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In this post, I will give you some useful tips to make your old cat happy. I picked up these tips by reading about cats. They are also from my own experience.

Like us humans, the cat does not escape the inevitable passage of time. Her body ages irreversibly. It is normal to wonder if something will change in his behavior.

Whether you need to take certain precautions. During this post, you will learn how to make your old cat happy and how to make her life easier.

Signs of aging

A cat said to be about 10 years old. After this time, the cat begins to change its habits. She will start to stop being so playful, not reacting so quickly to your call. Or on the contrary, it could become more “talkative”. This is because old age sometimes gives him a sense of insecurity and dependence.

Sometimes it considered that one year of cat’s life is the equivalent of seven years of human life. But it’s not like that. It is now widely accepted that the report is changing.

Lucy at 39 yeaars old

The aging process entails not only the possibility of diseases but also a whole series of behavioral changes. Thus, among the signs that appear as the cat ages decreased appetite, dehydration, intolerance to low or high temperatures (due to decreased ability to regulate body temperature). Also, sight, hearing, balance, smell, taste lose their acuity.

The weakening of the immune system promotes infections. Dental problems such as and tooth loss can also occur. Another common problem in older cats is canker sores. At the same time, there are difficulties in swallowing food, due to decreased saliva production.

The stomach and intestines can no longer digest food well. This causes digestive problems. Liver and kidney function are also affected. Specialists also claim that the greater the chance of cancer, the older the cat. The muscles lose their vigor, the blood pressure increases, the oxygen does not reach the blood easily because the lungs become less flexible. The old cat often suffers from osteoarthritis.

The bones are less solid and the joints lose their suppleness. Older cats do not need special treatment outside of regular care. However, it is advisable to have a regular examination by a veterinarian. Some diseases in elderly cats can occur simultaneously.

Behavioral disorders can occur frequently and related to cognitive and emotional spheres. Specialists call it “senile involution melancholy.”

Nutgme at 31 years old

Inevitable changes

The cat is not looking for as much comfort as before. Instead, he will seek refuge in the corners and near heat sources. Its fat mass no longer protects it from the cold. It can happen to urinate outside the litter, to have sleep disorders (sleeps during the day and meows at night), to stop and stare at objects or the wall, for no reason.

Another sign of aging is the neglect of the toilet. The cat does not give as much time as before to personal hygiene. There is no more clay in motion. Therefore, it is advisable to help her stay clean by brushing her more often.

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The cat prefers to sleep than to jump on the curtains or do acrobatics on the furniture. His energy level diminished, as is his interest in the outside world. You need to consider the likelihood of signs of deafness. These lead to many changes in the cat’s behavior.

It could bite you like it never did before. Equally, the cat may lose its sight or have a cataract. Remember that behavioral problems are often related to health problems. A usually sweet and affectionate cat becomes irritable and reluctant.

This can be a sign of chronic suffering. A cat that neglects its litter, for example, may suffer from a urinary tract infection or diabetes. Therefore, we must carefully observe any behavioral changes and follow them closely in body language.

Rubble at 31 years old

How you can help

There are many factors involved in this process, but the real problem is brain aging, as well as changing relationships with the environment and the family. This is because, with senility, neurodegenerative phenomena can occur responsible for episodes of disorientation, confusion or inability to follow the usual routine, such as daily toileting.

Fortunately, we can help the cat lead a normal life by resorting to a few strategies. You can buy them, for example, automatic toys, in the form of mice. Or you can hide rewards under the rug or behind furniture. This way you will keep alert of the traitor’s behavior so characteristic of the cat.

Tiffany at 27 years old

Useful tricks

Avoid major and sudden changes in the house. Take more care of her, show her that you love her, even if she is not as agile and playful as she was in her youth. If she doesn’t want to bother her with demonstrations of love, let her sleep peacefully.

But it does not allow him to “lie” for hours on end. Don’t let her isolate herself, involve her in family activities, calling her frequently or inviting her to jump on the table or sit on the couch with you. Do not resort to punishment, neither vocal nor physical, when the cat behaves strangely. She became more insecure and depressed.

It also helps her to be clean, brushing her more often and cleaning her genital and anal area with a damp cloth. Thus, the cat will remain clean, but you will be able to keep it close to you without excluded from the family circle.

Proper diet

Over time, the old cat’s appetite decreases. Food digestion is difficult. That is why it is very important to feed it with high-quality food, rich in nutrients. After the cat turns 10, any owner must pay special attention to food diets, regardless of the breed and sex of the cat.

