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My dear, today I want to share about health and well-being when you have a cat. If you do not know, the cat is not just a cute companion. It is also a source of  health and well-being. Of course, of course. It brings you joy. And joy is beneficial for the optimal functioning of the body.

After a day of work

You get stressed and tired of work. Or just bored. You have a number of problems. Unlock the door of the house. And by wonder, all worries disappear. How? Your cat is waiting for you on the hanger. Impatient to tell how he spent the day. How did he keep the home? Your good condition is being installed. You have a more relaxed attitude. Your attention is distracted by that little creature that just wants to caress. Well, yes, and love. All the problems have gone out of charm.

Only cat owners know what a calming effect is the bruising of the fur.


Or the mole in your lap. The Japanese rub two balls in their hands to calm down. It looks like cat care has the same effect. In our hands, we have key control points on other organs. Therapists believe that through these points the energies of the meridians of the body can be controlled.

The first data on the importance of certain palm energy points dates back 4000 years ago. They were found at the tomb of Ankmahor’s doctor in Egypt.

Emotional help

The rhythm of life is increasingly stressful. Whether people realize it or not, pets help us emotionally, psychologically and socially. But not always this help is appreciated at its true value.

Specialty studies demonstrate how important this aid is to the physical and mental health of humans. The living and cheerful presence of an animal, his warm and curious look, removed the state of loneliness and sadness.

Man feels the need to be useful. Older or lonely people find a reason to care for an animal. The most comfortable and less expensive is a cat. You can play with.


Animal forces people to stay active. It needs to be fed, brushed, just to talk about the conversation. Caring for an animal is a daily activity in which routine cannot be installed.

Animals give another color and consistency to life. I tell you this because I have been growing cats for over 33 years and I never get bored.

If the others come and go, each absorbed by his life, the cat remains. She is a faithful friend, always ready to play or to have a blessing offered by her biped friend.

Families that adopted a cat said that all of her members felt happier than before. And happiness is very important for our health.

But at first, the cat owners are not fully aware of the responsibility they have taken. The joy and animation around them are felt by everyone.

About kids and cats

Children who grew up with a cat have a collection of pleasant memories. But they also learned to be more attentive, more sensitive, less selfish, more responsible.

Parents must oversee them permanently but discreetly. Know how the relationship between their child and companion flows. Starting with hygiene and ending with fulfilling the tasks to their little friend. Soon, parents will discover a more mature and understanding child.

Cats have a great influence on those they come into contact with. Regardless of age or occupation. Especially on those who live in the city. They are ruined by beneficial contact with nature.

Cats are companions, confidants, teachers, and healers of great talent, Everything depends on people adopting them and enjoying their entourage.

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How are cats?

Cats are alive, warm and fluffy. Anyone who feels great comfort when holding them or kissing them. They do not judge and criticize their owner. He accepts with his defects and qualities. They trust him and help him to trust himself and others.

Cats feel when their owners are sad and abusive. Reacts amazingly to their condition, consoling them.

Cats listen with pleasure to any subject that their biped friend wants to tell him and don’t interrupt him.

Cats make people feel useful and important because they depend on them.

Gladly rejoicing at home, you will soon forget the stress of a busy day at work.

We live in an increasingly competitive world. We feel good when we play with cats. It’s a noncompetitive game, a game for the sake of the game. Fun and disconnect.

Cats drive away loneliness. Their torso calms us. They’re funny. It’s destroying us. Managing a cat is ridding the anxiety. Cats are a ZEN master who reminds us all the time to enjoy the present.

Assisted pet therapy

It is a branch of recovery medicine that uses animals to rehabilitate or cure people with special needs.

In this type of therapy, different animals are used, but I will only talk about cats.

Cats helped children


and adults become normal people. Or reach an incredible level of recovery.

The cat’s qualities were, “exploited” by doctors, helping the sick. Thus, people with the most diverse affections have benefited from this therapy. The cat communicates with the patient in a way that the doctor does not have access to. Even handicapped animals have a therapeutic role: “If a cat without a foot can go, then I can too.”

Examples of diseases in which this therapy is applied are:

Down Syndrome, mental illness, emotional problems, heart attack and especially its prevention, allergies, and obesity in infants, asthma in children, emotional support in autism. Also, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Researchers say the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis could be used to create vaccines against serious cancers.

Read this post.



Having a cat is not a fad. There are many benefits you sometimes do not realize. In addition to being lovable, they help you greatly in keeping your health and emotional balance. They help you in educating children. Some people even think that it helps you grow financially. This post is also very interesting.

My family and I are healthy. Maybe because of the heredity. But surely because of cats, we have been growing with love for over 33 years.

