My second cat, Thomas

Thomas, my cat

It was November 11, 1997. I was coming back from the post office. From a bush heard a caterwaul.

You’re approaching me. The caterwaul stops. I’m moving away, Meadow heard again. And so, a few times. It was for the evening, bad and cold weather. Finally, I discovered a kitten with cold. It turned out to be my second cat.

I took him in my arms. She stuck to me. I was going somewhere, but I quit. I went straight home. He ate on saturates. My daughter stared in disbelief at him. I’ll calm her. I told him it’s my second cat. That he will stay in the house.


After he was calm and he realized that everything would be good, I did a bath. I dewormed internally and externally. There was another cat already. In the meantime, I discovered he was a boy cat. It was about six months when I took him. In fact, he chose me.

My daughter called him Thomas. Although he picked up on the street and still small, he fast learned his name. And not only the name. He learned the meaning of the house. How it should behave. Right, I raised him open. In a sense that I respect hi’s personality and his desires.

He understood this and was an exceptional kitten. I have told that the cats who choose you are very smart and agile. We were playing with him, waving a red canvas. He’s like a little bull. So it mentioned with a nickname: Torro from the toreador.


He immediately adapted to our house. I loved him all. I already had Jessie with whom she immediately became friends. Jessie was 12 years old. He was very clean. Childhood has gone without major incidents.

In fact, it was only one. He peed in our bed, where she was asleep. But only on the husband’s side. I asked my husband to move to another room. He moved. Thomas has not dirty the bed. Like was jealous, he only wanted me.

Unfortunately, 7 months after I brought Thomas, Jessie died. He also suffered, he did not play as before, he was sad.

An adventure with Thomas

Thomas had his life, quiet, in the house. Only one day he’s disappeared. We reproached each other slovenliness. We quarreled. Someone was not careful when she opened the door at the entrance and Thomas broke it. We started looking for him around the block.

At that time I still lived in the block. Ever since I picked him up, he was not out. We were thinking of the horror we could suffer. There were 3 days of nightmare. Meanwhile, I had two cats, Clara and Jimmy. I took them outside. I kept the glass in the open kitchen.

They were coming in and out when they wanted to. They accustomed to the dangers outside. So I told them that Thomas disappeared and sought him. You will not believe me, but they understand. Anyway, they were my only hope of finding Thomas.

On the third day of extinction, Clara came to me. It was pulling me out and she”s moon. He took me a few blocks away. That’s where Jimmy was guarding. I shouted again Thomas. There was a faint caterwaul.

I headed in the direction she heard. And, surprise. Thomas was there. Blocked between things thrown by the people in that block. I took it out and brought home. I’m not saying what a joy it was for the whole family.

Clara and Jimmy saved him. Not only did I hope that it happened. About Clara and Jimmy will tell you in another post. My long term plan is to tell you about my cats in the order they came to us.


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Thomas, Thomas, Thomas

My daughter called Thomas her brother.

It is good for a child to have at least one pet. It makes him responsible and helps him not become selfish. If you want to know more about how to choose  pet for your baby, see here.

Thomas was on the computer when she was working, he was sitting on her desk when she was doing her homework. He was after her all day. But the night continues to sleep with me. He was a good lover and a lover.

At one point we moved to the house. I already had 23 cats. We moved to them and to us too. Thomas was happy to go out in the yard when the weather was good. He walked through the garden, smelled the flowers, ran after butterflies or lazily in the sun.

When we moved to the yard, we took three Stamping dogs from the block and a puppy off the street. Thomas was a friend to them. They were playing together.

I like to think that Thomas felt good to us, knowing he was very loved.

I only had an epidemic and we had to treat all the cats. It was awful bad luck. The attendant veterinarian was out of town. All the cats were going for good, except for Thomas. I ran with him to the clinic but there they did not realize what he was with him. He died after two days.

Later, when the doctor returned to the city, we cleared. Thomas was allergic to the antibiotic. If he had the correct diagnosis, he could be treat,

I was very impressed with how he died. He was on the bed and my daughter next to him. He did not want to die in front of her. When my daughter left for a very short time, Thomas gave up the end.

He was almost 13 years old. He was waiting for her not to be present. I don’t say what mourning it was for the whole family.

