family members (whether people or other pets).

Owners need to observe some basic rules when they want a cat in the house. In which a dog already lives. This prevents the emergence of problems that can lead to insecurity or fear. Or to develop a state of permanent aggression.

Yet they can be very good friends.



Practical steps that can help in such situations:

1 If your dog is not trained, it is time to change this situation. A tasty glimpse it usually receives is enough after doing what it was asked for. The attention will be taken away from the new intruder.

2 Once you know each other’s smell (eating each other on a closed door), you can keep them in direct contact with a controlled environment. Both the cat and the dog will receive a glimpse as a reward. They will stay at one family member. In opposite corners of the room. Eventually, soak up the smells, mix them. With the dog in the leash. It is very important that the first contact is for both a reward experience. That I can live and enjoy. This step should be repeated to the belief that there is no risk of aggression.

3 The next step is to get the animals closer. With the dog in the leash and the cat in the arms of the one, he’s used to. If the dog intends to change his position you repeat the command to sit or sit down. Immediately reimburse the execution with words of encouragement or a glimpse. If you delay the reward, the dog will not associate it with his behavior. If the cat gives signs of restlessness or fear, it increases the distance between them. Try it later, gradually and with great patience. In the end, the cat and the dog must get so close that they can smell each other.

4 Do not argue or punish the dog all the time against the cat. Char if it does not always behave appropriately. If it does not associate something positive or motivating with the presence of the cat, it will develop a redirected aggression. Very dangerous when you are not present.

5 For better control of the situation, you can keep your dog in the leash. Cats walk freely through the house but secure access to some high places in the house. She can run without being reached. To be sure the cat is not in danger when you are away, the animals have to stand apart.


The cat cannot be trained but can be disciplined. With patience and gentleness. If it’s too vocal, with little tricks you can reveal it.

Dog and cat friendship can be both natural and cultivated.

I have presented the useful steps when you want to bring in a cat and you already have a dog.

From my own experience. When, I moved to the house I had many cats. I took from the block three stray dogs. It lasted for three weeks until I had the courage to leave them alone, unattended.

I would be happy to know from your experience, please leave me a comment.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

Interesting things about cats

Well, today I thought to share some interesting things about cats. Which you probably don’t know, even if you are cat lovers. Especially if you are a cat holder shortly. I invite you to read on to learn some interesting things about cats. At least in my opinion. I grow 33-year– cats and they continue to fascinate me.

Age of cat

Sometimes it considered that one year of cat’s life is the equivalent of seven years of human life. But it’s not like that. It is now widely accepted that the report is changing. After the first two years, a cat’s life begins to “slow down”. Each “feline year” corresponds to a 4-year period of our life. The age of the cat compared to ours shown in the following table:

Cat                   Man

6 months    10 years

8 months    13 years

1 year            15 years

2 years         24 years

4 years         32 years

6 years         40 years

8 years         48 years

10 years       56 years

12 years       64 years

14 years       72 years

16 years       80 years

18 years        88 years

20 years        96 years

21 years      100 years

Why did I want to give this table? Because I know who has cats, he wants to have them all together. But the law of nature is not how we want. I want on this path to console those who have lost a cat.

I recently lost a kitten at the age of 15. Still run after him. I did everything humanly possible for him. And the veterinarian the same. Breathe with great difficulty. But I think,  lived 15 years (76 years human). It’s a beautiful age though.

Everything to teach-play the kitten

Beginning with the 23 day of life, kittens are able to use their paws to play. They will not give up on the possibility of doing it. Around the age of months , small cats react to visual and sound stimuli. Moreover, it accumulates all the behavioral reactions of  the adult. When, they are 3 months old, they are completely mature from the nervous system.kittens

That’s why it’s recommended that babies are not taken by their mother, under this age.

mother and kittens

Very curious, kittens are always keen to explore the territory. I’m always looking for new objects and sensations. This “tonic” behavior has nothing abnormal. They are just very anxious to know the world.

Paradoxically, often even the smallest kitten in the nest is the head of the mischief. He will be the first to the dish with food. Depending on the race, the behavior of the kittens differs. Short hair breeds are more playful than those with long hair.

The game is not just a fun thing. It is a true practice of the fundamental gestures of the species. If you purchased a cat at 3 months of age or older, you have no way to know all of this.

I had the chance to give birth to more cats. It is a huge joy and a spectacle to watch.

First of all, cats are the best mothers in the world. It’s great to watch how their chickens grow.

Secondly,  kittens  are a splendor. As I grow up, I’m getting more and cuter.

kitten 2

Understanding the cat

Through its well-known qualities (tender, playful, easy to maintain), the cat is one of the favorite companions of the people. Although we have been living together for a long time, the cat manages to surprise us every time with her behavior.

