Scottish Fold- cat breed under the magnifying glass

Scotish Fold

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In 1897, Professor Cornevin described, in his book, “Treated by Animal Husbandry”, a breed of cats with short hair, living in China. His ears were “bent” toward his face. She could withstand the pressure of a cap.

But it was not until 1961 that the first cat with folded ears recorded. She became the ancestral Scottish Fold-cat breed.

A white cat Scotish Fold

with folded ears was born on a farm in Scotland. The expression reminded her of an owl.

William Ross captivated by its unique physiognomy. He decided to adopt it.

A year later, cat, named Susie, brought two kittens to the world. They had the same characteristics as their mother. One female remained in the Ross family’s possession. It called Snooks.

Snooks’ son paired with a British Shorthair. The kitten became the “ancestor” of the breed now known as Scottish Fold (Scottish cat with folded ears).

Changing the shape of the ears seems to be the result of a spontaneous mutation. It caused by a dominant gene that folds the ears.

After 1961, Pat Turner, a geneticist and at the same time breeder of cats, became involved in the development of the new breed. He found (along with another British geneticist, Peter Dyte) that if a kitten inherits from one parent a gene for straight ears and another from the other parent for folded ears, it will have folded ears. They also found that the original cats were carrying the gene for long hair.

At present within the breed cats appear with folded ears, but also triple. The characteristic of triple folded ears found especially in the specimens for the exhibition.

In the early 1970, William Ross sent a cat to America, geneticist Neil Todd. The first broiled chick was born in America in 1971.

The feline associations recognized this breed (between 1973-1994).

It was an attempt in Germany too, but the line lost.


After 20 years of crossovers with the American and British Shorthair breeds, Scottish Fold has finalized its image. It is a medium-sized cat, with a generally rounded appearance. The neck is short and thick, the head is wide, with a firm and rounded jaws, well-pointed shoulders, short nose, slightly curved, big eyes, round, with a soft look. The ears can be straight, of small or small size, with different degrees of folding and rounded at the tips.

Sometimes the curved line of the mouth around the mustache-bearing pillows gives the impression that the cat is smiling.

No matter what angle you look at, the Scottish Fold cat’s head appears like a ball.

The color of the iris must match that of the fur.

The tail is of medium length, proportional to the body.

The male weighs 4-6 kg and females 3-4 kg.

The Scottish Fold breed appears in both short and long hair.

Scotish Fold

They meet a variety of colors, except for the point.

Accepted colors are: white, black, red, cream, shaded silver, shaded cameo, chinchilla, cameo shell, tortie shell, cream blue. Black, blue and cameo also appear in the smoky version. Combinations of black, red, blue, cream, calico and dilute calico, tortie shell, blue-cream, and white are also accepted. All four tabby variants (marbled, tiger, spotted and ticked) in silver, blue, brown, red or cream colors, tabby combinations with white, silver, brown, blue accepted.

Crossings with British and American Shorthair allowed.

One of the parents must have their ears folded.

If only Scottish Fold cats cross, genetic defects occur.

Because there are low probabilities of obtaining the kittens with folded ears in a nest, their price is quite high.

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This breed of cats characterized by an extraordinary calm. You will find perfect fidelity and great intelligence in them.

Has a gentle, balanced, cheerful, playful temperament. Affectionate but not boring or possessive, tolerant, quiet, sociable, the Scottish cat can become an extremely pleasant companion.Scotish Fold

Curious in nature, she will hide her toys that she is particularly attracted to.

It withstands low temperatures well.

He is also a skilled hunter.

Her devotion manifested to all family members, but she prefers to sleep near the owner.

Also, suitable for apartment life, it adapts quickly and does not need special care.

He has a strong personality. Her sincere and clear look as if it would convey the message: “you can rely on me”.

She is a good mother, devoted and patient with kittens.

It tends to get involved in the activities of the household, accompanying you throughout the house.

But, she can stand still and look you in the eye until you take her in your arms or play with her.

It may be quiet while watching TV or reading the newspaper.

It’s not a “sound” cat. The cat great subtlety that you won’t hear unless it has something important to communicate.

The Scottish Fold cat, even if it hears noises, is unlikely to do anything.

But she doesn’t like to stay at home alone.

If you have a program loaded and you cannot pay enough attention to it, opt for another copy of the same breed. The two cats will keep company and you will receive twice the love you have.

Care the fur of this cat does not need special care. An occasional brushing is enough, with a not too harsh brush.

The ears will clean very carefully, using a cotton applicator (without oil), It controls especially the ear flags and the ear rings. This action must carried out constantly and gently. Cerium tends to accumulate between the skin and becomes the main enemy of the cat. If it is not removed with a regular frequency, it enters the folded area of the pavilion, may cause infections or diminish hearing.


This cat has an activity level considered medium and does not consume too much energy. As a result, food does not require special supplements.

