Regular deworming is a real necessity

Parasites are an important risk factor for both: the cat and you.

Thus, regular deworming is a real necessity. It is necessary if you want to live in harmony and without hygiene problems with your cat.

External deworming done with the help of scratches or special drops.

Internal deworming done with the help of a vermicidal drug. It can be in the form of pills or the form of powder. In adult cats, it recommended getting rid of twice a year.

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Cats are animals with very stable habits. If you live in the house, the early symptoms of the disease are not difficult to notice. These can be behavioral changes: cat apathetic, nervous or without appetite, exaggerated thirst, refusal of defecation, teary eyes, presence of abundant nasal secretions, hair lacking in gloss, weight loss and others.

Vomiting is not necessarily a sign of illness. Cats can cause vomiting to remove swallowed hair from the stomach. If it accompanied by other symptoms or often repeated, the cat should consulted by the veterinarian. Rapid intervention is important in treating any disease. There are two reasons:

1 disease develops very quickly in cats

2 cats show signs of illness at the last moment although it has been suffering for some time.

The cat is an animal with minimal concern can maintained in the best physical and mental conditions.

But we must submit it regularly to the consultations of a veterinarian.

Vaccinations are also given according to a schedule of the veterinarian.

We will provide the time needed for movement, play, nutrition, care and maintain the cleanliness of the place where he lives and the accessories he uses.

External and internal parasites especially attack the cat without the owner and those who have free access outside the house. These parasites affect me out in cats that live only in the house and can be more easily controlled. The safest thing is to treat them properly, preventive (vaccines, external and internal deworming).

But be careful: it is not recommended doing internal and external deworming on the same day.

External parasites

Consultation by your veterinarian may or show the presence of external parasites, such as fleas, ticks or lice.

The first ones are easy to detect due to the excrement (small, black dots) that gather in the areas where the cat fails to lick and clean.

Flea may cause allergic dermatitis or transmit diseases.

External parasites can removed. But above all, their appearance can prevented by using special scratches and drops.

But I do not recommend scratches for two reasons:

  1. Some cats may be allergic or simply annoy the collar.
  1. Cats are very beautiful as they are, without any addition. I do not like a

cat “dressed” or I know what idea they give to others.

From the condition of the skin and the skin can detect more serious pathologies: ray, dermatomycosis, both cures.

External parasites can affect the ear. The presence of mites causes internal itching and the secretion of black ear wax.

Auricular scarring is a type of extremely small parasite that can infect the ears of cats.

The presence of a brown substance, which resembles coffee, indicates the auricular ray.

This parasite lives and reproduces in the ear channels, nourishing itself with skin remnants and cellular fluids. Being highly contagious, the headache is often transmitted from animal to animal, in occasional contact at home, or outside.

To prevent a headache, it is advisable to use anti-parasitic solutions.


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Internal parasites


Numerous worms colonize the intestines of the cat. Most of the time their detection is possible. Internal deworming is mandatory. First of all, in case of need but regularly, for prevention. 

There are two categories of worms: roundworms and flatworms.

Kittens can still infected before they are born, through larvae that can cross the placenta.

Also, the infestation can be done by swallowing (breast milk or eggs present in the environment).

In the adult cat, the infestation occurs by ingesting larvae, eggs, or rats or mice.


The limb worms are round, yellowish-colored worms, 5-10 cm long.

In kittens, their presence can cause diarrhea, vomiting and even respiratory disorders or intestinal occlusions. That is why it is important to get rid of deworming with a vermicidal drug. It can be in the form of pills or the form of powder.

Please note that even if it does not have complications, a cat infested with limbs will gradually become very weak.

Another category of roundworms is ankylostomes. They are worms with a length of 5-10 mm. It attaches to the intestinal walls and feeds on blood. The warning signs in case of infestation with this type of worm are diarrhea and severe anemia.


The Flat Tapeworm is the most widespread flatworm. Piglets and lice are generally the vectors of transmission of this worm. Hence, the importance of treating the cat against external parasites.

