If you love me, don’t hate my cat

my boyfriend with my cat

All the romance falls apart when the antipathy between your friend and your cat becomes obvious. (It is valid for both sexes). If you love me, don’t hate my cat, you should tell him.

Feline behaves as if he has occupied her territory. For this reason, he tries with all his might and by all means to remove the intruder. The cat bites, spits, scratches, meows loudly, aggressively, etc. On the other hand, your boyfriend looks at the cat in horror.

It reads on his face that all he wants most is to get rid of her as soon as possible. Your house seems to have turned into a battlefield overnight. Worse, there is no reconciliation solution between the two. Give up your cat or tell your boyfriend not to visit your house anymore? Neither. You must first establish with your boyfriend: if you love me, don’t hate my cat. Then you have to follow my advice, which I hope will make your life more beautiful. Success!

my cat


From the moment the person you have always dreamed of enters your life, the world around you begins to painted in vivid, sparkling colors. The eyes light up, the words are meaningless. Time seems to standstill. The candlelight, the music and the aroma of champagne make you dizzy with happiness. In a word, Love has spread its silk wings over your soul.

As your lips are ready to kiss and your heart revealed to the heart of your loved one, you hear the aggressive hiss from a corner of the room, followed by the cat’s disapproving meow. Looking in that direction, you discover with surprise the expression of hostility on the cat’s face.

At the same time, the lover’s gaze tightens and leaves the tension and insecurity to read. One thing is clear: he doesn’t like cats and he doesn’t like cats either. It seems that none of them is willing to live in a common space. They are both proud and never going to make concessions.

Don’t completely disarm yourself from the first moment! There are chances, however, that your cat and boyfriend will end up accepting each other. In time, they can become best friends.


If that gentleman is very serious about his feelings for you, he will not run away from the first conflict. Then explaining by fax, letter or email: “My dear, you are an adorable being, but your cat can’t stand me … and neither can I.” On the contrary, he was trying to make friends with the small and temperamental feline.

Some psychologists say that most men find it humiliating, lacking in dignity and “manly” to show affection for cats. They are rigid, indifferent and try to look tough and confident, especially when they come around animals.

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On the other hand, cats are territorial animals. The strong feelings of affection they feel for their owners push them to become jealous. Not only are they upset by the presence of a stranger in the house, but they are extremely upset if they notice that their owner’s attention redirected to the newcomer.

The situations that can generated are extremely varied. Some cats reject a person who might be the ideal match for you. Others sympathize with her at first sight or ignore her. And finally, others show a terrible hatred for the intruder.

As long as your boyfriend wants to win the cat’s sympathy, things aren’t so bad. It is advisable to tell your friend to document himself by using books or specialized magazines. They explain in detail the behavior and personality of little cats.

Many people confuse the independent nature of cats with indifference, or even worse, with antipathy. These attitudes sometimes hurt the pride of these people. A little more patience and understanding could solve such problems. It would be beneficial for both parties to explain to your lover how affectionate, cute and playful cats are. It can be a real pleasure to have such pets around. I will reveal five tricks that do not fail to encourage the friendship between the cat and your boyfriend.

Let the cat take the first step

You probably know how unpleasant the insistent glances can be. The same thing happens with your cat, who will feel upset for this reason. Her instinct pushes her to avoid strangers. But if you give her peace, she will approach alone, out of curiosity, to get acquainted with the newcomer on her territory.

Make sure your friend that could bind a friendship very nice whit your cat

if the cat has reacted negatively (is withdrawn, hampered by the new presence, spitting or becomes aggressive), and your friend puzzled by the attitude of the cat, trying to explain that lasting relationships built over time. They must not influenced by the first impression created.

Explain to your boyfriend some aspects of feline behavior

Your boyfriend needs to know that cats are often scared of strangers. In some situations, he behaves aggressively, apparently for no reason. This is due to their strong self-defence instinct.

