Negrutzu and appeal for cats

Negrutzu my cat

I’ll tell you the story of my little Negrutzu. Although he lived a bit at home, he certainly left his mark. He was first born in the house.

Clara,  about which I told you, made the first kitten tour. In May 2000, I woke up in the morning with something black in bed. Asleep as I was, I did not realize at first what it was about. Until I dared, Clara faced again. In total 5 beautiful kittens.

I will also make appeal for cats starting from the story of Negrutzu.

Today’s post includes:

Important steps in the development of kittens

Development until they could be adopted

Negrutzu’s short life in us


Appeal for cats


Important steps in the development of kittens

Up to three months I grew up like a book, with all due care. They were the first babies in the house. It was a beautiful new experience.

Kittens were born blind and deaf. I was not ready for this, so obviously I panicked. And I put my hand to read I found out that: the smell is very developed; that the claws are unrepeatable. The birth weight was approximately 80-90 gr.

After 2-3 days the umbilical cord fell.

Cat kittens were incapable of adjusting their thermal regime.

Unable to remove themselves, Clara helped him by licking.

After a week, their weight doubled.

My heart came back: between 10 and 14 days all kittens opened their eyes and noticed they were beginning to hear. Milky teeth appeared.

After 21 days Clara did not have to help them, they could do their necessities. They have learned to use the litter and to cover “production”.

They learned to lean on their feet. Started to be able to retract their claws.

Socialization started.

Development until they could be adopted

Between 4-5 weeks, all kittens began to clean themselves. At 8 weeks, all of your milk teeth have already appeared.

The bite had to end at about 8 weeks, but Clara spoiled them and gave them more time.

Started the nest games, we continued socializing.

Between 8 and 14 weeks: Kittens play more with other objects, all senses have been fully developed, eye color has come to an end. At 14 weeks the dental teeth change.

The cat educates its kittens so that at three months they will know everything they need in life. More naughty kittens, their mother cut their mustaches with teeth so they can not leave the nest.

At three months, armed with all the necessary knowledge, cat kittens are ready to go to the new homes.

Although I hardly separated, 4 of the 5 kittens I gave, but I checked the families where they would go.

However, it was a great experience to see some “balls” growing and developing under your eyes, under the care of your mother. I kept Negrutzu.

Negrutzu, my cat, 2

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Negrutzu’s short life to us

It turned out to be a good choice. Negrutzu was a gentle, loving and good kitten. But he taught his mother to walk outside. I let him go because Clara was a very smart cat and kept it all the time. He taught him what dangers are out there.

But most of the time he spent in the house with the other cats I had. He was a friend to them. I still had 5 cats in the house beside Negrutzu. His mother Clara and Jimmy, uncle, went outside. The others were just in the house.

Negrutzu was a very beautiful kitten, totally black and green eyes.

When she was out, after she grew up, Clara left him alone. He was friendly with the foreign people who were with him.

The last time I saw him was November 1, 2002, he was a year and a half. I searched for him day and night, but he was out of the question. I hope someone took him who loved him, I told you he was friendly with strangers.

He was firstborn in the house, but we lost him very quickly. He did not get to see the house where we moved from the block. It was definitely in my soul.

After his loss, we began to save cats from various circumstances.

Appeal for cats

They are everywhere around us. Their living and distrustful eyes follow us with a suspicious look. From under a car, from the living fence, from a basement hole. Everywhere we can hide from the wickedness of some people, our prejudices or, at best, our indifference.

They are black, yellow, red, gray, tinted, multicolored.

No matter what they call, they all respond to the call, “pis-pis.”

They are born, live and die in total anonymity. I never know where I come from and never tell where they are going. Because they go to birth or die just as discreetly as they appeared.

They tell us nothing because they do not trust us. Our prejudices have killed them in different ways. It can be said that cats are the species-victim. And I’m not referring to those in our homes. But to the master less. Their place should be in our courtyards, in our homes, on a stove or a radiator. In our arms when we sit on television, on an armchair, upstairs on the closet, in the cherry in the garden, or hanging for hours on a muzzle.

The blocks have multiplied and the cats have not found their place next to us.

The cats of the roof, as they call the French, never have nine life. They have one and that one short.

I do not want to be sorry for the story of their short life. I only tell you that reality fades away from fiction. The most horrible stories happen next to us and not to the pages of the books.

But silent and largely unreadable dramas in the animal world do not interest us.

Worse, 3 million .000,000 cats are euthanized annually in the US, of which 2,600,000,000 are perfectly healthy.

We usually reject or hate what we do not understand. We reject the cat because we do not understand them independently and the desire for solitude. Associate it with the occult forces, the darkness. More sure of the darkness in us, and we do not like that.

As unhappy as they are, kittens need us. Our presence, our food, our love.

Don’t deny the joy of a warm and reassuring presence near a white, black, red hair …


About NegrutzuNegrutzum ny cat, 3

I can not say too much, he lived with us only a year and a half, of which the first three months he developed, then he was outside. But being friendly with strangers, I hope someone took him home.

What I intended through this post was to sensitize the world to the drama of stray cats.

To overcome preconceived prejudices and ideas about cats and to adopt at least one.

I would love to share some thoughts, leaving a comment.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?


