Common Household Hazards for Cats

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Well, you got a cat. You have taken the first steps in her care. You enjoy her bravery. But it is a good idea to take a few free minutes and judge the situation in the cold. Think of the Common Household Hazards for Cats.

The cat will bring you wellness and health. But you have to think about her health too. Do this to avoid the Common Household Hazards for Cats.

Today I will try to present to you the 10 most common threats în your household, for cats:

Adapting the house

Dangers for the cat

Other dangers

The most serious dangers


Adapting the house

For me, the cat is the perfect animal. I could say it suits me. It never bothers me for example when my cats jump on the keyboard or play with the mouse.

But … we adapted the whole house to their needs. I gave up the carpets and curtains. I have tiles with a pattern and some “tomcats”


the windows and the entrance door (in summer). The furniture is also adapted to “their tails” so they can’t scratch it (the bottom is glass). The beds are made of wrought iron.

I have a beautiful garden, but it is surrounded by high walls. So my cats are safe,  have no outside access. Inside, however, they can do whatever they want: they can soak in the sun, they can play, they can “hunt” various gases and butterflies. They have all the freedom they can.

Thus, throughout my life, I have had many cats. At present, I am 18.

All my cats are relaxed and sociable.

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Dangers to the cat

Not only will your life change because you still have a soul around you and your way of being must be radically changed to look at things and react.

If you will not be super-careful and super-calculated and able to anticipate anything, you will be in real danger both you and your kitten.

If you are in the kitchen and you have a lot of work on your head, be careful where you step, because your cat will only be at your feet. Avoid carrying for distances greater than one meter, flat houses with hot water or which have incised content. If you stop the cat, which is very likely, a catastrophe will happen.

Also in the kitchen, you have to be very careful: cats are delusional. But not everything you eat is good for the cat. Don’t leave anything out of her reach.

cat at cakes


Electric cables and sockets do not have to be accessible for kittens. Wires of any kind are converted into the ideal toy: the cat wraps them, stretches them all over the house, gnaws and knots them, but it can be very easy to wrap them around their neck. So be careful where you store them. It is good to mask the sockets if you do not want to connect it to the power supply. In his play and curiosity, he gets his nose every where and the plugs are no exception.

cat and electric extension cord

Try to make all the ornaments in the house disappear, whatever they are.

If they are not destroyed in the game played by the cat, it could injure it, if they are sharp.


Indoor plants are well-positioned if not in the path of the cat. Tempted to bear fruit, the cat will not only destroy them, but the animal may be intoxicated as some plants are poisonous. It will often happen to see the cat swinging vertically on the tip of the Japanese rose or rose if you post such plants or the like. So place them in safe places or get rid of them.


If you are the owner of a superb fish aquarium, make sure you have excluded any chance of the cat getting into the same environment as the fish. Not convenient for anyone.

See other dangers here.

Other dangers

Never leave the iron on the edge of the table because if you forget to watch for a few minutes, as long as it takes a phone call, the cat will start playing with the wire and end up pulling the iron over it. The consequences are devastating in this case.

Delicate bibs sitting on flirty miles delight any healthy kitten when he is keen to play or insist on being the center of attention in the house. The attack system is based on two strategies:

it hangs from the millet until the bib falls, in case you will enjoy a lot if the cat is not affected. You only have to cover one subject: a trinket. Instead of two: if the trinket was hit in the head of the kitten he skates with the mule and the trinket with all the furniture after he has taken enough speed to make the figure correctly. The stopping point is unknown. This variant is much more convenient than the other because the risk of cat injury is lower.

A washing machine left with the door open is an irresistible temptation for the cat, especially when he wants to take a nap. Just think about what might happen! It is good, however, that there are only two possibilities: either vigorously wash the cat or lock the cat in and choke it.  To your despair. Ideally, you should check the vat of the machine before washing it.

The cat is curious and slips where you don’t expect.


cat in suitcase

Maybe you want to see more.


The most serious dangers

An open balcony is an obvious danger. You cannot comment on how you feel when you discover that the cat is walking nonstop on a margin of no more than 3 cm – the railing – beyond which the ether stretches. I hope you do not suffer from the heart. Kittens are very curious and playful and unpredictable.

They will be tempted by what you can not imagine and you will see them take off from the railing, a situation that can hardly be remedied. This situation is to be avoided.

A great danger comes from the windows and doors. How you open or close them or whether it is okay to stay open will become a permanent concern. If you catch the kitten in the door you will have the opportunity to start a concert of tragic improvements that will end your heart.

A tragic law situation is when you leave the front door open, thus arousing the interest of any cat or its worthy offspring. The cat will jerk like an arrow in the direction of the door opening, just to see what lies beyond it. If you have your eye formed, you will detect it when it comes out, and if not, it means that you lost the cat without any chance of ever seeing it again.




If you want to enjoy the company of your cat, it’s cute, as long as possible, you will not only care about its food. You will be careful to avoid these dangers in your household. It is infinitely better to foresee them. For this purpose, you will make the necessary changes to your home. You will be more careful with all aspects.

