Catnip toys for cats- review

I will present catnip toys for cats in this post. But first I want to tell you about the importance of cat play.

Most of us know that cats like to play. But do we all know we have to encourage them? Well, for cats this would not be a problem. They are willing to play anytime if they are awake lol.

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One of the most playful breeds is Cornish Rex.

Another very playful breed is Chartreuse.

The game is just as important for cats as for children. If we do not play with them, they will develop malicious behaviors.

But older cats need to be mildly stimulated and fit with their mobility status. It must not be neglected because it is beneficial at both a mental and physical level.

All you have to do is choose the right time and do it at the same time everyday

After what you said so far, I hope you understand how important your cat is playing.

Now let’s get to the actual subject: catnip toys for cats.

Cats toy industry

The cat toys industry is booming and there is a whole range of toys. They give you moments of fun with your cat. It also gives cats a healthy mental stimulation and will help you develop a stronger bond between you and your cat.

Together with the cat’s instincts, play is important to help keep your animal healthy and happy. The game provides an important exercise for cats. Especially for those living exclusively inside.

Regular play can help keep your cat active and help maintain a healthy weight. The interactive game between you and your cat can also help prevent behavioral problems that can arise from boredom. Finally, the game is simply an excellent way to interact with your cat. But is any toy good for your cat? My opinion is that no.

For example, I have big reserves for Chinese toys. If for Chinese children’s T-shirts they use toxic paints, I wonder why cats have bigger care?

I have researched on the internet and fortunately, I found toys that attract cats and make them happy.

I don’t have have these toys because I live in Europe. But I recomennd them with all your confidence. I’ve read a lot of reviews and especially I‘ve seen it buy all the time. If you visit the manufacturer’s website, you’ll notice that every second someone buy.

What kind of toys are they talking about?

Catnip toys for cats

Catnip is not a herb, but a narcotic. Cats have a much more developed odor than humans. If we compare our smell, which is a stamp, the cat is like a handkerchief. Feline flesh perceives the perfume in the same way that people perceive color.

Just as some wild herbs can cause people hallucinations, the leaf catnip causes olfactory hallucinations. Do not be scared but catnip is very good for the cat and harmless.

The manufacturer says he adds Catnip inside the toy. Cats will do anything to get that smell. Since all cats react differently, the company guarantees every Styx.

Toys speak for themselves. Thousands of cats are happy with Kitty Kick Styx. The production company invites us to consult their videos, photos, and stories.

These toys are three-dimensional.

Toys are made to order, so catnip is fresh. Each Kitty Kick Styx is handmade in San Clemente, California. Toys are cut, sewn and packed 100% from the US. Even the fiber that is used to fill each Kitty Kick Styx is made in America. Also, available in Canada. For the rest of the world, you need to contact them to determine the cost of the shipment.

Orders are honored in 72 hours. See here .

Toys are not expensive between $ 3.95 and $ 21.95;

The second type of toy you can buy is Fish Styx Kickers.

Did anybody say fish? What is better than a Kitty Fish Kick Fish Styx? They have a hidden zipper pocket to fill the catnip again!

Besides the toy, you get a free bag of Kitty Kick Styx Premium Catnip ($ 2.99)

You have to choose between four different fish. See here 

The cost is $ 9,95 and $ 10,95.

They also have Premium Catnip Spray (Refillable) at $ 6.95 and Kitty Kick Styx Premium Catnip at $ 2.95.

See also prices on Amazon.


What the company produces Kitty Kick Styx and how

Kitty Kick Styx is a family business founded in 2012 by cat lovers. They have devoted all their time and effort to create the most durable and catnapping kicker toy on the market. Each Kitty Kick Styx is made by hand. To ensure the freshest possible catnip. FRESHEST and STRONGEST.

The process begins with each fabric being cut into the specific size of the order. Once cut, the seam allows the strongest stitch without affecting the flexibility of the toy. This also ensures the durability of the “kick” without causing the stitch to separate.

Each toy is then filled with the finest catnip and cotton filling

Kitty Kick Styx is made in three dimensions, the most popular being the 15 “cat stick.

The manufacturer also gives some tips, because, in time, the smell is diminishing. Stixs are sewn so you can not recharge them. But you can buy catnip spray or rub extra catnip on the outside. You can also put catnip in a plastic bag with Kitty Kick Styx, then rub the catnip around the bag/stick. Let him sit for 24 hours. Thus, the toy absorbs the smell.



My recommendation is to consult the manufacturer’s website here.  Read customer reviews. Watch videos provided by the producer. And if they persuade you, buy, to make your cat happy. At least they convinced me.

And it’s great that the maker will work with non-profit cats and cats rescue groups to bring hope and help to countless suffering animals. For every purchase you make, Kitty Kick Styx will donate a percentage of the cats they need.