What seems incredible and unintelligible to man always has a feline logic. If the owner of a cat has the interest and the necessary knowledge, he can discern what is normal or abnormal in the behavior our friends.

Thus, he takes the necessary steps to correct abnormal behavior. Although I had and I have a lot of cats, I have not found any abnormal behavior. Because I love the cat and I understand it. For example, I know that when the scrawny cat has no destructive intentions. It exhibits normal behavior. The explanation is that in the wilderness she scraps the trees. This has several functions. Maintaining the claws to be able to hunt. Stretching muscles, securing the territory. In the cat’s apartment, the scraper and traces must be visible, fulfilling the marking role. If we take a cat’s sisal, it will use it and the furniture will escape intact.


If it does not use it, it means it’s not rough enough or does not have the necessary texture.

Thinking like a “cats”

The cat looks out the window. We care for her tenderly. At some point, the cat scratches us. It is normal behavior !!! This called redirect aggression. Cat’s attention channeled to outdoor events. A bird in flight, another cat sniffing. Her reaction suited to the view. Tip: You love the cat when she wants it, she will come when she needs tender tenderness.

The advantage of having more cats is that it always has a love affair.

The owner of a kitten watches with pride as the day that passes it gets the alto of a cat. But he does not know that he will soon mark the territory. He needs to know that the cat is a terrestrial animal and marking is normal behavior. A sexually mature cat marks its territory. The male more often than the female. Sterilization of the animal removes this shortcoming. And it is beneficial to his health.

Although the cat accustomed to the litter, at one point we notice that he does not use it anymore. This behavior can caused by urinary tract disorders. The cat is a pure animal and does not like the changes. That’s why a dirty litter or with odors (strong detergent, insufficiently rinsed litter) will also avoid.

The cat is a nocturnal hunter. A walk after dark is perfectly normal. To consume her energy, in the evening, before bedtime, we must play with her. He will also satisfy his hunting instinct. Even the most inflated games do not exceed 30 minutes. Cats usually get tired quickly. Their small hearts are not quite resisting sustained efforts.

The cat has a logical behavior. It explained by its physical, medical, emotional or environmental condition. The owner of a cat caught companion’s attitude will always find the answer, thinking like a cat.


The cat is a fascinating animal. If we have enough information, from birth to death, we can understand the cat. She has different behavior depending on age. Even if we do not seem to be normal to her behavior, she has a feline logic. But being our best friend, we’ll do anything to understand his behavior. And accept it, possibly helping it.

I invite you to leave a comment and tell me your opinion about the behavior of the cat.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

About the cat’s claws

About the cat’s claws tell you they are retractile. She can remove or withdraw them, depending on the circumstances. The cat’s cat is a true culmination of creation. About the cat’s claws, I can also say that if they withdrawn they are not a danger to us.

What are the cat’s claws for?

The removed claws are the cat’s most fearsome weapon. And its irreplaceable tool. They are sharp and sharp like a sword. Only human scratch is worse than cats. Poorly strong enough to climb. They are sensitive enough to catch the prey or toy. He can also place himself under the blanket, with the help of his claws. Or it can save.

I have a cat who left the yard a few years ago. How he did, he only knows. My court insured so cats can not get out. Outside the courtyard is full of dogs. My dogs get along with cats. The outsiders attack them. He spent an entire night out. In the morning a neighbor told us that Pufly is under our car. My husband took him right away. I’m not saying that all day I handled him. It was full of grass in the fur. But worse, they showed the paws. He probably tried to climb the fence because they were living flesh. His claws were all over him. And he was very scared. But with affection and care, he recovered.

Claw care in general

As I said at first, the cat’s paw is a true culmination of nature’s creation. Pins, fingers, claws are a complex of bones, muscles, and ligaments. So elegant and practically combined. It make the cat be what it is. A slender, graceful, powerful animal. And last but not least, the subject of our affection and attention.

Withdraw, the claws do not wear out unnecessarily. It is not a danger to the loved ones that the cat touches. She just shows her affection. Cat’s claws are growing all the time. In thin layers. From the inside out. The last layer removed when it is no longer “alive”. He is not torn. It goes into the cat’s actions in the natural environment.

When she hunts, fighting, climbs, marks the territory. But the cat does this with the help of teeth. Pay great attention to this ritual. And it’s a pleasure to watch her when she meets this ritual. Sharpening the claws is a necessity for the cat,

Care of claws on house cats

Under the conditions of cohabitation with the man, the cat has no opportunities in nature to sharpen his claws. As the cat grows, it must helped. There are at least two ways.

