Puşa, my beloved cat


Today I present to you Pușa, my beloved cat. Please note that her name is Pușa, with ş. In Romanian, we also have diacritics, and for foreigners, it read sh. Its name is derived from the doll, by eliminating the first two letters (in Romanian the doll has more letters than in English)…So, let’s see what is the story of Pușa, my beloved cat. It’s not a purebred cat. It’s a domestic cat.

When she joined my group of cats

I want to emphasize, although I think you already know, that every cat is unique in its way. If you remember, I wrote the story of Sera and Tin-Tin, who came to us in September 2002. My daughter found them both, being hit. Well, the following month, that is, in October 2002, I saved Pușa from the basement of the block where I lived then. It was a miserable basement and I don’t know how it survived until I was about six months old when I took it home. I mention that from the very beginning, although she was not used to people, she proved to be a gentle cat, loving and grateful for the better life I offered her. I immediately I took a cat bath, dewormed her internally and externally and fed her. To my amazement, she ate special dry cat food. Later she also ate wet food.


Living in a block

The cat integrated nicely and immediately with my other cats. I didn’t want to leave the house at all. He probably appreciated the good life I was giving him. She was playing with the other cats, she was friendly and she delighted us with her cute baby kitten. I took it in the fall and it happened to have very beautiful colours in the fall colours, as you can see in the photos.In

December 2002 I went with her to the vet to sterilize her. The doctor also found a uterine infection. He overcame this procedure well and recovered relatively quickly.

I recommend everyone who has cats to neuter them. Otherwise, sooner or later they will develop a disease called pyometra. It is a condition that occurs only in unsterilized females. A sterilized animal will no longer get hot and is the best way to avoid disease. Most of the time the condition discovered quite late and can endanger the lives of animals.


At home

In November 2003 we moved into a house with a yard and garden. We already had several cats and we thought it would be better. Those of you who have read about my cats already know.

I gradually got used to the new location. For a start, I let them know about the new home, to discover all its corners. Especially since we moved to the threshold of winter, we didn’t leave the cats outside.

Only in the spring did they deal with the yard and the garden. That winter they lived like a block of flats, they established their places to sleep and play. Puşa chose her kitchen, where she often stayed with two other cats, Molly and Julie. I’ve already written about Julie. I’ll make a post about Molly soon. She came to us at about the same time as Pușa.

Only in the spring, they had to deal with the yard and the garden. That winter they lived like a block of flats, they established their places to sleep and play. Puşa chose kitchen, where she stayed most of the time, along with two other cats, Molly and Julie. I’ve already written about Julie. I will make a post about Molly soon. She came to us at about the same time as Pușa.

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Spring has finally come. Everything turned green. It’s time for the cats to get to know the yard and the garden. I left them out. Slowly and cautiously they began to know the place. Pușa also discovered the beauty of the courtyard and the garden. She began to play with butterflies or sprawl in the sun. He liked the outdoors, and when the weather was good he would not enter the house except to eat, drink water, and use garbage. Instead, at night he enters the house with the other cats to sleep.

I remember an event that could end dramatically. There were four cats in the kitchen, including Puşa. The door was closed. I was in a cottage in the yard and I was working. My stove caught fire and the kitchen filled with smoke. Luckily, I went to the kitchen to see the food. First I took the cats out of the kitchen. Only then did I put out the fire with a fire extinguisher I had on hand

At one point I noticed changes in Pușa’s behavior and I immediately went with her to the vet. He found that Puşa was suffering from pancreatitis (Inflammation of the pancreas). Although she was not obese and ate only cat food, she still contracted the disease. Every day, whenever she ate, I had to give her medicines that the poor woman took stoically. And this until the end of life, that is, for years.


The end

In November 2011 we were going to move again, to a bigger house, with a yard and a garden much more generous than where we lived then. But unfortunately, Pușa did not get to see the new house.

On September 2, 2011, he passed away, after a short suffering. What impressed me was the fact that although he had lost a lot of weight, he didn’t have much strength, but the day before he left for the cat paradise, he took a walk in the yard. He visited the whole yard and the garden, stopping from time to rest. She revisited her beloved places, where she felt so good. He seemed to be saying goodbye to them.

After a long walk in the yard and the garden, I took her in my arms and took her home. There I put her to bed and let her rest. I left her alone in the room so as not to disturbed by the other cats. The next day it ended.


Pușa lived a little for a cat, about 9 years old. In our country she had a good life, we aken care of, we checked periodically by the veterinarian and she was very loved. But the first months of her life she was very tormented and this left its mark on her. But I hope with all my heart that as long as she lived, she was happy with us and with my other cats.



I told briefly the story of Pușa, my beloved cat. An ordinary cat I saved. A cat I like to think I made happily.

