My cat Clara

Was August 2000. We were still living in the block. In front of the kitchen window was the vine. One morning I heard a miaow in the beef. Was the one that would become my cat, Clara.

Was a cat for about two months, hungry

I went outside and took the kitten. I brought him home and gave him food. We had special cat food in the house. It proved to be mild though it was a cat of no one.

I guess had just finished sucking. After eating, he was asked out. I left it. Though I felt sorry to let them go into a world full of dangers for such a small cat.

But my cat Clara returned to the vine every day. She said, “I’m here, I’m here.” So I cut the net from the kitchen window and Clara went to eat.

That summer


Outside it was warm and pleasant. Clara was accustomed to eating every day. Same ritual: I’m here, I’m here.

Over time, I noticed that Clara had a brother. Later he found a home.

At one point her mother also appeared. She was a little wild but very careful with her chick. I called her Mizti.

Clara grew handsome. Meanwhile, the fall came. Mizti made  news kittens, somewhere between blocks, in the grass. I made him a couch in the drying room, which was the door in the door with our apartment. I took Mitzi with the chicken and took her to the couch. One of the chicks spit at me and I was informed, but after all, I took him. Later, I took him home and became one of my adorable kittens, Jimmy. But about him, I will write another post.

When they were three months old, the other four of his brothers gave them adoption.

From the kiln, besides the pipes, a cat had the possibility to sneak into the basement, and out there. So Mitzi sneaked quite often.

But dear Clara

cared for kittens. She was their big sister and took her role seriously. She was particularly affectionate with them.


It was past autumn and winter was approaching fast. Kittens grew up and placed them. Not Jimmy.

Christmas came, and in the evening I “invited” Clara and Jimmy to the house. I had some friends visiting. They were very good. Clara seemed to say to Jimmy: To be good, maybe we can get home. They sat under the Christmas tree and done’t disturb or broke anything.

They stayed in the house. It was winter now. They have learned the purpose of the house. They got used to the litter immediately. They were strong and loving.

All the winter in the house.

As spring came, they were asked out. I left them, knew the dangers and knew how to guard. When they wanted, they came to the house: eating, sleeping, loving him, They sneaked on the kitchen window.

The other kittens we had don’t go out.

Clare’s kittens

Clara, I was walking outside, in May 2001, the twentieth day, he gave me 5 gorgeous kittens The gesture was, it was immense. My daughter said she was a …ship lol.

On the morning of May 20, 2001, I woke up with something black in bed. At first, I did not know what it was. But I realized immediately: it was Clare’s first cat pup. I quickly made her comfortable in a large laundry basket and helped her bring the rest of the kitten to the world. Everything went very well and after she washed them she started to breastfeed.

It is a feeling I can not play in the words I have had. I actually saw how she brought the world and how she cared for them. It’s something fabulous what maternal instincts the cats have.

Little Jessie, another cat of mine, came to help immediately. They were both in the basket and were watching them.

When they were alone and were crying, Jessie was the first to them. They let Clara rest or eat. She had a cat litter. It seemed she wanted herself.

When I was three months old, I gave my puppies for adoption, less one.

The following year, Clara had anothers kittens. I was exactly on February 14, 2002. She already had experience. I kept four cats this time: Titzi, Pupi, Pufly, and Albutz.

In June 2002 I sterilized her.

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The adventures of Clare

Once Clara has been at home for three weeks. I thought we lost it. But I did not stop looking for her day and night. One morning I found her. It was weak and hungry. I took her home and I took care of her.

At one point I lost Thomas, the cat who was never out. I searched him for three days without any results. Then I talked to Clara as to a man. I told him Thomas was gone and my only hope of finding her is Jimmy. They were accustomed to. I asked her to find him. Maybe you can not believe it, but soon Clara started dragging me to a place where Jimmy was standing guarding something. She actually found Thomas. He was immobilized in another building by some neighbors. I cried, he answered. I recovered it. Without words, only Clara was very smart.