If we do not have too much money, we cut the claws of the cat. But with great care. We just cut the transparent side. We took the cat in his arms. We pressed the cushions lightly enough for the cat to pull out its claws. We’re cutting it. With special scissors.clap the claws Not with our forlorn. This can damage the claw. Instead of cutting correctly, it can break the nail. My sincere advice is the first time you do this operation to seek the help of your veterinarian.

correct cutting

To be sure you do this right. There are people who always turn to a veterinarian.

First, look at the nail condition. They must be pink, healthy, strong, without deformity. If they do not look like this, it can be a disease. Especially in older cats. See your doctor.

If we have money, it’s a much nicer story. Experts in cat’s health and behavior have created a series of special objects for sharpening the claws. Thus, they created the scratch plate. O the suspended platforms on which the cat climbs. The latter, the higher they are, the better. The so-called sisal.



Besides being elegant, cats delighted to use them. Especially if they have toys. When cats climb, they greatly appreciate the possibility of putting their claws to their contribution.

The first thing the cat needs is the scratch surface. If we want our furniture and carpets to escape intact, we’ll take at least one 10×40 cm plate. Dressed in a durable material. We fix it vertically or horizontally, depends on how the cat prefers.

A more “luxurious” version is larger and provided with toy cats. The best solution would be the vertical climbing pillar. Equipped with many platforms and boxes.

other sisal

The higher it is, the better. Thus, the cat has the ability to detach the dead layer of the claw. And she’s also given the opportunity to sharpen her sharp point.

Some people think that catching the claws is not enough activity in the cat’s house. And he recommends that once a month you have to make “manicure” and “pedicure” the cat. I don’t think so. If the cat escapes out of the house, it must have a means of defense. From my point of view, sisal is enough.

My experience

Over 33 years I’ve had over 40 cats. Some have stayed with us. Others were less. Either they disappeared (few) or got sick and in the end, they died. Each cat is different, but in a way they are identical. Adore sisal. So over the years, I have experienced all sorts of sisal. From low to high. From those with two platforms to those with many platforms and boxes.

But with so many cats, the sisal resisted a year or two. At one, two cats resist much longer over time. Finally, I did, one on the order that resisted me for more than 5 years. This is how it looks.

and that all my cats have a place


Nature knows what he does. He has “fitted” clawed cats for a very good reason. He can hunt, attack when he is in danger, can “hang” toys, he can put under the blanket.

But the claws are constantly growing and we have an obligation to help his cat and maintain them. Above we outlined various methods, cheaper or more expensive.

But I tell you my opinion: give up a buy that is not necessary and take your sisal to your friend. She will be extremely pleased. Okay, he’ll use it, but when it comes to sleeping, he’s going to nest in bed.

If you have ideas or opinions about the topic, do not hesitate and tell me about them in a comment.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

Why my cat refuses to use the litter

It is known that from the fourth week of life the cat is very careful where it solves its physiological needs. It is a sacred ritual that has come for thousands of years and has been transmitted instinctively to cats. It has nothing to do with education. If the litter is in the cat’s reach, it will use it. However, there are situations where my cat refuses to use the litter. In this post I will consider possible causes why my cat refuses to use the litter. When you find that the sand is clean and other parts of the house come with odd odors, you have to ask questions about the cat. She has very good reasons to avoid the litter.

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Intimacy plays an essential role in the cat. She is a proud pride, an innate hunter who hides her traces. Thanks to this capacity, he survived for thousands of years. Let’s give him the right to privacy when he focuses on his physiological needs. And the silence that must follow their disappearance. Make her unseen. If we think a little, we will find the ideal place to place bedding. So, the need for intimidation of the cat solved. Intimacy plays an essential role in the cat. She is a proud pride, an innate hunter who hides her traces. Thanks to this capacity, he survived for thousands of years. Let’s give him the right to privacy when he focuses on his physiological needs. And the silence that must follow their disappearance. Make her unseen. If we think a little, we will find the ideal place to place bedding.

Dirty rubbish

It is  knows that if we compare the smell with a cat, we have the following result: ours is a stamp, a cat like a handkerchief. The cat is 2 times closer to the source of the smell. The cat wants that whenever he uses the bedding to be clean. Sand to be dry. If these conditions are not met, dig up to find what they are looking for. Or elsewhere. Neither we nor the cat wants to feel the bad smell of garbage. So we can make someone who does not know it’s a garbage in the room, he does not even know. How? Keeping garbage clean. So the cat will not have any problems.

