How to have a clean house when you have a cat?

moult cat

A less pleasant aspect of living with a cat is that it molting.

The cat’s molting is a normal physiological process in the cat’s life, a process by which it changes its hair/fur twice a year. Those who live only in the apartment shed less, but throughout the year.

The question is: how to have a clean house when you have a cat?

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Some truths

Before answering the question: How to have a clean house when you have a cat?

I’ll tell you some truths about your cat.

The unspeakable truth about the cat’s molting is that every owner must accept it.

The main factor influencing the molting of cats is the light in the environment in which it lives. The more exposed your cat is to natural light, the more it will bark. This phenomenon is true for both neutered and unneutered cats.

The cat’s fur grows in 3 cycles. Each hair follicle has a period of rapid growth (anagen phase), followed by a period of slow growth and a period of rest (catagen phase). During the resting period, the cat’s hair remains in the follicles and eventually comes off the base. When the cat sheds (the telogen phase) the old hairs pushed out of the young hairs, starting a new cycle. The cat’s hair grows on average about 8 mm per month.

brush the cat

Cat hair growth is directly influenced by hormones in the body. If your cat has too much female hormone, hair growth will slow down. If the thyroid hormone is in low amounts, hair growth will be almost stopped, while affecting the texture and shine of the fur.

Some cat breeds naturally have richer fur. In their case, the environment in which they live has a great influence.

The cat’s diet must contain extra amounts of fat, which are the basis for the growth of healthy fur. Fats also help absorb soluble vitamins, thus producing the fatty acids needed for healthy skin and fur. But if you notice that your cat’s stool is soft, it is a sign that your cat’s diet is too high in fat.

Cats that live indoors do not need fat supplements. Also, if you know that your cat is suffering from pancreatitis, gallstones or malabsorption syndrome, do not give him high-fat food.

There are some medical conditions related to diet or stresses, which can cause excessive mashing of the cat. If you notice that your cat is molting excessively, or if it has spots on its body where the fur is completely missing, it is important to consult a veterinarian, as this phenomenon may based on a medical condition. Allergies, bacterial infections, the presence of fleas, hormonal imbalance, vitamin-poor diet, stress, pregnancy, breastfeeding or sunburn are some medical conditions that can cause your cat to overeat.

How do we reduce molting?

If your cat is shedding more than normal and your veterinarian has not found any medical cause that may be behind this process, there are a few things you can do to reduce hair loss:

brush the cat

  • Give him healthy food and balanced;
  • Brush it regularly with a special brush to remove dead hairs;
  • Bathe it once every 2-3 months
  • Examine the cat’s skin for redness, swelling, cuts, parasites.

Non-moulting cat breeds

non-molting cat

There are two breeds of cats that have minimal molting. The Cornish Rex cat has a short, curly balance. The Devon Rex cat also has very short fur. Due to their short, curly hair, molting is rarely seen in these cats.

The only cats that do not bark at all are those in hairless breeds, such as the Sphinx. They are not completely devoid of fur, they have a down like that of peaches. But in the case of these cats, skin diseases are very common, they need special care.

My recommendation


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  1. I definitely needed to have something like this to read here. I was almost on the verge of losing it today with my cat when she spilled flour on the floor. I was literally fuming but I needed to calm myself and look for a better alternative in dealing with his issues. This is definitely a good one to see here. Thank you for sharing this here with us all. Well worthy information to see here

  2. I really don’t like cats not even as pet. I don’t even know that they molt twice in a year. I have gained this again here. And for cat lovers,this is a article you really need. And as I was just thinking within me that are there not some kind of cat that doesn’t molt? I got the answer from the next  paragraph. But those breed look somehow wild, just thinking. Thank you for sharing this article

  3. Thank you for your comment. Your cat is naughty if he spilled flour on the floor. Once you have calmed down, you can consider my advice in this post. PS I’m glad to hear you have a cat.

  4. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry to hear you don’t like cats. But my opinion is that you don’t know them. They are a fascinating universe and help you enormously. I recommend you read my site when you have time.

  5. A car can be all kinds of mood and you have to deal with it all slip g and my cat have been really playful and sometimes she scatters and there is nothing you can do but clean it up. I have trained my cat to do sometimes the right way and keep the house clean but with devices like this available, you’ll do well. I actually make us of Steam mop alot

  6. Thank you for your comment. You’re right, Steam mop makes all the money. Cats can’t be trained much, we have to take them as they are.

  7. Many people see it as a hard thing to keep your house as perfect as always when you have a pet like a cat, and it is not supposed to be so. This article is a resourceful one and it is good that it contains all the needed guide as to how to have a clean house when you have a cat. It’s so thoughtful of you to share.

  8. Thanks for the comment and appreciation. Indeed with these aids (a good vacuum cleaner and a steam mop) you can have a clean house even if you have pets.

  9. Hello there , I don’t have cats as a pet not that I don’t like them  but I am just more of a dog lover ,but I have a sister that is a cat loving human , she has about 5 cats and most times I do  hear making complaints about molting. I’m really glad I stumbled at this amazing article, the best thing I can do right now is it to share this great article to her and I’m definitely sure it’ll be at a good help to her , thank you for sharing this enlighten information. 

  10. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad this article will benefit your sister. I want to help as many people as possible to have a happy life with their cat (s).

  11. Thank you so much for sharing an informative article. The main topic of this article is how to clean the house when there is a pet cat in the house. I think the issues mentioned in your article, especially the vacuum cleaner and the steam mop, can play an important role in cleaning this house. In a word, you can never easily clean your home without these if you have a pet cat. I use these in my house to clean the house which is awesome.

  12. Thank you for your comment. To keep the house clean you need these aids (a good vacuum cleaner and a steam mop) when you have a cat. Especially if people with allergies live in the house.

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