Chartreux another breed under the magnifying glass

Reserved and solitary, Chartreux is calm to the world. She is tolerant and gentle with strangers, young children and, other animals. The Chartreux other breed under the magnifying glass is the presentation of this special breed, both by intelligence and by beauty.


To those he loves, Chartreux  shows them a devotion that a stranger can’t imagine.

Appreciates the gentle treatment of the owner, being very sensitive to praise or quarrels.

Sometimes he learns very slowly and it takes a lot of patience.

So let’s see Chartreux other breed under the magnifying glass: a short history, nutrition and care, a few words about Chartreux, the standard.

Short history

Similar to other cat breeds and the origin of the Chartreux cat is lost in legend. Some say these cats have been brought from Captain Good Hope to the Chartreux order. Where did they get their name from? Other sources say the name comes from a famous fabric in Spain, ” Chartreux” because of its special coat. In the sixteenth century, Italian naturalist Aldrovandi mentioned Syria as the country of origin.

Some authors as Chartreux are cats identical to those of the British Blue breed. Others think it was once a separate breed that merged with British Blue.

In fact, the two breed have different physical and temperamental characteristics. Research of pedigrees confirms that owners have distinctly upward cats.

Cats have arrived in Europe with the withdrawal of troops left in the crusades. The trip was long. Through the Mediterranean islands, the feline was named “cat of Malta” or “cat of Cyprus”.

The double coat of this cat indicates that it comes from a mountainous area. Maybe through Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

Nowadays, Chartreux is the most representative short-haired cat in France. Whatever the reason, Chartreux , with his brilliance and intelligence, “adopted” France. In turn, this country adopted this breed.

Charles de Gaulle himself was the owner of such a cat.

The cat is considered to be part of the French heritage nowadays.

Many breeders used Persian or British for crossbreeding with Chartreux , unsuccessful. That is why we must study the pedigree of each Chartreux in part.

Nutrition and care

Chartreux is not moody, but it can be sensitive to changes in diet.

Some breeders pass the kittens to adult food around the age of 4-5 months.

Kittens feed is very nutritionally rich. Older specimens should be fed with easier food to avoid weight gain.

Kitten is precious. To grow harmoniously they need a lot of patience, love, and understanding. After long adolescence, they become adults with an impressive personality.

Some Chartreux kitten have small incisors and too close. They are pushed when they grow older. There is a need for filing. It is necessary to take the cat to the vet for it. And for the control and cleaning of teeth too.

Daily rooting is not necessary. It is enough to move your hand through the hair. Then finish with a piece of deerskin for shine. However, during brushing it is mandatory. This pleasant routine contributes to the cat’s social abilities.

The fur is waterproof. It does not get soaked lightly due to its texture and does immunity. Repeat when you want to make a bath.

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A few words about Chartreux

The breeders agree that Chartreux, especially castrated, are the best pets. I am extraordinarily devoted to family life.

It is a massive cat that grows slowly. The male is larger than the female. The coat in two coats, soft and glossy, of a special density, makes the cat look bigger.

There are very active cats. Playing with other animals in the house and with children. Your favorite exercise is to catch others and not get caught.

She preferred our bed.

She quickly learns her name and comes when she is called.

It almost resembles a dog in terms of devotion.

The environment and the attention given determine to a great extent the personality and behavior of the adult.

It adapts well to any new situation. It supports well the trips and loneliness. She is less talkative than other breeds. He has a thin, slow and discreet kiss.

He’s a good hunter. When playing is effective. Expect the optimal moment to make the decisive move. It does it with amazing speed and accuracy. Playing in short intervals. Most of the time he spends sleeping.

Follow the owner anywhere, lying down when he’s sad or sick. Her present is wonderful, not just for the ones alone or the elders.

If you want to find out more, click here


She harbors a robust, short-haired, simple-looking breed. Not classic nor modern, even primitive. Although it has a strong constitution, it is agile and elastic. The texture and color of the coat and eyes are determined by gender, age, environmental factors.