For the end

I know that is a personal story. But I also promised personal stories about my cats. Too many tips from this story cannot broken. But it’s a beautiful story because I loved him a lot. Though 19 years have passed since Thomas thrilled, I still miss him.

In fact, the only advice that comes out of my story. And which I have already given, is: how much love do you give your cats, so you get it. Thomas had immortal love. And he had a beautiful life.

If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea, you can suggest in your comments.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

14 Replies to “My second cat, Thomas”

  1. Aw, I love your story of Thomas. He sounded like a sweet, sweet guy. My favorite part of the whole story is the way you described how Thomas died. That he waited until your daughter left the room. 

    I think cats have such an incredible  peace about them when they die. They know how to do it right. 

    So, you had 23 cats at one time? I have 3 and I can’t imagine 20 more of them! lol How many do you have currently?

  2. What an inspirational post with touching story! Although, I’m part of the silent population that don’t really like cats, since childhood. While everyone around me is happily playing with cats and dreaming about their future cats, I’m part of the rare breed whose tail doesn’t wag at the faintest sight of the four-legged creatures. I know knew the importancy and love people have towards this wonderful pet. My parents made me to know that cat is one of the man’s best friend. I started to have some love for cats after reading this inspirational story about this pet in the post. I cat say cats are embodiment of unconditional love in homes.

  3. Good afternoon Carmen,

    On the About Me page, I read you have loved cats all your life. That is the same with me. In 1981 I started living on my organic farm and as there is a lot of space I always had quite a few cats.

    Yes, cats choose you not the other way around. Nice to hear that Thomas had such a happy life with you. Thank you for this nice cat story.

    Regards, Taetske

  4. I am sorry for your loss of Thomas. No doubt both you and the family really loved him and care for him. The only painful thing is animals don’t know how to express their feelings or really communicate their feelings. You could have known that he is allergic to antibiotics. He could have been saved but that’s how it is with animals. We can only guess something is wrong with them when they don’t play or eat. Really sorry once again. I am really touched. 

  5. Thank you for your comment Christina; Thomas really was sweet and cute; now I have 18 cats

  6. Yes you are right Topazdude. The cat loves unconditionally and I tell you this from the experience of 33 years since cats bred; they are my best friends

  7. hello Taetske

    my cats all stay in the house with us; I arranged the house after their tails and I would not change with anyone; besides the 18 cats I have now, I also have 4 dogs; still in the house lol

  8. thank you for compassion Olalekan; I always compare veterinary medicine with pediatrics; some crafts as heavy; neither very young children nor animals can express what problems they have

  9. Carmen, you have such an endearing way with your cats, your love for them is beautiful and tangible. Thank you for sharing the story of Thomas, he sounds like he was a real little character. You are quite right when you say that cats choose us.
    I have 3 cats, one is called Tin Tin and he loved my daughter very much. She has moved out and left him with me, I think she broke his little heart. Now he has decided that he loves me too, but doesn’t share all of himself with me – hopefully in time he will.
    I will be back to read more on your site, you give us so much value and help with caring for our kitties.

  10. Dear Louise, the secret in life is patience. Give Tin Tin time. My daughter has four cats. He moved them all. Now I am for the second time to me; the first time I could not approach them; but now they have changed, they demand and offer affection
    all the best for you Carmen

  11. Such a lovely story about the life of Thomas the cat. You must have been devastated when he died.

    In my experience, the animals that we have rescued from somewhere or another always make the most wonderful pets. It is almost as if they are grateful that you found them or something. Thomas seemed to take to you straight away and it is wonderful that he found such a loving home in the end.

  12. What  a truly beautiful story, whilst I have never had a cat, preferring dogs, would never harm one, so your story is one full of love for your cats, certainly Thomas.  In places found it to be quite moving, would think that this could be the start of a very interesting book for cat lovers, also those who just love a good story, about pets.

    Can understand so much as well about what Thomas did, such as liking to sleep on the bed, have a friend whose cat always sleeps with her.

    Please do think about turning your stories into a book, I am sure that it would do very well.

  13. Hello Michel. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, they’re good years since he died and I still miss him. My daughter said she was her brother. With him he grew up and with Jessie, my first cat

    best regards


  14. Hello Stuart

    Thank you for your comment. Thanks for the advice to try to write a book. Maybe I’ll do it in the future, I have a lot of stories with my cats, each one in its own way.

    best regards


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