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After a few days break, here I am again.

Today I want to tell you about the cat’s taste.

The cat has a sharp sense of smell. Much better than man. Instead, cat’s taste is less developed.

The content of today’s post:

Feline does not chew but swallow

The role of the experience


Cat preferences


Feline does not mesh but swallow

We all know that the cat is a feline. One smaller one. The big cats are perfectly suited to predatory life. Their teeth reveal many features of diet and lifestyle.

The small skull provides limited space for the teeth (16 on the upper jaw and 14 on the lower jaw). The four canines positioned on both jaws use pruning and killing the leek. Most felines penetrate the throat.

Molars work like scissors. Thus, the cats cut the meat into pieces that can be swallowed.

pisoi 3

The lower jaw can only be moved vertically. That’s why cats don’t chew but swallow.

Domestic cats suffer from various tooth disorders. Especially tartar. That’s why veterinarians insist that cats be fed only with dry food. Breaking croquettes and friction on the tooth reduce tartar. Nature fights dental affections through a certain diet. But I give them to spoil, sometimes and wet food. But just as spoiled.

The role of the experience

Mother’s food influences the composition of amniotic fluid and milk consumed by chicken. It is the first step towards the development of the taste sensation.

After birth, the environment influences food preferences. The cat is always drawn to new food. If it is more palatable, it has a good chance of being quickly accepted. The refusal of a new, even palatable, meal occurs, especially in stressful situations. For example a brutal change in diet or the environment. That’s why when we change the cat’s diet we have to do it gradually, within two, three weeks. We were mixing the food from the two diets: initially more of the old diet, then gradually mixing more of the new one.

pisoi 1

If a cat gets sick after ingestion of a toxic product, she learns to avoid it in the future.

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Taste and palatability are not the same things. Palatability is essential when the cat decides to eat something. Palatability is the term describing how much cat likes the taste, smell and texture of the food.



Quality food is formulated not only to be nutritious but also to be palatable. The value of quality food lies not only in its ingredients but also in the fact that it is consumed by the cat. When she eat with pleasure means that the goal has been reached.pisică

Major manufacturers are investing in studies that determine the happiest combination of ingredients and processing technology. This results in nutritious and palatable food.

Cats are attracted not only by the taste of the food but also by its color, aroma, and texture. They are interested in the shape and size of the grain and prefer the acid taste.

Among the most important elements that contribute to greater palatability are fat, acidity, and dehydration.

In the pet food industry, palatability is a concept that is based on an optimal partition system, the use of top quality raw materials, the control of the technological process. Both the raw materials and the feed obtained are stabilized against oxidation and protected from microbial alteration.

Cat preferences

The cat, strictly carnivorous, is very sensitive to the presence of certain amino acids associated with animal proteins. But the false impression is that the cat only prefers fish or meat. This preference varies greatly depending on the individual.

The cat has its own way of testing fat, each type of fat is characterized by a certain length of the fatty acid chain. For example, the cat refuses certain vegetable oils characterized by an average length of the fatty acid chain. She gives great attention to texture and granulation. He does not like the very small particles.

With several cats, I noticed that some prefer sunflower oil. Others, coconut oil. Others, pig fat. Butter. It is clear that preferences vary according to the individual.

The cat is very sensitive to bitter taste, not supporting it. For example, refuse food containing sweeteners with a bitter taste like saccharin. The sense of taste varies from one specimen to another. The cat detects salt only in higher concentration.
Instead there are cats who love sweet ones.

pisoi 4

Taste helps cats test the taste of the food they provide. Soil, gastric and pancreatic secretions are stimulated. Receptors or taste buds are part of the taste buds. These were located on the upper surface of the tongue, the palatal mucosa, epiglottis and pharynx. By comparison, the dog has more starters than the cat.

These receptors are functional from birth, but they take a few weeks to mature. The intensity of taste perception decreases with age.

Certain diseases or the administration of certain drugs alter taste sensitivity. Cells are connected to the brain where sensations are recorded: a meal will be accepted later.


The cat appreciates the food by associating the two senses: taste and olfactory. They have clear preferences for animal products. In the pet food industry, the raw materials and flavors used are processed from ingredients of animal origin.

Especially for cats, we have to take into account the cat’s preferences and how he appreciates the taste of the food offered. And not just for cats of race. If we love our cat, we want to have it healthy and enjoy it as long as possible.

They have a formidable instigation and will refuse food they do not like.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cat food available on market . Even for sensitive cats or dietary foods for various diseases. It depends on us what kind of food we offer. But first of all, he must satisfy their nutritional needs of cats and be of good quality.

I would love to read your comments. Or maybe you have questions to try to answer.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

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  1. Great and informative article. I followed the link to the Rex site and found more pertinent information there as well. I haven’t seen Rex available in the US but I’ll be on the lookout for it now.