Head and neck rounded and wide, but not round; strong jaws, full cheeks, high forehead, slightly contoured, wide and straight nose; narrow little toe; sweet, smiling expression; short and strong neck.

Ears-small to medium, slightly broad at the base, slightly rounded, high-headed and upright.

Eyes-round and open, with an alert expression, suitable for large and remote; the color between copper and gold, clear and deep; the most appreciated color is a brilliant orange.

Body and tail-robust physical, medium width with wide shoulders and deep chest; strong and strong muscles and muscles; tail of moderate length, thicker at the base, with oval tip; vibrant and flexible.

Legs and paws – straight and strong legs, relatively short, with a fine bone; round and medium-to-large (it can appear almost delicate compared to the massive body)

Coat in two layers, medium-short length and light texture as wool; the degree of wool resemblance depends on the age, the sex and the environment in which it lives.

The color-any hue of gray-blue, from gray to slate; the threads lightly splashed with silver; clear and uniform; the preferred color is wide, uniform, glossy blue; the nose skin is gray-blue, blue lips, pink cushions.

Most British associations do not recognize the breed. But in most US and European associations, Chartreux has been championed.


Chartreux breed

is an excellent companion for children and the elderly. And not only. It is a sturdy, adaptable cat and well supports the travels, unlike other breeds. She is very fond of the family. Very playful. It requires minimal care. We just have to pay attention to food. Adult cats should be fed with mild ankles to prevent weight gain.

How not to love this breed.

I would love to leave a comment and tell me your opinion about this breed.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

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16 Replies to “Chartreux another breed under the magnifying glass”

  1. A very interesting and informative article on the Chartreux breed of cats. I had no idea on the rich and long history of this cat, and found it fascinating how they have been adopted (Or adopted depending on your point of view) France. Obviously, they are very popular there, and their personality and disposition explain why.

    This is a cat that I would want my kids to have, as it will get along well with the grandchildren and they all would get along splendidly I am sure. I may surprise them with my next visit by bringing one by for them (I will check with my girls first, to get their okay). The grandchildren would love me for this!

    Is this cat one that gets along with dogs? Both of my daughters have dogs but no cats at the moment, and I am not sure how that would work out. Anything you tell me will be conveyed to them, good or bad. I want to be open and not cause any disruption in the family. Thanks…

  2. Oh.  Thank you for this article.  it brought back so many memories of my big kitty, Elly,  She was huge and strong.  She was called Elly as in short for Elephant.  Mostly because of the blue/grey color and big kitten body.   A beautiful blue/grey cat with a lot of the traits you mentioned. I never knew what breed she was until today after I read this article.  

    Just like you mention in the article, she loved her dogs.  She would play wrestle with both of them until everybody was exhausted.  She could catch any mouse and chased every bird.  Ribbons, arms in sleeves and anything on a string, was fair game.  She even chased small balls, she just didn’t fetch.  However, the toys always ended up underfoot.

    Followed me around and cuddled every chance she got.  Much like the cat behavior you write about.  Sadly that was twenty years ago, but you really brought back some beautiful memories. 

    Thank you for such an informative article and the walk down memory lane.big kitty 


  3. Hi! Great post! I’ve always wanted a dog or a cat as a pet but I live with my parents and they’re not fond of pets. If I were living on my own, i’d definitely get a pet. A dog is passionate, friendly and loyal, but taking them out for walks every day will be too much of a task for me. I heard that cats can be distant and cold toward humans, but from your post, this Chartreux breed seems like a good match for me. It’s playful, likes families, the breed sounds pretty friendly! They’re easy to care for too as you’ve mentioned in your post. I’d definitely consider this breed when trying to decide what pet to get. 

    1. Hello Mary

      Thank you for your comment; it’s definitely a beautiful, easy-to-maintain breed, a pet that does not require special care

      all the best for you


  4. Very informative article Carmen! For the picture I almost mistook it for  the British Blue, so it was great to know about this breed’s history and apparently I’m not the only one who mistook it based on the looks!

