Maine Coon-breed under the magnifying glass

Maine Coon

In today’s post, I present a race trendy: Maine Coon-breed under the magnifying glass.

It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Several legends explain its origin.

The post-Maine Coon-Breed under the magnifying glass contains:

Breed description

Character and maintenance




One of them and perhaps the most widespread is that the breed comes from crossing domestic and wild cats with rats. This impression, supported by the appearance of the bushy tail and the similar color, led to the adoption of the name Coon, which later became “Maine Coon”.

It seems that the breed comes from the cross between domestic cats with short hair and cats with long hair all Angora brought by sailors from New England or cats with long hair who came to America with the Vikings.

Another story says that the six Persian and Oriental cats of Maria Antoaneta arrived in the locality of Wisc asset, Maine, where Captain Chong had prepared a residence for the queen’s rescue.

The action failed but the captain’s ship arrived at the destination with luxurious royal goods. Over time, the furniture was scattered. But the royal cats mated with the local cats.

Captain Coon, a great lover of felines, is the hero of another legend about the origin of this breed. He sailed along the coast of New England with his army of cats. Most were Persian and Angora. Remaining on the American shores, the cats mingled with the natives. When it appeared in a kitten with long hairnets, people said it was one of “Coon’s cats”.

I hope you like it, especially since it is a fashion cat. Now Maine Coon ranks second in popularity. I mean the number of copies registered with CFA.

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Description of breed

Maine Coons a cat with long hair,

Maine Coon

it is distinguished by its strong bone structure, rectangular contour, and rich fur. Maine Coon evolved from a domestic cat in the rural area that required strong musculature and coarse, waterproof fur. Is a healthy and resilient cat. The closest breed is forest Norway. It evolved in the same type of climate, giving credence to the theory that this cat brought by Vikings from Europe contributed to the development of Maine Coon.

All her appearance shows the adaptation to a harsh climate, and first of all the fur shiny. It is longer on the flanks and on the abdomen, to protect it from snow and rain, and shorter on the back and neck so as not to cling to the bushes.

The fur falls beautifully and needs a weekly brush in addition to the normal toilet to keep it fit.

The long, bushy tail that the cat wears twisted over its back protects it from the cold as it surrounds it.

Ears are well-groomed and very mobile. Paws Big rounded tufts of hair look like little boots. Eyes and ears are large, indispensable to a good hunter like her. The long, square muzzle catches the prey quickly.

Maine CoonMaine Coon

is one of the largest domestic breeds. She is tall, muscular, with large bones.

The cat develops slowly reaching its maximum size at the age of three or four.

The female reaches late sexual maturity.

Most important characteristics are the shape of the head and body, along with the texture and quality of the fur.

Eye color can be a golden green or peanut color.

Blue and different eyes (one blue and the other golden or green gold) are allowed on white cats. There is no requirement for the combination of fur and eye color.

Character and maintenance

Many people consider Maine Coon a perfect pet.

Main Coon

With her cheerful, affectionate and active personality. Even if they are adult specimens, their temperament is pleasant. It is a big and gentle cat, a kind of giant of the feline world. Even the voice is special with a special stamp.

Rarely does he moan, and even when he does, his voice high, pleasant does not fit his waist.

She is a perfect companion for large families, is friendly with other cats, tolerates dogs and other animals very well.

Loving, without being flattering, full of dignity but lively, Maine Coon is truly a superior breed.

Very few cats of this breed are in the owner’s lap, most of them preferring the armchair next to them.

With an independent temper, a Maine Coon behaves more like a friend.

It is a playful cat that maintains this quality throughout your life, though females are more reserved than males. The favorite game is the one that imitates the hunt but especially the contribution.

Maine Coon has a great affinity for water and can often be seen playing in the sink or sitting with a fascinated look on the edge of the bath full.

When she drank water from the pot it could be seen how she waved her paws as if cleaning her leaves, probably a reflex gesture from the wild.

These sports cat needs space, a garden is more suitable for her than an apartment.

It is a healthy, vigorous cat, which raises no special problems even when it is a kitten.

It does not need care meticulous. The fur requires a brush once or twice a week. During the mating period, a thorough toilet is needed.

