Do you look like your cat or are you sick?

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We need cats in our lives. That is clear. But after we have a cat and live with it longer, we start to look like our cat. Along the way, however, we love her more and more and we may develop the obsessive cat attachment syndrome (OCAS).

In the following lines, I will explain if do you look like your cat or are you sick?

But my request is to take everything as a joke. Or not? LOL.

Next, see if do you look like your cat or are you sick?

Signs that look like your cat

You can start your day without coffee.

You are always smiling, ignoring disappointments and pains.

You resist the temptation to complain and you bored others with your problems.

You can eat the same dish every day and yet you are grateful for it.

You can understand that the person you love is too busy to pay attention to.

You can bear to scolded by your loved one when you have done nothing wrong.

You can endure criticism and unjust accusation without resentment.

You can find the strength to joke when your soul cries.

zen cat

You can understand the limits of your friend’s knowledge and not always correct him.

You resist the temptation to treat the rich better than the poor.

You can be free and independent without disturbing those around you.

You can face the world without lying and pretending.

You have so much ambition that you never give up on your dreams.

You can continue your life without the need for energizers.

You can control your nerves without medical help.

You can relax without drinking alcohol.

You can sleep peacefully without taking sleeping pills.

zen cat

You can say, from the bottom of your heart and with the utmost sincerity, that you have no prejudices about the color, race, religion, nationality, sex, or political ideas of the people.

Dude, these things show that you look a little like your cat.

If you look like your cat, you have to tell her you love her. Watch this video to know how to tell it.

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Obsessive of attachment to cats

Disorder a new disease has recently identified caused by a virus that affects not only cat owners but also those around them.

Specialists have already started research on the forms in which it manifests itself.

The condition, called “obsessive cat attachment syndrome” (OCAS), was initially thought to be psychological. Later, however, two young researchers suddenly decided to become cat breeders and it discovered that the disease is pathogenic.

It is not at all difficult to personally check how much this syndrome has spread: look around carefully and you will find that at least one cat crouched on almost every balcony or window.

If you walk down the hall of a block of flats, you will surely hear the pampering meow of a cat behind the doors.

Epidemiologists have identified three stages of the syndrome. They described the clinical picture. Here are the signs whose presence should worry you.

The disease has contacted (stage I)

Anymore expensive cat food seems cheap to you.

You’re glad you wake up at 3 in the morning to feed the cats and play with them.

You find it fun to spend a few hours a day brushing cat fur and cutting their claws.

You consider yourself stingy because the amount spent per year on accessories (igloo, sponge balls, conveyor, pillows, etc.) and feline shows is under $ 3,000.

You don’t have a single cat left and you think that nothing can be more beautiful than a group of 20 cats.

zen cat
The disease has reached stage II


The most important factor that determines you to buy furniture in the house is how comfortable it will be for your cats and how well it contrasts with their fur.

You are thinking of buying a house and the only thing that you interested in whether the cattery will harmonize perfectly with the garden.

The amount of money spent on cat food is higher than the amount allocated for clothes and food.

You spend as much money on the vet as on the family doctor.

You are often left-handed because of the international feline shows you are dying to attend.

You have more photos with cats than with parents, partner or children.

Your proposal for the ideal holiday is to laze at home taking care of each cat and giving him maximum affection.

When you talk to someone, the topic of discussion is always about cats, because you only think about them.

zen cat
You are in the final phase of the disease (stage III)


In the morning you prepare breakfast for children or your partner, only after you have discovered where the cats are hiding and you have checked if all the bowls with food and water are full.

You know exactly the name and mood of each cat -20 in number- but you don’t realize who the strangers are walking around the house; you will learn from friends that these are your children, your partner and your parents.

You keep arguing with some unbearable children – who the neighbors say is yours – because they bother the cats.

You contribute to the school fund for the institution to buy purebred kittens for all students.

You spend so much time at home with the cats that you don’t know what the city center looks like.

