European breed under the magnifying glass


Today give you The most popular and most beloved breed of cat, namely European.

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Standard: European breed under the magnifying glass


So let’s see the European breed under the magnifying glass.



European cat also called European with short hair or “common cat”, is one of the oldest, most widespread and purest breeds of cats. It appeared and developed by natural means. It is said to be the descendant of the first cats domesticated in Ancient Egypt and brought to Europe by the Romans. Was not subject to reproductive rules.

What today’s standard calls the European Shorthair, meaning the cat European short-haired was and is still our cat. It has counterparts in the US and England, respectively American Shorthair and British Shorthair.

Some believe that their ancestors descend from the African wild cat brought by Romanians 2,000 years ago on our continent; others believe that today’s cats are simply pulled from European wild cats.

As you had the opportunity to read about other races, history repeats in this case.

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Character and personality

It is a robust and long-lasting robust cat. Feels good in spaces large being equipped with a well-developed instinct of the territory.

Combative with other cats, she is affectionate with the master who cares for and respects her. Especially the female is attached to the whole family. With rare exceptions, it is a cat that is very well adapted to life with people.

European is an active cat, being a great hunter. Compared to the domestic cat, European has a temperament calmer and sweeter. Intelligent and sensitive, shrewd and quiet, brave and curious, this cat is an unspoken friend.

European cat

One of the motivations driving the behavior of the European cat is sexual instinct. The cat European love your company and other pets. He has an open mind and even allows the presence of a dog from an early age. For an older cat, it will take longer to be accepted.


Maintenance is easy with just one brush per week. To obtain a shiny effect the fur will be smoothed with the glove. Of course, during the period the mating cat must be brushed often.

Like any cat, it has some unpleasant habits. But with little tricks we can fight them.
People are attracted to the classic beauty of Europe, have selected representative animals and have drawn the lines of a standard. It is the purest of races. Its natural characteristics have not been altered by breeders.

European cat

Cat European it has today many characteristics from its ancestors. Targeted eyes, body shape, nourishment, and caring habits remained the same, along with the ability to take action at any time. This is why the cat European has fascinated the whole world. Cat European non-pedigree, Moggie, with black and white, is the most popular of all cats.

The torso of a European cat is the most soothing and soothing sound on earth. When she returns, the cat will show that she is satisfied and happy at that moment. It is also a signal that kittens send to mothers as they are good.

They also like to play.

Standard: the European breed under the magnifying glass

The First Standard was established in 1925. In 1989 when it was accepted by FIFE (with the necessary changes) the standard European was not separated from that of the British Shorthair race. The distinction was made for a better presentation in exhibitions.

The most common varieties are tabby mackerel, tabby blotched and tabby spotted.

The FIFe standard is well detailed. The description is based on the features of the old domestic cats and not the ones of today. These differ greatly due to the mixture of breeds, mutations, and inbreeding.

Very rarely it is possible to find among the domestic cats those specimens that correspond to the standard so that they can be entered in contests in the class “Novices”.

This is why, in general, domestic cats cannot be considered as part of the breed European – haired short.

Compared to other breeds, breeds European more frequently, and the nests (the number of chickens per fauna) are larger.

European with short hair must not exhibit any features of intermingling with other breeds.

The growth is based solely on the aesthetic qualities, anatomically speaking, there is no difference to the domestic cat.

The head: quite wide, giving the impression that it is round but slightly longer than wide, the cheeks well shaped, especially in the male; firm chin; forehead slightly rounded; straight nose, medium length, with the same width.

Eyes: far, round, well open and slightly oblique; the color must be clear, pure and in harmony with the dress; usually, the color is yellow, orange or green, blue to white varieties, preferably green to silver varieties.

The neck: long and muscular.

Ears: Medium, slightly rounded at the tip, may have punctures; far and straight; height proportional to width base.

Body: medium to large size; sturdy, strong and muscular; chest wide, well-developed.

Legs: strong and solid, medium length, leaning towards the round legs.

Tail: medium, rather thick at the base, thinner towards the rounded tip.

Coat: short and very much; thick hair and shiny; well-placed on the body; all colors are allowed except chocolate, lilac and color dot.


I presented to you the most beloved and at the same time the common race and stardom for competitions.

It is a robust healthy, long-lived cat. Feels good in spaces large being equipped with a well-developed instinct of the territory.

