The Persian-breed cat under a magnifying glass



Today I present the Persian-breed cat under a magnifying glass. I say “under a magnifying glass” because I will present the breed history, character, maintenance, nutrition, health problems but also the standard in exhibitions.

So let me start by presenting the Persian- breed under a magnifying glass.


Italian scientist Pietro Della Valle recalls in one of his travel descriptions, around 1626, about a cat with a very fine, long, silky hair, with a dense tail, which he encountered in the Chorsan region of Persia.

It is assumed that the Persian appeared as a result of a genetic mutation suffered by a short-haired cat, probably of Egyptian origin. It was found that there is no wild cat with such a long fur. The very cold weather in Turkey and Iran favored such a change.

The Persian cat plays the antagonistic traits, although it is assumed that Persian and cats angora share not only the geographical vicinity of the place. In the breeding and reproduction of the angora cat (from Ankara), preserving its original appearance and character was essential.

Comparatively, the Persian cat has undergone a complete transformation

Selective breeding began more than 100 years ago, with the first standard proposal coming from the one who made it and spread it, Harrison Weir.

He also organized, in 1871, the first cat exhibition in modern Europe, at Crystal Palace in London.

Crossings with the Angora breed or practiced improving the quality of the fur, carrying out systematic work to obtain the ranges of colors and motifs, known today, which have more than 250 varieties.

The character

The Persian, with her unwavering charm, is considered “the aristocrat of cats”. She received the best recommendations.

Sociable, peaceful, never aggressive, sweet and affectionate, showing a special attachment to the master.

The Persian understands perfectly with children and dogs. Is reserved for foreigners.  Mild discreet and quite rare. It reaches maturity around the age of 16-18 months and the puberty period, four to six months.

The Persian cat is not a work of art, although many consider it to be so, due to the time needed for its toilet. It is not the fluttering of threads, suffocating, but rather careful with people.


For the Persian cat  growth, it takes time, patience and the ability to keep calm.

The well-educated animal, especially the rider, is charming and becomes a pleasant companion. He is not disturbed by the characteristic curiosity of other breeds, he does not want to distract or to investigate everything.

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If you are going to adopt a Persian cat, you must know that it is not enough to just provide it with a large and comfortable place. It already requires from the chicken phase special care, fur maintenance being a complicated activity.

If you do not pay proper attention, the fur of the Persian, which has about 200 threads / square mm, becomes violated and causes a state of discomfort.

Brushing the cat should take at least 15 minutes. It is done in the opposite direction of hair growth and aims to remove dead strands, dust, and knots, which are frequently formed.

Pay close attention to the tail, the labia, and the abdomen, these being very sensitive areas.

Brush and face, very careful and delicate. For this, you can use a toothbrush.

Brushing is an opportunity to inspect skin, ears, and lips if there are parasites.

A bath is a common event for a Persian. It is advisable to take a bath once a week. The water temperature must be appropriate. Use a special shampoo for cats. Avoid its penetration into eyes and ears. After the bath, wipe the fur very well and dry it at room temperature.

The fur is stained during the meal. It is advisable to use small vessels so that the collar does not get dirty. After the meal, it is indicated to clean . If, however, it has become dirty and in time the fur has changed its color, you will have to clean it with a piece of cotton soaked in shampoo.



You should also take care of the fur around your eyes. Boric acid is very good for removing stains.

I have previously presented other breeds with long hair, something easier to maintain. See here and here.

Food and health problems

Cats are carnivorous. Their menu is based on fish, poultry, and beef. The diet is similar to the other breeds. With the specification that a food dedicated to fur maintenance will be administered. There is now a wide range of products, even especially for Persians (from Royal Canin).

The highly selective reproduction, with the tendency to obtain a shortened profile, has negative consequences. These include the deformation of the bone. As a result, the disposition of the animal’s health is also unpleasant.

Other anomalies: teeth, jaws (do not close normally and as a result, the tip of the tongue hangs from the mouth), tears of the eyes (tear channels are short and curved and tears do not flow naturally).

In severe cases, the cat’s mouth is deformed to such an extent that respiratory deficiencies may occur.

38-40% of Persian cats suffer from a genetic disease: poly cystic kidney.

The excessive length of the fur determines a particular sensitivity in Persians. It also may have seborrhea hyper secretion or eczema.

With proper and sustained care, we can maintain the health of the Persians.




