Interpreting the character of a cat based on numerology


One of the oldest sciences, whose beginning placed in the dawn of humanity, is numerology.

People themselves know that they live in an orderly universe, governed by harmonies.

In this Universe, numbers have sacred value and significance.

Cats live in the same Universe. So let’s interpreting the character of a cat based on numerology


Before going into the details of the applications. I mention that numerology is not a labeling tool. Any esoteric science is so. Numerology can provide insights into the characteristics of a being. But not a label. What we are is the result of natural endowment, education, and our actions. The result may be exceeding the initial condition.

About Pythagoras. Was the first to highlight the transcendental significance of the numbers. At the school founded by him, he teaches “sacred science of numbers”. This is the root of numerology today.

You can find a vast material, including on the Internet. An example that presents a system from the American school that has 11 and 12 as meanings.

I considered the 9-digit cycle is closer to the initial significance of numerology.

There are several systems and methods of interpretation. The most used system based on the date of birth. It seems to me the closest to the truth.

Below I present only this system for interpreting the character of a cat based on numerology.

You want to see how it interpreted based on the name of the cat? See here. But my opinion is that this system is much more subjective. 

 Personal figure 1, 2, 3

To find the personal number of a cat, we collect the date of birth. Then we reduce them until a single figure results, through successive meetings.

For example, for a kitten born on November 12, 2007. We will proceed as follows: we collect the figures from the date of birth:

1 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 7 = 14; then we reduce to a single digit 1 + 4 = 5

The personal figure is 5.

Personal figure 1

This means a unifying, detached, tolerant. Cats have a hidden reservoir of energy. It accepts to share the owners’ affection with other animals. There may be other cats, but also other pets.



All their actions seem to have an intrinsic logic. Not human. These cats are capable of creating a calm atmosphere.

The keywords to enjoy the company of such a cat are calm, consistency, wisdom.

Personal figure 2

It means an oscillating personality, capricious. It has moments of great tenderness and affection, followed by moments of solitude.

Such a cat will accept home changes. Instead, it will compensate by establishing personal spaces. That are unattainable for anyone else.

She will have moments when she refuses to handled, seeming isolated in her world.

The keywords to win the affection of a cat are patience, devotion, the warmth of the soul.

Personal figure 3

It makes, from these cats, beings eager to know and especially to put into practice the knowledge.


They can watch for hours the actions of their masters if they are sure they will receive a reward.

These cats study complicated mechanisms. Such as “how to open the fridge” or “how to open the door to a forbidden place”. Then apply what they studied.

The keywords to be their friend are interesting things, pedagogy, tolerance. Like, “How to get upset when your favorite vase broke?” I wanted to jump on a shelf of the library. The vase was placed right in the way of my cat aspirations… You try to fix it? Let me pack my mustaches in the area, I will find something interesting to do. ”

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Personal figure 4, 5 and 6

Personal figure 4

Corresponds to cats full of pragmatism. For them, the world is a huge food warehouse and a hunting ground.

They can won if they provided consistent food, water, and places to practice their cat talents.

The safest way to lose their affection is to banned or sanctioned by cutting the food ration.

In a previous post I presented my cat with personal number 4.

Personal figure 5

It is specific to lively, eternal cats in search of adventures. These cats work well with their owners and can invent new ways of communication.
They have lots of ” meow ”, each for a certain state. They will be very happy if they allowed to explore new territories.

The reverse of the medal is sometimes the spirit of adventure. That causes them to act with unconsciousness and to put themselves in danger.


Are ideal cats for tired or stressed people. They bring that extra energy and insanity that gives life a taste.

Personal figure 6

Brings extra responsibility for cats. They take their role very in the family. They are very careful with the kitten.


care of kitty

Are very attached to the house and very intelligent. They have retention s to leave the places they have grown accustomed to. They suffer when they change their home or their owners.

For those who want a devoted animal, this type of cat is the most suitable.

It is not advisable to have ambiguous behavior towards them. Because they feel confused and frustrated. 

When they showed affection and desirable behavior, they will comply.

Personal figure 7, 8 and 9

Personal figure 7

Brings more intuition to cats. They will develop their “scientific” spirit, but not to the same extent and pragmatism of figure 3. They will have intuitions, they will try to understand as much of the outer world, unpopular. It might attract to the TV,


but not to the moving pictures or the noise. Rather, they will perceive it as a window to the outside.

Are ideal cats for those who follow a spiritual path. Manifest an understanding of the master’s activities. They can be a precious source of inspiration.

In their eyes, one can see both the age of the breed and the mystery specific to the sacred cats in Egypt.

Personal figure 8

It gives a specific dynamism, the desire to affirm (even a cat needs something like this) and enthusiasm.

The world viewed through the satisfaction. It offers and the competitions it takes part in.

At a superficial glance, they may seem selfish. But who loves cats will conquer by their desire for life. And the ease with which they manage to assert themselves.

Are a good example for those who want to get rid of shyness or have difficulty in making decisions.

Personal figure 9

It corresponds to affectionate, empathetic, very tender cats. They have the gift of relieving the pain of their masters. When they no longer trust them or tired of struggling with the hardships of life, these cats bring a ray of light.

They concerned about creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

Are very devoted mothers. 


Are most likely to make a qualitative leap from predator to superior.

It doesn’t carry rancidity. But do not let yourself trained.

The best reward for them is to respond to their affection and to feel useful.