I would love to know your opinion, leave me a comment if you liked the article. Thank you.

Or if you have a toy like this, let me know how your cat has responded, also leaving a comment.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

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20 Replies to “Catnip toys for cats- review”

  1. I loved cats since I was a little baby… I always tried to pet them and my mother used to tell me to stay away because I might catch a disease. I never listened to her and I never got a cat disease.

    Now, I have a cat living with me and I usually feed the dozens of stray cats in my neighborhood as well.

    She’s got many toys but I always like spoiling her so I’ll give one of those catnip toys a try.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hello Harry, there are many stories about people who got sick from the cat. But how many are they true? My first cat was bigger than my daughter for two years. They both eaten fish on the cat’s plate. My daughter grew big and healthy. In addition, she is responsible and caring about the others.

      best regards


  2. These toys does indeed looks important for cats, especially my cat that lives lnexclusively indoors. I believe regular play can help keep our kitty active and help her maintain a healthy weight. Interactive play between these toys and my cat may also help prevent some behavior problems that can arise from boredom. I’m definitely going to get one of these for him. Thanks 

    1. Hi Seun

      Thank you for your comment. You’re right about what you say. Cats need daily play to stay physically and mentally healthy.

      best regards


  3. Awesome review. There are 3 cats in our household. After reading the review it gave me a better understanding of what catnip does and options for me to look into. I think our cats would enjoy some of these toys and keep them busy for hours. Thank you for such a great review. definitely something to look into!


    1. hello Gregg

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to find you have three cats in the house. Make sure your life is more beautiful. Play as much as you can with them.

      best regards


  4. Very good post, I think it is very good that they are joining health with toys for cats. My sister has just bought a cat and she’s so obsessed with it. Im thinking of getting a toy for her cat and I don’t know if the catnip is actually good for kittens since you said they cause hallucinations. I’d cherish a reply.

    1. Hi Henderson

      Thank you for your comment. There is no danger to the cat. Many cats are happy with this toys. It’s attesting to buyers’ reviews. The owners of the company are great cat lovers. They would never hurt cats.
      best regards


  5. Interesting review. I kept on wondering the reason my cat has been running around to my neighbour’s cat every time. At first, I thought it was a normal mutual relationship that cats shared until it became too often and I see them playing with a catnip toy, Kitty Kick Styx. That was when I made the decision to read more on them and probably get one for her. This toys seem to be a good way to get them engaged with and since it is tested and trusted especially when it is coming from you, because I’ve been following your posts for some times. Then I will definitely buy one and the price is very budget friendly.

    1. Hello

      thanks for posting and for watching me; unfortunately I do not have this toy but after seeing customer reviews I recommend it with all my confidence. I admit that I also liked the fact that the owners of the company give some income for the cats in need.
      best regards

  6. We have four cats. Two older sisters and two younger sisters. They love playing with toys. In fact, if they see anything small made of plastic, they love to push it around the tiled floor. Catnip pouches are in every room for the amusement of our cats. 

    I had no idea that catnip is a narcotic! Glad to know it is harmless for cats. I love the variety of cat toys you have shown in your article. 

    You mentioned that it is important to set a specific time to play with ones cats. We don’t have a specific time and only play when the cats want to play. Is that OK? 

    Thanks for a very interesting cat article.

    1. Thanks Edwin for the comment; it’s okay to play with cats when they’re in the mood. But do you have at least four sessions of 10 minutes a day? If not, you have to encourage and provoke them to play.

      best regards


  7. I just realize how important it is to engage cats in play. This is something that I have ignored for a while now, leaving things as they are. Maybe it is the reason why our family cats look sombre all the time.

    The fact that cats have a much more developed odor than humans is quite interesting. I think the Kitty Fish Kick Fish Styx is one that will attracts cats more.

    Thanks for presenting us with a thorough article on cat and their games.

  8. Hello

    That’s a really… playful article. Especially, if it is about those wonderful and playful animals, the cats. All the family loves them. In my father’s house, in the village we have many cats. The fish Styx Kickers.sounds great. I agree that these toys develop the mental function of the cat and make them smarter and active.

    The prices are very affordable. Thanks 

  9. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review of Catnip toys for cats and explanations are given.

    My cat, although it has many toys, gets bored with them quickly, so I try to buy new ones often. I have been searching for such an article for a long time. I will definitely order her a new toy.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    1. Thank you for your comment. For the health of the cat you need to get toys. This way you will keep her active and will be able to consume she’s energy. Thanks for posting the article on social media.

  10. Like children, cats need to be interacted with from time to time. I wouldn’t want my cat giving away an offensive attitude that has resulted from negligence.

    I have heard of catnip once so I cannot go into minute details as to how it works but I also heard it is a good way to simulate your fury friend and keep it active.

    Glad you shared.

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