Caution advised when administering vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, which, by deposition, may accentuate the joint stiffness.

For the maintenance of the fur can provided specialized food (Hair & Skin 33) or the Indoor range, intended for cats raised in the house.

Health issues

In general, Scottish Fold cats

Scottish Fold

are healthy and resistant. They have an average lifespan of 15 years.

At the beginning of the breed development, it observed that there is a connection between the mating between the folded ears and the appearance of degenerative joint disease. For this reason, breeders concerned with the health of the cats pair the specimens with folded ears only with those with straight ears. In this situation, there is a very low probability that the offspring will develop the disease.

If cats are still affected, the disease can treated.

Other problems that may arise related to the predisposition to deafness and ear infections. But they can prevent by proper care.


Type-is a medium-sized cat, with round, robust and thick forms. The torso is wide, shoulders massive, the tail short and thick. The members have an average length. They are robust, muscular, with round and compact legs.

The head is round and massive. The cat has a sweet expression.

The chin and jaws are firm.

The forehead arched and wide.

The nose is small, short, slightly curved, with a moderate stop.

The eyes are airy, perfectly round, expressive. Their color must match that of the fur.

The ears must be as small as possible, bent up and down. It preferred to double folded ears, as narrow as possible.

The fur is short, thick, plaid and must have undercoat. Straight or straight hair is not allowed. All colors allowed.

The tail is medium, supple, flexible and should not exceed two-thirds of the body. It ends with a rounded tip.


If you want a very active, agitated cat, climbing the walls, orient yourself towards another breed.

But if you want a cat suitable for apartment life, which adapts quickly and does not need special care, this is a breed for you.

Scotish Fold

She has a strong personality. Her sincere and clear look as if it would convey the message: “you can rely on me”.

It is well understood with other pets and children, being friendly.

This breed of cats characterized by an extraordinary calm. You will find perfect fidelity and great intelligence in them.

Has a gentle, balanced, cheerful, playful temperament. Affectionate but not boring or possessive, tolerant, quiet, sociable, the Scottish cat can become an extremely pleasant companion.

I would be happy to leave a comment, to tell me your opinion about this breed. Thanks.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.



26 Replies to “Scottish Fold- cat breed under the magnifying glass”

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i can not believe i had to read the post twice. i couldnt get a hold of the history from the first reading. this particular breed of cat is awesome. thanks for sharing this knowledge with us.

  2. It is simply amazing how much you know about this fascinating breed. Truth be told, I’m only learning about the Scottish fold for the first time and this discovery is nothing short of inspiring. 

    It is interesting to also discover that the gene of the Scottish fold is dominant, hence the reason a kitten maintains folded ears despite inheriting a gene of straight ears from either parent.

    This has been really informative, I look forward to more discoveries like this.

    Thanks for sharing

  3.  hi, this is Scottish Fold cat actually looks pretty familiar to me. I think my aunt may have had this cat breed When I was younger. The personality really seems familiar. It was very calm and intelligent cat I do remember that. I would imagine that this would make a fantastic pet to have in your house. Especially for cat lovers obviously.

  4. I live in an apartment and I have always wanted a cat. But I’m afraid of those hyperactive cats. So, can you imagine my excitement when I started realizing that this was the perfect cat for me.

    I like the looks of this Scottish Fold-cat breed. And they do look like an owl.

    The story about how the bread we have today was born on a farm in Scotland is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My partner has recently mentioned that we should think about getting a cat. We live in a small RV and have a four-year-old boxer who is really great with other animals. He has lived with cats before and we have been thinking about getting him a partner to spend the days with him while we’re at work. This cat is just incredibly cute and I can’t get over its eyes! I think the fact that this breed is known as calm and gentle means that it would be a great choice to give our pup a cuddle buddy when we’re away! 

  6. I love cats! I had never heard of this breed, but the Scottish fold cat is really cute, I love the way those ears are folded. Regardless of the color, they are all adorable! I have never seen one for real. Are they mostly in Scotland or do they also live in households in other countries? They probably do, don’t they?

    With the way the ears are folded, not much dirt gets in there, does it? Perhaps less than cats who have standing ears. Do you know anything about that? The face is also so very cute, round and sweet, I think, with that face they could melt anyone’s heart. 

    Beautiful cats! I am glad I learned about them today.

  7. Hello Carmen, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am glad I stumbled upon your article because I was looking to find more about this breed of cat. I am very surprised with the look of this breed, it is so clean and pure, I must show it to my wife, she is also a big cat lover.

  8. My mother loves cats and has 4 of them and the cat in the first picture looks like one of them. I am going to email a link to this post her, I believe she will be very interested in the information you are sharing. The white cat in the picture is beautiful. My mother;s cat that looks like the first picture is a very calm cat so I wonder if it is of the Scottish fold. 