Although the cat’s brain is very similar to the human’s, you will never know what he is thinking. My husband used to say that he is trying to be a cat, to think like a cat. I mean, he succeeded. We have no accidents in the house with cats and no danger hangs them. And they have all the freedom they can.

I would be happy to leave me comments on which to tell me from your experience regarding the dangers of the household.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?



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18 Replies to “Common Household Hazards for Cats”

  1. Some of this cat dangers have really eluded me. I didn’t think about one of them when I was getting a cat for my sister. Although I try to make sure everything is in control, one doesn’t know when anything can happen. Thank you for giving this tips. I think my doors and wonders will be more shut than open now and maybe the wahing machine too will be taken far away. This are good household hazards to keep away from. Thank you for the tips.

  2. I agree with you that owning a cat will automatically transform one to become a watchman for the cat and always try all possible best to put proper precautions before leaving the cats alone or putting it very close to objects capable of causing havoc. Since their curiosity is their uniqueness, one must try all possible best to limit it for them. My daughter lost her first cat due to her leaving the door open when I was not at home. We found it luckily later, after we had adopted another for her.
    Great tips and worthy of my time. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the comment Henderson. I think it only gets to close your front door and be very careful when you open it.

    All the best to you


  4. Thanks for the comment Roland. Good thing you found the cat, it was a pity for her. The idea is that if we prevent, the cat is safe and we are quiet about it.

    All the best to you

  5. Thanks so much for this great and informative post, I think cats are the most cute pet one can have around. I always enjoy the company and their way of life, I think am in support of your point that indoor plants should be well positioned so that cats don’t interfere because some of these plants contain chemical substance that may really harm the little pet. 

  6. Excellent article,I have a believe that cats are wonderful animals and its somehow to me but your article has opened my eyes to the vital things to know,and the way you explained,how to take good care of them.A great danger comes from the windows and doors. How you open or close them or whether it is okay to stay open will become a permanent concern,it is true because it may kill the cats if there is no caution,I’ve learnt greatly from your post,thank you.

  7. In fact, in my opinion, cats are the greatest pets. But we must learn to care for them and change our behavior towards how we behave before we have them. If we have the possibility, we have to make some major changes in the house. Thank you for your comment Charles

    Best regards.

  8. I’m glad my post was useful to you. In fact, this is my intention: to draw attention to the dangers that plague cats. Thank you for your comment Abayomi.

    All the best to you

  9. Thanks for this post. We’re always very careful about most of these things already, our only real cable chewer is Triva our newest kitty, but fortunately she pretty much just chews just lighter things like usb cables, headphone cables and the likes. It’s not that we’re happy when she thrashes any of these cables but at least it’s very low voltage. We’ve found adding bitter apple to the cables to be pretty effective at discouraging her from doing this, the only drawback to that method is you need to remember to keep applying it until she loses interest.

    Thanks again for the post.


  10. Thanks for the comment Jordan. I didn’t know about bitter apples that have an effect and remove cats. Here is new information for me, who has been breeding cats for over 33 years.

    All the best to you

  11. Hi, Carmen!  What a lovely detailed post on potential hazards for cats!  Interestingly enough, I’ve never had a cat.  However, I’m wondering if I should get one (or two) for my kids.  We don’t have pets and I feel that a cat would be less work than a dog.  I’m still in the research phases, but your article was very informative!  I never would have thought of many things you mentioned.  Thank you!  I do have a question for you.  We use Young Living essential oils regularly in our home.  Do you have any insights on whether or not they’re good (or bad) for cats?  Thank you for writing such a well-researched article!  🙂

  12. Wow

    This is really an eye-opening post. I never imagined that petting a cat would involve so many complications. I was recently looking for tips to pet a cat when I found your post. I must say, that it is a very well rounded post and you have put a lot of thought in producing this article. I am going to browse through a lot of other articles on your site too. I’m sure they are all as informative as this one. 

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  13. All of these scenarios have played out with my cats over the years.  I remember one of our cats jumping up on the fridge just to see if he could do it.  He always ate my sister’s beta fish and she still proceeded to buy more.  He was quite the adventurous cat.  I remember him getting into the dryer on multiple occasions.  He always bolted for the front door if it was open.  Of course, I remember my ex-wives cat being so lazy.  We were always entertained by all of our cats antics.  Furniture was always under attack so a good scratching post was always had.  I never was a fan of declawing our cats.  

    Thanks for the cute and entertaining information about cats.


  14. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. This is very good to know as I have 3 adults cats in the house. I work so they are home alone and luckily I never had a problem with them. You reminded me of iron, sometimes it happens that I forget to put it away, thank you for sharing.

  15. Thank you for your comment. A cat is easier to care for than a dog.
    As for the essential oils, as they are good for us, they are very efficient for animals too. Here are some examples: essential oil
    All the best to you.

  16. Thank you for your comment. I listed just a few dangers. You need to be very careful when you have a cat (or more).

    All the best to you

  17. Thank you for your comment Jay. Cats are part of the family. You don’t tell the family lol.

    All the best to you.

  18. Thanks for comment Daniel. You were lucky with your cats. However, you must be very careful around them and in general with the house.

    All the best to you.

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