How do we avoid the unwanted behavior of cats?


Many owners face various problems: the unwanted behavior of cats. From harmless ones to troublesome ones. Scratching the furniture, climbing the curtains, playing with toilet paper or avoiding the use of a litter are just a few examples.

Today I will explain the serious problem of unwanted  behavior of cats and especially how to cope with splashing.

Identifying unwanted behavior-marking

The cat has a very developed sense of smell. If our smell is like a stamp, the smell of the cat is a handkerchief. It also communicates olfactory. The ways she communicates this way are: rubbing, scratching and spraying with urine.

marking territory

An important indicator of the difference between marking and urination is the behavior of the cat in the two situations.

If the cat urinated and started burying, it will stop to smell the spot before continuing. This will be repeated as long as the smell intensity is pronounced.

Splashing is usually aimed at visible and significant objects. The cat turns back toward the wall and, in the right position, sprays a small amount of urine. In tomcat, the phenomenon is more frequent and more pronounced. But cats can also see the same thing.

The target is sprinkled at a height of 30-60 cm from the ground. Splashing is followed by intense vibration of the tip of the tail. The cat’s face has a very concentrated expression.

Purpose of splat marking

The highest percentage of splashing is found in cats that are not castrated.

It decreases significantly after we castrated it. But absolutely all the cats mark.

In a mixed cat community, males splash more frequently when there is a hot dog. Females splash when they are in the first phase of heat. Their markup contains information about one reproductive status. Males spend a lot of time investigating it. Much more than if the mark is of a female that is not hot. This is the sexual function of the marker.

Splashing has three functions: territorial, relational and reaction (emotional stabilization).

In cats kept in the house, emotional stabilization is most prominent. A new space incites the marking mechanism. The cat introduces its own odor into the unknown space. To customize it and increase your sense of security.

And in cats living outside, there is the possibility of scarring in response to stress. It reacts in the same way as a house cat.

When the cat splashes the owner’s personal things, something is wrong in their relationship.

The cat may splash in the following situations:

– Stress due to general conditions ( when a baby or a new animal appears in the house)

– When something changes in the apartment

– When the furniture is rearranged

– When the family moves

In these cases, the sprinkling direction defines the cat’s space.

– Changing family relationships

– The existence of a conflict with a family member with another animal or the overpopulation of the house (a cat needs 5 square meters  at least to live comfortably).

The cat usually sprinkles where it feels vulnerable.

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A safe boundary between the inner world (the house) and the outer one must be created. The cat owner has full control of the access ways.

When the cat stays alone at home, she must have water, food, litter. Also, have free access to the house.

The ideal is not someone outside, not even the cat door.

Let’s make sure that the smells of the house stay as stable as possible and familiar to cats. This reduces the risk of splashing.

The open-door conveyor will be an effective help.

To minimize the feeling of insecurity, we will give cats the opportunity to climb high-quality furniture, poles and special platforms. The behavior of the cat will be relaxed and quiet because it can always catch up and get rid of potential danger. So she will not feel the need to escape or marking.

marking territory 1

Some suggestions

We were laying the cat with a towel, especially the head (the glands used by her to mark the territory) and then wiping the vertical surfaces of the house at the height of the cat with that towel. This makes the cat feel at ease and the risk of stamping is significantly reduced.

If you struggle with the unpleasant smell of house cat urine, do not use aggressive detergents containing chlorine or ammonia. They also contain elements that have decomposed urine. I can generate repeated cat splashing.

Sprayed surfaces should be cleaned with enzyme-based products. They will eliminate bacteria and odors. But it could also encourage the cat to sprinkle again because the signature has “expired”.

It is not advisable to use a water gun against the sprinkler cat. Rather, it increases anxiety and causes more sprains. If we punish the cat, the splash will continue when we are absent.

Splashing can also be translated by attracting attention when not enough cat attention. Splashing becomes, in this case, the tool of our conditioning cat.


Although it is a natural and normal phenomenon, spraying can be avoided.

Socializing and forming appropriate habits will develop the ability to overcome challenges.

If the cat continues to sprinkle,

marking territory 2

we need to pinpoint the causes. Then eliminate them.

I have listed the causes during this post.

There is another method against sprinkling. See here.

I hope I helped many cat lovers who are confronted with this phenomenon. Especially those who keep cats only in the house. I assure you that patients will be avoided in the future.

Please leave a comment about your experience on marking. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

18 Replies to “How do we avoid the unwanted behavior of cats?”

  1. We have four cats, all females and spayed. We have not noticed our cats doing any marking. Our walls are light cream in color and if this happened we would see it. 

    What our cats do are scratch the furniture. The wooden table legs have the corners badly scratched we can see the base wood. And the corners of our upholstery have been shredded. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem? We have used cat scratching furniture and these have been well used. 

    Glad that you have a website on cats. I shall be checking back.

  2. Basically the cat’s new behaviour is a symptom of some kind of issue it has. Guess this is one of those challenges cat owners need to go through. I can understand if the cat needs attention or is uncomfortable, that you can do something
    about, but what do you do if it’s due to the cat going through heat? Castration is one option, but is there anything else you can do to like cool the cat down a bit?

