Egyptian cat Mau-breed under a magnifying glass

Mau cat

Egyptian Mau
considered to be one of the oldest breeds of cats. It is the only representative of specimens with naturally dotted fur. Not resulting from a genetic mutation or crossbreeding with other feline breeds such as Bengals. Let’s see what we can learn about Egyptian cat Mau-breed under a magnifying glass.


The history of the Egyptian cat Mau-breed under a magnifying glass is truly fascinating. It is so old that it loses its roots in the mists of ancient Egypt. Literary writings, paintings and statuettes, dating from around 1400 BC. Show that there were such dotted cats from the time of the pharaohs.It assumed that the Egyptians were the descendants of sacred cats, deified by the Egyptians and represented on the walls of the pyramids.

Adherents of the cat cult believed that these little cats were incarnations of the goddess Base or the god Ra. The elaborate make-up of the Egyptian women betrays the fact that they tried to imitate the features of the cat’s face. Several papyri and paintings from the year 1400, even 1100 BC, suggest that small cats play an important role in the daily life of the inhabitants of Egypt.

Cat lovers in Europe became acquainted with the Mau Egyptians in the early 1900s. TheItalians, Swiss and French played an important role in the spread of the breed. They managed to get many purebred specimens. The beginning of World War II meant the decimation of Mau cats. Thus, in the mid-1940s, the race was on the verge of extinction. The current specimens are the descendants of a couple of Mau cats given by the Italian ambassador in Cairo to Princess Nathalie Troubetskoy. She was is in exile in Rome. She managed to save the Mau Egyptian cats from extinction. While dealing with finding and saving the surviving specimens from Italy, Nathalie instrumented and imported several specimens from Egypt through the Syrian embassy.

In 1955, at an exhibition organized in Rome, two cats presented resulting from the couple receiving a gift from the princess. They aroused incredible interest among the participants.

In 1956 Nathalie emigrated to the United States. She also took three Egyptian Mau cats with her. There the princess founded the “Fatima Cattery” kennel. She began to deal with the spread and popularization of the breed.

Mau cats have captivated many people. They formed a club. The main purpose of the club was to protect this ancient race with such a spectacular history. The Egyptian Mau has not crossed over time with any other race. Precisely to preserve the extraordinary original features.

Only in 1980 the breeder Kathie Rowan managed to bring to the USA, from Egypt, 13 specimens of the Egyptian Mau

Mau cat.

In 1991, Len Davidson imported four more.

The first breed standard achieved by TICA in 1988. In the same year, the breed brought back to Europe. But the number of cats is extremely small.

Oriental dotted, created by the English, is often confused with the Egyptian Mau.


Many people fascinated by the beautiful dotted fur and emerald-coloured eyes. Among the reasons why she enjoys so much appreciation from cat lovers is her character and personality, completely exceptional.

Mau cats love to capture “prey” – toys, balls, household items – to then give to their owners. They do not miss any opportunity to manifest their skills as formidable hunters.

If left outside the house they become very active, destroying all the mice in the household.

But, it cannot say that because of their independent lifestyle, their devotion to the person who offers them love and protection would have tarnished by something.

Breeders describe Mau Egyptians

Mau cat

as proud cats. But also loyal. But they do not accept anything from strangers, with whom they do not even bother to “talk”. They choose to adored by the family rather than the whole world.

Their life expectancy reaches about 12 years.

These cats need large spaces. They don’t really like held in their arms. They are very good athletes – they tend to climb all the higher places in the house. They are often stuck there unable to descend.

These cats can mate from the age of 10-12 months. Gestation lasts about two months. The number of kittens brought into the world is on average three to four. Kittens grow slowly. Their fur does not take on its final color until they are 10 months old.

Although they are not very talkative, Mau cats immediately notify their owners if something is wrong. Especially if the problem related to the food bowl. Their voice is usually melodious and warm, not at all shrill. When caught in a conversation with their master, they wag their tails, move their front paws impatiently, and make a whole variety of sounds. Breeders call them “ode.”