The ideal cat is well-proportioned, medium or large size, robust and elegant. The head is massive, with softly rounded ears, the eyes are distended and the nose is short, giving the girl a peculiar expression.

The legs are short, the fur is long. Allure is aristocratic, majestic. Average weight: 3.5-7 kg.

For all tabby varieties, the 20 points are divided: 10 for particulars and 10 for color.

For all varieties with white (calico, dilute calico, bi-color, van calico and tabby with white), the 20 points are divided: 10 for the “white” pattern and 10 for the color.

The head must be round and mauve, with a very wide skull and a high forehead; the face is round, with a bony structure that enhances it; the head is well positioned on the short and thick neck.

The nose is short, fleshy and wide; the characteristic is de presiune from the base of the nose, which must be centered exactly between the eyes.

The cheeks are full, the jaws wide and strong, and the chin is rounded, well-developed, with a firm structure.

The ears are small, with rounded tips, straight ahead; positioned at a great distance between them, they are in perfect harmony with the round profile of the head.

Eyes – are the hallmark of rasă; Bright, big, round, they have a full color;

sunt located quite far apart from each other and give the girl that sweet expression that conquers everyone.

cobby body, with short legs; it is emphasized by the strong chest and the developed shoulders; it has strong muscles, well highlighted and an obvious tendency towards obesity

The legs are short, thick, strong and straight; the fingers, five in front and four in the back, are held closely together; presents long tufts of fur around the pillows.

Tail long, bushy and proportional to body length. Texture is fine, glossy and lively. Is long on the entire surface of the body, including the shoulder area. The collar is huge and it strokes on the chest.

The fur is  long, dense, has a pointed appearance. Texture is fine, glossy and lively. Is long on the entire surface of the body, including the shoulder area. The collar is huge and continues on the chest and between the front paws; The tufts of  ears and paws are very long.

The colors of the Persian are recognized 42 colors and patterns combined


If you have the time and patience, Persian is a great companion. With her unwavering charm, she is considered a “cat aristocrat”. Sociable, peaceful, never aggressive, sweet and affectionate. Understands perfectly with children and dogs.

She is very attached to the master.

It is not the fluttering of threads, suffocating, but rather cautious with people.

For the Persian cat breeding, it takes time, patience and the ability to keep calm. This cat needs more careful care, but you will surely be rewarded.

If you liked the description of the breed, you may try to adopt one. Or call to buy.

I would love to know your opinion, so please leave me a comment. Or maybe you already have experience in growing Persian? Share it with us.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?



You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat



22 Replies to “The Persian-breed cat under a magnifying glass”

  1. This Persian breed is infact a beauty and a queen with your description. Seeing that they are less aggressive and they do everything with grace is awesome. I like that the cat is very sociable too. And why not, I’d definitely want to adopt one myself. It’s very nice this cat and I like it’s look. I’m sure this cateill always have a very hard stare. Nice post you have written here. Nicely done.

  2. Oh, this is a very nice post and i must confess that I am very glad that I could read what you have written here about the Persian breed cat. They have so much elegance and they look all so innocent. My younger sister had been thinking of getting a nee cat and I think this will be a very good luck for her especially because the vat is less aggressive. I will adopt this for her. Thank you for given a detailed post on this beauty.

  3. Thanks for the comment Henderson. It is indeed a very nice cat, but if you want to adopt one, you need to think ahead if you have enough time to care for it. It needs special care and requires more time than other breeds.

  4. I really love the traits of the Persian cat. She really is beautiful and elegant especially with all those long and awesomely unique hair. I really love the way they look. They are very beautiful. I like their never aggressive nature. That is the best possible way to go about. They are very sociable too and also beautiful. Wow! If I ever want ti add up to my fur babies, I would try to get one of them. Thanks

  5. Thanks for the comment John, I’m glad you liked my post. The Persian cat is truly a queen. But it requires more care than other races.

    All the best to you.

  6. Thanks for the comment Shelley. I’m glad you liked the breed. But if you want to adopt one in the future, think about whether you have the time to take care of she. Needs more maintenance than other breeds.


  7. It seem to me like a cat with a PhD, lol. I must admit I am impressed with this breed and starting from its look to its hair all makes so much sense to me. Looking at adopting such breeds of cat, I have a really stubborn cat which I adopted about 6months ago (Ivy)  I don’t really know how well they can blend, and most importantly the adaptation of this Persian breed to hot temperature. Any advice on that?

