How to choose a kitten, the preliminary health assessment

how to chose a kitten

You decided to buy a kitten. Congratulations! Now ask yourself: Where can I get a cat? I ask my advice about what kind of cat you want to take. You can choose a homemade breed(pedigree), a mask or a regular cat. The only condition is to like it. The cat can take from a breeder, with friends, relatives, answering ads.

But the most humane way to get a cat is to”take” from the street.

Regardless of the way cats are bought. I recommend that you go with her to the veterinarian to assess the health of your new friend.

Preliminary assessment of cat health


To realize how healthy the kitten is, even if you are less cunning in cats. You have to look at the following:

• Coat. It should be soft, clean and pleasant to touch. Until you take your kitten home, look at how your hair looks. If it is fat, sticky or rough, it means that the cat has not received the care or illness. Moreover, if the cat adopted on the street, this may interfere. But do not be afraid; with a visit to a veterinarian and proper care, all solved.

• Weight and Constitution. The kitten must be full, but not in the chest. Drag your hand over the cat’s body, on the left and right. You have to feel its ribs, which should not be too sharp. When you take a kitten, it must look like “carnage” and have a certain weight.

• Tummy. It must be proportional to the rest of the body. Try to pick up a kitten stomach and pick it up. It does not have to be round and hard. The big cat, rounded, swollen, has intestinal parasites. This has been solved with a pill.

• Eyes, ears and nose. The eyes must be clear and clear. This last aspect also applies to the nose. Ears must be clean and have a pink lip inside. It is not allowed in the ears to be pus or brown wax, the latter indicating that the cat has a radial ear. It resolves with mouth treatment. Check for white teeth and gums have a uniform pink.

• Appetite. Notice how the kitty behaves when you give it something to eat. In general, kittens must have a great appetite. As I said earlier, no kitten takes less than three months and I insist on this. The kitten must already use to feed without milk. In any case, no matter how healthy your kitten will look like. You must take it to the veterinarian for a routine check.

How to administer a pill to your cat


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It’s a translation by Marija Giganovici. And more jokingly, more seriously, telling the truth.

 “Place yourself in the armchair. Take the cat in your arms. Talking softly.

 With your right hand, grasp the mouth of the oyster and gently squeeze it. Be patient. It will open it. Put the pill in your mouth, Leave the cat in your arms. Be careful what direction you run.

 Pick up the pill on the floor. Go for the cat. Sit on the kitchen floor. There he stood there. Take the cat in your arms. Put the pill in your mouth. Looks like the direction is running.

 Start on the floor to take the pill. Go find the cat. Bring her back to the kitchen. Proceed as before. Immobilize the front legs of the cat with your hand. Pillow Dates!

 Remove the cat’s claws from the back of your hand. Pick up the half-grained pill on the floor. Throw it into the garbage. Search the cat again.

 Take a new pill. Go to the bathroom. Take a thicker towel. Stay with the cat in the bathroom. Close the door!

 Sit. Cover the cat in a towel. Just leave your head free. Take the cat in your arms. Pill administrations.

 Get the cat down from the shower. (A cat jumps 1,5 meters up, on the spot). Cover it more tightly in the towel. Make sure he does not pull his feet out of the towel. Put your fingers on both sides of the jaw. Hang up until your mouth opens. Bag pads on the neck. Quickly close the mouth (your cat, not yours!).

 Unfold the towel. Open the bathroom door. Comb your. Wash your hands. Take care of your scratches. Find a job for the next six or eight hours.

 Repeat everything calmly. This time we want more luck! “

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How do I administer a pill

I admit it is a test rock. But after years of experience, I manage to give my cats pills. How am I doing? I take the pill without seeing my cat. Cats even feel your intentions. I keep it hidden in my hand.

Caress  cat. A headlock. Just like she’s wearing her puppies. I open my mouth. She poured her deeper pill on her neck. I leave it behind my back and wash it again. If he licks on the shoe, it means he swallowed it. If not, I’m looking for the pill. Repeat the procedure. Sometimes slicing pill in the food. Sometimes I sketch them, put some water to dissolve and give them the syringe

What names do you give your cats?

A kitten arrived at your home. You got what you needed: food, litter, sand, basket, toys. There is only one thing left: to put a name on it. The name must be sound, easy to pronounce, sympathetic, and, of course, original. Whatever the name you choose, you will not be wrong. It will replace one or more nicknames. Avoid giving your hard-to-pronounce or sound-free name. Examples of names: Einstein, Edison, Cesar, Samson, Houdini, Elvis, Figaro, Baghera, Simba, Garfield, Felix, Thomas, Boots, Fluffy, Lucky, Tiger, Ariel, and the list can continue.

What use cats

You decided to take a cat. You made the necessary purchases. You took her, you evaluated your health, you took her to a doctor, you gave her a name. The question now is: what cats are using. Find out that I’m fascinating. Mysterious animals, full of personality, funny.

You have chosen a very good friend who will not criticize you. It will take you the way you are. A friend who is very attentive to you. And if you’re indifferent or injured, the cat will put you in a painful place. Taking negative energies. Let her stay the way she wants. He knows better than he.


<img src = "imagine.png" alt = "" />

If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think, and if you have any idea, you can suggest  in your comments.