The main symptoms, in this case, are weight loss or a lack of appetite.

Infestation may go unnoticed. Therefore, the best prevention method remains the administration of a vermicide.

The veterinarian is the one who will advise you on the program and the type of vermicide suitable for your cat.

Internal deworming is an essential gesture that ensures the health of your animal. It also ensures good hygiene for the whole family.

As known, certain diseases caused by worms are transmissible to humans. That is why getting rid of the cat is necessary.

At the beginning (when I started to grow cats), when I was doing the internal deworming of the cats, we were all doing an internal deworming. The drugs were different lol.

Now it is no longer necessary because I make regular debasing twice a year. My cats can’t leave the yard and garden, so it’s OK.

Keeping the vaccination schedule and internal deworming will protect the cat from most diseases.

The prejudice according to which an old cat or one that lives only indoors cannot infested is false. Correct and regular vaccination required. Also, internal and external deworm required, according to the schedule established by the veterinarian.

It should noted that a vermifuge does not induce a cat disease. If you missed a booster or don’t remember the last time you got rid of it, there is no danger of getting vermicide again.

A preconceived idea is that the cat’s habit of eating grass will help eliminate worms. Only regular internal and external deworming will save it.

You have to notice any strange behavior early. If he seems depressed, if he refuses to feed, if he drinks more water than usual, it is probably a condition.

You must remember that certain cats remain healthy carriers. Others downgrade a disease after stress or double the weakening of the immune system.

We find in cats infestation with protozoa (giardia or coccidia).

Giardia is present on the lining of the small intestine. It can cause enteritis and infest adult kittens and cats.

Coccidia is responsible for the appearance of enteritis especially in kittens of 1-6 months. But cats are also infested by ingesting cysts present in the soil.


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The calendar of the deworming

In the case of the kittens, the deworming done at one month, at three and six months.

In adult cats, it recommended getting rid twice a year or at the veterinarian’s recommendation.

In the case of the pregnant female, the deworming done 15 days before the fetus, then immediately in the next month.

Generally, the veterinarian establishes the deworming scheme, depending on the way of life of the cat.

The scheme differs from one animal to another. It depends on the environment where the adopted cat comes from and the way it maintained. It depends on what deferrals made until the time of adoption.

It also depends on the environment in which he lives: in the apartment or the yard, in communities of several animals or alone.

Internal deworming is not done with any product. Ask your veterinarian if the recommended products are suitable for your cat.

Recent studies have shown that owning a cat does not increase the risk of toxoplasmosis contamination. Provided that minimum hygiene conditions respected. The consumption of raw meat has the most important role in the spread of this infection.

A cat that does not have access to the outside and who eats exclusively industrial food does not pose any risk of contamination to humans.


Regular deworming is a real necessity and it is necessary if you want to live in harmony and without hygiene problems with your cat.

Internal deworming done with the help of medicine in the form of pills or the form of powder.

External deworming done with the help of drops, spray or powder.

The recommendation is not to do both types of de-parasitization on the same day.

A vermifuge does not induce a cat disease.

If you missed a booster, there is no danger, you can use a vermicide.

I would be happy to leave a comment and tell me your experience about getting rid of your cat. Or any other thoughts you want to share.


I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?




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  1. An interesting article and I didn’t realize that there were so many different types of parasites and how serious the diseases that they can cause are.

    I also didn’t realize that doing internal and external deworming at the same time was bad for them. I did my dog over December and the pet shop gave me internal tablets and external stuff which I did on the same day.  I must admit my dog didn’t look too well the next day, but luckily he did bounce back. But I suppose the same rules apply to dogs and I will remember that in future.

  2. What you say is so true and I have experienced that first-hand.

    Cats will hide their discomfort and pain. This can lead to prolonged suffering and in some cases, it could mean that it is impossible to treat them. That’s why it is so important to look after our cats and monitor anything that changes. Anything out of the norm for the cat should be taken into consideration. Frequent vet visits (maybe 2- 3 times a year) helps as well… 🙂

    With experience, mommy of 2 cats presently. I’ve had about 8 – 10 cats in my home life.