    It’s great to know these cats are gentle with children because I’m looking for a cat to have in a future, that is tolerant of little children as I’ve got a toddler and we are thinking of having more children. So for me it’s important that the cat has some patience with active little ones around (I’ll obviously show the children to be gentle and respectful of the cat!).

    Thank you for also sharing your experience with this breed, it helps when deciding if it’s the best type of cat for you if you are looking in getting a pet cat.

    Thank you so again, it was a great read!

    1. hello Diellbee

      Thank you for your comment. Chartreux is a very good cat for small children. It costs 400-500 euros and because they are rare, the breeders have waiting lists of 4-8 months.

      all the best for you


  5.  I am not a cat fan. But I think I just got converted to the Chartreux. It is beautiful! Now I want one! Especially when you mentioned the double coat of hair.  Question…does that mean double the amount of cat hair in the house?

    And another question…the Chartreux…the way you speak of it…is it an expensive breed? Seriously thinking of looking for one for my family because I like the sound of its personality!

    Thanks for sharing….

    1. Hello Liz

      Thank you for your comment; according to my knowledge one copy costs 400-500 euros, but because they are rare, the breeders are waiting lists for 4-8 months; it does not leave the house until it is in the potting period and is not related to the double layer of hair.


  6. Hmm!

    I do not know much about this breed of cats even though I love cats in general.  

    They are highly devoted and have two coats?  I must look out for them!  In my area, they are not seen on the streets.  Maybe because they are an expensive breed?

    It’s also interesting to note that they cannot interbreed with some other breed of cats. I will be looking out for more information from your site about them.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Stella

      Thank you for your comment. This cat breed is much rarer. It’s a bit expensive. But there are some very special cats. More information can be found on my post where I also refer to wikipedia.

      best regarts


  7. Wow such a beautiful cat in the Chartreux! This cat seems well-mannered and that is definitely something I look for in a cat. Very interesting that cats arrived in Europe after crusader withdrawal as I did not know that. This cat looks like it has such a silky smooth coat. Intriguing to learn that this cat is popular in France. I think my favorite thing about the Chartreux besides the look is that it behaves  like a dog. The Cat Tree Condo looks perfect for a Chartreux! I’ve bookmarked your site here and the pretty litter site and will be sharing them with some cat lover friends as well, thank you!

    1. Hi

      Thank you for your comment. Chartreux is a special cat, but unfortunately the breed is rather rare and expensive. But whoever really likes and has money, I strongly recommend her.

      best regards


  8. I have heard of Chartreux before but I didn’t know it was a cat. Very cool. Just so you know I went to look for the adjacent links on the side of the screen like you mentioned at the end and I couldn’t find them. So next time I visit your site if those links are there then I will definitely check them out.

    Your article made me wonder like are all the cats of this breed similar in personality or are they like humans and every human has a different personality?

    I like cats. There are some cats that run around the neighborhood and we have a very natural backyard so there are a lot of animals that like to hang out there and we got a couple of cats from the neighborhood that like to come in our yard and lay in the Sun and stuff like that. I always would be nice to them but they run away before I can get a chance to show them that I am nice. I don’t put out food because I think they actually live somewhere else. My friend told me if I make kind of a little purring noise that will show them that I am safe. I imagine part of why they run away so fast is because other people shoe them and I can’t imagine someone like yelling at a cat and shoeing a cat I mean what could possibly make someone want to be mean to a cat. But I guess some people just aren’t aware of stuff I don’t know.

    Well I’m sure that you will hear from me again I hope you keep posting these articles because they are fun to read. I don’t know if you know the book but when I was growing up I had this tiny Square hardcover Cat book with all these little paintings of cats on the inside like cats playing cards and abstract paintings of cats. I don’t remember the title though. My mom had a cat once.

    1. Thanks Charles for the comment. I checked, the links are there, but nothing is perfect lol. I don’t know about this book. I’m glad you like my site and you will come back.. best regards



      if you know someone who has a cat site, please tell me; I’m looking for someone to post guests. Thank you

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