Arm your lover with small cat delights

The saying “love goes through the stomach” is also valid for cats. It has observed that they establish an emotional connection with the people who feed them much faster. Let your boyfriend supply the kitten’s favorite croquettes daily. If they prefer a certain type of food, then your boyfriend should try to win the sympathy by “bribing” it with samples from that range. You will surprised to see how quickly the cat will “fall in love” with your lover.

cat delights

Urge your friend to play with the cat

The game is also very important for cats. Give your friend your favorite cat toy and show him how to play with the cat. They will soon get to know each other and enjoy the time spent together.

play cat


I confess that I was very lucky with my husband. He has loved cats since childhood. But his childhood story is sad. That’s why in the first year of my marriage I gave Jessie a cat as a gift. Then a long line of cats began to come to our house. You can read the story on the blog, in the category: PERSONAL STORIES WITH MY CATS. It’s just that I haven’t written about all my cats yet. Next time.

But if you’re not lucky, don’t despair. With patience and understanding, your boyfriend can become a very good friend with your cat. You just have to follow my advice. But if he is not serious about his feelings for you and tells you to give the cat, my advice is to look. It’s not your partner.


Please leave me a comment if you liked my post. I would be happy to describe your experience with your boyfriend versus your cat. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.


12 Replies to “If you love me, don’t hate my cat”

  1. This is a post that I feel I should share on social media. 🙂 And these tips you have given us here seem very useful. I’ll give our frequent visitors some small cat delights and also encourage them to play with our cat. I hope it works and they end up being ok together. Thank you very much!

  2. Great article!

    When I first met my wife and noticed the she had two cats I got terrified, I was more of a dog person. She then told me that (as you wrote) I should let the cats make the first move instead of me forcing myself into the their space. It actually worked out great in the end, 5 years later and we have three cats and my wife is holding me back since I want to buy a  fourth!

  3. This I a very funny and interesting situation. When one gets so close to their pet, there is the tendency of the pet getting jealous and feeling infuriated over the presence of another person (or new pet in some cases) trying to draw the attention of its owner. If you love me, don’t hate my cat: this is something that may seem difficult to do if the cat is overprotective over its owner.

  4. Thanks for the comment Ann. I’m glad you found my article interesting and you want to share it on social media. This helps me in my endeavor to make the world understand and love cats.

  5. Thanks for the comment Tobias. You are proof that my advice works. I’m glad to hear you have cats. I’m 20 right now lol.

  6. Thanks for the comment Nelson. There are all kinds of behaviors of cats. But if we understand their nature and personality, there are great chances to make friends with them. All it takes is patience and love.

  7. It’s very interesting of you to share this article, many people are not so interested in let’s so they don’t take pleasure in making other people’s pets their playmate, if is very good to know and read about pets as it’ll help you know more about them. Thanks for sharing this, it is very good

  8. This is great information on how your new beau can get acquainted with the resident feline. Yes they are very territorial and first impressions are not always the ones to live by. In my experience if the gentleman in question comes back on a regular basis, the friendship starts out very slowly but becomes extremely rewarding as time goes by. I think a lot of cat owners will learn a great deal from this post.

  9. Very interesting article! In my family we love pets but we have preferences – as anyone else: I love cats more than dogs (I love dogs, but cats a little more properly because of their independent nature), and my sister too. But the rest of family love more dogs. The moral of the story? In my case, the hard thing was to grow cats and dogs together! So, I’ve never had “problems” with people who don’t appreciate cats, but with dogs!

  10. Thank you for your comment Shavo. I know that half the world’s population is interested in pets. I write only for those interested. I am fascinated by cats.

  11. Thanks for the comment Lisa. I want to help people understand the nature of cats. I know they very well. I have been raising  for over 35 years and I don’t have the same behavior. And I have many cats. They are all curious, but otherwise they differ a lot. It’s a shame to ruin a human relationship because of ignorance.

  12. Thanks for the comment Rosalia. I’m glad to know that you love cats more. So do I, even if I have dogs. The independent nature of cats fascinates me. They must not be forced in any way. Due to their curious and circumspect nature, they will eventually get closer to people. But we must know that they choose us.

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