Cat carrier during a trip-review

We plan a trip and we want our cat to go with us. We have to have a cat carrier. If i don’t  have one, we have to buy it early. Especially if the cat is not already used. Most experts agree that any cat carrier is good. Providing the cat with the necessary comfort. We can choose what we like.

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Preliminary judgments

First of all, we have to appreciate if the cat supports the journey. We know our cat so we can do it. In general, cats stay at home. They are very attached to their daily space and habits. Then we need to know the duration of the journey and its purpose. The means of transport.

We leave for 2-3 days, it is preferable to leave the cat home. In the care of a trusted person. If i don’t not have to expose the cat to unpleasantness. He’s our best friend.

We leave on vacation we can leave the cat in special settings. They offer accommodation, adequate food, and medical care if needed.

How do we use the cat with the carrier

Cat must accept the carrier as normal. A long journey does not have to be the first contact of the cat with the carrier. A gradual adaptation program recommended. And with the carrier, and with tourism. Some cats associate these with a visit to the veterinarian.

Thus, the carrier must stay open in the house. We’re putting a toy inside. After visiting, we walk the cat through the house. We gradually increase the amount of time the cat spends in the carrier. As far as adapting to the car journey concerned, the same goes. We gradually increase travel time.

It is advisable to spend some time with the car parked. Then we walked a little around the house. We’re on the move. So the cat realizes that nothing bad happens to her with this change in her daily habits.

Basic rules

Cat must eat, drink water and use the litter before traveling. If you want a trip without surprises, be patient. If the cat has eaten and must use the litter, give him time. Most experts in the field agree that on a trip shorter than eight hours, the cat does not need water or food. Most cats are not interested in food and water during the journey.

It is advisable not to remove the cat from the carrier. If i don’t, the cat may scandalize the rest of the way to get out of it instead of sleeping quietly. If the journey takes more than eight hours, we must plan breaks in which the cat will eat, drink water and use the litter.

While moving, we put a pillow in the carrier. Cat will travel more comfortably. If the temperature is high, the pillow must be cotton so that the cat does not suffer from the heat. It is advisable to take home water, the one with which the cat used. During the trip, the cat needs comfort and safety.


When we get to the destination we must let the cat rest, let food, water, and litter available. To expose the cat to some unpleasantness. He’s our best friend.

We leave on vacation we can leave the cat in special settings. They offer accommodation, adequate food, and medical care if needed.

My suggestion

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We leave on vacation, we can take the cat with us. The carrier is the most important part of the road equipment. No matter which means of transport we go, the cat will feel the best in her carrier. There are different forms of carriers that follow certain standards.

All provide safety and comfort to your cat. The important thing is to choose the right size. The carrier must be large enough. Cat must be able to get up and stretch in. But not too big. We risk that his cat does not feel protected in she. Cats love the tight spaces. Drawers, shelves, boxes.

One of the conditions for a successful trip is that the cat always has fresh air. That is not to stay in the current. Cats get used to the carrier. Especially if they have the opportunity to use it small.

Amazon is a wide range of carriers.

Since experts say, any model is good.  Provided the cat feels safe. And comfortable.
I have nothing to add; I have presented some models from Amazon.

I have three sizes of carrier because I have many cats of different sizes. I use the carrier only when I go to  vet. I’m not for cat trips. If I don’t have another solution, I don’t go on trip. I know the cat feels best at home. 

Okay, there are exceptions.

The train journey is like the car. In some countries, we need to pay an extra ticket for the cat.

I moved to 700 km and I chose to go by train to the sleeping car because of the cat. I had a seam in which I was able to let it go. Later the husband returned after the car.

Journey with the plane

Taking into account the travel conditions. Temperature, pressure, humidity, noise. It is preferable for the cat to stay at home.

We take it with us on the plane, we have to adhere to a few rules. We have to announce in advance the airline we were flying with. Each company has its own internal rules on the transport of pet animals.

Maybe we need to make a reservation for the cat. Maybe we have to fill out some forms. Some companies carry the cat in the hold. Others allow the cat to go with us even in the compartment. It’s that we have to inform about the accepted dimensions of the carrier.

We go abroad, we need to prepare the necessary documents. It takes a health book, filling out forms, paying taxes. The veterinary will guide us. Cat must cleansed and vaccinated. It is advisable to know the laws of the country of destination of cats entering the country. You can get information from the consulate or embassy. Some countries have strict rules on quarantine.