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General appearance

When they appear at a feline exhibition, the Egyptian Mau arouses admiration. They have an elegant, muscular body, dotted fur, paws adorned with “bracelets” and tails full of rings. They have almond-shaped eyes, precisely drawn facial markings and warrior expressions imprinted on the figures. These cats have a supple look, as elegant as their body.

What makes cats completely out of the ordinary is the fact that the skin on the flanks extends close to the knees, helping them to make giant jumps and gain incredible speed. They are the fastest domestic cats in the world, reaching over 45 km per hour. These cats are of medium size, the adult males weighing between 4 5 kg and the females between 2.5 and 3 kg.

Mau cats have rounded heads, and the stop, located between the arch of the nose and the base of the forehead, should be moderate. The nose is neither short nor pointed. The ever-moving ears are medium to large. They are wide at the base and space. The eyes are almond-shaped, always bright green. The short, glossy coat, with spots ordered according to a specific pattern, is characteristic of the breed.

Countless varieties distinguished by the shape of the spots (round, oval or irregular). They are also distinguished by their size (large, medium or small) and by the way they arranged. The most appreciated fur, which receives the maximum score in the exhibition, is the one whose spots have a bright color, strongly contrasting with the background. The facial markings of the Mau Egyptians

Mau cat

are similar to those of classical brindle cats. There is the same characteristic “M” on the forehead and the “mascara” lines that line the cheeks.


Health problems

Egyptian Mau cats are sensitive to cold. To avoid respiratory problems, they should kept indoors during the winter. In particular, they must protected from drafts.

Standard CFA

The Egyptian Mau

Mau cat

cat is the only breed of naturally spotted domestic cats. The characteristic specimens of the breed are of medium size, active, full of color and life, with well-developed muscles. He has an enviable physical condition. They must be perfectly balanced mentally and temperamentally. Males are slightly larger than females. It is not allowed to mate Egyptian Mau cats with specimens belonging to other breeds.

The head has rounded shapes, without flat areas, being of medium width. The cheeks are not very prominent. The profile shows a fine contour and a moderate stop. The length of the nose is equal to its width when the head viewed from the front. Adult males allowed to have prominent cheeks. The skull should be neither round nor oriental.

The muzzle

Must be harmonious, the size proportional to the size of the head, not short or pointed. The chin is firm, neither withdrawn nor pronounced.

The ears

Are of medium size, always moving, with a moderate dotted marking. They are wide at the base, spaced. The hair inside the pavilion is short and glued to the almost transparent, pearly pink skin. It has tufts of fur at the base.

The eyes

Are large, full of life, almond-shaped, elongated to the ears, always green.


It is of medium length, full of grace, with well-contoured muscles. The skin on the flanks extends close to the knee. The harmonious appearance of the specimen is much more important than the body dimensions. Adult males allowed to have a muscular neck and strongly developed shoulders.

Limbs and paws

The hind limbs are slightly longer than the forelegs, giving the impression that the cat raised from behind. The paws are small, delicate, oval, rounded. There are five toes on the front paws and four on the back paws.

The tail

Is of medium length, thick at the base, thinning towards the tip.


It is of medium to a short length, very shiny. In smoky specimens, the fur is silkier, with a fine texture. In silver cats and those with bronze-coloured fur, the hair is thicker and the texture rougher.

The essential condition for a Mau to receive the maximum score for the fur is that the spots have a strong contrasting color with the background. The tail is strongly marked with “rings” and the tip is dark. On the chest, near the neck, you can see several broken “necklaces”. The limbs have numerous “bracelets”. The abdomen dotted strongly and contrasting.The forehead marked with the letter “M”. The standard recognizes three color varieties of Egyptian Mau cats: silver, bronze and smoky. All specimens must have green eyes. It accepted that young adult cats – less than 18 months old – have brown eyes.