  9. Thank you for your post. I love cat and I have one in my house. It is so much fun to have a such friend in the house.

    I heard about Scottish Fold, but know little about it. Your article gives us so much fun description of the cute cat. I particularly like the your description of history of the Scottish Fold. From picture, if you don’t inform us it is cat, I would think it was an owl. It is so cute and I wish I could have one one day.

    It is kind of you spending time summarized the information and sharing it with us.

  10. Hi Carmen, 

    Great post on the Scottish Fold breed! Thanks for all the very helpful information. I think the folded ears and round-shape head is simply too cute and also somehow reminds me of an owl! I love cats but unfortunately my apartment doesn’t allow pets at the moment. I think I would definitely be considering the Scottish Fold breed if I could have a cat, I like that this breed isn’t agitated or jumping off the walls and rather more calm and gentle. 

    Thanks again for the great post!

  11. Oh my God! This cat breed is very cute. I think one of the most perceptible characteristics of a Scottish Fold is the cat’s ears, which are small and tightly folded forward to cover the ear opening. I once wanted to buy this cat as a gift for my girlfriend (now my wife), but because the price is quite expensive, I did not buy it. Maybe, I will try to discuss again with my wife to buy one. In my opinion, regardless of the price, the most important thing about raising cats is the psychological and health benefits they get.
    Therefore, this is a good website for all cat lovers. This website can be a good reference.
    Once again, thank you for this useful article. Highly recommended website. Must be bookmarked.

  12. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to Slover of cats I must say that the Scottish fold cat breed is one of the most interesting and exciting breed to study as the uniques of short and long hair makes them more special.i seen this breed just once although as at that time I thought it was a defect untill was explained to me that it the way the cat was giving birth to and that why they are being call the Scottish fold.

    i must say that the Scottish fold cat is one of the most unique cat breed ever.

  13. Nice introduction about Scottish Folds. I work in the vet clinic but don’t see a lot of these breeds among our clientele. It’s quite a timid breed and doesn’t like rough handling – at least that’s my experience. My only problem with them is the ear cleaning part. It’s very challenging to get into those ears when they are infected. I had to use very tiny cotton buds – even that, the job is often not well done. 

  14. Hi Benny

    Thank you for your comment. This breed seems unique to her, especially since she is relatively new. Thank you for the appreciations.

  15. Hi Iyke 

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you discovered this breed through my post. During the course, I will publish other breeds; you probably only know about them lol. All the best to 

  16. Hi Jake

    Thank you for your comment. Indeed, these cats are very intelligent and their behavior makes it a pleasant company for cat lovers.

  17. Hi Paolo

    Thank you for your comment. The breed is perfectly adapted to the apartments. You can adopt quietly, but I advise you to take two copies because Scottish Fold hates to stay home alone. The disadvantage is that it’s a bit expensive. But if you allow it, it’s really worth it. You will receive much love from them.

  18. Hi Tucker

    Thank you for your comment. It would be a good choice for your dog a Scottisf Fold cat. They are friendly and a good company for both humans and other pets.

  19. Hi Christine
    Thank you for your comment. The breed lives in other countries. For example, in the USA. England
    or even in my country, Romania. Ear cleaning is mandatory with a regular frequency to prevent infections. I received a comment from someone working in the veterinary clinic. He said that it is very difficult to intervene in case of ear infections. So it is much better to foresee.

  20. Hi Danijel

    Thank you for your comment. It is a new breed, but very successful. I’m glad your wife likes cats. It means that she is a sensitive and loving person.

  21. Hi Lee
    Thank you for your comment. I am glad to find out that your mother is a cat lover and she has four copies. One of them may be the Scotch Fold breed, as you describe. Al the best to you and to your mother.

  22. Hi Anthony

    Thank you for your comment. It really looks like an owl. But in my opinion, the owls are very sweet. I wish you could adopt one in the future. This means that you want to earn more money because the kittens in this breed are a bit expensive.

  23. Hi Anna
    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry that pets are not allowed in your apartment. Scottish Fold is a very nice company. But s a little expensive. In my country the price of a kitten varies between 300 and 1000 euros.

  24. Thank you for your comment. In my country the price of a kitten varies between 300 and 1000 euros. But if you allow it, be sure it’s worth it. You will have a nice pet and you will have a lot of love.

  25. Hi Cathy
    Thank you for your comment. It is explainable that you do not see many cats of this breed because of the price of kittens. In my country prices range between 300 and 1000 euros. Pieces for example, are on average 250 euros. I know it’s a problem with ear infections, but I think if you anticipate it, it’s ok. I wrote about it in the article.

  26. Hello 

    Thank you for your comment. It is a new breed, but very beautiful. I saw this cat only at exhibitions and in … photos lol. At the exhibitions the cats were very gentle and docile.

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