The food recommendation is the dry one, of the best quality. Most cats can permanently have the full plate available without becoming overweight. In the middle-aged cats, is a sufficient measure of feeding with hooks with low caloric content.

Being a big water lover, Maine Coon should always have plenty of fresh and abundant water.


Whether it’s a kitten or an adult, Maine Coon likes to play. Early morning or evening (after sleep afternoon) is the most appropriate time for a play party. So the cat participates with all the soul especially if it is an adult.

As for the kitten game, it is good to avoid violence because it can become aggressive.

If the young master threw hand and bite it, it must say NO and his blow face to discourage.

A good toy should not break apart into pieces that can be swallowed. A rod that has a ball end can be used for fishing the kitten but only in the presence of the master so as not to risk the twisting of the wire around the cat.

Most important thing is that the kitten needs the attention of the master. Especially when he has left alone all day he is happy when he sees his master and he is eager to pay attention.

Remember that the kitten is a living and sensitive being and do not allow your friends, children or other pets to spit it out.

Indifference and ill-treatment are the best ways to have later a nasty cat.

On the other hand, the owner who gives enough time to play with the kitten, which treats him with affection and attention, will grow a cat tender, which will give him much joy.

See also this link.


Head: medium-sized (larger than male) square nose, medium-length nose, slightly concave and non-stop; firm chin; the chin, lip upper and the tip of the nose fall on a perpendicular line; cheeks filled with high cheekbones; medium, the nose line at equal distance between the ear line and the tip of the nose; the head being slightly longer than wide; the profile is slightly concave.

Eyes: large, slightly oval but appearing round when well open, slightly oblique, with a clear and expressive look, golden, green, copper.

Ears: large, high on the head, broad at the base, Welland, the tips moderately rounded, with tanned distally punctures the largest hat give it the appearance of wildness; the distance between the ears is approximately equal to the width of one of them.

Neck: suitable for long, slightly arched; adult male thick and muscular

Body: long, muscular, medium to the large-sized, broad chest.

Feet: strong, distant, medium height, contributing to the rectangular appearance.

Tail: long, the tip reaching to the shoulders, wide at the base and slender towards the tip; long, rich, falling hair; it is not acceptable to look sharp; the tail must be at least as long as the torso.

Fur: waterproof, shorter on the head, neck, and shoulders, increasing along the back and flanks; the legs up to the knees “have pants“; Wellbelly furry hair shaggy, soft seated at your side; cholera, partial, starts from the base of the ears, more pronounced in the male; the fluffy appearance is not appreciated.

Colors: There are five classes of colors: solid, tabby, tabby with white, party-color and other colors; recognized designs are tabby classic, mackerel tabby, and patched tabby.

One of the most beautiful colors of this cat is Silver, in my opinion. You can see details here.


The cat of America is in the attention of everyone bigger and more beautiful than ever.

Many people consider Maine Coon a perfect pet. With her cheerful, affectionate and active personality.

Even the voice is special .


It is a healthy, vigorous cat, which raises no special problems even when it is a kitten.

It does not need care meticulous.

She is a perfect companion for large families, is friendly with other cats, tolerates dogs and other animals very well.

If you like the breed and you do not have a cat, I recommend that you adopt one from a shelter; be sure you won’t regret it. And you’ll save a cat too.

I would love to share some thoughts, leaving a comment.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?


You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat



30 Replies to “Maine Coon-breed under the magnifying glass”

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t know cats have so many breeds like this. I specialise this main coon breed with all this nice fur and beautiful golden eyes. I have been thinking of getting a pet but if I am to get myself a cat, I’d like that I start from when it’s a kitten that way, it can learn to grow with me. Do you have any tips on taking care of kittens?

  2. Wait a second really? Cats and rats can have babies together? Well that sure is interesting. I have heard of this Maine coon thing before because it sounds familiar but I didn’t actually ever know what it was until now.

    Wow they really do have an interesting voice too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a cat like that. Thanks for including that video and audio link it showed me how different they really are from most of the cats I have known.

    I have a friend and she loves her cat very much and her cat is becoming old and having some health issues. Since you are also someone who appreciates cats maybe you could make a wish for them that the cat will get better or be at peace or whatever is best for the situation. My friend is very distraught about her cats health. I would probably be too if I had a cat but I haven’t had a cat since I was young.