Words of encouragement and manners have a great value and make them more docile.


Knowing the personal figure of your cat you realize what kind of character it has. It helps you get to know her better. It helps you to consider what kind of education you give them. See the actions of your cat and point it in the direction you want.

The personal figure only indicates indications about the character of your cat. This is the initial condition.

The final result depends on the cat’s own education and actions.

It is ideal to get a nice and attached pet. For this, you must show affection, respect, and understanding.

If you adopt a cat and you do not know the date of birth to calculate his figure, you can see where it fits. The basic features manifested for the personal figure. You only have to educate her to get the companion you need.

If you liked this post, please leave a comment. Tell me what the personal number of your cat is.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat


20 Replies to “Interpreting the character of a cat based on numerology”

  1. Hi! This is a cool post and I had’t linked them together, the personality of our cat and numerology.

    Knowing the personal figure of our cat seems to be easy to determine and the benefits are cool. I also enjoyed reading all these personal figures. I didn’t know there could be so many differences in personality among our friends without speech.

  2. How interesting! Thank you for the great and easy to understand explanation of finding the personal number of a cat. I am not sure exactly what the personal number for our cat is, but I suspecct she is on the 4.  I would however love to have one that has the number 3. This one seems like a genius and a fun character of some sort.Thank you for this interesting read.

  3. Thank you for this great article. That’s cool how you can take the birthday, add up all 8 digits, then add that up again and you get an identifier. It would be interesting to try this on a cat and see if it lines up. Thanks for your expertise on cats and numerology. It is a very cool concept and I will try it with my friends cats when we get a chance. Have a good day!

  4. Although I’ve always liked cats, I didn’t know that the numerology rules for humans also applied to them. I don’t currently have any pets, so I figured my own personal number based on my birthdate and got a 6. The article describes sixes as being very settled and attached to the home, and that describes me as well. Maybe there’s something to numerology.   

  5. Hello! I must say that any time i come to this website, i always learn something better on cats and today, i have added to my knowledge on the little cute fur babies. Cats are known for having great personality and they are very diverse in exhibiting their different ones and devising a means as this numerals to identify their character would help ensure to easily figure out what they are exhibiting with each character display and this is awesome to see. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  6. Wow, this is a concept that is really very awesome to me. I didn’t think that i can learn about all these in ats. I have seen that you have explained all about cats and the kind of features that they exhibit. I have to say that i am really impressed with what i have learnt here. My cat has to have the figure 9 but he is not a mother but knows how to give me so much affection. I really love him for that as well. He will always cuddle with me when i am about to sleep too. This is a very good concept as it will help to now my fur baby better. Thank you.

  7. Oh, wow. I have never heard of this before. I have heard people talk about attributing human character to numerics but i didn’t think that they could be used for cats as well. Just like the one i learnt about humans, i agree that this too will help to know our cats better. My sister’s cat will be the figure 2 because the cat cn be fun and then can be a loner the next minute. She is tender though and very nice to watch. Maybe i should share this with my sister. She would love to learn more about her cat Thank you.

  8. I have heard of numerology.  But I was unaware that it could be used to determine our feline friends’ personality.

    My Zoe seems to be personal figure 5.

    She’s lively.  Always getting into one scrape or another.

    And has a whole bunch of different meows. LOL

    Personal figure 9 also applies to my Zoe.

    She can be affectionate and tender when she wants to be.

    Thanks for sharing these great insights into our feline friends.

  9. Hello !

    Very interesting about your article

    I have a kitty in the house which is 3 years old and which I rank her in category 3, she would go crazy looking for ways and prohibited places that she shouldn’t

    Many times you are at my feet as if something is up …

    Interested in the package you are offering, it’s definitely a good investment for our cat

    It will help me to turn this knowledge into the best care, training and even nutrition for my cat

    Thanks a lot for your great article

  10. Hi Henry

    Thank you for your comment. The personal figure of the cat is just what she was born with. Her personal education and actions are involved. Every cat is unique.

  11. Hi Carol
    Thanks for the comment and appreciation. All cats are a genius lol. If you love them.

    All the best to 

  12. Thank you for your comment. I found it interesting too, and that’s why I did the posting. I have many cats. As far as I know the date of birth I have calculated their personal figure and it fits them.

  13. Thank you for your comment. I am glad that at least for you have calculated the personal figure. Of course, the personal figure is part of a cycle that has to do with being in the dawn of humanity.

  14. Hi

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you see my site and always find something new. Cats are fascinating and each one is unique.

  15. Thanks for the comment Hendersen. I’m glad you liked my post and especially I’m glad you can help your cat better with the new information you received.

    All the best to 

  16. Thanks for the comment Margarette. And cats live in the same Universe with us. If we can use numerology, why not do it for them as well?
    I am glad that you have calculated the personal figure of your cat and that you say it fits with her character.

  17. H

    Thank you for your comment. Please share with your sister what you learned from my post. If she has a cat it means that she is a cat lover and she wants to know as much about children with fur.

  18. Learning cats behaviours through numerals is a concept that I found very unique and unconventional. Though cats are known for their uniqueness in their beauty and character but tagging their behavioural traits with numerals is unique. Though it would be very effective when it deals with identifying their traits quickly since numbers are easier to master. This is good.

  19. Thanks for the comment and appreciation . The personal figure is the one with which the cat was born. The rest depends on education and its own actions.

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