Changing the type of sand

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Cats do not change their habits very simply. If we change bedding, the cat may refuse to use it. The reasons are: the new sand is of inferior quality, has a tougher texture, smells more unpleasant. It is unpleasant for cats to pass it. Or he does not like to inhale dust. Or her legs irritated when she digs. Or, he was disturbed by the odor of the smell of sand. Before changing the litter type, think about the possibility that your cat will not use it. You better leave the sand he loves.

Tray size

She said bedding is growing with the cat. We have to try several sheets until we find the right size. Small cats do not have to climb to the sand. Big cats should not cause trouble with a small rifle when they are chickens. The big cat can overturn a small rifle, grabbing the contents. Worse, it may have moments of claustrophobia. In conclusion, choose a bed suitable for the size of the cat.

Bedding number

Usually, when we have more cats, we must have a litter for each.


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If we have more cats in the house, there is also a territorial and social hierarchy. It also counts the individuality of each cat. So we have a challenge with the organization of the toilet. I helped each cat’s desire to have a garbage. With patience, regular cleaning and careful observation of cat behavior, we can figure out how we can solve all the problems. If we have solitary and aggressive cats, it is more than likely to have mild and tolerant cats. If we immediately respond to tensions and arrange personalities that respect space, we will enjoy the existence of cats in our house.

Moving litter

Many cat lovers, when they have guests, move their bedding from their usual place. Wrong! This gives a sense of confusion and insecurity for our cat. The new place is not necessarily better for the cat. He could interpret this movement as a kind of punishment. Or a personal affront. The cat associates everything with the surrounding space. If her bed moved, suffers, she does not feel loved. It is a challenge for respect and self-confidence. After all, guests come and go, the cat stays. Let’s not allow some insignificant things to intervene between the cat and us. Let’s leave the bed in his place.

Penalty for cats

If the cat catches in the sand when the cat does not use the bedding or we use it, the cat understands our message as an order. , “Never do here”. And it will follow.

Any possible evil connected to that place. The cat understands only motivational and affectionate language. So he does not punish the cat. Punishment will not have the desired effect. On the contrary.

Invading the Territory

Cats are vulnerable in the following situations: when they sleep, eat, drink water, or go to garbage. I prefer to stay in higher places. From there I can see what’s going on around. It creates a sense of security that it associates with the territory. If they sleep, they will always have an intriguing eye.

If exposed or attacked when cat is cat by a more aggressive cat, he stressed. This stress associated with bedding. In the future, he will avoid it.

Inappropriate place

Garbage should be placed in a place where the cat enjoys little intimacy. A crowded place with many emotions and emotions is not a good choice. But no dark, mysterious, hidden, distant place is a solution. Or a place where you have to look for half an hour. If the bed is placed in a discreet and accessible place, take a look in its neighborhood. Do not be a source of stress for our girlfriend. Washing machine, dog cushion, dog bowl are not inspired places. However, any source of noise can become stressful, cat avoiding bedding. He prefers to do his needs elsewhere, alone. So, we need to think about where to put the bed so it does not have to move and meet the cat’s needs.

Health problems

Last but not least, the cat refuses to use bedding for health reasons. This is immediately checked by your veterinarian. The cat may have problems with the urinary tract. These are kidney failure, kidney stone, cold, diabetes. It associates the pain with the place where it does its needs. By avoiding the bedding, he thinks he will eliminate the suffering. We must urgently take the cat to the veterinarian because his life is in danger if he is not treated properly and on time.

Most problems can be eliminated from the start. When the cat is a chicken, we need to take care of his diet. Let’s take this seriously, do not feed it chaotically. In this way and with our cat we will be pleased.


Usually the cat uses bedding and does not “work” elsewhere. When the cat starts to avoid bedding, we need to find out why. First, we need to eliminate health problems with your veterinarian. Then we need to evaluate the situation and see how the causes I have set out above are being solved.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

Absorbing sand

I told you about the nutrition needs of cats. But after a while, they do their duty. Your cat or kitten climbs very seriously and focuses on the litter. In the litter is absorbing sand. What is “absorbing sand“?

A brief history

By the end of the forties, a “revolution” had taken place. A salesman of clay discovered a new use of it. Mr. Edward Lowe made the first artificial sand. It based on clay. So he started a profitable business.

In 1984, Thomas Nelson manages to create artificial sand based on clay. It has the capacity to turn into granules if it is wet. These granules absorb urine and unpleasant odors. The removal process is much simpler and more comfortable. Artificial sand based on clay is very popular. It has a low cost.

Education or instinct

When, the babies are born, they are unable to make their own needs. In the first three weeks of life, their mother helps them. She was washing her tongue on her belly. It stimulates the elimination. Cat pups gain control over this function between the third and seventh week. During this time the pups learn other things too. I’m starting to play, run and jump everywhere. Get the first knowledge about other animals and people. The age at which they start using the litter is between four and six weeks. Stinging research on feline behavior has shown that cats are born with the instinct of making their needs on porous surfaces.

