Exotic Shorthair cat-breed under the magnifying glass

exotic shorthair cat

Exotic Shorthair cat breed created and designed to meet the Persian standard. From all points of view. The exception is one: fur, which is thick, thick and short. This gives it the appearance of soft, raised, rounded “teddy bear”.

The Exotic Shorthair cat‘s fur needs less pretentious care than that of the Persian. It does not break and does not flatten too simple. Due to its easy fur maintenance, the Exotic Shorthair cat is in fun named “Persian for lazy people”.


Although Exotica considered to be short-haired, the roots of the breeds differ. Some breeders of American tried to improve the type and introduce new colors. By 1950, in the United States. Thus, they paired American Short hair with Persian. The result, unexpected. The chicks were much more like the person as a guy. They had a shorter body, shorter tail and shorter nose (but without the pronounced stop) and short hair. For many, this little creature is irresistible.

Ordinary cats were still crossed with Persian to get the admirable crushed face. Some breeders used Burma cats for the same purpose (creating short-haired Persians). They have a shorter and stronger body. Thus, the “short-haired Persian” came to inherit that “warm, irresistible” look. Some have used the Blue of Russia to get the quality of the “double” fur which seems to be extra. These cats looked charming and so … exotic.

The first breed standard proposed in 1966, and the first proposed name was “Sterling”. It only referred to the varieties of silver. The other varieties of colors registered under the name of “Exotic Short hair”. Over time, short hair races have used less and less in the breeding program. The Persians used.

Thus, the standard of Exotica is closer to the standard for Persian. In 1990 it decided that the standards for these two breeds would be identical except for the length of the hair.




Responsible for short hair is a dominant gene. That is, one parent possessing the gene will pass on this trait to his descendants. Even if the other parent has long hair, Both parents have short hair, but are the bearers of the long hair (recessive).

Inherited but left dormant, there is a chance that in 25% of cases, the kittens are born with long hair. The gene for long hair can transmitted from generation to generation. It may remain in a latent state. It can also manifest by generating the appearance of the long hair. Characteristic in descendants. When, mating between two cats, the nest can give birth to a long-haired cat

Exotic Longhair or Persian

Exotic breeding sometimes becomes very frustrating and discouraging for some breeders because of a long-haired cat (in the US). Such a kitten will register as Exotic Longhair. It can use in the breeding program. It can present in the competitions. But you will never get Champion titles or other bigger titles.

For most European breeders this is not a problem. According to FIFe rules, when registering a nest, long-haired Most Exotic Short hair specimens today have in their pedigrees the most successful characteristics of the Persians.


Exotic is an ideal breed. Kittens are quiet, sweet, peaceful, loyal, true friends. They are easy to grow and do not seem to bother them. They are affectionate. When I want to capture your attention, it sits in front of you and looks at you straight in the eye. She will jump on your feet or arms to crouch and pull a nap. Or to push his wet nose straight into your nose.

exotic shorthair cat

Sometimes he hugs you and never stops. It is very comfortable and practical to have an Exotic at home. It respects your privacy and does not need permanent attention. She will follow you like a shadow from one room to another without disturbing you. He only wants to be with you.

She is as playful and fun-loving as many other breeds. He’ll jump to exhaustion trying to catch the toy. You will stay and study how to get to the most inaccessible places. You no longer play with she, was where the toy hidden.

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Men prefer females because they are leaner and more affectionate. Many believe that males are more aggressive and will mark the territory. These are only prejudices. Males of this breed are more attached and more affectionate than females. Females can sometimes be more withdrawn or introverted. They always give the impression that they have something more important to do. That handled by you.

Exotic matures later than most other breeds. Problems related to marking the territory or adjacent ones solved. For that they sterilized before reaching maturity. The exotic adult finds joy in simple things. Solder and hose drops of water on the sink. Run after a scrap paper all over the house.

The easy adaptability of Exotic allows it to enter a new home or family at any age. The exotic remains playful when it grows and brings you joy all your life. Such a cat, adorable, quiet, clean is a blessing for any family.


The characteristic shape of the head, short nose, and flesh, large eyes, flat face. This can create health problems. I will mention a few: –deformity of the bone, deformity of the bite, tears of the eyes (if the eyes are not treated with care can appear around their ugly ulcers), poly cystic kidney (a disease of genetic nature).

They can prevent by proper care. The problem with the jaw can eliminated by an experienced breeder. It can solve by itself in the following months from birth until the milk teeth change. Need daily care otherwise infections generated. We have to clean them daily from dirt. The oxidizing fluid (sores) should removed every morning.

Exotics are sensitive to infections, especially those caused by viruses. The risk of disease can reduced by regular vaccination. This cat, like Persian, are cats that live only in the house. It is easier to prevent many of the health problems that affect them.

Proper nutrition, regular vaccination, strict hygiene, along with lots of affections. Are the factors that ensure a healthy, happy 


and long life of your cat.exotic


Exotic Short hair cat is the small owner of the house. Energetic, robust, she also possesses the calm nature of a Persian. Her short fur is double (it has a puff), raised and dense. The guy has to be like Persian or even better. There is no long fur to hide its defects (too long-tail or throat too thin).

The standard means: sturdy body, medium-length tail. Short and strong neck, thick and muscular legs. The head should be round, with small ears, with rounded tips, located at a great distance between them. The skull must be well-developed, with a strong bone. The nose is short and the chin is strong.

The eyes are large, round, distant.

The stop must be well pronounced, deep, located exactly between the eyes. Everything in this breed should suggest the appearance of ROBUST.

The warm expression of the face, with sweet, rounded lines. These are high lights the cat’s qualities. The standard of the Exotic Short hair breed is identical to that of the Persian. The only exception is the fur. She must be dense, raised, soft, of medium length. If the puff is thicker and the threads thicker, a longer fur length accepted. It is faulty lying fur.