Combative with other cats, she is affectionate with the master who cares for and respects her. Especially the female is attached to the whole family. With rare exceptions, it is a cat that is very well adapted to life with people.

European cat

European is an active cat, being a great hunter. Compared to the domestic cat, European has a temperament calmer and sweeter. Intelligent and sensitive, shrewd and quiet, brave and curious, this cat is an unspoken friend.

If adopt such a cat you will not be deceived. It requires only minimal care. In return, it offers you friendship and affection.

I would be happy to leave a comment and tell me your opinion on this breed.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?


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16 Replies to “European breed under the magnifying glass”

  1. They are called the European. They are strong big and they walk with grace. Tbis is the breed of cat my sister owns and I love stroking it. I like the fading stripes on the skin and like you said, they really love to play. Very naighty in nature this beautiful creatures. I love the eye and the soft sound of each meow. They are the best breed for me and one of the cutest. Thanks for educating me on their history. Awesome stuff!

  2. Thank you for your comment Henderson; indeed, cats European breed are beautiful and playful. I’m glad to find out your sister has such a cat.
    All the best for you.

  3. Hi, Carmen!

    It’s ironic that I came across this post.  My husband and I have two kids, and currently no pets.  I’m not really one for the messes indoors, but that’s how I’ve always been.  Anyway, I had a discussion with a friend just the other day about possibly getting a pet for the kids, a cat.  Now, I’ve never been a cat person, but my friend has two Ragdoll cats, and they’re the sweetest things ever.  I’m seriously considering kittens for Christmas.  However, I’m dragging my feet because I’ve yet to meet a cat that doesn’t shed its hair.  I’m not looking forward to the cleaning up after a pet… yet.  Any advice?  Do you know anything about Ragdoll cats?  

  4. I never even knew that is what they are called. European! This cat breeds are very popular indeed and I’ve seen a couple of them with some of my neighbours. They are very playful though and the last time I visited a neighbour, he was playing with my dog so easily. Learning so much about them here makes me feel blessed and I’m happy to have come across this. I am still preparing myself emotionally to get a cat since I heard they are very attaching and they love attention a lot. Thanks

  5. Hello

     Ragdoll  is a strictly race for the inner life and lives perfectly with people, devoting himself entirely to his master. Ragdoll is an impressive cat that offers everything you could want from a cat and even more in one package. It is very suitable for children. As for cleaning, you have to do very little extra. Cats are very clean animals. I am 18 at present.

    best regards


  6. Dear Carmen

    This is really exciting article.I have enjoyed this article because I love cats so much. According to this article European Cats are very good cats. The fact that these cats are very active and good hunters has intrigued me. I will look for one cat of this kind.All the best.


  7. Hi Ramos

    Thank you for your comment. Cats are fascinating, I encourage you to get one, maybe from a shelter. Emotionally you will prepare yourself then all the time lol

  8. Hi Baraka

    Thank you for your comment. Although it is a common breed, Europeana is very popular because of her’s qualities.
    All the best to you

  9. Indeed this breed is very lovely, the European’s cat best quality is the fact that they don’t resemble any other breed of cat. They certainly share the same characteristics as a common house cat, but the breed standards are unique to them as they have never been crossed with other breeds and have a defining physical trait is that makes them a balanced cat with no exaggerated physical traits.

  10. I have always mistaken the European cat for the other kinds of domestic cats due to lack of enough knowledge that I have just gotten from this review. The European cat is truly very playful and is the nicest to have around .I must say a very big thank you for this great educative and enlightening review on this cat. I have really learnt more about their history and traits. 

    thank you.

  11. Hi Jeremiah.. Thank you for your comment. The European cat does not look like a place with other breeds because it did not mate with other breeds.

    All the best to you


  12. Hi Willy. Thank you for your comment. I am glad to hear that you have learned new things.
    All the best for you

  13. Thanks very much for this great and amazing article about European breed under the magnifying glass. For really I have enjoyed this article from it’s beginning to its end because of your well and organised description of the European breed cat and am soon getting one for myself. Thanks very much for this article in advance.

  14. Hello Carmen,

    I am European and I want to say that European cats are among the friendliest cats. My grandmother takes care of 4 European cats and she is very pleased with them. Because she stays in peasant house, she has many mice, but these European cats always act and there is no day without catching at least one mouse.

    Wish you the best,


  15. Thank you for your comment. I also like cats of European breed. They are hardworking and very loving. All the best to you, 

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