Do you feed the cat according to her tastes?

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Today I will present a type of food that contains all the nutrients the cat needs.

But first I give you some tips on how to feed the cat according to her tastes.

Today’s post contains:

Do you feed the cat according to her tastes?

The taste of the cat differs according to the cultural environment of the owners

Royal Canin For cats younger than 10 years.Arguments for feeding the cat with the three products from Royal Canin


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Feed the cat according to her tastes?

The cat cannot say what he would like to eat at lunch or dinner. An attentive master knows that his cat has a certain attitude when it is offered something delicious: on the one hand it is concentrated on the plate and the other hand it manifests the pleasure of eating.

The cat appreciates the aroma, texture, humidity, and temperature of the food. See my post here.

With the help of tests it was found that in the case of wet food, the cat prefers it heated to body temperature, which mimics the temperature of the game in the conditions of life in nature.

Table scraps are never good … picky cats. For many of them, the close relationship with the master becomes more important than the food itself. That’s why cats are more willing to eat what it has to offer if they are nourished by hand. That’s why the master must think about proper nutrition.

Cats have proven to be pretentious: some don’t eat the same food twice, others prefer to starve rather than eat something they do not like.

my friends, the cats

Cat’s taste differs depending on the cultural environment of owners

Cats American as their owners prefers a different kind of food than their masters in the Far East and Europe. Scientific studies have shown that the taste differs according to the cultural environment of the owners.

Owners feed their companions what they think they’d like animals and finally they eat what they put into the bowl.

In Japan, where fish is the main form of human nutrition, cats are often fed dry fish-flavored food.

In Europe, the owners prefer to give the animals a rabbit or rat flavored food, which reflects their culinary habits.

There is the prejudice in which most cat owners believe that it has a taste innate for fish. What a cat eats has more to do with what it is used to.

For example, while not all cats prefer fish, a large percentage of Japanese cats, compared to other geographical areas, prefer the taste of fish since they are fed almost exclusively to fish.

On the other hand, pets in India will never taste beef, a sacred animal in Indian culture.

However, the cat’s preferences are genetically determined, which applies to the entire species, wherever they live.

Perhaps the most important conclusion of the research showed that the owners, without wanting to, design their food preferences on their cats, and they are more willing to eat what they are offered if they are fed by hand.

Royal Canin for cats younger than 10 years

For more sensitive cats I recommend Royal Canin dry food.

10kg +7 Outdoor Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

The first indication refers to cats that tolerate very dry food.

During the domestication of cats were progressively adapted to a diet that includes cereals. However, in a cat, it is recommended not to exceed 35%. However, this level is very high for some cats, especially Persians. In these cats, undigested starch is transformed into the large intestine into lactic acid. As a result, acidification of the intestinal lumen allows flooding with water, increasing the risk of fecal loss or diarrhea.

Sensible 33 was designed specifically for these cats sensitive to limit the risk of diarrhea due to indigestion through a special formula: 1. Containing less than 25% starch lowest between Royal Canin products; 2. Very high energy concentration helps to decrease the ration volume; 3.digestibility exceptional (88%).

Second indication: cats with poor fur quality.

The beauty of the fur is genetically determined but the natural qualities can only be valued if the food brings all the nutrients necessary for the growth and renewal of the yarns. All Royal Canin products contain the nutrients the cat needs, but Sensible 33 meets exceptional assimilation conditions.

Third indication: agitated, nervous cats. Some cats refuse dry food but very few withstand the product Sensible 33: palatability exceptional, quality ingredients, aroma attractive, high-fat content. No other product can compete with the palatability Sensible 33 recommended for cats who have not consumed dry food.

Fourth indication: cats with high energy consumption. Sensible 33 is one of the products with the highest energy content on the market with 4550 kcal/kg. This feature is useful for cats that need to absorb a large amount of energy without consuming a large amount of food. This category includes the cats that need to get fat, cats in the recovery period, without appetite and very active cats living outside.










Arguments for Feeding the Cat with Royal Canin Products

It contains More Vitamin A Important In Protecting And Restoring The Epidermis.

It contains a greater amount of sulfur amino acids, which are fixed in the hair, powder egg being the third source of protein in Sensible Formula 33.

It contains many fatty acids more than 60?id linoleum and arachidonic is the only product Sensible Royal Canin 33 comprising oil borage rich in acid. gamma-linoleum This oil has a special effect in keeping skin supple, hair shining and, also, limits inflammatory problems in cats that tend to suffer from allergic conditions.

Due to the stimulating effect on sensitive hair, it can be used in three to four-week treatments for preparing cats for exposure.

I invite you to see all the products from Royal Canin, with indications specific for different formulas. Surely you will find a suitable formula for your cat a little softer.