We moved to the house. Clara was used to patrolling out on the rooftops. But I had very bad neighbors. I secured the yard so no cat could go out. I felt sorry for Clara, he could not run freely anywhere he wanted. But I knew her safe.

She was a very fine cat, sweet, good and very clean. My husband  telling her Lady Clara.

He’s got a move of ours to a bigger house. And a yard with a bigger garden.

He felt great, ran the stairs, played outside, stood in the sun, smelled the flowers. He never had a conflict with other cats or dogs. With an exception: George. A Stamp dog we got from the block when we moved to the house. I made him a yard dog. By the time he had the first cat chick, he scratched George. The dog then respected her.


In the yard, they became good friends and they were sleeping together.


My story has a substrate. If you save a cat from living insecure, she will reward you. Long and good. Providing it with adequate care. Clara ceased on August 16, 2018

She had a long and beautiful life. He lived in three houses. And while the cat is said to be of home, I believe something else. The cat is really of house, but the house is where you are. If you change your home, your cat will feel very well in the new home. Provided you love and respect her. Understand the nature of cat.

If you love cats and want one, save it from an insecure life. There are plenty of others who really want a cat of breed. My opinion is that cats of breed are for competitions. If you want a loyal friend to love, any cat is great.

Please leave a comment on your experience with cats.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine. Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

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18 Replies to “My cat Clara”

  1. Hi.

    What a lovely story, I think it is so very brave of you to produce such a heart-felt story in a second language.I am sorry to say that large chunks of your story however are a little lost in the translation. I cannot claim to be an expert but, I did used to have a penpal in France, and I would try to write to him in French, and one lesson that I learned was to put thing into a translator and rather than take the outcome as being what I was looking for, I would then translate the outcome back into my own language to see if the outcome made sense. I believe that the technique is called the babelfish technique.

    Give it a go it might just make your translations make a little more sense to the reader and help with your connections. 



    1. Hi Adrian

      Thank you for your comment; I’m trying very hard not to make mistakes, I use grammarly, heminguay, the grammar checker here; the problem is that I know a little English but I hope that in time I will perfect myself; thank you for the advice


  2. Hello Carmen, you wrote a really nice story, for sure you are a cat lover :-). Anyway try to recheck your article grammarly, there are certain things that need to be repaired…but I understand, English is also not my first language :-). We have a sphynx cat that is a little different from other cats, and have to be only indoors but he is s sweetheart and makes us happy.

    1. Thank you, i know that my english is bad, but i hope  you you understand the idea I wanted to convey

      I know sphynx, is a hairless breed, but they are cute cats


  3. I loved reading about Clara. I got my cat, Pebbles when she was 6 weeks old. She was so tiny I could hold her in my hand. Now she is 14 years old and loves to sit on my lap.

    My boyfriends cat, Shadow ran in the house one night during a thunder storm. After the rain he put him outside but he kept coming back. He didn’t have a tag so we just ended up keeping him. I named him Shadow because he is black and he follows Brian every where like his shadow.

    1. Hello Wendy

      Thank you for your comment; well that Shadow has returned; and Clara has disappeared from home for 3 weeks, but has also come back

      all the best for you


  4. That’s a really cool article, and one which has managed to leave a smile on my face first thing in the morning (which will stay there for the remainder of the day!). 

    My sister had two cats (kittens) when we were growing up and my parents actually rescued them because they had been abandoned – they lived a long and happy life with us and rewarded us every day with their personalities! 

    1. hello Chris

      Thank you for your comment; I’m glad I lit your day with a smile. Cats are grateful when you save them. If you love them they become a continual joy.

      all the best for you


  5. Carmen what a lovely story of your cat Clara! I guess you are Spanish? I was able to understand your story even though some bits were of a broken English. 

    But anyway the story was beautiful and so full of love. I agree with keeping the cats in when there’s neighbours who don’t like or even hate cats!

