Feline coquetry

Feline coquetry

Tell me what your fur looks like so I can tell you who you are. This is how a famous saying could paraphrase. The appearance of the fur but also the way the cat cared for reflects its health. Make sure your cat is properly cared for. Whether you have a purebred cat or simply a little feline without “noble” origins, you need ,,feline coquetry“. This way it will have beautiful and shiny fur.

Feline coquetry

Cats are animals that are most concerned with personal hygiene. They take care of their toilet and lick for hours to take care of their fur. But not from feline coquetry. They get the vitamins they need from their fur.

But ingested hair in large quantities can create intestinal problems. For this reason, we must periodically remove excess hair with bristles. Cats with short hair do not need too much care. Brushing once a week is enough.

Long-haired cats, on the other hand, need much more attention. Their fur can make knots.

Whether you have a purebred cat or simply an ordinary cat, its fur must be properly cared for to look shiny.

Cat care is not the only thing you need to consider. The appearance of her fur also depends on the type of food you offer her but also on her health.

Brush it more often

In general, the cat is a clean animal and tends to take care of its fur daily. This does not mean that you do not have to pay attention to it. It is very important to take care of your cat’s fur. This will prevent it from looking untidy. 

Whether you have a purebred cat

breed cat

 or simply a little feline without “noble” origins


If you have an older cat that no longer pays the same attention to its appearance as it did before, brush it more often. This helps the sebum secreted by its skin to spread on all the fur. The latter helps moisturize the fur by giving it shines.

The fur will look much more arranged and you will avoid the formation of hair clew. Breeders recommend that, in these cases, combing first with a brush and then with a toothed comb though.


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Be careful

If you notice that your cat’s fur has lost its shine and looks unkempt, it is advisable to visit your veterinarian (you and your cat).

  on a visit to the vet

Together, you can discover the cause that led to this problem.

One of the causes could be an inadequate diet. It is good to consider any weight problems. An obese cat often has a careless fur. This is because the cat no longer attaches much importance to its own hygiene.

Also, as you get older, a cat will become less flexible and may suffer from arthritis. She loses her ability to wash as she did in her youth. As such, the fur will look more unkempt.

Various medical conditions that the cat may suffer from, diseases of the liver, kidneys or thyroid gland, can also be a common cause of unkempt hair.

Improper nutrition

The untidy appearance of the fur is often the cause of an inadequate diet. Normally, a cat’s food should be as varied and rich in fiber as possible.

The cat should receive both dry and moist food.

Also, the lack of vitamins and minerals can be another cause of the untidy appearance of the fur.

The veterinarian is the only one able to confirm this and recommend dietary supplements to give to the cat.

Proper brushes

Regardless of the type of hair they have, the cat should combed to prevent the fur from tangling and to remove fallen hair. They can swallow while the cat is doing its toilet. Depending on the type of fur your cat has, there are friends with longer or shorter brushes.

The combs also help to remove dirt particles from its fur. Combs with longer and thinner hairs are perfect for untangling hair in cats with long fur. The brushes help to remove hair and arrange the fur, giving it a beautiful and neat look.

Keep in mind that during molting it is important to brush


your cat more often than usual. This way you will prevent the fur from getting tangled.

At the same time, you will avoid your cat swallowing a lot of hair during grooming. This prevents the formation of fur clumps in the cat’s stomach.

One of the solutions you can use is a special brush that you can buy from the pet shop. This will help you quickly remove both dead hair and underwear. This reduces the molting effect by 90%.

Suitable shampoos

There is a wide range of special shampoos for cats

shampoos for cats

 on the market. Opt for the most suitable for your cat, depending on the sensitivity of the skin and fur.

If you do not know what type of shampoo to choose, go with your cat to a veterinary consultation before choosing the shampoo.

Never use shampoos for humans or babies. They have a different pH level. They will cause the cat’s skin to dry out and lose the shine of the fur.

It is also very important to wash your cat only when its fur looks unkempt. Very frequent washings can change the appearance of the fur.

Also, to keep her fur healthy and beautiful, you can buy various products for her beauty and care. For example salmon oil conditioners or those designed to prevent the fur from tangled.

Why do cats have fur? (instead of conclusion)

In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth. On the fifth day, He created the Cat … naked.

For a while, everything was fine. The fact that she was without fur helped her, especially in summer, to stay clean and tidy. Also, he had no problems with curls.

After a while, the furry animals began teasing the little feline creature: “Ha, ha, naked cat, you’re so ugly!”

,,Oh, how beautiful are the other beings with their wonderful furs!” the cat thought, coquettish by nature, looking at her skin.