    Anyway I appreciate your style and your kindness toward animals. I wish everyone would be much Kinder toward the other species on this planet and it makes me sad when people are mean to the other species on this planet. So I appreciate your website. I will probably be back in the future.

  3. What an incredibly interesting and informative in depth article on cats, reading your story reminded me of something that happened to them years ago, they were on holiday, in north America, when their son one day came home with a stray cat that he had found while out playing, they fed this cat and kept it as a pet for the duration of their stay, they couldn’t take it home due to quarantine etc, however, when they told some locals about the cat, they were told that it was in fact a rat, thank you for sharing this post, I will bookmark your website for future reference, take care.


  4. My friend has a cat with some Maine Coon in his blood. So he´s not pure breed, but he looks quite impressive. He´s so furry with a long hair, and he´s really BIG! He even sounds a bit like the cat on the video.

    I didn’t know anything about the history of Maine Coon, and it was interesting to read about Captain Coon and his cats. It was also new information to me that Maine Coon is close to forest Norway. 

  5. These are such beautiful cats. It almost looks like the breed of cat that some of the costumes from the Cats musical are based on. They are majestic creatures for sure. I’d love to own one someday. I laughed at the sounds it made in that video! My tabby cat can do that a little bit, but not to that extent.

  6. Thanks for the comment and appreciation Charles. Did your friend take the cat to the vet? At our vets are extremely serious and do the impossible for animals.

    I’m glad you liked the video too
    best regards

  7. This is a very interesting breed of cat, one which I have never seen before,it has a singular appearance,with it’s rectangular contour strong bone structure,long fur on the flanks,and shorter on the back and neck.

    The legends of how it began are also strange,with some thinking that they are related to cats from Norway having a similar climate,and that it was brought over with the Vikings.

    The other that six Persian and Oriental cats,of Maria Antoaneta were brought over with captain Chong, which mated later with local cats.

    And lastly, that they originated with Captain Coon,with his army of Persian and Angora cats, which later mated with the local cats,.as he traveled along the shores,of New England.

    They appear to be very large cats,but with a friendly disposition,they make a lovely family pet,which likes to play,but needs the attention of its master.


  8. Ooh, I.hadn’t hear of this breed before ! I’m from Norway, and this breed really looks like the Norwegian Forest cat as you said. They are beautiful, big and magnificent cats. A LOT of hair though, I guess one’s house will be invaded with cat hair everywhere, haha. They have beautiful eyes as well.

    Do you have any tips and tricks for removing cat hair from clothes / furniture ?

  9. Fascinating stuff. 

    I’m a proper cat lover and have been blessed with a cat’s presence once or twice in my life. I travel a lot currently so no cats just now, unfortunately. 

    I now live vicariously through other people. Thank you for sharing this information about this particular breed. I never really appreciated them until now. 

    I can believe that they are descended from royal cats. Although, I have a suspicion that every cat thinks they’re descended from royalty. I mean, look at the way they bestow and withhold attention. They can put human royalty to shame. lol

    I love it. Thanks for sharing. 

  10. Thanks for the comment and appreciation Russ. I hope to come back to my site, I have more to write about cats.

    al the best to you 

  11. thanks for the comment Kristi; yes, there are interesting information about this great cat. Only breeders and those who buy from them, are purebred; In my opinion, absolutely all cats, if properly cared for, are fascinating.
    best regards

  12. Thanks for the comment Holly; I’m glad you laughed at the video. As for Tabby, what can I say: for me all cats have a beautiful voice.

    al the best to you

  13. Thanks for the comment Robert. They are indeed the largest cats. But nevertheless they are very sweet, friendly and affectionate. But outine prefers the owner’s lap.

    all the best to you

  14. Thank you for your comment.
    I have many cats, I have often encountered the hair left by them. For clothes there are some rolls with sticky sheets, which cleans the hair on them. Otherwise, I have a very powerful semi-professional vacuum cleaner. And yes, brushes very often cats, especially during the moult period.
    best regards

  15. Thanks for the comment Kevin, I really liked it; indeed, cats have no masters, they have slaves lol. In the past, in some countries, if you killed a cat, you were killed in your turn. I consider them sacred. I’m sorry you don’t have a cat anymore, but who knows, maybe you’ll have it again in the future.

