Communication signals of cats


Cats manifest themselves unobtrusive. Their mood is expressed by the position of the body.
The tail, the expression of the eyes of pupils, the orientation of the ears.

So, the cat’s voice is very changeable and expressive. Her voice can always get other inflections, without repeating, when addressing her master.

The voice


The Voice of the Owners of Siamese – the most “talk” cats among felines – know very well how varied the pampering of their spoiled cats. The rest of the cats, of breed or not, have a rich “repertoire”. They addressed to their owners. Although it has a wide range of wonderful, the cat uses body language more.

But the communication signals of the cat are different in the communication with the owner compared to the communication with other cats. 

Let’s see communication signals of cats.

Body language

The tail

The tail of the felines is an integral part of the spine. It is usually one-third of the length of the body. The tail is flexible and plays a key role in balance. It acts as a counterweight. It is sometimes used as a “toy carrier”.

Tail movements communicate emotions, moods, warnings or even threats. The tail held upright (exclamation mark). Show alertness or focused attention of the cat. When she relaxed, the cat moves from the tail. Holds it at an angle of 40 degrees to the body.

A happy kitten holds his tail upright, little. If he strays and wants to play, his tail will take the form of a question mark. A frightened cat stands with its tail between its legs.

A cat ready for attack keeps its tail attached to the body. His tail is of real use if the cat is in trouble. He manages to impress his attacker. The tail becomes unimaginable.



If the cat is preparing for the attack, it attached to the ground and moves its tail tip.

This subtle movement betrays the state of impatience and strong emotion. You best notice this when your cat is hunting a bird.

The body

Scared Kitten Loads to look as big as possible. He lifts his entire fur from his body and arches his spine. So he tries to look taller. From the desire to appear aggressive and frightening.

The kitten reveals his teeth, begins to prick and spit ears The position of the ears reveals the cat’s mood. The ears lying on the back express fear. If they bent sideways, they predict an imminent attack.

A curious kitten, confident and confident has his ears with the pavilions facing in front. The cat moves its ears distinct each other. He can hear any sound, from any direction, without moving his body. It can differentiate two sounds that occur at very small intervals or instantaneous.

Expresses nervousness, uncertainty, increased attention or fear. Then a cat moves its ears in all directions. So she tries to catch any noise. To expect any movement. This way she can protect herself from danger.

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Cats have very expressive eyes



if you know how to read in them. Cat relaxed are the eyes opened. You can see the third eyelid.

When playing or hunting something, the cat has large, glittering eyes. The pupils dilate. In some situations, the dilated pupils express fear of suppression.

When the cat is relaxed and you talk to her, she has eyes half-closed, blinking from time to time. Means she smiles.


Mustaches play a very important role. Their wires are sensitive. They can capture any vibration in the air. The threads above the eyes also play the same role

When the cat is playful, she keeps her mustaches oriented. To better focus on the “prey. A cat can notice an object in front of her even if she does not see it. Her fingers perceive vibrations in the air.

Sound signal

The mew

Cats tend to get better. They are thus addressed to man. With other cats, it communicates various. There are many ways in which a cat is a lamb. The meanings are different. From “let me eat, please”, “hello, how are you doing?” To “when do you come to play with me?”

Also,  cats can scream. The yellowing prolonged and sound. Scream when the mutineers fight for the supremacy of the territory or when they are hot.


Marrying kittens as a warning sign. They want to tell other cats abandon

The torso of cats

Of all the sounds a cat can communicate, the torso is most appreciated by cat lovers.


It has a special significance. Of the big cats, only the puma spins exactly like a cat. The others cannot spend a long time.

The ability to turn is due to the modification of a bone at the base of the tongue. During the torso, the cat’s vocal cords resonate, under the pressure of the air. The muscle of the upper larynx contracts 20-30 times per second. The rhythm of the torso corresponds to the respiratory rate.

Kittens begin to ring after a few days after birth. They can continue their torso even during sucking. When the cat comes, he says; “I am good”, “I am happy”, “I am pleased with your presence”, “I look forward to mealtime”. Too to teasing, courtesy, joy or flattering of the entourage. The torso of the sick or injured cat expresses the desire to calm his worried master.

The female spins in the breaks between the pains of childbirth. With the vibrations of her body, she calms the chicks she is about to bring to the world.

Olfactory communication

Cats have a small conduit rich in sensory elements. His name is Jacobson’s organ. Intended to analyze and individualize the finest scents.It said that the smell of a cat to that of a human is like a handkerchief to a stamp.

Olfactory communication is inaccessible to man. Among cats, the olfactory messages are very clear. The odorous substances from cat pillows tell everyone the territory is its monopoly. They advised not to violate it without permission.

How the bikers mark their territory it known. In this case, the olfactory signals are so strong that they are unbearable for humans.

Smell plays a very important role during mating. Before 2-3 days of the beginning of the heat period, the cat floods the space with a specific smell. This special “fragrance”, impossible to detect by humans, attracts the motifs.

Kittens can detect odors from 4-5 weeks. This is also interpreted as early sexuality. This behavior, at maturity, is sexual. Kitty also mark their territory when they are dealing with certain things. They impregnate their smell on these things. The glands located in the chin, at the corners of the mouth, at the labia, in the anal areas.


