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On March 15, 2020, I adopted a cat. He is a boy who is around 6-7 years old. Last year in August my daughter rescued him, he has broken, after the battle with a dog. He’s a nobody’s jerk who lived his life only outside.

My daughter took him to a veterinary office, where he has given the necessary care. Both, my daughter and I love black cats.


Tomcat vaccinated and dewormed. It publicized to adopted. To my surprise, they were not willing. Why? I learned that the adopters have super titles. Its color is white with black. This color is not acceptable. Not even the black one completely. They seem to be an exception because I love black cats. Although cats have been growing for over 34 years, I did not know about the adopter’s preferences about the color of a cat. I have had and have both cats white with black and full black. And I can say that they are only as loving, grateful and smart as any other cat.

The cabinet forced to narrow the space. The cats for adoption could no longer stay in the cabinet. So I wanted to give the kitten a chance. I brought him home and gave him a name: John. He learned his name the same day. Answer when I call. I wanted to keep him separate from my cats for a few days. But in the evening he opened the door of the room (which was also locked). Went out to socialize with the rest of the cats and dogs in my house. They are very friendly. There were no incidents.

John is very kind, grateful and very smart. He adapted immediately to our house and yard. Only he has to recover 6 or 7 years of love. In the few days since he has been with us, John has made a more silky and beautiful fur. It seems that the new living conditions are affecting him.

blak and white cat

I researched to find out why adopters don’t like black and white with black in cats. I will share with you what I learned.

Where does superstition come from?

Many superstitions in the center of which this wonderful feline with the fur of the night reigns, have “survived” from the ancient times of the ancient Chaldean to the present day.

All cats prick and spit when they scared or annoyed. If the cat is black, things change. This behavior associated with the anticipation of evil or bad luck. It regarded as a message from hell. Although it is a natural, defensive behavior. In the case of the black cat (or white with black), the nervous situation changes. She is no longer a feline simile but an evil vision. It arouses repulsion and fear. And today many people do not dare to say that this cat is “the devil in person”.

One of the reasons that led to the emergence of superstition is the fact that the black cat represented the cult object of the pagan religions of antiquity. From here, probably, the aversion of the Christian Church to the black cat appeared.

The feeling of aversion to the black cat is present in many cultures. In ancient times the Chaldean s believed that the black cat was foreshadowing evil. To remove the misfortune, they used exorcism, shouting, “Disappear! Cursed”.

The seed of black hatred of the black cat brought to Europe. The pagan worship of the goddess Freia and the worship of the goddess Holda provided for the initiation ritual only in the presence of a black cat. The witch who wished to join the cult appeared at a meeting disguised as a black cat. During the ritual, the wizards shouted, “Grace! Sabbat “.

Many Northern European legends mention the Saturday of Cats, which takes place on Christmas night. According to another medieval legend, on the day of Universal Judgment people will see black cats hanging from the walls of hell.

In the quartet “The Gospel of the Devil” it stated that the black cats made a pact with the devil. Through this pact, they have the right to beat people on Good Friday.

Pope Gregory IX issued a bubble condemning those who were guilty of a particularly serious crime of raising a black cat. Its color symbolizes evil and shame.

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From the fifteenth century to the seventeenth century, literature abounds in writings about witches and their black cats. Even the summaries of the trials of women suspected of practicing black magic are full of references to black cats. For example, in the case file you can find that, in 1586, a woman by the name of Anne Winkelzipfel convicted of witchcraft. She visited the house of a certain Jaques Boille disguised as a black cat. She wanted to bring a serious curse on the owner of the house.

In 1861, the French playwright Regnard wrote that, during his trip from Lapland, he encountered snowflakes. They had the power to turn evil people into black cats.

Against arguments

black and white cats

Some legends say that black cats are lucky and rich. In southern France, for example, there is a myth today about a black owl, named Matagot. According to the myth, Matagot has the power to enrich the house in which it sheltered. For the miracle to accomplished, the rump must fed with a fat hen. Then it is easily taken off the tail, put in a bag and brought home in great secrecy. The person involved in this action should not look back.

In the French region of Brittany, there is still today a legend according to which each black cat hides in its fur a single white hair. If someone discovers it, they must snatch it without scratching the feline. In this way, the white hair turns into a powerful talisman. This talisman brings wealth and love.


We, modern people, read these myths as mere stories. We can’t find a correspondent in reality. We love cats because they are intelligent, elegant and with strong personalities, worthy of admiration.

If, however, by chance, the cat has black fur, the force of attraction to it is even stronger.

black cat

Most black cat owners are particularly fascinated by the hypnotic force of their eyes.


black cat


Gold or green, they always remember the eyes of a panther.

Fascinating and mysterious, adored, black cats have gained an important place in human history. They appeared frequently in literary writings. They often inspired the writers.

Unfortunately, there are people obsessed with selfies, who abandon their black cats and take them to shelter. That’s because black cats “don’t look good” in a selfie. Think about what an abandoned cat feels like after he or she has known “family” life.


I hope you are not superstitious.

If you are considering adopting a cat, try a shelter first. And check if they have no black or white cats with black.