But life went on, the cat soon forgot the mischievous words. She was proud again of her own appearance. She considered herself beautiful, in her own way, even without hair.

But soon the bad weather came with wet and cold days. In vain the poor cat curled up, looking for shelter in the foliage. He couldn’t stand the cold.

When he found a warmer bed, he had to change position because it hit and scratched, injuring his sensitive skin.

One cold night, as she was struggling to fall asleep, the furry, eared rabbit came to her. “Why are you sad, kitten?” the rabbit asked. “Don’t you see I’m empty?” and where else can I say that I am so cold and trembling! ”.

Then the rabbit nestled next to the cat and whispered in his ear: “If you pray to a star and have faith, your wish will come true.”

Even after a few moments, a star flickered high in the sky and the cat knew what to do. He closed his eyes and said, “I wish all the cats and I had a nice, warm coat, like the other animals.”

When he opened his eyes, the star was just disappearing behind the moon. All the cats around the globe had come out of their hiding places to look at the light of the night star. When it started to fade, a miracle happened! The body of each cat covered with longer or shorter fur, of different colors.

Only in the depths of a cave stood a scared kitten who, not witnessing the event, remained “naked”. This is how, today, the breed called Sphynx is different from all the others, that is … naked. I will write about this breed soon.

Feel free to leave me a comment to express your opinion on this post. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.


10 Replies to “Feline coquetry”

  1. Loved this article! We share our home with cats and dogs, along with birds and rabbits. Our two cats are now older (sisters nearing 20 years old) but have a very good life. One is a bit longer-haired than the other, so brushing requirements are different, but they both enjoy their grooming time. However, neither enjoys bath time!

    We are feeding a premium canned food now. Both girls seem to prefer dry but I’ve heard that canned food is preferred, especially as they get older, as it helps them get enough moisture (our girls have fresh water available all the time, too) I think the canned food does help the shine on their coats. Even at their age, they have lovely coats that shine!

    Do you have any suggestions for supplements that might help our elderly but still active feline ladies?

  2. Thanks for your comment Diane. Only the veterinarian can guide you on food supplements and if your ladies really need it, I am not a veterinarian. Anyway, I congratulate you on how you took care of them to reach this beautiful age. Regarding food, I personally give my cats dry food and wet food. Dry food also has the advantage of being available at all times. It is known that cats generally eat little and often.

  3. Hi Carmen, This is a very informative post on a cat and their fur and things to look out for. I never knew that a cat actually gets nutrition from it’s fur and that is why they are also licking it. I just though it was to keep themselves clean. Another thing I learnt from this post was that one should brush your cat. I’ve always know about brushing dogs with long hair, but not with cats. I grew up with Siamese cats and we never brushed them, but maybe we should have. 

  4. I got two cats, and one of them constantly gets knots. I’ve heard that if you brush very often, they tend to shed even more. Do you have any idea if this is true or not? Do you think I can brush her maybe three days a week? I’m trying to find a good balance. 

  5. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found out new and correct things about cat fur. All cats should be brushed, and those with short hair, to remove dead hair so that they do not swallow it.

  6. Thank you for your comment. This is not true. Maybe your cat who knots often has long hair. Whenever you notice knots, you can brush it. It’s for her health. The brush only gets rid of dead hair. But the operation is done gently.

  7. Thank you for this insightful article. I watched the YT video, and I never thought one should have various types of combs for cats. I used to think that one is enough. I used to have a cat, but never really spent time brushing her, as she gets too naughty–she hates it. It’s nice to learn that it’s actually necessary for their health too. The Cat Language Bible is so interesting, I have taken a look (I watched the whole video) and I learned a thing or two. I am petting a dog right now (my mom doesn’t like cats), and I realized that I should pay attention to our fur babies’ diet and coat too. I don’t have a cat right now but pet my friends’ cats instead. Your blog warms my heart. Cheers, A

  8. Thank you for your comment. Yes, cats need care to keep them healthy. Fur care is also included, but that also depends on what kind of fur it has. I’m glad my blog warms your heart.

  9. I love your site.  The information is great, and I am sure it will be appreciated by cat lovers.  I love your topic for cat lover’s only.  While I am not a cat owner, I have family members and friends who love their cats.  I have bookmarked your site and have taken some notes about caring for cats to share with them.  Wow!  It is certainly an amazing thing that cats get their vitamins from their fur.  Therefore, diet is very important.  Great ending, “why do cats have fur?”  The explanation is humorous and well expressed.  Thanks, you.

  10. Thanks for the comment Patricia. I’m glad you tasted the humor in my post. My site is meant to help cat lovers, but sometimes a touch of humor is welcome.

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