I recommend you to inform yourself in advance of the formalities that must met to take the cat on the journey. This way you can avoid some unpleasant situations.


If you have a cat you must have a cat carrier. Not only for travelers but also for regular visits to the veterinarian. Do not improvise, the cat must be safe. My advice is not to take the cat on the trip. If you do not have another solution, get used to the carrier in advance. And by car.

At the time of the trip, the cat must feel comfortable. And last but not least you have to consider the accommodation conditions. And the time the cat will spend away from home. For many cats, the journey is not a problem. It depends on her personality.

If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea, you can  suggest in your comments.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

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18 Replies to “Cat carrier during a trip-review”

  1. I remember how my cat didn’t want to get into the carrier, so I had to chase her around the house to put it there. I hated the fact she didn’t go in freely. If I had your guides earlier, it could have been easily avoided…
    Well, at least NOW I know 🙂

  2. Carmen,
    Thanks for providing such an informative article on cats and their habits.
    I was not aware that cats love to stay at home rather than go on a trip or outdoors.
    I think cats carrier is the best option if you are traveling with your pet, that way it will be comfortable for both of you.
    It’s also interesting to know that every airline has its own rules regarding pet transportation.


  3. Thank you for the great article on traveling with cats and the way you present looking at it from the viewpoint of the cat.

    Our inside cat Oreo does not like to go outside, and my daughter tries to take Oreo out thinking that she will enjoy it.

    We have some outside cats from the neighborhood that scares Oreo, and she runs back to the door of the house.

    In our case, we do not travel with Oreo because she is afraid of everything, but we do have a carrier that we use to bring her to the Vets Office.

    Thanks for sharing this information!

  4. A cat , a dog or any pet is part of the family. They gave us as much a satisfying companionship as we are to them. Taking care of them is essential to maintain this bond. Its no different than taking care of our kids except cats and dogs can’t tell us what they need.
    They do speak but not in the language we understand. They understand our language , who’s the stupid one here ?

  5. Hi Carmen
    Such valuable advice here, thank you. Those carriers from Amazon are great too! I know where my next carrier is coming from 🙂
    One of my kitties, Tin-Tin, loves the car – he races to the gate to meet me every day and has a ride in the car to my townhouse. He is too funny. I realize that he is not the norm though.
    Thank you for this great article!

    1. Hello Louise
      Thank you for your comment; your cat is normal, all cats are normal, but they have different personality and behave differently;
      I had a cat called Tin-Tin ‘but he died
      all the best for you;

  6. It takes a lot of patience in training our cats so both parties ( owner and pet) will benefit from it. I don’t own any cats but my bestfriend does. At times that he has to travel, he leaves little Furla to our care ’cause he can’t bring her with him. I believe even he doesn’t know about this training and preparation of putting the cat in a carrier so he can be brought into land  travels. 

    We all want safety and comfort for our little pets. He may have a cat carrier but he doesn’t know that it could be put into good use for cat travels. It’s just sitting somewhere in the room.Thank you for this information and I’m gonna tell my friend about this so he wouldn’t have to worry about leaving his cat. 

    1. Hello Missus

      Indeed, it takes a lot of patience with the cats, they do not just what they want, they have a strong personality. But if you understand nature, they will become the best and most loving friends.

      best regards


  7. I have always loved these, especially because they come in all colors and sizes. They are cute and friendly for anywhere. They are good to have in the vehicle, and in the house. Again we are not cat people or animal people at the moment as we have two babies in diapers and have our hands full! However everyone needs a carrier !! Appreciate the read!

  8. I have never taken my Sno Sno anywhere because of this concern. I do not want to stress him out. However, after reading your post, I think this is manageable and will give it a try. Thank you for a through out step by step on how to prepare and the tips for my Sno Sno for a long ride. The PetLuv Happy Pet Cat & Dog Crate & Carrier looks breathable and is perfect for my Sno Sno. 


    1. hello Nuttanee

      Thank you for your comment. You need a carrier to visit your veterinarian. And for walking, obviously Sno Sno. I’m glad you saw something you like.

      best regards


  9. indeed you have done a great job on this article as it is very nice and also interesting and i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say that cat carriers are the best way to take your cat out without the fear of he/she ruining off or causing pandemonium.thanks once more 

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