I invite you to leave your comments to tell me what experiences you had with cats in the health field, or you may have questions. I will respond with pleasure if I know the answer.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

16 Replies to “Health and well-being-cat”

  1. I think cats make awesome pets. We all know dogs make excellent companions and can do wonders for people’s mental health and well-being, but so can cats.

    People who are a bit lonely and feel like they need companionship, but can’t get a dog, should definitely consider getting a cat. They’re less work, but they can make just as big of an impact on someone’s life as a dog can.

    I speak from personal experience. I’ve owned cats in the past. 

  2. Thank to my Sno Sno, I am sane because of my Sno sno. I do not know what it is about pets but when you have one, it just sucks all the bad energy out of you and you are just happy to be with them, might have to do with the cutie face. My Sno Sno just wanna give me love. He behaves like a dog too, he likes to go potty outside and run around in my backyard. When he is finished he will wait at the door for me to let him it. I just love it when I come home and Sno Sno just rushed to say hi to me. I also have a husky, and Sno Sno would clean and teach my husky too. Just watch them play together makes me happy. You can adopt a cat now at a shelter, you get to help a life and help you. 

  3. Hi,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative article with all the necessary information about “Health And Well-Being-Cat”

    This is an amazing article.I was surprised to learn that being cat is a source of unhealthy health and well being.I have learn something new and educative from this article.I have not familiar with all these benefits of being a cat but after reading your article i have learned properly that cats are very good for our physical and mental health.After reading your article and being familiar with these benefits i am very excited to have a cat.Today i will buy a cat for my family.I will also share this article with my friends and relatives.I have asthma and allergy problem,is it really good for being a cat??

  4. Thank you for your comment Nate; dogs and cats have a good influence on us; I have dogs, and cats, I know about what I’m getting

  5. Thank you for your comment Nuttanee; I prefer more pets, that’s why we have dogs and cats, they care for our health but I love more cats

  6. Thank you for your comment Mahbub

    I’m glad you found out my story; and I appreciate the intention to share with relatives and friends; allergy and asthma have tatament, but besides it, cats help; especially children and adults alike

  7. Very interesting post I must say. I couldn’t just describe how emotionally attached I got with this post while reading and blaming myself for giving out my cat some years back. My mom detested cats but loved dog so I had to depart with my cat. But after reading this post, I swear I’m going back to get a cat. Though I have a companion in my dog,Shelly, but sometimes it gets boring. I would love to feel how it is to own a cat again especially now that I’m going through some very hard phases in my life. Thanks for this post

  8. I’m sorry to know that you are going through a long life in your life; you get urgent a cat and sure it will be helpful to overcome this period more easily; it attracts the negative energies and you will feel better

  9. Yes you are right .and i have to say some things about my cats . I was found them near home and they was hangeey and afraid than no any body can touc them because they afraid and doesnt trust people but when they saw me they come near me and every night they waiting for me than we become friends and they become brave when saw me and there are long sitiuation about what they feel and also about what i feel but really the cats become in my heart.they waiting for me like if kids waiting for they mother reallyyyyyyyy

  10. Thank you for your commentAhmed; if you read my site you will find many things interesting about cats, about their care

  11. Thank you for your lovely blog on cats and how they affect our health in such a positive way.  Like you I have always had a cat in my life.  My one cat died a few months ago after living with us for 17 years.  We still have another cat, she is also about 17 now.  Cats bring constant joy and happiness to our world.  Do you have a particular breed of cat you prefer?  We have always just chosen a cat that needs a home, just a moggy as they say.  Have a purrfect day, Denise.

  12. Thank you for your comment Denise; I don’t have a favorite breed of cats, I only have cats saved from various circumstances or cats born in the house; all cats produce joy if they are loved

    all the best for you


  13. I grew up with two Siamese cats and they were our constant companions. They were also extremely clever creatures, opening the kitchen cupboard where their dry chunkies were kept and tipping the box onto the floor to help themselves to food. (those were the days before cupboard clips and automatic feeders) Cats and other domestic animals are not only fantastic companions, but help those that are lonely and in need of emotional support. And essential for kids growing up to learn responsibility to help feed the animals and clean and exercise them.

  14. Thank you for your comment Line; cats are very intelligent animals, I did not wonder to open the kitchen cabinet door where they had food; you are right in what you say

    all the best for you


  15. Hi! I have been researching about how cats can help patients to recover and your post has been very useful. Animals, and specifically cats can communicate with patience in a way doctors can’t. So I’m focusing my attention on the health benefits cats bring in such cases. It’s wonderful to get acquainted with this. Thank you very much.

  16. hello Henry

    Thank you for your comment; I’m glad you consider the blog information very useful; I wish you great success to deepen the help provided by cats in medical cases

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