You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat



20 Replies to “Negrutzu and appeal for cats”

  1. Such a sweet sad story Carmen!  I love my cats, I have had several through the years and two who live with me now.  They are sisters although technically they are known as litter-mates because it is possible, I’m sure you know, that they have different fathers.  My cats are rescue cats, in fact all but the first two cats I have ever known have been adopted from a rescue centre or else found their way to us and decided to move in.  I’m sorry you lost Negretzu, he is very beautiful.  Cats lead tough dangerous lives, even the ones that are not technically feral.  Keep up the good work rescuing and caring for these beautiful creatures, cats need friends like you because sadly they have many cruel enemies.

  2. Hi! Aww, it’s sad to see Negrutzu go. Love his black fur and green eyes. I also hope that a home with good people took him.

    I appreciate your description of those initial months of development. There were a couple of things about cat kittens I didn’t know. It’s exciting to see them along this process. 🙂

  3. Hello Ally, thanks for the comment, I liked it; I started to build the site just to sensitize as many people as possible; I don’t understand why cats have so many enemies, they don’t hurt anyone and they are so cute.

    best regards


  4. Hello Henry; Thank you for your comment;  I hope too Negrutzu got a good man. I’m glad you found out new things. It is indeed wonderful to see them growing up and being cared for and educated by their mother.

    best regards


  5. Dear Carmen, your cat Negrutzu looks just like mine. I am sorry he left and  I hope he’s fine. I just can’t imagine living without my little black cat. 

    As opposed to Negrutzu, I adopted my cat when she was 8 years old. She had been abandoned 3 times. Nobody wanted her because of her age and her color. 

    Thank you very much for all the tips you give in this article about the education of cats. take care. Purdey.

  6. It has been some years since I’ve had cats in my home. Years ago though we somehow ended up with 4, all of which got out at once and (of course) all came back pregnant. Can you imagine?! All but 1 of these found a closet or back corner to hide while birthing their kittens. The last one chose to do it ON TOP of my daughter while she slept, believe it or not!

    Even though I knew the number was probably quite large, I had no idea so many cats were euthanized each year! How horrible! It is wonderful you have made the decision to save cats from various circumstances. I would like to think you’re making a difference in the world and certainly in the lives of those cats you save. 

  7. So sorry to hear that.

    When you say what the post includes, it would be helpful to add some page jumpers to the specific parts of the post.

    Good use of visuals and it’s great to have some internal links to help rankings, I see that you have done that.

    Maybe add some extra affiliate links, I see that you have 3, maybe try adding extra things like cat beds, etc…

  8. thanks for commenting Purdey; I still have a male cat just like Negrutzu, also born in the house. On August 23, he is 15 years old. Congratulations on adopting an older cat, you can enjoy it for many years now.

    Best regards


  9. Hello Carmen!
    Oh This is really a nice article. Cats are really our good friends. Having pet like cat is so enjoyable. Good topknot about your kittens. The little Negrutzu. Also about clara. Thae way you found clara was a matter of fear. The story you have written about your kittens was heart touching as they were blind and dump. But after all these you cared them so well. Everybody to know this. And thanks for sharing how to develop them and gale care of them. This will help to develop ours.

  10. thank you Shannon for your comment. Yes, I saved many cats, but some were born in the house. Some of them I gave them for adoption. But I’m sorry of cats who have no chance, maybe if someone reads my seit, a cat will have a chance. It is really horrible what happens and how many enemies the cats have, although they do not harm and are cute.

    best regards


  11. Thank you for your comment; probably in time I will add; anyway google is indexing me.
    best regards

  12. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you liked posting and you found it exciting. I hope it is useful to describe the development of kittens.

    best regards


  13. Wow! Very interesting read this is for me and what a lovely journey this would have been between you and kitten netgrutzu if it was not that he got lost. Seriously, I think people should care more towards animal and I wish that netgrutzu find a very caring and loving parent. My neighbour once adopted a stray dog and till now, they are still together. When we open more freely towards our pet, they feel a sense of love and happiness towards being around us and I implore more people go do this. Nice story about the lifespan of netgrutzu

  14. This is a really good story and I’m sorry about your cat, you must have really loved him and he was really friendly too. It is true that cats have been shown so much hate and honestly I was one of those kinds of people thinking cats are occultic but my sister owns a cat now and we really love him. This is really great sensitising and I hope people all over the world can respect stray cats even if they won’t take them in.

  15. Hi. Thanks for the comment. Right, I know from my experience that how much love you give to an animal, so you will receive in return. I do not know what kind of “dispenser” they have.

    best regards


  16. hello Henderson

    Thank you for your comment. Cats are not actually occult, they are circumspect. It is good that you have overcome the stage and love your sister’s cat. And I hope the stray cats have fewer enemies.

    best regards


  17. Hello; the concern you feel, the care you give, the love you embrace with the cats is deeply expressed in the lines of your post. Your favorite cat Pet cat had strayed. 

    No doubt went too far for him to return; it is natural to understand, however, that the male species of vertebrate generally get attracted to their female counterparts. Although he is a Cat; that’s the reality.


  18. Hi Carmen,
    I’m now upset about knowing about your lost cat. It’s hurt me too much. I think, your cat was so nice and that’s why someone took him to his home. From your article, I know the developments of cats and kittens. The description of cats’ development is very attractive. By reading your article, everyone with me knows the developments and care of them. It’s a useful article.
    Thank you!!

  19. Thanks Dorcas for your comment. I know cats are just cats. But Negrutzu was born in the house. It did not go very far, he loved us, it would not have left us. But he was gentle and friendly with strangers, and that’s why I think somebody liked and took he.

    best regards


  20. Hello Snigdha

    Thank you for your comment. I believe the same way, someone liked he and took he. I’m glad you found my description about the development of cats.

    best regards


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