If you have newborn kittens, see also Royal Canin Babycat Milk Milk-milk product from birth until weaning. It contains oligo-sugars beneficial for the intestinal flora, proteins high quality for digestive tolerance maximum. Enriched with taurine for good eyesight, good functioning of the heart and nervous system, It has a content low lactose.


To have a healthy cat, you need to think, as a cat owner, about proper nutrition so that your cat has a share of all nutrients necessary for a development harmonious. See my post here. Nutritional needs of cats

Royal Canin offers quality products for neutral cats and/or cats with a tendency to fatten Slim 37, Fit 32 for cats without weight problems, Sensible 33 for sensitive cats and many more.

Sensible 33 is recommended in all cases. Owner, However, must be informed of the need to control the daily ration. If the cat eats unrestricted Sensible 33 there is a risk that sooner or later it will have problems with weight. The excess

I’d be glad to leave a comment to tell me your opinion about Royal Canin.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?


You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat



28 Replies to “Do you feed the cat according to her tastes?”

  1. Hello Carmen :),

    I love to read your posts on cats and i especially enjoyed and learnt a lot on feeding the cats according to her tastes.

    My cat is younger than 10 and i will try your recommendations the  Royal Canin for cats. My cat usually does not like eating any food twice and it usually is hard tiring to get her to have a regular meal

  2. We have used Royal Canin in the past with our two pet cats and I agree that the pets love them, they love the taste and if not controlled, it can lead to them being overweight. Now that we have now three in the house, we have opted for a cheaper alternative but maybe soon when the budget loosen up, we will again use Royal Canin. It’s really good and we have figured out the solution so you won’t worry about them going overweight. If you only have one pet cat, then it’s possible it will gain so much weight but if they got play mates like if you have two or three of them playing in the house, there’s no need to worry about them consuming too much Royal Canin. The calories they take will just be burned.

  3. Hi Carmen

    No matter where you are in the world you will find that cats eat differently and this is often driven by what their human owners think is right for them. My late uncle in Italy, was a farmer and throughout his life had many cats. He treated all cats the same, they were never given any cat food but any scraps from the kitchen table. All of them flourished and have good long lives. I could go to other extreme, where one neighbour had a cat that would turn her nose up to any cat food apart from Portuguese sardines. The cat was such a fussy eater. Different cats, different eating habits.

    Your article is such an eye opener and am sure cat lovers will get a lot from it mm



  4. I am super excited about finding your articles. I never new cat can be feed according to their taste. After watching the video, I just discovered that tartar can lead to bad breath and sensitive gum. You’ve done a good job by providing detailed necessary information needed to feed them. I really appreciate your recommendation on the need to think like a cat owner in order to have healthy cat. Thanks

  5. Hello, my cat, though recently adopted, doesn’t eat too often and I got very worried because she is shrinking in size already. I tried meeting up with the pet store but they couldn’t give me a clear description as to what I should feed her. Glad I read this post. We eat beef a lot here in this side and since cats get along well with what they are fed, I guess I will try out the royal canin products and I really wish, she will like it well. Thanks

  6. Wow, this is a really good one. I didn’t even think that a lot has to be looked into before thinking of feeding a cat.  Having read this post, I feel that most cats around here are not so sensitive. Although my sisters cat is still white young, it doesn’t have appetite that are funny. I feel I should still but this product because who knows, cats can change and so can their appetite. The Royal cabin looks like a product that has everything for cats that have different urge for food as you have outlined. Thanks for this

  7. What an interesting article! I never gave much thought to how a cat’s eating behavior might differ from culture to culture. I suppose it makes sense but it is interesting to see the research none the less.

    My cat is very finicky about the foods she will eat. I can sometimes have a difficult time getting her to eat nutritious foods. One thing that helps, I’ve found, is if I wet her dry food with a little water or milk. What suggestions do you have for finicky eaters? Thanks so much for your help and input!

  8. Hello

    Thank you for your comment; It’s interesting your cat; usually cats hardly change their eating habits; When we make a change, we must do it gradually, 2-3 weeks
    best regards

  9. Dear Carmen,

    Wow, what an insightful article! I thoroughly appreciate the research you must have done to gather & compile so much valuable information.

    Thanks for the embedded video it was very helpful.

    Our cats prefer seafood and chicken. Before we start cooking itself, we can feel the joy and enjoyment of them. While cooking they will come and wait nearby the kitchen and supervise on how things going lol.

    Mostly we provide homemade foods for our cats and I got great insights about Royal Canin. For sure it’s on my list.

    Awesome, 4 generations of unconditional love for cats… Hats off to your family!

    Much Success!


  10. Thank you for your comment Gomer; Indeed, if you have more cats, they play and consume a lot of energy; But when you have more cats, Royal Canin is a bit expensive
    best regards

  11. We mostly feed our cat according to our taste. What we eat, is what the cat eat mostly. I never thought that cats care much about the food temperature. This is quite an interesting fact.