It should noted that I unconditionally recommend sterilizing the cat. Talk to your veterinarian about the age at which it is advisable to sterilize her. By applying this procedure you will avoid other problems (pyometra).

Also, if you have a cat that suffers from pancreatitis, do not despair. It is a treatable disease, but you have to give it medicine all your life.

It’s a simple story about a cat. Nothing out of the ordinary. But it is a story written by a great cat lover (and savior). A lover who wants to pay homage to one of the cats in his life.

If you liked it, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. I will read it with pleasure and I will answer you. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.



10 Replies to “Puşa, my beloved cat”

  1. Hey,

    I always like to visit sites about animals because I am a big animal lover myself. I myself had a dog, a Jack Russell, who unfortunately died of Addison’s disease.

    But from an early age I grew up with cats because my mother (who is now 80 years old) has always had cats. Her last was a Siamese mountain cat.

    She has attracted many cats simply by feeding them in the garden. She would take one of the biggest losers and take it home. We had a lot of fun with these cute animals.

    I thought it was a shame that so many people left their animals to fate and could not understand that as a little boy. Most of them knew that my mother loved cats, so they continued to tacitly approve of it.

    Beautiful site! Just keep loving your cats; you get a lot out of it!

  2. An excellent story of a cat named PUSA. Sad to hear that she died on 2 September 2011. From the photo, she is a beautiful cat and normally female cat is gentle and friendly. I can see that you have taken care her very well.

    But I have no knowledge about cat sickness and you have to send 4 cats to the Vet doctor very often, without love, it is hard to aware that the cat is sick. Will it cause you a lot of money to pay the vet doctor for the cat treatment? I also curious to know why your cat sleep at night in the house. I saw my neighbor cat sleep almost anytime during the day time. Is it your cat has adapted to the good life you have given to them.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post on cat Pusa!! it was like a biography of Pusa!!

    I am a pet lover too and I have a cat named Omen, a tom cat. He is a Persian black cat and he is now about 7 years old. I got him sterilized a couple of years back, when the doctor advice me to get it done to prevent  unwanted diseases. 

    We stay in an apartment on the fourth floor. Three years back, he was sitting on his usual place on the balcony railing. That was his usual place and we did not think that he may fall off the rail. But hearing a huge noise, he jumped and fell down four floors on to his jaws, poor fellow!! We immediately rushed him to a hospital, and he had to undergo an operation correcting his injured jaw. It took about few months for him to get back to normal. Now he is fine, hale and hearty..

    Oman eats only the dry cat food. He does not like any wet food. If he has wet food, he vomits immediately. An another thing about Oman is, he feels shy to do his potty when someone is around. So we had to buy him an enclosed litter box for his use.

    Looks like you have a lot of knowledge about cats.. Will look forward to more of your posts.



  4. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear you’re an animal lover. Many people love animals, take them for a while, then abandon them because they are irresponsible. Not everyone knows that it is a great responsibility to take care of an animal. They must inform themselves before adopting an animal, but many do not.

  5. Thank you for your comment. The vet is quite expensive. But it also depends on the cat’s disease. I was lucky for 30 years, I was also friends with the veterinarian. But unfortunately, he died 5 years ago, prematurely (he was 49 years old).

    All my cats have adapted to our lifestyle, so they sleep with us at night and are active during the day.

  6. Thank you for your comment Ernest. I’m glad to hear you have a cat and I’m sorry to hear what happened. But it’s good he’s recovered.

    Just feed them what they like, cats know very well what they like. Regarding the use of litter, it is normal to want privacy. Cats are very smart and their brains are 90% similar to ours. Unlike dogs.

  7. I visit animal sites because I love animals. I had a bunny, a kitten that died trampled by a car.
    My wife was a lover of cats, she stayed at home and had cats, dogs, birds, etc.

    My parents had animals, they lived in the country and they knew how to behave with animals, and they taught us too.

    It’s not easy to keep animals in the block, but maybe, I had a little when I was little, I kept it in the tub.

    Others do not take care of animals.

  8. Thanks for the comment, Vasile. I’m glad to hear you’re an animal lover. Maybe in perspective you are thinking of adopting two cats (it is recommended two, so that they have company when they are left alone at home). There are so many miserable cats that need their man. I also lived in a block of flats and I had over 20 cats. All saved from various circumstances.

  9. We lost our cat to a stroke earlier this year and I vowed never to get another as I find him irreplacable, But that does not stop me adoring cats. They are actually amazing creature’s and very clever. Pusa looks as though she has some character in her lol, that photo is amazing and funny that is such a great face to pose.

    Love her story!!

  10. Thank you for your comment. I also lost a cat that had a stroke this year. I treated him and he lived for a few more months, when he did the second one. But the cause was kidney failure. It is true that cats are very smart. Did you know that their brains are 90% similar to ours? I say think about it, if you like cats, get another one. Every cat is unique.

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