  3. Hello Edwin

    Thank you for your comment. Cats mark less than boys. If you say they used the cat’s furniture, keep it. In addition, if you scratch and elsewhere try to give lemon juice. Cats generally do not support it.


  4. Hi Faheem

    Thank you for your comment. There are hormonal treatments like the cat to get rid of heat. But I don’t recommend them, in time they will cause great health problems. Castration is the best. I’m telling you from the 33-year experience since cats grow up.


  5. Spraying with urine as a way of communication? This is very interesting. I have never seen our family cat splash urine anywhere within the house, though she has a specific spot she likes to chill out at. But we suspects she splashed on things when no one is looking because of the strong smell all the time.
    But she really has the habit of scratching, from seats to the kid’s dolls.
    In a house full of people, the cat must be feeling lonely as she doesn’t always get the attention.I’m just learning that the cats get stressed.

    This is an interesting find. Thank you for explaining.

  6. Hello Carol

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you now know why your cat is marking your clothes. Maybe you should take 
    another cat, to have a company yours. If there are too many peuple in the house and not taken into account, the cat suffers.

  7.  Hello there!! 

    Wow!!! This is amazing. You jave just wrote an amazing topic. I love cats so much. But it is a matter of worry for me that how I can manage a cat to remain calm and quiet in my home. Not to make noise, not to do shits anywhere in my house. I don understant the behaviour of a cat but when I see their videos on facebook doing funny thing with the owner, I just think about my own. You have written so nicely about their behave. specially the splat marking. And the lines of urinating of a cat was so funny. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Hi Carmen

    My cat could urinate in some corner of the house, I was told  she was marking the house. It was on first months of her arrival. But I remember that after a year or so she did the same and started burying. For me the goal was the same. I never thought that it was any different or that it was her way of communicating.

    Thank you for this information, I will pay more attention to see the difference now.

  9. Although I have had many cats over the years, I have only ever had one incident of spray and that was with a female cat hen my son had just been born. She was a cat who had never done it before and who had not even needed an inside/outside boundary, which I had provided for most of my other cats.

    I approached a friend for advise when this happened and she told me it was because the cat had started to feel excluded and that so long as the baby’s sleeping arrangements were protected then it was important not to over protect the baby from the cat and not to give the cat the impression that her curiosity to the new arrival was barred in any way.

    To this day i have no idea if that was sound advise or not, all I know is that after a little adjustment in our behaviour the cat never performed her unwelcome habit again.

    Was this advise correct or not?

  10. Dear Carmen,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and helpful article. You not only discussed the problems caused by the unwanted behavior of cats but the best thing is you have provided with the solution as well. I appreciate it!

    Never ever thought there will be these many reasons behind Splashing. I was not able to stop my laughter after watching the video you embedded “Every thing is mine now” Lol.

    I got helpful insights from this article and now I have some solutions for the cats splashing. Thank you for sharing this article. I am going to share your article with my friend who is having 4 cats and I believe he might not be aware of so many things about splashing and he will find great value from your article.

    Your article is very insightful and enlightening.

    Much Success!


  11. Hi, 

    I have two cats in my house. Cats are my favorite animals. I have never seen our family cat splash urine anyplace within the house, though she has a specific place she likes to chill out at. I almost noticed that at one place in my house, the cat was sitting in a solitary mind. I really like cats a lot.

    Thank you for sharing your good article.

  12. Hi,

    I am a cat lover. Recently I got a little cat as a present from my friend. I took care of it and made suitable place for her. Her staying place is in 4 square metres. Is it comfortable for her? Though her size is small. When we shifted our home to another house I noticed that her behaviour is changed. She makes scratch on our bed and started running here and there. 

    Thanks a lot for your helpful post. Your  suggestions are amazing. I will share your post to others.

  13. Hello Zihad

    Thank you for your comment. Cats are very funny. The condition is to be treated appropriately. You can do what you want in your home, just keep in mind that cats do not like the quarrels, laughs and big changes you can make. They are accustomed to a certain routine.


  14. Hello Ady

    Thank you for your comment. It’s really a form of communication. You need to pay more attention to your cat. She needs a lot of affection.


  15. Hello Adrian

    Thank you for your comment. The tip was very correct. When my daughter was born, I showed her cats. She loved her from the first moment. He was bypassing his clothes, calling me when the little girl was crying, generally taking care of her. There was no moment of exclusion.


  16. Hello Paul

    Thank you for your comment. And for appreciation. I liked your comment. I’m glad you found interesting things in my article. The video I put on for fun and understanding cat behavior.

    best regards


  17. Hello Zihad

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad that cats are your favorite animals. And I like them. But my husband loves dogs more, so we have dogs too.

    best regards


  18. Hello

    Thank you for your comment. I said that a cat needs 5 square meters for situations where there are several cats in the house.
    I’m glad to know you found my article so interesting that you can share it with other people.

    best regards


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