  2. Very informative site! I learned a great deal about my cat’s eating habits and needs from this article. I’ve bookmarked this site to come back to for a reference in the future. 

    I read some of your other posts as well. Interesting stuff that’s nicely written and well researched. You cat lover side comes across in your articles. 

    Your post regarding the Norwegian Forest Cat reminded me of how much I would like to have one of those. I have two cats right now that are part Main Coon but if they depart the planet before I do, my next kitty will be a Norwegian. I wouldn’t want to upset their world by bringing in another cat. 

    Great site! I’ll visit often and I have subscribed to your newsletter as well. 

  3. Hello Carmen! I enjoyed reading your site blog and the wealth of information that you provide. I am torn between being a cat lover myself as I also enjoy the company of dogs. I admire Cats for their strength, resilience and self reliance and I know from history they were adored by Egyptians. I appreciate dogs for their willingness to defend and make others happy. They provide affection to all; it makes perfect sense while they are usually used as support pets. 

    While reading your blogs I was able to envision myself in your household with the kittens and cats. I especially liked the story on Jimmy and Christmas Eve. I also enjoyed your blog on the Scandinavian cats! If I do get a cat, it will definitely be Scandinavian based on your research.

    I will be back to read more!

  4. Hi there,

    What an interesting article about a cat’s taste and I never imagined there would be that much to learn about it.

    My cat Susie is 5 years old and loves sardines so that’s her meal daily in addition to the dry food. I recently changed the fish to tunas and I was wondering why Susie seems not to enjoy it as she used to. After reading your article it’s much clearer how delicate we have to be with feeding.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about cats. You have been a blessing.

    I should try some of the products who have suggested too.


  5. As a fellow cat lover, I truly appreciated this well written and thoughtful article!

    Since I could never afford to be feeding all of my cats moist food, I’ve always felt like a “bad mom” when their main diet is kibble.  Thank you for pointing out that this is actually a good thing as it prevents tartar!  I had no idea!

    My mom used to also free feed the cat(s) dry kibble but at the end of the day they would get a treat of about a heaping tablespoon of moist food.  This was used as an inducement to get the cats in for the night and as a treat.  I still do this but now I know that this does not need to be a part of their diet on a constant basis.

    The video gave me a true belly laugh!  Thank you!

    Keep up the great work!  I look forward to your future articles.

  6. Hey Carmen, awesome post. I’m a huge cat lover so your post was right on time. I love the information in the post especially about the toxic products that cats can potentially consume that they avoid in the future so thanks for that info. Also, I loved your anatomical breakdown of how a cat eats and consume its food, how many cats do you have in your home at present? Your article was awesome.

  7. Here in my country, it is uncommon to see a male like me being fond of cats. Men are for dogs while women are for cats. That’s the norm here. But me, I love cats and previously I owned one until it was taken from us by a passer-by.

    Reading your article has introduced me to new knowledge about cats. Like for example, it is better to give cats dry food instead of wet one for the reason that the friction in biting or chewing dry food helps in reducing tartar in their teeth.

    I want to adopt again a cat and this time, I will treat it better. Instead of our left-overs, I plan to feed it with real pet food from pet store. But the problem here is, most pet food available in stores are for pet dogs. Can I use them for a cat? Can I feed a cat with dog food?

  8. So much information I was not aware of. As a cat lover and a regular to your site I was not prepared to learn so many new things. I suppose I have always just taken certain things for granted. Like the ‘slicing and swallowing’ Now I know, it makes sense but if you’d asked me I would have had no idea. I know from previous experience, that I have thought them to be, what I would class as, ‘fussy’ eaters. Not necessarily the case, as it clearly depends on looks as well as smell, not just taste. In the UK and maybe further afield there seems to be one brand that has a monopoly on the food. Although it is a soft food. This would lead me to assume that the awareness of the dental side is not overly known. I would be looking to satisfy their appetite with a dry food, as vets fees for teeth cleaning are high. I shared the video as it made me smile. 

  9. I remembered when sussy was added to the family, we had problems on the type of food to get her. During that period, I learnt few things on cats taste and their preferences (saccharin Is a no no for them). I Love reading articles on Cats, I should bookmark this page.


  10. Hi Carmen, thank you for your post. Your website is similar to mine, only that mine is only about dogs. I liked reading this post, and I learned new things. 

    I don’t know much about cats in general, so I’m glad to know now about cat’s taste. Hopefully, one day I will have a cat and will have to feed one. I wish you all the best. 

  11. I learned a lot from your article and I really thank you for putting it together. The two cats in our house have always been finicky eaters, and now I understand why. We have switched foods only to have to go back to what they had been eating because they would not eat the new food.

    One of our cats likes fruit and vegetables too (fresh) while the other will not touch them. The one that does not eat the vegetables likes fried chicken while the other does not. They really do have some weird tastes. I did not know that they also have a keen sense of smell when it comes to food though. 