It has long known that cats can understand the meaning of our words.

Paying attention to everything that happens around them. They can sometimes turn into genuine critics.

I remember an interview with Meryl Streep. She said that his most severe critic, when he learns a new role and interprets it, is his cat.

Of course, cats do not understand the meaning of all words. But they decipher the meaning of body movement, voice intensity, and different inflections. Due to these qualities, a special relationship can develop between the cat and the human. This relationship based on affection, understanding and mutual trust.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat


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  1. Thanks for this great article on the communication signals of cats. It’s a very interesting subject. There are a few cats that roam the neighborhood around here, and they like to play in my yard sometimes. I like them and I think it’s nice when they visit. When I go outside they run away. Maybe they had other experience with humans that makes them scared. I wonder how to communicate with them so they know I am safe. 

    Thanks for separating the forms of cat communication into visual or body signals, sounds, smells, etc. The part about the tail position was new to me, I never saw a cat put the tip of their tail to the ground. 

    Well, thanks for your expertise on cat communication. This is a thorough guide. Have a great day!

  2. My sister would really love this website she is a cat lover she even gets jerwarelly for her cat.its great to see such informative topic on different aspects on signals and signs of cats and how to react towards them.Cats are such secretive nd quite animals and very clean,I will definately share this website with my sis thanx

  3. Thank you for your comment. In order to get closer to the cats that come to you in the yard, you must behave gently. Every few days. Give them some dry cat food to gain their confidence. The cats are very unbelieving. You need patience.

  4. Thank you for your comment. I am glad to find out that you will share my site with your sister. The purpose of the site is to help cat lovers get to know them better and take good care of them.

  5. LOL, I love the Attack Cat, he’s so cute and vicious at the same time.

    We have an even dozen cats and each has their own mannerisms and interactions and love to talk either among themselves or with the adults and kids of the house. Sadly they know who is in charge and it’s definitely not the humans or the dreaded dogs of the house. Still we would only trade a few of them, mostly because they are rescues and we never intended to keep them only tame then give them away, but still, love them one and all.

  6. Dear Carmen,

    I found your article highly uplifting and educational. Every single time I read an article of yours I learn so much new stuff!

    I can see the in-depth knowledge and love you have for cats. The video you embedded is very insightful and I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this article.

    I was amazed at the information you shared about the cat’s tail. The information you shared on the cat’s eye is an eye-opener. The torso of the sick or injured cat expresses the desire to calm his worried master Wow, after reading this line I felt like crying how caring they are to console their master even in their sufferings.

    Thanks a lot for this amazing article!

  7. Thanks for your post, cat’s can be a lot of fun and great for keeping you company. I never realized that there was so many communication signals that a cat could communicate with. 

    I felt that your post is very informational and a great help for people to better understand their pets communication so that the bond between the cat owner and their pet can be heightened, thanks.

  8. I brought a cute whole white colour kitty home today.honestly I didn’t know communication signals of cat and I could not interprate the behaviors of this lovely creature. I found your post to be really informative and helpful for understanding the cat’s world. From what I have precieved until now,in order to keep them calm and preventing the cat being aggressive I should learn more from her tail and train my cat in a way that causes her getting better habits sooner. Thanks for share

  9. Thanks for the comment Andy. I’m glad to find that you save cats, tame them and place them. Nice strength from you. All the best to you and to yours cats.

  10. Thanks for the comment dear Paul. I know you read my site and I am grateful.

    I recognize you as being a sensitive person.


    All the best to you.


  11. Thank you for your comment . The purpose of my site is to help cat lovers to get to know them better. To make them better. Thus, they will have healthy and loving companions.

    All the best to you.


  12. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to find out you have a white cat. I hope that from now on you will pay more attention to your cat’s signals. She certainly loves you, but you have to understand what she is communicating.
    All the best to you.

  13. I love this article as it brings to memory some of my own cats behavior. I fully understand what you mean about the cat having a wide Repertoire as my male cat was great at getting his point across, he would sometimes place his paw on my hand and talk. Somehow I always knew what he wanted. He was a prolific hunter and would often bring me the spoils of his days hunting or normally half of it and when I saw him hunting it was like watching a wild tiger stalking prey. The energy release when he went in to attack was amazing. His Sister was a different matter as she was a very lazy house cat who loved to curl up on the sofa. When the children got near her she would go up in to the arched back position or wag here tail in a violent way. Thanks for an interesting article.

  14. We have two cats with very different personalities. I love watching them communicate with each other and us. My little girl cat is always knocking me with her forehead. I think I read that she is marking me with her scent. It is a way of saying that I’m hers and she is mine. Where as the other cat not so much, but he likes to follow my hubby around everywhere. Sometimes when they are looking outside at the birds they make this sort of cry. They have so much curiosity. I love my cats.

    I’m glad I found your site today. I’m learning a lot. Thank you.

  15. Thank you for your comment Wendy. I’m glad to find out you have two cats. Of course it ticks you when you rub your head. I’m glad you learned more about cats on my site.

    All the best to you and your 

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