Feline coquetry

Feline coquetry

Tell me what your fur looks like so I can tell you who you are. This is how a famous saying could paraphrase. The appearance of the fur but also the way the cat cared for reflects its health. Make sure your cat is properly cared for. Whether you have a purebred cat or simply a little feline without “noble” origins, you need ,,feline coquetry“. This way it will have beautiful and shiny fur.

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Why my cat refuses to use the litter?

litter box

It is known that from the fourth week of life the cat is very careful where it solves its physiological needs. It is a sacred ritual that has come for thousands of years and has been transmitted instinctively to cats.

It has nothing to do with education. If the litter is in the cat’s reach, it will use it. However, there are situations where my cat refuses to use the litter.

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How to choose a kitten, the preliminary health assessment

how to chose a kitten

You decided to buy a kitten. Congratulations! Now ask yourself: Where can I get a cat? I ask my advice about what kind of cat you want to take. You can choose a homemade breed(pedigree), a mask or a regular cat. The only condition is to like it. The cat can take from a breeder, with friends, relatives, answering ads.

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