I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

22 Replies to “How to choose a kitten, the preliminary health assessment”

  1. in my opinion, cats are the most beautiful creatures of God; I currently have 15 cats; in the future I will try to provide solutions for saving the furniture from scratches

  2. in my opinion, cats are the most beautiful creatures of God; 

    no matter what cat you buy, the stress in the house will be low; also emissions from household appliances

  3. I’m glad to have two cats; it is truly wonderful to notice their development, but at the same time to feel good with them, relaxed; in my opinion, are divine creatures

  4. Some people just like cats but do not take seriously to grow a cat, they are superficial; a cat requires time and responsibility

  5. Very informative blog. I don’t have a pet of my own, HOWEVER, the people I am house-sharing with (a married couple), have a cat – beyond adorable!!! The sad part is that when they first got the cat, they got TWO at the same time. The other cat unfortunately was peeing everywhere includes couches, etc and probably this blog would have helped a lot when they originally chose the cat. It was really hard for them to give the cat back…. how many cats do you have?

  6. I love kitten’s they are adorable and beutifully made I’do agree the need to adopt one or even two from the street and taking the for a check up .this will only  make sure your new friend is fit and if their problem how to handle that in more human way. I believe if we all be cat lovers their will be less stress in our homes.

  7. Hi Carmen!We have two cats! Pixie and Dixie! We got Dixie when our daughter got it from a friend who had many cats! It is our first cat, Dixie, and it is a beautiful one. It is tiger alike. Our second cat, Pixie, is a cat that we offered a home to it and accommodated it. Pixie looks completely different. It is a white cat with some orange stains on it and the tiger alike tail. We call it also “Garfield!” Dixie has a completely different character as Pixie. We go both cats as kittens. Now, both are grown. It is great to watch their growth, different behavior, and their own interactions! Both cats are a part of the family.Regardles the way fo getting your cat, having cats can be a great journey! Me personally always pleaded for a dog, but after we got cats and becoming familiar with them, I am happy also to have them. Very nice and great pets!Best regards,IgorStay well, market better, convert best!

  8. Thanks for sharing this review,  I remember when I wanted to get my own kitten the first thing I checked for was the personality of the kitten to know if the kitten was timid or confident after which I took the kitten to the vet for a general check up. All this must be done when choosing a kitten for it to grow healthy. 

  9. Hi! I have taken note of all these points you have mentioned here. This is an important guide when it comes to choosing a healthy cat. I didn’t know that the ears must have a pink lip inside. I’ll pay attention to that from here on. And the point concerning their appetite is also good to know. I hadn’t thought in giving the cat we want to choose this test.

    When it comes to choosing a name for our cat, it’s fun! Thank you for mentioning these. I have already made up my mind and if it’s a male cat I’ll name him Apollo and if it’s a female I’ll name her Cinnamon.

  10. I find your article amusing especially on the part where you listed the process on how to make your cat take the pill. I don’t have a cat but I would probably use the syringe method just to make the process quick. 

    If ever I would adopt a cat, I’m sure I will take your suggestions but I’m not really sure if I can choose them. One thing that I’ll sure do is to take it to a vet for check up. Thank you for sharing this informative article about preliminary assessment on kitty cats. I enjoyed reading it.

  11. Thanks for the post! I’ve always wanted a cat. Once I start living on my own I’ll definitely try getting one! (my parents don’t like pets). You’ve shown me various tips and things I should take note of when getting a cat and how to take care of a cat. You’ve also shown me some difficulties when caring for a cat, for example giving them pills. I also like some of the names you’ve suggested for naming a cat. I’ll keep them in mind if I ever end up with a cat. 

  12. Cat is part of my household. My kids can’t do without playing with our kitten. I have one cat with an adorable name called Orion. I bought it from a friend who has cat that gave birth to many kittens. Before I took it home, I branched at the veterinary clinic to check the health status of my cat. This is a very important things to do because some cat can harbour deadly parasite. The best thing is to make routine health check on the cat to ensure sound health. A good health of the cat can means the good health of the household. 

  13. thanks for comment Henry; I’m glad you found out new and accurate things about choosing your cat. I’m glad I was helpful. And wow, you already chose the cat’s name

    vest regards


  14. Hi Missus

    thanks for  comment;
      I’m glad you read my article , even  you do not have a cat. However, you might think about taking one in the future, are fascinating pet .

    best regards


  15. Hello Mary. Thank you for your comment. I’d love to take a cat in the future. They are wonderful pets and at the same time, fascinating

    best regards


  16. Hello Stella

    Thank you for your comment. Indeed, cat health also means family health. And when the cat and the family are healthy, there is great joy in the house.

    best regards


  17. Hello Carmen,
    Thank you for this great advice, I have seen people buy cats just for the sole reason of chasing rats. They buy this lovely creature without loving them, so many times they let them go without food or water, thus the animal becomes aggressive.
    Thanks for stating it clear that love should be the number one reason to get a cat.

  18. This is a very informative blog post on how to choose a kitten. I love how you even include a health assessment checklist. You can tell that you are a cat lover.

    My wife loves all animals; we currently have a dog, Pembroke welsh corgi, and I wanted to surprise her with a kitten for her birthday. I am not confident about completing a health assessment on my own. So, I would prefer to get it from a breeder. 

    Do you think a typical cat would get along with the corgy?

  19. Thank you for your comment. It’s a wrong mentality to take a cat just to catch mice and rely on it to ensure its food. The key is love.

  20. Thank you for your comment. I don’t know the corgy dog ​​breed, but cats generally get along with dogs. Depending on your patience, however, integrate the cat into the household.

  21. a great site with great information, I have had cats my entire life and the things on this site are essential for any cat owner out there, the only thing I would change is the template of the site and make it look more professional. you have great content and people who needs this site can get more out of it with better pictures and maybe a professional logo. This is just my opinion and you really have great content

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