  3. Parasites live in hair, ears, eyes and skin. The most common are:
    Worms: In principle, they cause very irritating itching that attacks the ears and ears
    Cat fleas: Be very careful with them, as they easily cross over to humans.
    Ticks: They can also attack people. They are easy to find, especially in rural areas.
    Dermatophytic fungi: Cats living on the street often have wounds caused by these parasites.
    Internal parasites: They live in the digestive system, especially in the intestines. Cestodes and small intestinal earthworms are the most common internal parasites. Thanks for the tip.

  4. When it comes to our pets, whether they are cats and dogs, it is so important to make sure we give our animals the best protection we can.  I was lucky with my cats in their life, that I never had to deal with them having any of these issues.  I do know, that it can happen very easily though.

    I had dogs in my life for 15 years, and am about to get a new puppy, so this was a good reminder to me, that I need to be on top of this.  I like the ideal behind the , but they can have some of the same issues like ticks and fleas or even a parasite.  I like the Effipro Spray idea and is sounds like something I may try with my new dog.

    Good job and great information.  Very helpful stuff and I really enjoyed it.

  5. Hi! Thanks for this reminder. I really appreciate the products you have recommended based on your experience.

    I have studied the advantages of fipronil. And I glad to hear about this new formula: Effipro Spray. It’s also very convenient that the same product can be applied upon cats and dogs. I need one of these at home, I have 2 cats and one dog.

  6. As a pet lover, and more specifically a cat person, there is nothing worse than seeing your animal suffering. I remember one of our cats, Tom, who was the kid’s cat but for some reason bonded with me quickly. After hearing the vet tell us there was really nothing that could be done, it was a tough night laying with him as his body just shut down, knowing I could not help him. Definitely get your cats dewormed and up to date on all of their shots, and make sure they have frequent check-ups.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article and I have learned about many types of cat diseases through you and I am a cat foster and I was always worried about him. You’ve written a pretty good explanation of cat’s disease in your article and I hope that reading your article will benefit many, as I have benefited.In your article I learned about a special medicine that is very useful to us and I want to try it and hopefully I can share my experience with you soon. I want to buy Bravecto Plus. I think applying it on my cat will completely solve the problem that my cat currently has.

  8. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Regular deworming is a real necessity and explanation are given.

    I bought a cat for a short time and try to learn as much about them. On this blog I found many interesting articles and the best ones I found on the internet. I will definitely order Effipro Spray.

    Thanks again and I wish you all the best.

  9. I went to a local veterinary and was given this deworming thing that I have to use to wash my cat with. It was just too strong and the cat would try to rub itself on the ground for hours and it was such a pitiful site and from the looks of it , it does damage to the cat instead. 

    Are all deworming items like this? I think  I would really appreciate them if they don’t make the cat feel so uncomfortable I remember I once used it on my puppy and he couldn’t stop crying for a whole night. Thanks for the tips will try out some of these and see how they work out.

  10. It’s a really necessity indeed as it prevents alot things form happening..but the problem we have to day with pet owners is that they don’t keep track of the deworming sequence which is not too good…but thanks allot for throwing light on this topic there is a lot to say and you have said it all and I know it would help everyone of us.

  11. Many thanks to you for sharing such a beautiful article with us, and through you we have learned about many types of cat diseases and the cure for them. I own a pet cat and I’ve always been worried about how to keep her good. I own a pet cat and I’ve always been worried about how to keep her good. i want to buy Triworm-C De-wormer for Cats. I think the problem my cats are having right now will be on the side and I read your details very well and I hope I can share my experience with you soon.

  12. Thanks for the thorough and informative post about deworming.  My girl friend has cats.  They’re cute and I love them but I never realized there were so many parasites, internal and exterior.  Wow!  I’ll make sure that we have them checked right away that we deworm them regularly.  Had I not read your post, I’d have never thought of the things you talked about.  Keep up the good work.  Take care.

