Curiosities about cats


Cats are adorable.

Cats are fascinating and mysterious while.

Cats are extremely funny.

Cats are cute.

Cats are perfect. Meow!

That’s why we love cats.

I’ll introduce you to some curiosities about cats you may not know; more here.

Today’s post includes:

Cats in history

Cats today

How does your cat look like he loves you

Some curiosities about cats


Cats in history

The fact that cats were worshiped in Egypt is universally known. But they were declared sacred and Japan around 1000, according to Cats International.

Although it is believed that the Egyptians domesticated the first cats 4,000 years ago, it was recently discovered tomb of a 9500-year-old cat. It was found in Cyprus.

In ancient Egypt, when a cat died, its owners shave their brows. Also, the kitten was mummified and placed in the family grave or a pet cemetery.

Also in the same period, cat smuggling was punished with death in Egypt. Several Phoenician traders succeeded, however, to transport them, selling them to the people rich in Athens and other cities important.

Normal cats have a goddess. This is called Bastet and is a goddess of Ancient Egypt. She has a female body and a feline head.

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Cats today

In the US, cats are more popular than dogs. There live 73 million cats, unlike dogs that are in number about 63 million. Over 30% of the inhabitants have at least one cat.

The Scots built a monument in memory of the Towser cat, which caught about 30,000 mice in around alive.

While in many areas of Europe and North America it is considered that black cats bring bad luck in the UK and Australia they are considered good luck.

Isaac Newton invented the cat door. Newton was experimenting in a room where it was dark, and his cat, Spithead, kept opening the door, ruining his experiment. Thus, he invented the cat flap and both Newton and Spithead were happy.

In Japan, after cats die, cats are transformed into super-spirits. Perhaps this is because in the Buddhist religion it is said that a cat body is the temporary resting place of very spiritual people.

How does your cat look like he loves you


About a third of cat owners believe that little cats can read their thoughts.

Cat owners are healthier. They are 30-40% less likely to have a heart attack.

Cats demonstrate their affection in ways that are often not recognized by the owners as such because some people do not know for sure how their cats show their affection.

Since cats express their affection differently from humans or other animals, it is normal that we sometimes miss these precious moments. But if you ever wonder if your cat loves you, you’ll be glad to find out yes! Although her actions are strange, they are certainly no less important.


One of the nicest behaviors your cat shows. It is when it hits your head or rubs you. Not only is it cute to look at, but it is a sure sign that the cat is holding you. In fact, by this behavior, the cat leaves its pheromones on you. And informs everyone that you are her master.


Bites are generally associated with people with negative feelings, but cats are slightly different.

When your cat bites you in the play, it shows its affection.

This type of bite is very different from that of fear or defense that are meant to cause injury, and the feelings behind this reaction are also different.

The bites of “love” are a funny and strange behavior of adorable cats.

Grinding with the paws

Cats begin to “chew” since they are small kittens and are breastfed. This behavior turns into affection at maturity.

When a cat displays this type of behavior, it makes it very clear that you make her feel loved and comfortable.

“Kneading” is probably one of the most popular ways in which cats show their affection and is certainly not a myth.


The torso is one of the most outlandish ways in which cats demonstrate their affection.

However, there are times when cats cry because they do not feel comfortable, although opportunities are rare.

In general, the cat spins because she is happy around you. The more the cat spins, the better!

She follows you.

When the cat follows them everywhere, even in the toilet, many owners categorize this behavior as strange. But that just means that the cat wants to spend more time with you.

If a cat appreciates your company and feels comfortable, he will follow you around the house and stick to you. He just wants you to know that he considers you an excellent companion. If you are trying to do your homework and your cat is preventing you, she just wants to tell you that it is much more important than anything else you do and that it is time to focus on it.


Probably the least popular method among owners is to offer “gifts”. Often, cats show their affection by leaving gifts for their owners.


Cats are born hunters, so when the cat brings you freshly caught prey, it gives you a delicious meal.

You may not want to touch the gift with empty hands, but remember that her intentions are good and this behavior is a sign that she loves you.

The way cats show their affection can be confusing to their human companions, but as long as you interpret the behavior correctly, you will learn to appreciate it.

You love your cat and it is good to know that she loves you too. How and when your cat shows up, the condition will help you (both you and the cat) communicate more easily. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than knowing that you are loved.

But she loves you when she wants to. Very well she can ignore you.

the cat ignores you

Some curiosities about cats

If you want to see other curiosities, see here.

There are over 500 million domestic cats in the world and around 100 breeds are recognized.

In just seven years, a couple of cats and their descendants could produce a staggering 420,000 kittens.

A cat can run over short distances with a speed of up to 49 km / h.