    Your findings os cats taste-buds and feeding habits of different locations in the world is so intriguing. I have never seen a pet refuse animal meat. Those ones in India a sure different breed.

    Thank you for the suggestions on what to look out for when determining cat’s meal. This is a very thorough and interesting read.

  12. I also agree that that most pet get attached to the delicious food they are most fed often. Cat get used to what it is eating and it so much admire from birth. I also agree that the location of the owner can influenced the kind of food that cat will choose as its favorite. Pet needs to be care for just the way we care for ourselves. All the food they eat must not only cure hunger but also serve as medication and prevention against malnutrition and other diseases. I don’t really know all the kind of feed my sister do feed her cat, but I will tell her about this royal canin. When I finally want to rear cat as a pet, royal canin feed will also be considered as an healthy meal for my pet.

  13. Thanks Antonio for your comment; obviously, cats eat differently, as do humans. If in the past cats ate resources from our table, now research has been done on the nutritional needs of the cat, and those who give them adequate food extend their life.
    best regards

  14. Hello
    Thank you for your comment; if you are a cat lover, you need to know how to feed them and how to care for them; research is ongoing; for example, in Europe, cat food was eaten by insects; they are said to have more protein; I personally do not dare to give such food to my cats.

    best regards

  15. Thank you for your comment Darric; maybe a veterinarian should see your cat; they usually eat well if you give them adequate food; may be you think about it.
    best regards

  16. Thanks for the comment Henderson; I recommend this food only for sensitive cats or who have certain health problems, lighter, which can be adjusted by food.
    best regards

  17. Thank you for your comment; cats are  finicky when not given enough attention; try to give him adequate food for cats, but out of hand; you have to make some time for it.

    success with your cat

    best regards

  18. Thanks for the comment Paul;  I like seafood and chicken too lol; but my cats give them cat food, appropriate to their nutritional needs; dry.I give them wet food as spoiled; I rarely give them what we eat, while spoiled; my cats are very spoiled lol but very lovley. Now I have 18 lol.

    best regards

  19. Thank you for your comment Carol; First of all, you have to give the cat food at room temperature and not from the refrigerator.
    Then you need to consider her nutritional needs. This is how you keep your health.
    best regards

  20. Thanks for commenting Stella; you are right, cats eat what they are used to; but as we learn various things about cats, it is our duty to provide them with food that is adequate for their needs.

    best regards

  21. The author provides an interesting prospective on how cats are fed in many locations throughout the world to meet their nutritional needs and tastes. I currently did not know this about cats. It is interesting to know that these varied diets may be sufficient and necessary to meet the cats daily requirements and tastes. The Royal Canin organization has incorporated significant research to provide cat food to meet the needs of cats. With cats being finicky eaters, Royal Canin also focuses on the nutritional requirements as well as making their product desirable to cats even with historically different diets from around the world.

  22. Hello

    Thank you for your comment; it is an interesting perspective on how cats are fed in different locations; however, if you are aware, you feed your cat with her nutritional needs

    best regards

  23. Really interesting article on how cat’s food preferences will change depending on where they live and what is readily available to them.  I’ve also read that cats are not supposed to drink milk once they’re fully grown too, is that correct? I’ve known some cats to eat a larger variety of food than dogs.  Some cats will even beg for food when you’re eating.  But I guess if you regularly  feed them table scraps they’ll get used to the tasty human food 🙂

  24. Thank you for your comment Nicki; yes, it is true, after they are weaned, cats do not drink milk anymore; most are lactose intolerant; in terms of food, it is advisable to give them a balanced meal, which will satisfy their nutritional needs.

    best regards

  25. Nutrition is always an important factor for our pets to function at their best. As you’ve pointed out, the eating habits of cats are mostly down to what they are used to. 

    Cats can be picky, so I believe it is important to pay close attention to them. Also, it is the duty of cat owners to help them adjust to their change in eating habits.

    This has been informative, Thanks for taking your time to share.

  26. Wow! Thank you for this valuable information.
    I never knew that cats in each country had a preferred taste. And because of this article, I just realized it’s true what you say that in Japan, cat food provided is sometimes raw fish or cat food based on fish.
    To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to the basic ingredients for my cat. However, sometimes when my cat doesn’t want to eat cat food, I mix it with processed meat. And after that cat food runs out, I will go to the pet shop to find other cat food that she likes. And recently, he chose goat-based ingredients.

    Above all, I think this is a very useful article for all cat lovers.

  27. Thank you for your comment. For the health of the cat, we must pay special attention to their dietary needs. When they refuse a food they know why lol. Generally, fish do not like to change the food they are used to and they like it.

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