Nutritional needs of cats

nutritional need of cats

OK. You took a kitten. You were with her at the vet. You have the necessary one so you can feel comfortable in your home. But very soon you have to learn about nutritional needs of  cats. While a dog is an omnivore, a cat is carnivorous by excellence. So  nutritional needs of cats are different from a dog’s.

Nutritional needs of  cats

A feline nutritionist I‘ve never seen, someone will say more. And yet, in the US, the cat’s country, and then the dogs, there is the National Animal Diet Food Institute.

Which solves this big problem of our true and disinterested friends. Anyone who knows that cat food is based on meat. How many cat lovers are, there are so many eating methods. From my 33-year-old experience of raising cats, I can tell you many things.

A balanced diet of cats provided by the following food components:

Taurine-maintains heart health and visual acuity

Carnitine – supports lipid metabolism for urinary tract health

• Carcass-source of betacarotene to keep a strong immune system

• Spinach-rich in iron and vitamins, to maintain a healthy circulatory system

.• Chicory – a natural source of prebiotics that helps maintain healthy digestion

• Rosemary-is a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals

• Rape Seeds – an important source of fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) that help maintain healthy skin and coat

• Chicken, turkey, beef, fish, etc.

All these found in special food for cats. The form of croquettes (dry food). The form of canned foods (junk food). For juniors, adults, seniors, sterilized cats, diabetic cats, etc.

I have many cats, I give them dry food and I give them some moist food From time to time. You can also see my post here.

Do not spoil at the price of food, the better it is, the more cats will eat, but will be healthier to our delight.

List of foods that can given to cats as such

• Food based on meat (meat of all species). Organs (liver, cow’s heart, kidney, spleen); fresh or frozen, mixed with rice. Attention to fish: only boned and boiled. All meat given only at room temperature, only boiled pork

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Milk- based foods – Calcium port for bone health – Milk appreciated by the cat and can eat daily. In quantities of up to 100 ml, especially in younger nutrition. Some cats refuse milk but accept cow’s cheese, butter, melted cheese, sour cream and cheese. Butter is particularly necessary, especially in the younger.


<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Eeggs-just yolk, 2-3 times a week

<img src=”imagine.png” alt=””/>

• Spinach, carrot, ivy … and grass – are secondary foods in the cat’s diet. Is necessary because of their vitamin content. Some vitamins purchased by themselves by washing their skin and coats. I cultivate grass in jardinière and my cats eat it with pleasure to adjust their digestion.

• Bones are not given in cat food except for bone powder

Chocolate attention: It is toxic to cats and sometimes its consumption can be fatal. I tell you to resist the temptation to offer him chocolate if the cat urges her. Instead, offer your cats olive (black only) and you will witness a special show until they eaten.

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Also prohibited: onions, potatoes and uncooked tomatoes, dough, grapes and raisins, caffeine and alcohol, garlic and chives.

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How to administer food and drinking water

The Great Pasteur recommends that the water and food vessels are very clean. They should washed daily (twice a day in sommer), but never with detergents. Detergent traces, would produce cat-poisoned cats.that ate or drank. From such dishes.

Foods should always chop or in the form of pasta. The ration will include meat or data through the mincing machine. Mixed with green vegetables and carrots. How can we teach kittens to eat, so we’ll have them all their lives.

An amount of about 150 gr. Raw beef or boiled pork should found daily in the food ration. For young cats, two meals a day recommended, in the morning and in the evening, for adults only, in the evening. In the morning they will be dairy. If the cat refuses to eat, it’s definitely a problem with this freshness.

I have several cats. I have used them with croquettes, at their disposal all the time and canned dates. From time to time, all at once. It seems cats eat what they need, I have no problems. But they always have fresh water. You can see here my revew.


Cats do not like receiving food less often and in large portions. They are prone to eat small quantities several times. Commercial dry food is ideal. It can leave permanently at the cat’s disposal. If you want to dispose of the dry food from the trade, you do it gradually. Mix the new type of food with the old one.

Refusal of food is a symptom of many diseases. But you can also meet the healthy cat.

The cat may refuse food if:

• it placed near the litter

• placed in a place circulating with many people

• in the presence of an aggressive cat who threatens her and attacks her when she wants to eat

A negative experience (allergic reaction, nausea, vomiting) can cause an aversion to the taste and smell of food.

The reduced physical activity combined with a too rich diet can easily overcome the nutritional balance of the cat. Offered in the sign of love, too often, can also unbalance. The result: you will have an obese cat. The overweight cat does not have an ideal life for his prey.

The quality of food can checked by the condition of the hair. It must be soft, odorless, clean and shiny. If health problems occur, the hair is more opaque, greasy and fragile.

Food administration

If you want a healthy cat to enjoy, you will take my advice into account. The nutritional needs of the cat differ from a dog. It differs from human needs. You will maintain a rigorous hygiene of the pots that you give them to drink and From which they drink water. If you can give it to cats, remove the remaining contents From the cat’s table into a jar. The jar holds it in the fridge.