    I know well, my only cat died from poisoning, he came home dragging his breaking body to our garage to come and say goodbye and die. I’m glad Clara had a longer and fuller life and a happy ending. 

    Thanks for sharing your so precious memory of Clara, may she rests in peace.

    1. Hello Diellebee

      Thank you for your comment; I’m not Spanish, I’m Romanian; Unfortunately, I do not know English well, but the ideas I want to convey are understandable. Yes, Clara lived a lot for a cat and was happy; I’m sorry your cat was poisoned. All the best for you. Carmen

  6. I really find it fascinating how long cats live.  Yours lasted 18 years and i had an old grey tiger stripe named Tuffy, that live 18 years as well.  My current cats are twins.  A boy and girl.  Each has a distinct personality but only we can tell them apart.  

    It’s heartwarming that you took in some strays and with kittens.  It truly is a long term commitment to care for cats and dogs.  My father-in-law always said if you want a cat, all you have to do is feed it a few times and all of a sudden you belong to that cat.  

    It seems like al cats prefer to be outdoors part of the day but a safe warm place to sleep, eat and get some affection is always important to them.  Our yard has a nice high fence and it has saved our old boy a few times when he was followed home by trouble.  

    It seems that your Clara and Jimmy are really smart.  For a cat to lead you to a cat stuck in another building is remarkable.  it is almost like they know what you need and they do what they can to please you.  

    I’m sorry your Clara has passed but at least you have some beautiful memories.  Thank you for sharing.


    1. hello

      Thank you for your comment. Clara and Jimmy were very smart. But any well-groomed cat is intelligent. Okay, I’m a big cat loving. Throughout my life I have gained my experience and my cats are now protected, They can’t get out of the yard.

      all the best for you


  7. Hey…I just read the story about Clara…or was it Clare…the cat? I don’t think I followed it well…but Clara the cat walked in off the street and then brought her roving brother Mitzi? 

    And then…lol… you discovered kittens? Or puppies?Or both? So how many cats do you have now? Did you write the book about Clara? Its a fun story about this mothery cat!

    And the moral about looking after stray cats…I have heard some  of these cats can be vindictive and scratch you…is this not true?

    1. hello Liz

      Thank you for your comment. I didn’t  write a book about Clara, it’s just advertising of book.
      Currently I have 18 cats and one is temporary. It’s not about vengeance in cats without a rust but self-defense. But the real cat lovers adopt and make some wonderful cats.


  8. Hi, Carmen.
    What a lovely story of Cats. Hope Clara has got her best position in heaven.
    Cats always fascinate me but I never dared to pet one as I am too afraid for their security.
    One of my friend is having more than fourteen cats in his house and whenever we visit our friend he greats us with full family. What an awesome relationship.
    Thanks for such a beautiful memoir. God bless the kittens.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. hello Gaurav Gaur

      Thank you for your comment. Cats actually embellish your life. Now I am 18. You don.t have to worry about their safety. All you have to do is take care not to get out of the house. If you sit in the yard, you have to make a wall fence so cats can’t get out. That’s how I do.

      all the best for you


  9. Hello there. My uncle had a cat with one eye blue and one green. I think the blue eye didn’t work because it was always looking astray.

    Those cat stories are pretty interesting haven’t seen anyone care so much about cats. Maybe you could dress the cats but don’t know if they like that!

    When I went to visit my relatives in the village, they were some cats that were scared of me and some that weren’t. Those that weren’t I fed them and had special privileges!

    Cats (I think) are more adventurous than dogs. I’ve seen them waltzing from wall to wall or maybe even climb on the 2nd floor balcony on an apartment.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with your cats. Have a nice day.

    1. hello George

      Thank you for your comment; cats are totally different from dogs and I say this from my own experience: I now have 18 cats and 4 dogs; the cat’s brains are very similar to ours and their remarkable personality

      all the best for you


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