Kitten don’t need to trained to use sand. If force a kitten to use the litter, can have the opposite effect. Kittens don’t need to learn this behavior from their mother. Even kittens that have grown without a mother normally follow this instinct,

In many ads, we find that kittens for adoption or for sale are “well-educated.” The breeder wants to convince you that the kitten regularly visits his sandpit. The fact that the cat uses the litter is not the merit of man. Cats instinctively bury urine and feces in porous materials.

People only take advantage of this instinct. Litter is simply a substitute, which cat accepted. It assumed that the role of this cat’s behavior is to hide its presence from potential enemies.



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The usual way

The cat starts each visit of the litter with the scent of the surface.

Then he digs up his front paws, making a small hole. It depends on each cat in part how long this phase lasts. Then the cat makes his needs in the place where he digs. Follow the burying.

Some cats only make two, three moves. After that, he leaves nothing. Others repeat burial, always checking whether they did the job well. Almost all cats, irrespective of their breed, bury their manure. Exceptions do only when something is wrong around something.

With rare exceptions, cats do not change their habits all the time. The new one is only to ease the necessary conditions. Besides, are not the cats known as very clean animals?

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If, got a cat, you will ask what hygienic habits you will have. There is no need to worry.

Partnership man-cat

In the millennia of man and cat mingling more and more things are changing. The cat has new possibilities to get closer to humans. Still retains its spontaneity, character, nature. They were at first.

In recent years, a developed industry, has found the solution to the biggest hurdle of associating today’s cat. “Is it clean? Do not do the house? I do not have a yard … ”

Inventing artificial sand for cats has led to hard-to-imagine evolution in the past.

The number of cats has increased, They have become family members. They can now live under the same roof and not near. House cats have a living average of 17 years. The cat lives only 2-5 years. 80% of the cats with the master are house cats. They do not leave this environment. Was impossible 45 years ago. More than 72% of them have a litter.

At first, the first cats kept in the house packed with regular sand, chips or wood chips.

But the absorbent sand invented, the market has grown. There are a lot of researchers and producers who pay close attention to this topic. In North America, more than 200 million tonnes of sand produced in 2000.

Artificial sand (absorbent) as we know it today produced in four basic forms. These differ in production and feature technology:

• Clay-based (cheapest)

• What comes in contact with moisture

• Natural, natural fiber (wood or paper)

• Alternative technologies based on special technologies

Artificial sand based on lutes is very popular due to its low cost. It is available everywhere and can be easily removed. After use, empty the trash. May contain deodorant. But control of odors is his weaker part.

Other disadvantages would be dust and mud that form after use. Cats accustomed to the smell of the earth. This bedding is a practice ground. I mean, it’s something familiar. But cats do not like ugly smell, dampness, mud or dust inhalation. This sand needs to changed more often.

An alternative closer to today’s man’s lifestyle is the bedding that closes in contact with moisture. Absorbs urine and odors, isolating what needs to thrown away. This sand is more practical and provides better hygiene. Only the “stones” dropped and not all the contents of the tray. Washing and filling with new bedding done only weekly. Some materials are degradable in water.

Careful! If have more cats, each has its own litter.


A more technologically advanced option is a natural fiber bedding. They made of wood, paper or other natural material. They have a smell control, an increased absorption power, are biodegradable.

There are also bed sheets that change monthly. They based on the latest technology. The principle is the evaporation of the absorbed liquids, capturing the unpleasant odors. They are more expensive, but the price/quality ratio is good.


If want a cat, take it. Do not worry about hygiene. You only have to get a litter and absorbent sand. It should placed in a retired corner, possibly in the bathroom.

I personally have more cats and the sand for them costs me a lot. After a while I used sand, I gave up. My cats are very smart. I made some stainless steel sinks in the baths. In them, I put perforated plastic jars. The dishes cleaned them with natural substances.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

My cats have been using them for years. They only did not give up digging.

For sick cats, there is a type of sand to watch the health of the cat. So we can help the veterinarian in establishing the diagnosis.


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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

Nutritional needs of cats

OK. You took a kitten. You were with her at the vet. You have the necessary one so you can feel comfortable in your home. But very soon you have to learn about nutritional needs of  cats. While a dog is an omnivore, a cat is carnivorous by excellence. So  nutritional needs of cats are different from a dog’s.