If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea, you can suggest  in your comments.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

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  1. Very insightful post! I had no idea there was so much to the nutritional needs of one’s cat!

    I love your cats as well. They are so sweet and cute looking. Thanks for the post, it is very helpful!

  2. Hi Carmen! I happened to find your site looking for information for my cats nutritional needs and I loved it. Very informative! I live with 3 Persian cats. One question: do cats’ nutritional needs vary from breed to breed?

  3. hello Effie
    I’m glad you hit my site; no, cats, regardless of race, have the same nutritional needs for a harmonious development

  4. Hello Vicki

    Thank you for your comment; the fact that you’ve marked pages gives me courage and motivation to continue


  5. mature cats can only give milk if they ask for it; they generally prefer other dairy products; egg yolk can be raw or boiled, depending on how the cat likes; thank you for ask

  6. don’ be scared by the eyes of the cat; if you love them  , they are gentle; the biggest benefit is that it catches the negative energies in the house; if you are ill, put yourself in the painful place and take pain; just let them stay as they want

  7. maybe I did not correctly say: special cat food is balanced (canned or dry food); the list I gave it can also be used

  8. cats are very hard to train; only the Russians have succeeded ; the cat’s brain is similar to man, dog, not; you can be trained lol

  9. I’m happy that you liked it; 

    and I’m glad you love cats, if you know them are wonderful creatures

  10. foarte bine; când nu știi ceva, mai bine întrebi pe cineva care știe; Recunosc că la început nu aveam informațiile că este interzisă să dau pisici de ciocolată

  11. This is a great nutritional post for cats lovers. I love cats because they are great in entertaining me and I just can’t get enough, they do goofy thing and make me laugh where they don’t take space. This is a great wrote up because those wonderful creatures deserve all the best you can offer, I just wish they can be trained like dogs. Funny right. 

  12. I never thought even the mature cats can be given milk. I thought it’s for the young only. Now I can give them milk if I have the budget. 

    I see the enumerated foods for cat and what I’m curious about is the egg yolk, is this to be given raw or to be cooked?

  13. Hi Carmen

    What a wonderful post and I adore Cats and you have given some real insight as to what to feed these gorgeous friends

    I love the pic of your cats and so sad you lost your friend to antibiotic allergy

    Our old cat Bodi lived till he was 17 and I know a lot of it comes down to giving him the correct diet although he used to pinch meat from the fridge. He opened the door with his paw. Hmm – clever cat.

    I’m glad I found this site and I have bookmarked for future reference Carmen thank you

  14. So what I take from this article is that your typical tinned (or canned) cat food is much like the fast food, or junk food we eat as humans – it’s not good for cats at all?

    Also, the higher priced cat foods are a lot healthier overall when compared to the cheaper options?

    Really didn’t know this, and we used to have two cats when I was a kid growing up! 

  15. I really don’t know that cats are carnivores despite that they’ve been living with us for about 10,000 years. To effectively raise an animal, nutrition is the key component, and you’ve got lots of experience in this.What exactly are the benefits of keeping cats in the house apart from companionship they provide? I am scared or cat eyes, but I may give it an attempt.

  16. These cat nutrition information are very useful especially that many cat owners aren’t aware of them.
    as well as the prohibited food that some cat owners tend to ignore.

  17. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a wonderful information about  this.You wrote a lot of beautiful things about your cats.I like your cats so much. I also like your words very much.I believed most of the people will like this review.Thanks for sharing this informative information.

  18. Very helpful post indeed!

    The other day, I was craving for sweets so I ran to the nearest convenient store and got myself a bar of chocolate. Got back home and started nibbling on it while opening my emails. Suddenly my cat came up to me and just as I was about to give her a bite, I thought it would be best if I ask somebody first if it’s okay to give cats chocolates.

    I’m glad I resisted the urge to share my chocolate bar with my cat or I would have placed her life in danger. Next time she craves for something sweet, I will give her olives.

    Thank you I learned something new today about the proper care of cats.

  19. Hi Carmen,

    I have read the whole article and understood that this is also very important to consider nutritional needs of our cats. Though our family cat is not weak and nutritional problem but I believe this knowledge will be helpful to consider food for them. One of my friend is worried about his cat’s physical condition. It looks very skeletal and is not strong enough to run and play. I am going to share your article with him. Thanks for writing this helpful article.

  20. your friend has to go to the veterinarian urgently, maybe his cat has a pain; it is not normal for a cat to not play, unless he is very old; thank you for comments

  21. Wow what a great nutritional resource for cat owners! I was not aware that things such as Taurine, Carnitine, Chicory and Rosemary can be beneficial add-ins to a cats diet. It makes sense that a cat would enjoy and benefit from something like a cow’s heart when you think about their diets in the wild. I don’t often see a cat eating cheese, so this is a great thing to try for sure, and I appreciate also you mentioning foods to avoid. Sometimes people overfeed their cats and they become obese, so it becomes important to know which food to provide and which to withhold. Great resource and keep up the good work!

  22. Thank you for your comment. If you have a cat and you love it, you want to keep it healthy. That’s why you learn about her nutritional needs. Thanks for appreciation.

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