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Well, today I thought to share some interesting things about cats. Which you probably don’t know, even if you are cat lovers. Especially if you are a cat holder shortly. I invite you to read on to learn some interesting things about cats. At least in my opinion. I grow 33-year– cats and they continue to fascinate me.

Age of cat

Sometimes it considered that one year of cat’s life is the equivalent of seven years of human life. But it’s not like that. It is now widely accepted that the report is changing. After the first two years, a cat’s life begins to “slow down”. Each “feline year” corresponds to a 4-year period of our life. The age of the cat compared to ours shown in the following table:

Cat                   Man

6 months    10 years

8 months    13 years

1 year            15 years

2 years         24 years

4 years         32 years

6 years         40 years

8 years         48 years

10 years       56 years

12 years       64 years

14 years       72 years

16 years       80 years

18 years        88 years

20 years        96 years

21 years      100 years

Why did I want to give this table? Because I know who has cats, he wants to have them all together. But the law of nature is not how we want. I want on this path to console those who have lost a cat.

I recently lost a kitten at the age of 15. Still run after him. I did everything humanly possible for him. And the veterinarian the same. Breathe with great difficulty. But I think,  lived 15 years (76 years human). It’s a beautiful age though.

Everything to teach-play the kitten

Beginning with the 23 day of life, kittens are able to use their paws to play. They will not give up on the possibility of doing it. Around the age of months , small cats react to visual and sound stimuli. Moreover, it accumulates all the behavioral reactions of  the adult. When, they are 3 months old, they are completely mature from the nervous system.


That’s why it’s recommended that babies are not taken by their mother, under this age.

mother and kittens

Very curious, kittens are always keen to explore the territory. I’m always looking for new objects and sensations. This “tonic” behavior has nothing abnormal. They are just very anxious to know the world.

Paradoxically, often even the smallest kitten in the nest is the head of the mischief. He will be the first to the dish with food. Depending on the race, the behavior of the kittens differs. Short hair breeds are more playful than those with long hair.

The game is not just a fun thing. It is a true practice of the fundamental gestures of the species. If you purchased a cat at 3 months of age or older, you have no way to know all of this.

I had the chance to give birth to more cats. It is a huge joy and a spectacle to watch.

First of all, cats are the best mothers in the world. It’s great to watch how their chickens grow.

Secondly,  kittens  are a splendor. As I grow up, I’m getting more and cuter.

kitten 2

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Understanding the cat


Through its well-known qualities (tender, playful, easy to maintain), the cat is one of the favorite companions of the people. Although we have been living together for a long time, the cat manages to surprise us every time with her behavior.

What seems incredible and unintelligible to man always has a feline logic. If the owner of a cat has the interest and the necessary knowledge, he can discern what is normal or abnormal in the behavior our friends.

Thus, he takes the necessary steps to correct abnormal behavior. Although I had and I have a lot of cats, I have not found any abnormal behavior. Because I love the cat and I understand it. For example, I know that when the scrawny cat has no destructive intentions. It exhibits normal behavior. The explanation is that in the wilderness she scraps the trees. This has several functions. Maintaining the claws to be able to hunt. Stretching muscles, securing the territory. In the cat’s apartment, the scraper and traces must be visible, fulfilling the marking role. If we take a cat’s sisal, it will use it and the furniture will escape intact.


If it does not use it, it means it’s not rough enough or does not have the necessary texture.

Thinking like a “cats”

The cat looks out the window. We care for her tenderly. At some point, the cat scratches us. It is normal behavior !!! This called redirect aggression. Cat’s attention channeled to outdoor events. A bird in flight, another cat sniffing. Her reaction suited to the view. Tip: You love the cat when she wants it, she will come when she needs tender tenderness.

The advantage of having more cats is that it always has a love affair.

The owner of a kitten watches with pride as the day that passes it gets the alto of a cat. But he does not know that he will soon mark the territory. He needs to know that the cat is a terrestrial animal and marking is normal behavior. A sexually mature cat marks its territory. The male more often than the female. Sterilization of the animal removes this shortcoming. And it is beneficial to his health.

Although the cat accustomed to the litter, at one point we notice that he does not use it anymore. This behavior can caused by urinary tract disorders. The cat is a pure animal and does not like the changes. That’s why a dirty litter or with odors (strong detergent, insufficiently rinsed litter) will also avoid.

The cat is a nocturnal hunter. A walk after dark is perfectly normal. To consume her energy, in the evening, before bedtime, we must play with her. He will also satisfy his hunting instinct. Even the most inflated games do not exceed 30 minutes. Cats usually get tired quickly. Their small hearts are not quite resisting sustained efforts.

The cat has a logical behavior. It explained by its physical, medical, emotional or environmental condition. The owner of a cat caught companion’s attitude will always find the answer, thinking like a cat.


The cat is a fascinating animal. If we have enough information, from birth to death, we can understand the cat. She has different behavior depending on age. Even if we do not seem to be normal to her behavior, she has a feline logic. But being our best friend, we’ll do anything to understand his behavior. And accept it, possibly helping it.

I invite you to leave a comment and tell me your opinion about the behavior of the cat.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

18 Replies to “Interesting things about cats”

  1. It’s so nice to learn about cats this day, I’ve seen different facts about cat lately especially that which noted that cats can sleep seventy percent of their whole lifetime. Which is kind of weird but informative. Now I’ve also learnt about the aging if cats compared to human, which is also fascinating too. Thanks for the wonderful piece of information.