    The other things that I learned that explains what they eat and how they eat is the bite that you mention (the lower jaw only goes up and down, little mastication possible) so that will affect how you give them fresh food (should be in small bits perhaps, and also the fact that dry food is better to keep tarter down. Loved this post, thanks much!


  12. Thanks for your comment and appreciation. I’m glad I helped you learn new things and learn about cats; well you do not take another cat now, integration is quite difficult and stressful for cats.

    best regards


  13. Hello Elviz
    Thank you for your comment; I also have dogs, but cats love them more for their personality, it looks like me lol

    best regards


  14. hello Skamalka

    Thank you for your comment; cats really choose the food they like and refuse those who do not like it; cats generally do not like food changes; if you still want to try something else, you can do it in 2-3 weeks, mixing the current food with the one you’re going with, gradually.

    best regards


  15. Hi Feochadan

    Thank you for your comment;  I give my cats, from time to time, wet food, for spoil. But the base is dry food. Because cats don’t like food changes, for years I give them a urinary cat show and they eat with pleasure.

    best regards


  16. Hello R.J.

    Thank you for your comment; now I have 18 cats in the house, of various ages; I’m glad you found out new information about cats and you liked the article.

    best regards


  17. Hi Gomer

    Thank you for your comment; it is to be admired that in a country where it is customary for males to love dogs, you love cats; you can share with your friends my seit, to be more cat lovers, they are fascinating animals; Unfortunately, the nutritional needs of cats are different from dogs and you can not give them dog food; try on the net, I don’t think you can find any offers for cats.
    best regards

  18. Hi Romero

    Thank you for your comment. In the UK everything is expensive lol. But there are other solutions for tartar: dry food. Anyway, if you have a cat, you have to learn a lot about its maintenance and care. I decided to make this site just to help people who have cats giving me the information I checked in my 33-year- of cats growth. . Correct information and some less known.
    best regards


  19. Hi Smith

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you’re a responsible person and you’ve learned about cats for Sussy.

    I invite you to read my other posts, you may find out more.

    best regards


  20. Hello Gabriel

    Thank you for your comment. I also have dogs, but I love cats for their special personality. But I’m glad you have a dog site.

    best regards


  21. Hello Dave

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you learned something from my post. The purpose of my site is to teach cat lovers about their care by providing lesser known information.

    best regards


  22. Hello,

    Wow I didn’t have any idea cats didnt chew but only swallow! How interesting! I miss my cat and her furbabies so much ! I am dog person but once in awhile I find a cat that I just cant get enough of ! I love all the information you provide and how informative it is! There were so many things that I didnt know and now I do ! thanks so much

  23. Your article is well written I must say. I am a cat and dog person, that’s why I found an interest in this post. I love the cat eating cake.

    I am loving your previous articles as well.

    My cat eats anything. If I decide to give her a food change, she’ll eat what I give her, but I stick to cat food only. I like to keep my cat healthy.

    Thank you for sharing this information about the cat’s food.

    All the best to you and your cats.

  24. It’s cool to see the process in how cats eat, plus what kinds of food they prefer. I never knew about cats swallowing over chewing, so that was news to me. Something else that jumped out at me early was the vets’ preferences for dry food, another new thing I didn’t know. I knew cats were picky eaters, and flat-out refusing food makes me laugh, but at the same time, we can be the same way as people, so I can definitely relate. 

  25. Hi Carmen

      First of all, thank you for your very comprehensive and informative topic. We all in the family love pets and especially, cats. 

       I know that of the pets, cats are considered to be the most “gastronomic” and selective food consumers. Cats remain the “gourmets” of the animal kingdom providing a wide scope for studying this particular tasteful behavior. The discovery of these receptors, you explain about, may partially interpret the particular selectivity of the cat in the diet. The dog and other carnivores have similar receptors. A possible interpretation may be hidden in the greater sensitivity of the corresponding cat receptors. 

      Thank you again for your analytical information.


  26. Hello Brittany

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad I helped find out new things

    best regards


  27. Hello Aabidah

    Thank you for your comment. Okay, you’re just giving cats cat food to you. It is balanced and satisfies its nutritional needs
    best regards


  28. hello Tood

    Thank you for your comment; and we humans have food preferences, why condemn cats lol

    best regards


  29. Hello Thodoris

    Thank you for your comment; cats and dogs behave differently in eating; I have dogs too. For example, they forget the next day if they ate something toxic and tend to eat again, while the cat will not eat again.
    best regards


  30. Hey Carmen

    Wow! I bookmarked this page for future reference. Thanks a lot for taking your time and put all these together.

    This was quite interesting to read and I love cats so much!

    I learn a lot about cats from your post above. I think you did a good job by sharing this since many people like me who seek new knowledge about our cats:)


  31. hello Samm

    Thank you for your comment; I hope I was useful with my post.

    best regards


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