Nutritional needs of  cats

A feline nutritionist I’ve never seen, someone will say more. And yet, in the US, the cat’s country, and then the dogs, there is the National Animal Diet Food Institute. Which solves this big problem of our true and disinterested friends. Anyone who knows that cat food is based on meat. How many cat lovers are, there are so many eating methods. From my 33-year-old experience of raising cats, I can tell you many things.

A balanced diet of cats provided by the following food components:

• Taurine-maintains heart health and visual acuity

• Carnitine – supports lipid metabolism for urinary tract health

• Carcass-source of betacarotene to keep a strong immune system

• Spinach-rich in iron and vitamins, to maintain a healthy circulatory system

.• Chicory – a natural source of prebiotics that helps maintain healthy digestion

• Rosemary-is a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals

• Rape Seeds – an important source of fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) that help maintain healthy skin and coat

• Chicken, turkey, beef, fish, etc.

All these found in special food for cats. The form of croquettes (dry food). The form of canned foods (junk food). For juniors, adults, seniors, sterilized cats, diabetic cats, etc.

I have many cats, I give them dry food and I give them some moist food From time to time. You can also see my post here.

Do not spoil at the price of food, the better it is, the more cats will eat, but will be healthier to our delight.

List of foods that can given to cats as such

• Food based on meat (meat of all species). Organs (liver, cow’s heart, kidney, spleen); fresh or frozen, mixed with rice. Attention to fish: only boned and boiled. All meat given only at room temperature, only boiled pork

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Milk- based foods – Calcium port for bone health – Milk appreciated by the cat and can eat daily. In quantities of up to 100 ml, especially in younger nutrition. Some cats refuse milk but accept cow’s cheese, butter, melted cheese, sour cream and cheese. Butter is particularly necessary, especially in the younger.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Eeggs-just yolk, 2-3 times a week

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Spinach, carrot, ivy … and grass – are secondary foods in the cat’s diet. Is necessary because of their vitamin content. Some vitamins purchased by themselves by washing their skin and coats. I cultivate grass in jardinière and my cats eat it with pleasure to adjust their digestion.

• Bones are not given in cat food except for bone powder

Chocolate attention: It is toxic to cats and sometimes its consumption can be fatal. I tell you to resist the temptation to offer him chocolate if the cat urges her. Instead, offer your cats olive (black only) and you will witness a special show until they eaten.

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Also prohibited: onions, potatoes and uncooked tomatoes, dough, grapes and raisins, caffeine and alcohol, garlic and chives.

How to administer food and drinking water

The Great Pasteur recommends that the water and food vessels are very clean. They should washed daily (twice a day in sommer), but never with detergents. Detergent traces, would produce cat-poisoned cats.that ate or drank. From such dishes. Foods should always chop or in the form of pasta. The ration will include meat or data through the mincing machine. Mixed with green vegetables and carrots. How can we teach kittens to eat, so we’ll have them all their lives.

An amount of about 150 gr. Raw beef or boiled pork should found daily in the food ration. For young cats, two meals a day recommended, in the morning and in the evening, for adults only, in the evening. In the morning they will be dairy. If the cat refuses to eat, it’s definitely a problem with this freshness.

I have several cats. I have used them with croquettes, at their disposal all the time and canned dates. From time to time, all at once. It seems cats eat what they need, I have no problems. But they always have fresh water. You can see here my revew.


Cats do not like receiving food less often and in large portions. They are prone to eat small quantities several times. Commercial dry food is ideal. It can leave permanently at the cat’s disposal. If you want to dispose of the dry food from the trade, you do it gradually. Mix the new type of food with the old one.

Refusal of food is a symptom of many diseases. But you can also meet the healthy cat.

The cat may refuse food if:

• it placed near the litter

• placed in a place circulating with many people

• in the presence of an aggressive cat who threatens her and attacks her when she wants to eat

A negative experience (allergic reaction, nausea, vomiting) can cause an aversion to the taste and smell of food.

The reduced physical activity combined with a too rich diet can easily overcome the nutritional balance of the cat. Offered in the sign of love, too often, can also unbalance. The result: you will have an obese cat. The overweight cat does not have an ideal life for his prey.

The quality of food can checked by the condition of the hair. It must be soft, odorless, clean and shiny. If health problems occur, the hair is more opaque, greasy and fragile.

Food administration

If you want a healthy cat to enjoy, you will take my advice into account. The nutritional needs of the cat differ from a dog. It differs from human needs. You will maintain a rigorous hygiene of the pots that you give them to drink and From which they drink water. If you can give it to cats, remove the remaining contents From the cat’s table into a jar. The jar holds it in the fridge.