I assure you they are beautiful, regardless of age. Besides the fact that you will have a special companion, you will save a life.

I just did it with John and I am very happy when I see that he is now a happy kitten.

I would be happy to leave a comment and tell me your opinion about black cats or white cats with black. If you have such a cat, tell me about it. Thanks.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.



16 Replies to “Love black cats”

  1. Well, you are a woman after my own heart, as I, too, love cats, and have since I was quite little.  I have almost always had a black cat in my life.  It’s been a tradition.  Most of them were named “Sam.”  However, my present black cat I got from a shelter a year ago…he’s an old cat…about 15, going on 16 at present.  He has some health issues, but we are dealing with them.

    I think black cats are wonderful!  I read the part about removing a white hair with interest…my cat has about six white hairs on his chest, and that’s all.  I think I’ll leave them in the cat, though.

    I, too have a cat website and would love it if you’d visit. I find that writing about cats, creatures that I love a great deal, is a good way to learn about them and to share information with other cat lovers.  So glad you are doing a cat website as well — will put you in my “favorites” list.

  2. I adore black cats. I always said if I got a cat, I’d want it to be a black cat. With green eyes. I’d name him Toothless after the dragon in How to Train Your Dragon. That being said, if I went to a shelter and there were no black cats, I wouldn’t say no to any other cats based on their fur colour. 

    I think it’s bizarre. I understand people being more choosey with the particular breed, because I know with certain breeds comes certain behaviours or temperaments that are more likely to occur. But simply the colour makes no sense to me. Although, I did meet a lady once at a book club who refused to take book number 13, so I suppose superstition lives on with some people. 

  3. Hi! I just read your article and I must than even in my country and southeren neighbours and former countriies of Yugoslavia treat black cats like they are the devils extensions – and I really don’t get because all domestic cats are practically the same – they eat a lot, want to cuddle more or less, they all sleep on higher furnitures etc. I adopted a cat from shelter, his name is Rama, and his half orange and half white, abd he is very grateful to be ours.


    Primoz P.

  4. Wow, great article. This story about John, a black cat is beautiful and I am fascinated by it as I love cats of all colors. We have five cats at home with different colours, but we love them all regardless of their differences interns of colours. I agree with you that most black cats are gentle and kind. They also like to socialize with other cats. Thank you for your wonderful article. I wish you the best


  5. Black with lots of different shades and patterns
    Even when you seem to have a cat that is black or dark at night, it certainly has some spots or patterns on the fur that are not completely black and give your cat a special shade. Cat lovers have found as many as 22 black cat breeds, some of which 21 can be removed from completely black exactly by the shade of black as well as the pattern.

  6. Hi There,

    In some ways, I wish I could have a cat but I live in shared accommodation so it’s not possible. I love cats and enjoyed your text about the superstition and the history which was really interesting. I thought that witches always had black cats lol. I had a cat once and he used to watch the cars go by and then cross he had his territory and no other cats come near out garden so that was cool as they can poop in the vegetable and dig holes. Great post thanks.


  7. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like your tracks and have a site about them. I try to educate the world through my site, to really know the cats, to love them and last but not least to adopt them.

  8. Thank you for your comment. My personal opinion is that only less educated people have certain superstitions. Obviously, all cats are smart, beautiful and loving, regardless of fur color.

  9. Hi Primoz

    Thank you for your comment. I am glad to find out that you have adopted a cat from the shelter. This shows that you really love cats. You have saved a life and this is wonderful. Of course, the cat is grateful.

  10. Hi Baraka

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to find out you have five cats at your house. This means that you have a nice, quiet, yet lively house. Of course, it does not matter the colour of the fur of the cat: they are all intelligent, beautiful and loving. That’s why we admire them and love them.

  11. Thank you for your comment. You’re right: there is only one race with a completely black fur: Bombay. In no case, however, do we have to have superstitions about black cats. I’m the same as the other cats.

  12. Hello Steve

    Thank you for your comment. I hope as soon as you can move, so you can have a cat. You can’t know how wonderful they are, until you own one.

  13. This is a great and amazing article for cat lovers. Thanks creating time to provide this amazing article. i am a cat lover but i hate black cats because it is very scary looking at he’s eyes at night. but i’m beginning to love them seeing your article. thanks for sharing this amazing article.

  14. Thank you for your comment. The eyes of black cats are not as frightening as they are fascinating. They hide mysteries that we must unravel. I am glad that my post changed your opinion about these cats.

  15. This is eye opening.  I am well aware the black cat’s superstitious history and the church’s bias against them but I had no idea this is still going on today.  It boggles my mind to think of all the science that’s available to us, people would still think of an innocent cat as evil just because of it’s color.

    When I was a child, we had two black cats (litter mates).  One of them became seriously ill but clung to life for several weeks before recovering.  His brother laid by his side until he was well again. Evil?  I think not.

  16. Thanks for the comment Cynthia. Yes, unfortunately there are people nowadays who do not like black cats and worse, they hurt. I say it depends a lot on education. Unfortunately, there are many superstitions about black cats.

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