From a biological point of view, the cat’s brain resembles 90% with that of the human. The brain regions responsible for emotions are identical in humans and cats. Also, cats have about 300 million neurons, as opposed to dogs that have around 160 million.

The smallest breed of cats is Singapore. This matures to 1.8 kg, while Main Coon, the largest cat breed, weighs around 11 kg.

It is said that cats have 9 lives. This is due to the flexible back and the strong muscles on the back and legs that allow most of the data to fall on your feet.

Cats sweat only through pillows. Thus, they regulate their body temperature. (more interesting things about cat pillows here)

Cats see much better in the dark than people do. But they cannot distinguish colors clearly. Scientists say cats see green as red.

A cat sleeps on average two-thirds of the time. This means that a 9-year-old cat has spent only 3 years as a wake-up call;

Cats spend a half of their time not sleeping, cleaning their fur.

fur car


Generally, cats only flock around people. In the presence of other cats, they usually just bump, lick or spit. It depends on what relationships are.

There are exceptions. See my video from another post.


Cats are fascinating and wonderful pets. But no matter how much you love them, all the time you will discover new curiosities about them. You never get bored. And I say that for over 33 years I grow and love cats. He continues to amaze me every day.

If I have convinced you, adopt a cat, you will not regret it.

And especially for men: who does not understand the soul of a cat, does not understand the soul of a woman. I didn’t say,  he said  Antoine-François Prévost, usually known simply as the Abbé Prévost.

I’d be glad to leave a comment to tell me your opinion about curiosities about cats.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?


You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat



26 Replies to “Curiosities about cats”

  1. Oh you’re just going to make me buy a cat myself even though I bought one for my sister some two months ago. Honestly, you have written this so well I enjoyed every part of it from the history of cats to cats in the present time. The Egyptians must really have a big deal with cats. Do you know that cats are seen as demonic in some parts of the world too? That’s bad because they are just cute beings. I wonder how anyone can hate a cat. All that matters is understanding them. Thank you for enlightening me on cats curiosity. I love this post a lot. Thank you again.

  2. True, I must admit that cats have a way of amusing you every time with different traits exhibition. I adopted a cat two weeks ago going by the suggestions on this website and I must say, he has been a worthy companion already though we are still getting to know each other better but he plays well with my sin already. Every time he is with me, I just seem to discover new things about him and he is very adorable and friendly. Sometimes, he even curled around my phone when I’m pressing it for too long and ignoring him.

  3. Hi Carmen. I really enjoyed your article about cat curiosities. I’m not surprised cat remains were discovered in a tomb in Cyprus 9000 years ago, they have always been great at giving humans affection. I can also believe that their presence in our lives can keep us healthy. They certainly are amazing creatures. Our old cat is part Siamese and she looks like a bandit. She is light in colour with a dark mask on her face. She is definitely a bandit because she steaks our love and constantly brings presents , usually in the form of mice or rats, to our doorstep. Jim

  4. Thank you for your comment Henderson; Yes, I know they are considered demonic, not just in some parts of the world. Everywhere. Those who do not know cats and above are also frustrated.

    have a nice weekend

  5. Thanks for the commentary Darric; cats are adorable but require a lot of attention. It does not allow me to talk on the phone and sometimes it does not allow me to work on the computer. I have to stop and pay attention. Live your cat for as many years as possible.
    nice weekend

  6. Thanks for the comment Jim; all cats are like bandits, they all steal our love. Cat owners are indeed healthier. I recently heard about Russian doctors who recommend cat therapy for various conditions. Live your bandit as much as possible.

    have  nice weekend

  7. Very nice, fun and educating article! You have written the article so well I was enjoying it, from the beginning to the end. The history part and small facts about cats were very interesting as well. I have always known to be a dog guy but when I met my wife and she had a cat, I needed to get familiar with it and nowadays I love it as an equal part of our family. However, thank you for the great post. 
    -Kind regards -Jesse

  8. I love cats! I have three cats. Two of them used to be feral and are now domesticated, and the sweetest boys. One of them, Loki, used to spit and hiss at me for a year, but he finally turned around and realized that he was safe and in a loving home. Now he pushes up against me a lot, pushing his head against my chin, it’s so sweet; he lets me rub his belly as well. He’s my baby boy now 🙂 Kneading and biting, they do that too, all three cats. My cats love me, and it is beautiful how they express it. 

    I was already aware of the many litters one pair of cats and its offspring can produce. Since I have volunteered in animal rescue for 20 years, and seen many unwanted litters and lots of suffering, I always advocate spaying and neutering your pets. We cannot allow our cats (and dogs) to have so many litters, not even one, there are so many cats and dogs without a home …

    The many ear muscles, now that is interesting … they must have excelent hearing then! 🙂 

    This was a very interesting article, and I found the history and the cat facts quite informative. I’m looking forward to finding out more. 