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Suggested resources

For a balanced diet, depending on age and many other criteria, you can check a wide range of products here.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

How to choose a kitten, the preliminary health assessment


You decided to buy a kitten. Congratulations! Now ask yourself: Where can I get a cat? I ask my advice about what kind of cat you want to take. You can choose a homemade breed (pedigree), a mask or a regular cat. The only condition is to like it. The cat can take from a breeder, with friends, relatives, answering ads. But the most humane way to get a cat is to”take” from the street. Regardless of the way cats are bought. I recommend that you go with her to the veterinarian to assess the health of your new friend.

Preliminary assessment of cat health

To realize how healthy the kitten is, even if you are less cunning in cats. You have to look at the following:

• Coat. It should be soft, clean and pleasant to touch. Until you take your kitten home, look at how your hair looks. If it is fat, sticky or rough, it means that the cat has not received the care or illness. Moreover, if the cat adopted on the street, this may interfere. But do not be afraid; with a visit to a veterinarian and proper care, all solved.

• Weight and Constitution. The kitten must be full, but not in the chest. Drag your hand over the cat’s body, on the left and right. You have to feel its ribs, which should not be too sharp. When you take a kitten, it must look like “carnage” and have a certain weight.

• Tummy. It must be proportional to the rest of the body. Try to pick up a kitten stomach and pick it up. It does not have to be round and hard. The big cat, rounded, swollen, has intestinal parasites. This has been solved with a pill.

• Eyes, ears and nose. The eyes must be clear and clear. This last aspect also applies to the nose. Ears must be clean and have a pink lip inside. It is not allowed in the ears to be pus or brown wax, the latter indicating that the cat has a radial ear. It resolves with mouth treatment. Check for white teeth and gums have a uniform pink.

• Appetite. Notice how the kitty behaves when you give it something to eat. In general, kittens must have a great appetite. As I said earlier, no kitten takes less than three months and I insist on this. The kitten must already use to feed without milk. In any case, no matter how healthy your kitten will look like. You must take it to the veterinarian for a routine check.

How to administer a pill to your cat


<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

It’s a translation by Marija Giganovici. And more jokingly, more seriously, telling the truth.

 “Place yourself in the armchair. Take the cat in your arms. Talking softly.

 With your right hand, grasp the mouth of the oyster and gently squeeze it. Be patient. It will open it. Put the pill in your mouth, Leave the cat in your arms. Be careful what direction you run.

 Pick up the pill on the floor. Go for the cat. Sit on the kitchen floor. There he stood there. Take the cat in your arms. Put the pill in your mouth. Looks like the direction is running.

 Start on the floor to take the pill. Go find the cat. Bring her back to the kitchen. Proceed as before. Immobilize the front legs of the cat with your hand. Pillow Dates!

 Remove the cat’s claws from the back of your hand. Pick up the half-grained pill on the floor. Throw it into the garbage. Search the cat again.

 Take a new pill. Go to the bathroom. Take a thicker towel. Stay with the cat in the bathroom. Close the door!

 Sit. Cover the cat in a towel. Just leave your head free. Take the cat in your arms. Pill administrations.

 Get the cat down from the shower. (A cat jumps 1,5 meters up, on the spot). Cover it more tightly in the towel. Make sure he does not pull his feet out of the towel. Put your fingers on both sides of the jaw. Hang up until your mouth opens. Bag pads on the neck. Quickly close the mouth (your cat, not yours!).

 Unfold the towel. Open the bathroom door. Comb your. Wash your hands. Take care of your scratches. Find a job for the next six or eight hours.

 Repeat everything calmly. This time we want more luck! ”


How do I administer a pill

I admit it is a test rock. But after years of experience, I manage to give my cats pills. How am I doing? I take the pill without seeing my cat. Cats even feel your intentions. I keep it hidden in my hand.

Caress  cat. A headlock. Just like she’s wearing her puppies. I open my mouth. She poured her deeper pill on her neck. I leave it behind my back and wash it again. If he licks on the shoe, it means he swallowed it. If not, I’m looking for the pill. Repeat the procedure. Sometimes slicing pill in the food. Sometimes I sketch them, put some water to dissolve and give them the syringe

What names do you give your cats?

A kitten arrived at your home. You got what you needed: food, litter, sand, basket, toys. There is only one thing left: to put a name on it. The name must be sound, easy to pronounce, sympathetic, and, of course, original. Whatever the name you choose, you will not be wrong. It will replace one or more nicknames. Avoid giving your hard-to-pronounce or sound-free name. Examples of names: Einstein, Edison, Cesar, Samson, Houdini, Elvis, Figaro, Baghera, Simba, Garfield, Felix, Thomas, Boots, Fluffy, Lucky, Tiger, Ariel, and the list can continue.