At the request of the partner: “it is necessary to decide who you want to stay with, with the cats or with us”, you chose the cats.

zen cat
Do you suffer from this serious condition? Well, know that there is still a chance of healing. During the research, it found that most of the detected cases did not evolve beyond stage II, but remained chronic. People in the third stage of the syndrome were also detected. These were immediately sent to quarantine and studied with great care, to arrive at the discovery of the antidote.

What measures can taken to prevent illness? Until treatment discovered, prevention is the only measure that can taken. Therefore, ignore commercials that show you cat food or invite you to participate in feline shows. Avoid direct contact with cats. These animals thought to be carriers of the virus responsible for OCAS. It bypasses infected people. I know, it’s not easy to get rid of those who talk all the time and with everyone only about cats. After such contact, impose a shower with antibacterial soaps to disinfect yourself well.

If you are unlucky enough to live in the same house with a person affected by this syndrome and you have not infected yet, then you are probably safe.


I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.


12 Replies to “Do you look like your cat or are you sick?”

  1. Hello there, thank you for this really cleverly written piece of information you have shared and I actually like how you have made things clear for us all. I have a cat and I really love to play with her because she is really fun to to be with. I reallylike all you have said here and I’ll know how to deal. Cheers 

  2. Well, this is a post that I don’t see very often around and I like the way you have explained what we need to do when we look like out cat. The name of this post is what really got me and after reading the post, I totally agree with you that everyone really does need a cat in their life.

  3. This is funny, I’m a cat owner and have to say sadly, I have exhibited some symptoms. Though I don’t think it’s severe enough to need treatment. Honestly, I’m fine with it. Wednesday and I are both fine with it. Mostly she doesn’t care or notice, which I’m trying not to take personally. 

  4. Cats are such a diva and I just love them all. I currently have a diva at home and his name is Snow Snow, he is American white. Lol, I do not know that I behave like my Snow Snow or my Snow Snow pick it up from me. I know one thing for sure though, he loves me and I love him. I can just forget about the bad day that I have when I get home. I also have a husky and my Snow Snow acts like a pack leader as well. 

    Oh wow, never heard of OCAS before, now t made me think if I am attached to my Snow Snow or not.. The stages are funny lol Well I am just going to decided that I do not have any problem and my Snow Snow and Shiro (my husky) are considered as a member of the Knight family. So, they do deserve the best foods and living quality. My husband spoils. Them more than me. 

    I think it is just a fine line. It is ok you love your pets and it should be that way. If you think it is a little too ,uch then trn it down a notch. That is all. I think loving your pets are 100% better than being addicted to drugs. 

  5. Hi,

    In your article is for cat lovers, cat is an animal that if you live with it longer you will start to like the cat, there are many sign from your article that make you look like your cat. These things do not smell horrible to cats. When we sweat heavily we smell more like ourselves to them. The same is true of our other fluids.

    Thank you.


  6. Great post for cat lovers! I have had a cat named Mo for a year now. I adore when she comes to my bed in the morning and cuddles on my leg while I prepare food for her. Cats are special creatures that help us overcome hardships, but they are also there for us to share beautiful moments. What I like most about them is that they are cuddly and lazy, just like me.

  7. Thank you for your comment. I’m very glad you have a cat and you like to play with it. I want you to enjoy it for as many years as possible. Good luck.

  8. Thank you for your comment. We need at least one cat in our life. It only brings us joy, even when not all things are ok in our lives.

  9. Thank you for your comment. Cats are the same as teenagers. They just do what they want. You better not take it personally.

  10. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear you have a cat and a dog. Love for our pets is boundless and unconditional. You’re right: it’s better to suffer OCAS lol than to take drugs. I think love for animals is the best drug.

  11. Thank you for your comment. You really start to be like your cat when you live with her longer, you understand her and especially you love her unconditionally.

  12. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear you have a cat. I believe that every cat should have its own man. To be loved and to share joys. Unfortunately, there are also bad people. I understand you don’t like cats but I don’t understand why you hurt them. On my site I want to correct this as much as possible.

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