  9. Growing up I’ve had series of pets ranging from birds, dogs, rabbits and now as am adults with two kids I have a cat (Ivy).
    her behavior is just the best and she shows appreciation when you get her a gift. Over time I have come to realize she stays on her own when ever my little girl goes to school without them saying goodbye to each other. “The goddess” that’s what my daughter would call her because of her unique way of walking, not fast but not so slow.

  10. Cats are very unique creatures that surprise us daily with their strong personalities and also wealth of abilities. They are often enigmatic and could still maintain certain features related to their wild ancestry. I just found your website and I’ve been really enjoying your articles…thank you so much! I’m sharing this right away.


  11. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us such a wonderful article about cats. I am sure most of us don’t know about that much cat’s history. But after reading this article I have personally got enough information which was unknown before. I am sure what you think but when I see in cat face it looks like a baby, do innocent and cute! I used to work for elderly care. We had a few elderly people who had a cat. So after my maternity leave when I went first time one of my elder patients when her cat came front of me, you can’t believe what I feel, then I see the cat face, my son’s face came in my mind. I think cats are so most cut pet in this world.

  12. Nice post! I just rememberd a friend of mine who got two cats, a black and a white one who always want to chew on cables lying around – the love of the cats to their owner is sometimes obviously also directed towards the things an owner has in their household. 🙂

  13. Hi Carmen, what a totally enthralling article. Who knew there were so many idiosyncrasies when it came to cats. My wife and I have had four cats over our time together, twenty two years be told. Gizmo, Chobbler, Nessie and Pants. When we first moved in together my wife only had Gizmo, after about a month he decided to leave. They can be very strong willed. To ease the loss we managed to get a pair of kittens, they were ‘farm cats’ and for sure we had a few presents. Chobbler used to get  up on our labradors back while he was lying down and ‘knead’. He just used to lie there and let her get on with it. They’re long gone now but occasionally I see the odd cat locally with some very familiar markings, so no doubt their family line has continued.

  14. Very interesting article you have here; informative indeed. I never dreamt there were that many cats in existence.

    You have shared a lot on our furry friends on how they show their appreciation; some that are interpreted as being rather strange behavior.

    I have never been too keen on them, but my sons are avid lover of cats and I will be sharing these information with them to help them better understand their little “Misty” as she is affectionately called.  Thanks for sharing

  15. I am very happy to see that article. I have two cats & I love them a lot. They are like my best friends & I will pass my leisure time with them. When I am sad, my two little cats make me pleasure. This article gives me more information about the history of cats & many more thing, which is very interesting.

  16. I love this. That one pic you have up there (Cats have 32 muscles in each ear, to help them ignore you.) is pretty awesome … and true.

    I have two cats, myself and I love them and their quirky ways.Our orange male tabby likes to sit and ‘talk’ to the walls, while my female diluted Calico likes to sleep on my bed, next to my head with her back paws in my hand.

    Cats make life so much more interesting & fun and have lots of love.

  17. Thank you for your comment Jesse. I’m glad you liked the post, but even more I’m glad you like the cats.

    all the best to you


  18. Thanks for the comment Christine. I appreciate that you were a volunteer in animal rescue. I am also for the sterilization of cats.

    Surely your cats love you if they are in a loving home.

    The picture with the muscles of the cats was a joke to point out that they can sometimes ignore you, just like teenagers do.

    all the best to you

  19. Thanks for the comment Dane. I’m glad to find out you have Iedera; your daughter is lucky, she will grow better, she will be responsible and she will not be selfish because of her.

    all th best to you


  20. Thanks for the comment Jordan. I’m glad you discovered my site. If you like cats, which are fascinating, I encourage you to read it further.

    all the best to you

  21. Thanks for the comment Nazum. I’m glad you found out about new about cats. I have cats for over 33 years, I read all the time about them, but I am always finding new things.

    all the best to you

  22. Thanks for the comment Fabi. Not everything is known about cats yet. But their love for the owners is as great as the owners’ for them.

    all the best to you

  23. Thanks for the comment Twac. I’m sorry you lost your cats, but I think it’s a consolation when you see their descendants.

    all the best for you

  24. Thanks for the comment Mazie. I am glad to find out that your children love cats. The truth is that it matters a lot to their education: they will be more responsible as adults and not be selfish.

    all the best to you

  25. Thanks for the comment Patricia. It is also the name of my daughter, Patricia.

    I’m glad to find out you have two cats. They are definitely your best friends. I am sure that when you are sad, they are trying to cheer you up.

    all the best to you


  26. Thanks for the comment Lokhi. Besides making our lives more beautiful, they keep us healthy. I recently read that Russian doctors recommend cat therapy in various conditions. And Russian moms are very good too, so I believe them.

    all the best to you

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