What use cats

You decided to take a cat. You made the necessary purchases. You took her, you evaluated your health, you took her to a doctor, you gave her a name. The question now is: what cats are using. Find out that I’m fascinating. Mysterious animals, full of personality, funny. You have chosen a very good friend who will not criticize you. It will take you the way you are. A friend who is very attentive to you. And if you’re indifferent or injured, the cat will put you in a painful place. Taking negative energies. Let her stay the way she wants. He knows better than he.


<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

Care for cats-the first steps

The story begins 33 years ago. It was September and my husband’s successor in our first year of marriage. I’m thinking of making a special gift. He told me that in childhood he raised two cats at the bridge of the house. No parenting knowledge. Call Orange and Littlelemon. Parents didn’t like cats. When they discovered it, he had to abandon it.

The story of my husband impressed me. In my childhood, I had a cat, called Beauty, who enjoyed me at that moment of my life. I decided to give her a cat, Jessie. I said and I did it well. She delighted in her pride, her beauty, her boldness. Even if care cat involves



because I loved her very much, she responded to our love. And it was a common cat. From it I learned how much love you give a cat, so you will get it in return. With her, she began to take care  cat as far as I am concerned.



tips from the beginning of the road

Now you will find the most important tips. Before taking a cat, you have to check out your free time to devote your cats. And financial resources are important. You need money for maintenance and visits to your veterinarian You will never get a cat for less than 3 months.

<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

Up to 3 months, the cat must stay near her mother for a further harmonious development. When she stays near her mother, she learns everything she needs throughout her life. The cat is the biggest mother in the world. The mad mothers of mother instinct mother … mother. Also, care of the veterinarian. If you do not pay any aspect (competence, attitude, behavior), change it quickly.

<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

It is preferable that the veterinary cabinet be near the house. With these things, it begins to take care of the cats.

Raising a cat is a great



decided to take a cat. You have to love it, take care of it. Consider it an equal member of the family with “full rights”. And all this not only with the word but also with the deed and the soul. Surround it with love and goodwill. And give him a name, he’ll teach him very fast. Raising a cat is a great responsibility. But do not worry, if you are generally a responsible person, you will also be in the care of cats.

If you already have a cat, you know some aspects of cat care and maintenance. What you may not know is that you will receive as much love as you give them, they seem to have a special dispenser. The cat is a pleasant, clean, discreet but also full of personality.

Of course, the cat has always been defamatory and admirers. But nowadays it is nice to find out that the latter has surpassed the number first. My personal opinion is that the cat’s lack of knowledge has been defamatory.

A few words about the



, the cat is a sturdy, healthy animal. It says that the cat has nine lives. Especially if it has the chance to live a normal life. Being fed, well cared for and “housed” in the proper hygienic conditions.

Attention to vaccinations (according to the vaccinations schedule given by the veterinarian). Internal and external de-visitation, which must be done every three months.

The cat has a mysterious air. That is why it has been the subject of many legends throughout history. One of them tells us that << Noah’s Ark >> has been floating for several weeks. One morning, the pig has vomited two rats. Noah summoned the lion, who was blowing his nose. In a nostril, he threw a cat. This in turn immediately jumped on the rats and killed them. It was only after that, that the cat began to behave. Noah, taken out of yarn to punish the cat, tied it to the ship’s deck in the storm. Since then it says that the mysterious air of the cat and its water horror date back. There are water-loving cats. About which I will speak in another post when I present the Van Turkish breed.

Cats breeds

A classification of cat breeds, based on scientific criteria, does not yet exist. The most competent researchers and experts have not reached an agreement. A grouping of different breeds established according to their specific characteristics. The scoring grid refers to eye color, hair color, body, and head. A cat considered a breed if she has a pedigree. Or she has obtained pedigrees following her participation in awards and prizes. There are divergent opinions.

But these, in a positive sense, should be retained to improving breeds. Specimen breeds, which in market-economy countries are also called ,, luxury cats”. Tend to become an indicator of the nation’s social state. Having a cat starts to get a note of elegance, refinement. Many cat owners believe they have acquired something for ,, impress their friends”. Big mistake. Cats may seem ,, inflated”, whether they are of race or not. They have never heard of, ,,fashion” and expect to considered as a family member. I had and have only common European breed cats, saved from different circumstances. Or born in the house. And I have a lot. But each one was different. All have given us their unconditional love.

Obligations of the owner of cats

We can talk about cats, being so complex in their diversity. A lot of cats have written, but the subject is so vast that it will never be exhausted. Do not take a cat unless you have time and money in the long run. Although the cat is a pure animal. It is also the duty of the owner of maintenance on fur, ears, eyes and claws. If you take a cat, treat it as an equal family member. And above all, you love a lot, you will be happy.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?