  2. yes, indeed, adult cats can sleep up to 18 hours a day, I wanted to dismantle the idea that the cat’s age is seven times smaller than ours; I had a cat I lost when she was 20 years old

  3. What a beautiful article it is. I find this article very interesting and engaging because i do not only love cats but i love all pets generally too… Sadly, knowing that we might not probably have them for as long as we wanted is a perfect reason why we should cherish and care for them while we have them. I love cats, i really do.
    Thank you for this interesting, educating and engaging article.

  4. Thanks for sharing this article on interesting things about cat. Actually it is really amazing to know about the ages of cat in comparison to humans. I must say that your article is one of the best articles I have read on cats as it reveals what are unknown about cats. My cat is just a year old now and I now the age équivalent to human. I have learnt something interesting today. Great article.

  5. Thank you for your comment; my intention was to tell people exactly what you said: enjoy the cats as we are, to love and to care for them

  6. Hi. Thanks to your wonderful article about cats I learned something new today. 

    I was always lead to believe that the age was 7 human years to one cat year. Now I know it’s 4 years to 1. You are never to old to learn new things 😉

    I too find cats fascinating. It must be such fun to rule any household and always be in charge. 

    Strutting around like you own the place, never having to answer to anyone, and just simply doing your own thing all day. 

    Where do you think cats get all there attitude from?

    Take care and thank you for the great article  

  7. Dear Carmen,

    Nice article, I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented and this was a highly informative article. I learned a lot of new things which I am not aware of.

    We do have cats in our house and one of my close friend is having cats in his house and he takes great care of them.

    Age of Cat section and the stats you shared is amazing and an eye-opener and I am not aware of these information and I am going to share your post with my friend. I want all my cats to live for 21 years.

    Sorry to hear about the kitchen and I felt bad. You know what because of this reason myself and my wife decided not to have any pets in our house and when they leave us its really hard to tolerate. But these cats we are having now automatically came to our house and stayed here. Initially they stayed protective and now they mingled with us well.

    Its really amazing and inspiring to watch the kitten’s. Thanks a lot for the helpful advise and tips.

    Much Success!


  8. thanks for comment Felicity and for appreciation; I’m glad I was helpful; your cat is young, you care for her to enjoy as much time as possible for her presence

  9. I have been privileged to have domesticated the two best animal friends of man; cats and dog years back and I still have fond memories of these two friendly animals. Like you rightly mentioned, the female cat is a great mother. Cats generally are loving and obedient.  Am yet to see any domestic animals that understand his master mood and try to respond accordingly compare to a cat. 

  10. Thank you for your comment Matthew; yes, in the past, it is considered that the cat’s age is 7 to one; but after the new research it have established the correspondence I presented in the table

    all the best for you

  11. thank you for your nice comment dear Paul; if cats have found you, it’s wonderful, there are very smart cats; I now have 18 cats that fill my life; I wish you all your cats to be 21 years old; grow up 33-year-old cats, but I had a single cat that lived for 20 years

    all the best for you

  12. Thank you for your comment Tolu; I have cats, and dogs, but I love cats more for their independent character

    all the best for you

  13. Hello Carmen,

    Very lovely article about the behavior of cats. My family had cats for generations until now. Their great grandmother was so sweet, very smart, clever, and have a great understanding with us. Whenever she was not feeling well she always stays near to us and meow. She protects her kittens very carefully. Never leave them alone until they can take care of themselves. She was old when she was pregnant for the last time. The unforgettable memory was that She can’t give birth naturally. We have done operation knowing that it was a risk. My younger sister understands our cat’s behavior more precisely. So, it is indeed a lovely journey of our life when we got cats company. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with your dear cats.

    Warm wishes,

  14. thanks for posting Rgpratap; it is a wonderful life shared with cats; I think I am entitled to say this because I am growing 33-year- cats and I don’t imagine my life without them

  15. I just found out my cat’s age. Honestly, I feel pretty sad to find out he is 48 years old. I feel he has lived so long and is getting old. I really don’t want to be around when he dies. The idea of finding a dad cat freaks me out.

  16. Don’t be sad Linda; it has a lot to live for, during which time you can enjoy its presence. I had a cat that lived 20 years. And when the inevitable happens, my opinion is to be near her.
    All the best to you.

  17. Wow, what an informative article, I am always so fascinated by cats. they are so elegant and I think they are proud too. The information you have given about the age is very interesting. For example, I didn’t know that by the age of 3 months the kittens a fully matured.

    Also, the fact that a 21-year-old cat is equivalent to a 100-year-old man got me thinking about a friend who had a cat that lived to 28 years old, that is amazing.

    You have also helped me a lot by mentioning that the kittens should not be taken away from the mother before the age of 3 months, because someone was asking us if we want a kitten, and the kitten is only 4 weeks old, so I will tell them to let the kitten stay with the mother a little longer.

    OH, if you don’t mind me sharing a story of a cat we had, well, I should say the cat had us because he was the boss of us. That cat had personality, He had a thing about boxes, it didn’t matter what kind of box it was, he had to get in it. as he grew bigger he was not able to fit into small boxes.

    So one day I had bought a pair of shoes and I told him, you will not be able to get into this box, it’s too small for you, he looked at me with a funny look on his eyes as if to say, you wanna bet?

    He coiled himself until he fit in the box, shame I didn’t take a video of that.

    Anyway, thank you for this article it was very engaging and interesting to read.


  18. Hi Rose. Thank you for your comment. Too bad you didn’t film the cat when he got in the shoe box. In general, cats are our bosses, but some bosses are so cute.

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