  8. Wow, this is the first time I’m reading about The Persian. This Is really amazing, the attributes and history of this cat is interesting. I have two cats but I wish I have a Persian too. I can actually use some of these information to treat my cats too. I’ll really love to buy one please, do you have any link you can refer me to or you know of where I can adopt one?? I really enjoyed reading through this article, I’ve learned a lot from this amazing breed and I’ll share it with my friends, I’m sure they’ll love it. Thanks

  9. Thanks for posting. With her fur so long, she will suffer at high temperatures.
    All the best to you

  10. Thank you for your comment Jones. I don’t know a link to buy this breed. It depends on which country you live in. But the question on Facebook, maybe it is an abandoned cat you can save.

    All the best to you


  11. I do get lonely occasionally and I have been thinking about getting a pet dog recently, however after reading your post here and the Persian cat, I have to say this breed of cat is very appealing, I love your description and how sociable and non aggressive this cat is, in fact, you may have given me a change of heart, I may get myself a Persian cat instead of a dog, thank you for sharing. 

  12. My wife and I are definitely cat lovers. Since we got married many years ago, we have always had cats. Currently we have four! After reading about the Persian breed, I am thankful that we do not have one. The maintenance is quite intense. The cats we have now are relatively short haired. And they take care of their own grooming very well. 

    It was educational to read all about Persian cats and to learn they come in all kinds of colors too. The white Persian is the classic color in my mind because it is featured in many movies where a cat needs to sit on the lap of the actor. The fact that it looks spectacular I am sure helped with the decision to use a Persian cat in the movies. 

    Thanks for writing this article. 


  13. Those are very interesting facts about the Persian Cat. Is is amazing that there are over 250 varieties of the motifs. For me, I would say that indeed this is a work of art. A cat that is calm is always what I want to go for, unlike those that love to tear things apart. I can only imagine the level of care it take to maintain its fur. I realize you cannot just let it be in terms if cleanliness. Those are great pointers on how to brush and clean the Persian Cat. It is a pity that the cat can go through those challenging health complications. Thank you for these intriguing facts. Learnt alt!

  14. Good Morning Carmen,

    Very nice to come across your post on Persian cats today. As a cat lover, it made my day.

    Interesting that you told about the history of this cat type. The crossing with the Angora cat has really beautified the fur coat of the Persian cat. I had no idea that there are more than 250 varieties, that is quite amazing.

    I listen to the video of the Japanese study, really fascinating what they found and a big help for us to understand our fur friends better.

    Your description is very detailed so one is well informed in case one plans to get a Persian girl or boy. At the moment I have abandoned cats like saved from the road. They are not as pretty as the Persian breed but I still love them dearly.

    Regards, Taetske

  15. Hi Carmen,

    Thanks for sharing, the history of the persian cat breed is rather fascinating. We are looking to adopt a cat for my son for Christmas. You say taht persians are good with children, my son is going to be four, the end of this year, in your experience what are they like with young childreen?

  16. When I was smaller I had a big passion for cats and for some reason I liked Persian cats the most. My dream was to have a Persian cat at some point of my life but various reason prevented me from getting one. I like your article so much as I have learned so many details that I had no idea about. It was an interesting read indeed!

  17. Hi Russ

    If you feel lonely sometimes, you better get a cat than a dog. A dog requires much more time. But think about it, the Persian cat needs more care time than other breeds. You better adopt a cat without a master. With a minimum education will give you much affection. You will definitely not feel alone.


  18. Ha ha ha Edwin@ I am thankful that we do not have one.

    Thank you for your comment
    Persian cats are like queens. And they come in a variety of colors. But you have to have more time for them than for other breeds or regular cats.

    All the best for you.


  19. Thanks for the comment Carol. The Persian cat is like a queen. But it needs more careful care. Ask for more time to deal with it.

    All the best to you.


  20. Hello Taetske

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you liked the article. And I prefer to save cats from the street. With a minimum of education and they are very loving. I am currently 18. But as cat lovers I think it is good to know about cat breeds as well.
    All the best to you.

  21. Thank you for your comment Nate. My first cat was older 2 year like my daughter. So I think it’s okay, especially if you’re an only child, to get a cat. But Persian takes a lot of time compared to other races. Do you have time?

    All the best to you. Carmen

  22. Hi Stratos

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you liked my article.

    All the best to you. 


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