The Egyptian Mau

  Mau cat

considered to be one of the oldest breeds of cats. It is the only representative of specimens with naturally dotted fur. Not resulting from a genetic mutation or crossbreeding with other feline breeds. Mau cats are widespread in Europe and the USA, due to some cat lovers, passionate about their breeding. However, being rare, they are quite expensive (between $ 600 and $ 800, depending on the quality of the copy).

Among the reasons why it enjoys so much appreciation from cat lovers is its character and personality, completely exceptional. When they appear at a feline exhibition, the Egyptian Mau arouses admiration.

They have an elegant, muscular body, dotted fur, paws adorned with “bracelets” and tails full of rings. They have almond-shaped eyes, precisely drawn facial markings and warrior expressions imprinted on the figures. These cats have a supple look, as elegant as their body.

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10 Replies to “Egyptian cat Mau-breed under a magnifying glass”

  1. Wow, I love cats but had never come across this breed before. Do you know if there are many in the UK? I remember going to Luxor in Egypt and the cats seemed very protective of their owners but I am not sure if that is the same breed. Although  the markings are very unique and I guess they are quite big cats? The life span over 12 seems a bit lower for cats or maybe I have that wrong. I love their loyalty and of course most cats love being admired. A lovely read so thanks.

  2. Thank you for your comment. The availability of Mau cats is relatively low. I don’t know the number of these cats in the UK. What do I know that since 2009 these cats can participate in international exhibitions. Some say their life expectancy is 15 years. But in my experience, if a cat is cared for and loved, it can live quite a long time. It depends on many factors.

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review. Egyptian Maus are wonderful companion animals. Of course, each cat will have its own unique personality and quirks, but in general, the Egyptian Mau personality is a very affectionate one. However, these cats will only snuggle on their terms. 

    Thank you very much for sharing this with me. I love this!

  4. Thank you for your comment Joy. Mau are wonderful pets. but unfortunately there are not many available and that is why they are a bit expensive.

  5. Dear Carmen, What a beautiful article about the Mau Cats ! I have lived in Egypt for many years in the past and travelled back and forth and I completely agree with you the information you have gathered in regards to the Mau Cat. I would love to also know if you yourself have ever owned one and what would your experience be first hand ? In Egypt its true, they love to jump up high and watch the world from above and there beautiful eyes have such experience and wisdom when you look at them . Interesting in your article you say that they dont naturally breed with other breeds ? I would imagine in Egypt there is a lot of cross Mau’s as cats in general are every where and roam the streets as well as being pets .  Thanks for your article . Just a comment to actually maybe get someone to check over some of the grammar . A really important part is the Cat Goddess is BAST ( with a T on the end ! ) Thanks Carmen for a great article and i will follow you .  Kind regards Amera 

  6. Hello Amera

    Thank you for your comment. I didn’t have a Mau cat. As far as I know, there is no such cat in my country. I “specialized” in rescuing cats from various circumstances. I only adopted my first cat from a nest. And a few home-born cats, until I neutered all my cats.

  7. What a beautiful breed of cat although one completely new to me, are they still very rare? I used to have sphinx cats although the name suggest these are also from Egypt I believe they originated in Russia.

    I enjoyed reading your post on the. Egyptian May though and the history of the breed, do you own one yourself, I wonder how they find being kept indoors during the winter time being such an independent breed.

    look forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

  8. Thank you for your comment Amy. Mau cats are quite rare in Europe and the USA. That’s why they’re a little expensive. As far as I know, there are no such cats in my country. If you take care to activate them, it is not a problem to keep them at home in winter.

  9. I have own many cats over my life.   Although I never had a pure bread these seem like fine animals.   Coupled with my interest in Egypt make this a strong possibility for my next cat.

    The Mau has nice markings.  How does it respond to pesky home invaders?   I am also intrigued by their mystic nature.  

  10. Thanks for the comment Sam. The Mau cat is a breed with a considerable age. But I presented it, any cat can be loving if it is treated properly. I personally prefer to save cats than to have a breed. The race ones are for competitions in my opinion.

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