  13. Hello there. Thank you for sharing this post on regular deworming is a real necessity. Indeed, regular deworming is necessary because it’s to our own advantage. I read a post lately about a farmer and he claims that he does regular deworming for his animals and all has been well as a result of that. Thank you for the tips and suggestions on how we can deworm our cats.


  14. Hiya Carmen

    Thanks for your very informative if slightly scary article about the necessity of regular deworming for cats. I had no idea cats could get so many diseases. I have 3 cats and I recently treated them with Front line Flea and Tick treatment. They are partly feral and all live outside because I am allergic to them. Do you have any tips for treating a cat that doesn’t like to be touched? 

    One cat had a tick a long time ago and I just pulled it off and squished it, gross I know and it was! I’m not very good at looking after animals but these cats moved in to my yard so I feed them but that’s more or less all I do for them. They come and go as they please but one cat always stays here. Why is that? I’ve always wondered why 2 leave but this one never does, is it in case we leave and don’t come back? 

    Thank you for so much detail on what treatment to use when, I appreciate being able to make an informed choice, krs PurpleLioness 

  15. Hey, I enjoy while reading and learn very useful info from your article on deworming. Now I know that regular deworming is a real necessity to live in harmony and without hygiene problems with your cat. Your step by step guide is very helpful for me. External deworming done with the help of drops, spray or powder & Internal deworming done with the help of medicine in the form of pills or the form of powder. Thanks for sharing such useful info.

  16. Thanks for your comment. Many illnesses could be avoided if you had a schedule of dewormers. It also applies to dogs.

  17. I don’t have a cat though but have a dog. I can see that this not only apply to cats but dogs too. Several parasites if unnoticed and unattended could possibly cause harm to our pet. It’s very important we consult a veterinarian.

    The Effipro Spray for dogs and cats you listed is very effective. I’ve been using it to kill fleas and ticks on my pet. He’s always flee and tick free.

    You’ve really given a very informative article that will help us know the various parasites that may be found in our pet and some symptoms they may experience and how to handle it. This is very helpful to pet owners.

  18. Thank you for your comment. You are perfect in what you say. I’m glad to find out you are a cat lover.

  19. Thank you for your comment. In order to avoid many diseases of the cats we have to consider regular milking.

  20. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you liked the article. I wanted to draw attention that if we take care of our cats, they will be healthy and happy.

  21. Thank you for your comment. Yes, it is convenient to use the same product for cats and dogs. This is because they generally have the same parasites and can easily pass from one to the other.

  22. Thank you for your comment. I am very sorry for your loss. I hardly understand that this is life. I fight for every cat until the last breath. Unfortunately, I also lost some fruits throughout my life.

  23. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad your article was helpful. If you are a cat lover, I invite you to my site again.

  24. Thank you for your comment. I am glad to find out that you have adopted a cat. But please take care of her health. That depends on her happiness and implicitly yours.

  25. Thank you for your comment. I advise you to spray with external parasites or with drops on the neck in the back. The products recommended by me do not harm the animal. Provided you do not offer them on the same day, internally and externally.

  26. Thank you for your comment. It is very easy to write down in a notebook once you have done the deworming of the cat, Or in the cat’s health book It takes a little time and so your cat will be away from many problems.

  27. Thank you for your comment. You are a responsible owner. Even if it is only in the house, the cat can be infected both internally and externally. There are medicines and sprays on the market at affordable prices.

  28. Thanks for the comment Bob. Out of concern for cats and their owners who love them I posted this article. I thought some owners don’t know about cat parasites. Even if they are alone in the house, they can become infected.

  29. Thank you for your comment. All cat owners should know that cats can become infected even if they are alone in the house.

  30. Thank you for your comment. If a cat doesn’t stand, you have nothing to do. I don’t know why two cats leave and one stays. Those who leave will probably have more affection. The one who stays is satisfied. However, cats are very voluntary and they only do what they want. That’s why I love them.

  31. Thank you for your comment. I am glad to be of assistance to pet owners. Some parasites are common for dogs and cats. As a consequence some substances of deworming are common.

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