    all the best to you

  16. Quite simply Purrrfect!  Absolutely love your post and the layout.  Great pictures and very interesting information.  You have made links to your other pages through Norway and Play which is ideal.  You end off with engagement which obviously works as you have superb comments at the end of your post.  You have put in a lot of work (with love) on your website at it shows.  I think it is great.  No constructive criticisms from me, just a huge well done

  17. Whenever I’m here on this platform, I always like how you lecture me more on cats and their behaviours and I’m growing increasingly in live with them. This main coon breed looks so beautiful especially with that long hair that radiates an ambience of total beauty. I love the fact that she is playful, friendly and also very sensitive and besides, accommodating to all other pets. That’s great

  18. These Maine Coon cats are absolutely gorgeous! I’m a big cat lover and have 2 cats at home, but they’re not some breed ones, I just found them abandoned on the stress and couldn’t leave them there. I love them as my own children. I was actually thinking about adopting a new cat, and this time it should be a breed one. These Maine Coon seem just perfect! Do you know if they go on well with regular cats? That was an issue for me…

  19. Hi, your post is very unique and educating because it help me to know about the history of the Maine Coon breed of cat, I am planning to adopt one for my mum on her coming birthday, your post have save me the hassle of thinking what to present to her as she is lover of cat.

  20. Me and my wife actually had a Maine Coon cat when we were younger, and we absolutely loved her. She would sometimes play with us the whole afternoon and other times just lay out on the sofa without making any move. But we just loved her behavior, we had other cats before but this breed was by far the best, we got so attached to her. Unfortunately, our cat developed a kidney infection and despite taking her to the vet, the disease was too severe and she couldn’t be saved. It was a hard breaking moment and we decided we should never get another Maine Coon cat, just because this breed reminded us so much of her. We do have a cat now, but she’s no breed.

  21. Wonderful, these cats are beautiful and will be perfect for my house since I don’t have any pet right now to keep me company. These brands are new to me and I will really like to have one. Cats are amazing animals and kids feel comfortable playing with them since they are seizable in nature.

    Can they survive in hot weather?. lol, my place is a bit hot and not all breed of animals can cope with the weather over. You have done well in sharing this information to everyone and we the cat lovers really appreciate your afford 

    I look forward reading more on your website. All the best

  22. Thanks for the comment and the positive appreciation.  And Google found the post purrfect, immediately indexed me first lol.

    My work is more difficult, because I do not master English and use many filters (programs) until I reach the final form,

    all the best to you

  23. Thanks for the comment Darrick. I’m glad you like reading about cats and you liked the breed presented by me.

    all the best to you

  24. Thanks for the comment Tracy; I’m glad to find out you saved two cats. Maine Coon is friendly to other cats. But pure breed is to be presented in exhibitions and contests. If you still want a cat, you better save one from a shelter.

    all the best to you

  25. hello

    Thank you for your comment; I am glad to hear that your mother is a cat lover; Maine Coon is a perfect gift.

    all the best to you Carmen

  26. thanks for comment Dan; I’m sorry to hear that you lost your Maine Coon cat. I’m glad you got a cat again. True Maine Coon are great cats, but in my opinion, all cats are … cats. If you take care of them properly, they are fascinating.

    best regards

  27. thanks for comment Sumani; like Hasky dogs, and these cats can hardly stand the heat. My advice is to get a cat with short hair, breed or not. For example a Siamese, but it is best to save a cat without a master.

    all the best to 

  28. Thank you very much for this wealth of information about the Maine Coon cat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of that breed. It was especially interesting to me that Maine Coon cats seem to be interested in water. I wonder if they like actually being in water, or if they just like looking at it and touching it.
    We have had a few cats over the years. I really enjoy seeing their different personalities, how they interact with people and with each other. 
    I think understand about a particular breed is helpful when you’re deciding to get a cat. But I think after you do get it, the personality of the individual cat stands out more than the breed itself (at least for me).

  29. Thanks for comment Danette; for me all cats are interesting. Purebred cats are for exhibitions and contests. But you have to get used to the little ones. I love cats and I prefer to save them when I have the opportunity.

    best regards

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