Thus, an older cat should benefit from a few changes in diet: Jay Na should contain fewer calories because, as he ages, he is less active. Avoid excess protein, phosphorus and sodium. Make sure that the food contains vitamins A, B1, B16 and E and unsaturated fats.

On the other hand, if the cat chews hard and the bites are painful, there is every chance that the appetite will decrease and that the cat will lose weight. If you lose too much weight, you should also think about dental problems. The formation of tartar on the teeth and inflammation of the gums can also lead to permanent loss of teeth.


If you have a cat, I think you love it a lot. But like us, cats get older. As time goes on, her behavior changes. And that’s because of the problems that can arise with age. I hope this doesn’t stop you from loving your cat as much as when she was young and delighting you with her playful demeanor

You still have to show her that you love her, even more than before. If you understand that time has passed over her and you take additional care measures, you can still enjoy her warm and loving presence for many years to come. Visits to the veterinarian will be more frequent.

You will change her diet and help her clean up. Currently, I have several cats over 16 years old. But with a minimum of extra care, they are happy and still delight my soul.

I also had a cat that lived for 20 years, Clara


If you liked the post, feel free to leave me a comment. About posting or your experience caring for old cats. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.


12 Replies to “Make your old cat happy”

  1. I just have to say that the aging of the cat sounds exactly just like us human. By the way, is the cat in the picture is yours? Is he or she really turn 31?!! I agree that i boils down to proper diet, just like us human, they have to eat healthily too. I am happy to hear that your cara is at 20 year old, can you share the picture of cara with us please?

  2. Hi, Carmen,

    I really enjoyed your post. In fact, I learned a lot from it. Indeed, I’m not a cat enthusiast – I never owned one, neither do I hate them.

    But your post taught me few things I never knew about cats, one of them being how to recognize when they are old or more than ten years. On this point, I would not see a cat old if it is more than ten years old if cats live more than twenty years (per your experience). So, I was inclined to think that the cat you were describing might have suddenly fallen ill.

    You also detailed how to know when a cat is old, like stopping being playful or becomes slower to react to your calls. You also included weakening immunity exhibited by dental, vision, difficulty swallowing, etc.

    I loved your description of treating an old cat, like showing more love, regular medical checkups, better and improved diet, etc.

    In all, I think any cat lover will benefit from this article. I thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for this inspiring article on how to make an old cat happy. We are living with a couple of ageing cats. I’m pretty sure cats choose humans rather than the other way around. Not sure how old ‘our’ cats are but but they can’t be far off 20 years. Your ideas will help us do the right things at the right times. 

  4. I can tell that you truly love your cats and understand how they age and caring for them. We all age and I guess it’s best to keep this in mind with all the symptoms that plague us as we age and gauge how our animals are going that way too.

    I appreciated all the detail on feeding, letting them sleep instead of playing, and grooming them when they will allow it (sometimes they are grumpy, just like us).

  5. Thank you for your comment. My intention was to help cat lovers. As their cat ages they change their behavior and cat owners need to understand this. The photos in the post represent the oldest cats in the world at one time.

  6. Thank you for your comment. I am 100% sure that cats choose us. I’m glad you found my help post for the future. I hope your cats are happy.

  7. Thank you for your comment. In fact, cats make up 90% of our brains. So I think he looks a lot like us. They grow old like us, have a different behavior from youth and have specific diseases, just like us. My intention was to make the world aware of this in order to behave according to the cat’s age.

  8. Hello Carmen, Thanks alot for sharing this beautiful piece of information and tips on making our old cat happy. I am very glad that I came across this wonderful article because cats are unique pets unlike dogs that are popular but it’s a little bit difficult training and making it happy. This tips will go a long way in helping us make our cats happy.

  9. One of the images, the one with the “31” candle on it, I found particularly interesting. I thought that couldn’t be possible that a cat is 31 years old. But then I saw the video with the world’s oldest cat, who is 30. LOL

    I have a cat who’s 15, old yet young compared to 30. My Mooch is actually physically pretty healthy, but I’ve noticed that he likes to sit on the stovetop a lot these days. It must be because, as you say, his fat mass no longer protects him from the cold?

  10. Thank you for your comment. The cat in the photo you are talking about is the same as the cat in the video, after a year. At one time it was considered the oldest cat in the world. All the photos represent, at one point, the oldest cats in the world. We don’t want,but the cats get older too. You notified correctly about Mooch.

  11. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you came across my site and discovered these tips, I say useful, to understand your cat that has aged, changed she’s behavior, and thus take proper care of she to remain happy.

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