My third cat-Little Jessie


It’s 13 years since cats grow up. But on June 8, 1998, I lost my first cat, Jessie.

I suffered the whole family.

But on September 3, 1998, my daughter came from a school with my third cat. He was a baby for two months. All oak: paws, ears. Bad kids beat her. But my daughter saved her. I was very sorry for her. I fed it.

Then I cleaned it from the ointment, drank it and disinfect it. After all this, it turned out to be my beautiful cat’s third beautiful cat. And amazing, she looked very good with Jessie. The cat I just lost. That’s why I called her Little Jessie.

Little Jessie


We were still living in the block. Little Jessie grew only in the house. I was not letting him out. She delighted her with her sweethearts. I work at home. On the computer.

Jess But when Little Jessie came to assist me, I leave the work. She caressed me. It was on the computer keyboard. Purred.

It turned out to loving. She saved from the street. It could be wild. But it was not so. On the contrary.

Her childhood was without major incidents. We were plays with her, she was very playful. It was a delight to see how it jumps after the smog.

Little Jessie adult

Meanwhile, I took cats. Clara, one of them, was born. Little Jessie was very careful with the kitten. When they cried, he was the first to them. She also offered Clare rest time. She cared for her as a mother. From a large laundry hood, I made Clare and the kitten. Little Jessie was present in the basket almost all the time. She looks like she wants her too.

One day Little Jessie slipped out of the apartment. My husband and I were gone. But my daughter was home. She called to tell us that Little Jessie disappeared. We went urgently at my house. I found it easy. Around the block was full of dogs. Little Jessie climbs the block wall. That’s where my husband got it. It was a real adventure, but the cat escaped well.

After this incident, Little Jessie made me three beautiful kittens: Julie, Husky and Niky. She an accomplished mother. He taught him everything they need in life. In addition, she has borne a kitten, which I have just adopted: Tzutzu.

She later became a grandmother. A careful grandmother. Not where she got a live mouse. He brought it to a nephew. He taught him to hunt. I have found that cats have a highly developed instinct.

At home

Meanwhile, the saved cats who have found a home in our fireside have greatly multiplied. The apartment had become inconspicuous. A cat needs 5 square meters for develop harmoniously. And to feel comfortable.

I made the decision with my husband to move to the house. And we have a garden. Said and done.

I moved everything. With cats, it was harder. They were … 23 now. We organized this: in the apartment was a friend’s daughter. To the house was my daughter. To meet kittens and to calm them. And I and my husband were transporting them. I moved kittens at night. We had unhappy neighbors and did not want to see us. The friend of my daughter told me that we were doing “live meat traffic” lol.

We made three shipments.

In the next few days, cats were accommodated with the new home. Then he started to like it.

We moved in November 2003. That’s when we started in winter. So I did not leave the cats out until spring. But in the spring they were very happy to go out in the yard and into the garden. They were lying in the sun. They were running for butterflies. Socialize with dogs. Until now, they had nothing to do with dogs. But they behaved very well. I watched for a month, but it was not the slightest bit of an altercation.

Little Jessie felt wonderful. She plays with other cats. She in the garden. Smells the flowers. “Hunt” butterflies.

Jessie got her from a town called Santandrei. It was a common race. But when somebody asks what the race is, we call Saintadree. It was so beautiful that the world told us: it is. That’s what I was saying to Little Jessie that she belonged to the Saintadree breed. Of course, there is no such breed.


At the new habitat, we all have an idyllic life: we, cats and dogs.

In winter, cats were just in the house. Little Jessie has often watched TV. At Animal Planet.


And he was reacting when cats appeared. It was sweet.

But the yard was not assured and the cats could go out. It was OK if the neighbors had been OK. It was an area of houses.

But one day Little Jessie got out of the yard and did not come back. I’ve been looking for her for days. I cried out invariably.

We search her for the neighboring streets. But in vain. I lost her after 6 years.

And I don’t think she just left. She was very happy with us. She felt loved. Had both: kitten and ,,grand kitten”. Very tied to us. I think somebody hurt him.

My family and I have suffered hugely.

After this loss, we learned our lesson. We secured the yard so cats could not go outside.


Why did I tell you this story? First of all in the memory of Little Jessie. But not only that. I would like you to learn from my story.

If you live in the building, don’t leave the cat outside the apartment.

If you take her for a ride to put her collar.


Cats are unpredictable. Without the collar, you could lose it.

If you live in the house it is very good to secure the yard. This way the cat will be safe. If don’t ensure the yard, the cat, curious by nature, will leave. No problem. He knows how to get back. But if there are strange dogs or neighbors who don’t love cats … I don’t want to think.

I expect you to share your experience, leaving a comment. Or if you have any questions, I will respond with pleasure.


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10 Replies to “My third cat-Little Jessie”

  1. I am definitely a cat person and know how sad it is to lose a cat, especially to them disappearing and not knowing their fate. Hopefully your missing cat has found a good home and a good second owner.

    I do take care to make sure my cats stay indoors most of the time, when I take them outside I always take them to an enclosed space. Losing your cat is like losing one of your children, I am sorry for your lost and I know that getting a new one doesn’t replace the old one.

    1. Thank you for your comment; you’ve scored very well: when you lose a cat it’s like losing a baby; but only cat lovers understand this; and yes, no cat can replace one; each has its role in our lives; it’s good to keep your cats safe

  2. Thanks for writing this article on your third cat little Jessie. I must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to write this article and experience about your dad cat and also the one that got missing. I really learnt alot from this article because I have had same experience before with my cat but I later find him with a neighbor house that has a cat after 4days of searching for him around the street. 

  3. A touching heartfelt story that you have shared with us all and I for one appreciate that you went into so much depth about the life and times of your third adopted cat, Jessie. It sounds like she added so much life to your family’s life, as cats tend to do.

    I have two cats, they are strays from the street but brother and sister. They provide so much entertainment and each has its own personality that at times clash. This is never anything serious, and they will act as if nothing happened a couple of minutes after an altercation of one sort or another.

    Your experience and advise is sound and there is no doubt that we need more people like us out there, as cats can be abused by some people, and in many cases, they did not ask to be born into this world, as we did not. I enjoyed this a lot and I do hope lots of people will be inspired to take a homeless cat in themselves…Thanks so much!

    1. thank you very much for your comment; I try to educate through my site, those people who abuse cats; I understand you do not like cats but do not understand what motivates you to do bad

  4. When I read this article  I became sad when I hear the cat was missing, because I know how I love my cats and I don’t want to miss it.

    When I had that the cat was missing I assume it’s mind, I hope he was found. 

    Thank you for sharing this important article and I will take care of my cat in the future.

    1. Thank you for your comment; no, the cat did not find it, so I advise them to have cats big

      cares; they do not do any harm, some people sound bad and their reason to be is to do harm

  5. I will like to appreciate you for taking out time to write this article about My Third Cat-Little Jessie. My late grandma was so in love with cat, so I watched the cat grow. When lenu was younger,  she was so cute, and everyone wanted to play with her but she was always shy then. When she grew up,  she became wiser and smarter, and more friendly.she knew everything body in the environment, and was familiar with the environment because she goes out, any time she wants to, but one day,  lenu didn’t come home and my late grandma fell ill that day, it wasnt funny

    1. thank you for appreciation; yes, cats are very smart animals, if nothing prevents them, I know how to return home; I’m sorry about your grandmother’s cat

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