Exotic Short hair has the same colors as Persian:

Unicolored: white, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, brick, beige, red, cream. And all varieties of a turtle.

Two-color: all combinations uni color with white in different proportionsTabby: all the uni color mentioned combined with white. As well as tabby-silver or gold.

In all colors and in all four varieties of tabby (marbled, tiger, spotted and ticked)Smurfs: all their colors and their combinations with whiteShadows: all the colors, in varieties of silver and gold

Colorpoint: all colors, including tabby


Exotics are very pleasant companions. They have a quiet and discreet temperament, inherited from Persians. Unlike these, they are more active and more communicative.

At first glance, they seem shy and slight stressed. In reality, they have a great capacity to adapt to new situations. They slight support the changes that have taken place in their living environment. If you want a cat and are busy or… . lazy lol, Exotic Short hair is a perfect choice.


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20 Replies to “Exotic Shorthair cat-breed under the magnifying glass”

  1. Wow! Exotica is really cool and an awesome cat breed. I like the short hair which makes them very unique and beautiful. Thank you so much forsharing this here. I really see Exotica as a breed that may really make my family fall in love with cats. I really fancy this cat breed a lot. Thank you so much more for this here. I will love to check them out

  2. Thanks for this lesson on exotic short hair cat. I am cat lover and always wanted to know about the cat breads especially the Persian cat. The meaning for Persian is funny meaning lazy people. Anyone who loves cats should read your article and I personally will be sharing this with my family and friends who are also cat lovers.

  3. Very interesting post you have written here on Exotica cat breed. Firstly, this breed is beautiful and unique. They seem to be looking right through me from the pictures of them I see in this post. Also, they have the elegant ambience and cute nature. Seriously, it would be an ecstatic feeling to rare one of these. Not very often do I see cats with short hair. So, I love this particularly.

  4. Hi Carmen,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about exotic shorthair cats. They are all very beautiful. My youngest daughter is allergic to most longer haired cats (and dogs) and I am hopeful that she will get on better with the pedigree shorthairs. Thank you again for a very informative article, Andrew

  5. Hello Carmen, this is indeed on of the nicest breeds of cat I have read about. Growing up I used to have the Ragdoll breed of cat which was quite fun looking after, until her death after her 5th birthday. The Exotic breed is one I find really attractive starting from its look and fur which I find really incredible to its behavior too. Currently, i have a dog fir a bet and I am not looking forward to adopting a cut, at least not yet, but this breed is a really nice one.

  6. I loved reading your article because I love cats. I don’t have one yet but I intend to get one so learning about the exotic shortair cat-breed was very informative. I think they look so cute. What made me smile is when you mentionned at the end that if we are lazy then it’s the breed to get! I don’t think I’m lazy but I want a cat that is friendly and quiet. My biggest concern would be their health and the fact that they are sensitive to infections. But you brought up that if they stay at home then they are protected and they will be fine. Very helpful article and love your website, thank you!!

  7. Great content.  But I prefer American short hair cat . I have an exotic as well but in terms of dynamism I think American Short hair cat is the  best. I’m big  cat lover too. I like spending time with.  I have 6 by now.  An abyssinian cat, American bobtail cat breed, Bengal cat,  Burman cat breed. Thank you for the post 

  8. My wife and I have two cats. They are the short-haired because we are allergic to the long-haired cats.
    They are great pets and we keep them indoors, except to go out on the patio here in Florida.
    We take good care of them and make sure they get regular visits to the vet.
    We feel that they are much easier to take care of than dogs are.
    They make good company and easy to clean up after for the most part.
    Is there any difference between taking care of a long-haired cat as opposed to a short-haired one?

  9. This breed of cat is adorable; an affectionate personality seems favorable because I know some cats can be aloof and distant unless they want something from you. It is Unfortunate that this breed faces health problems due to their unique look. I never knew that there were so many different cat breeds. I learned a lot by reading this post.

  10. Hello Carmen,

    I really didn’t know cats until I married my lady.
    Love them and they are an excellent company for the whole family. 

    I really like all the Persian cats that I show. Here in Argentina they don’t appear much. His flat face and short hair make him very special. A quiet animal like me

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for comment, Rodarrick. All races are beautiful, it depends on taste. And the other cats, which are not breeds, are beautiful if you look after them.

  12. Thanks for the comment, Jannette. And thank you for sharing the information with your cat-loving friends.

  13. Thanks for the comment, Ramos. I’m glad you liked this cat. But if you want to keep it healthy, you should only grow it at home.

  14. Thanks for the comment, Andrew. I am sorry to find out that your daughter is allergic to cats. If she like cats, you can find a cat for allergic mens. For example Sphinx

  15. Thanks for the comment, Benson. It is indeed a very beautiful race. And it doesn’t have a history as long as other races. But you should only grow it at home if you want to keep it healthy.

  16. Thanks for commenting and for appreciating my site. Exotic is quite easy to maintain and very pleasant, provided you grow it only in the house.

  17. Thank you for your comment. Everyone has their own taste for choosing a cat. I’m 19 lol but I’m not race. They are saved from various circumstances or are born in the house. I assure you that all are beautiful. I have been growing cats for over 33 years, so some have died in the meantime. I have a section on the site where I write about my cats

    personal stories with my cats

  18. Thank you for your comment. Of course, there is a difference between cats with short hair and those with long hair. Those with long hair require more careful and more frequent fur care. To keep them healthy and beautiful.

  19. Thank you for your comment. There are many races. Some very old, some new breeders of breeders In time I will try to predict on my site as many races.

  20. Thank you for your comment, . And in Romania there are few cats of this breed. Maybe because it’s a new breed, created by breeders.

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