Sera, male cat or female cat?


Today I want to tell the story of another kitten of mine: Sera, male cat or female cat. You will see while reading the article why I called it “Sera, male cat or female cat?”.

It was September 2002. My daughter was 15 at the time. He was outside. At one point he notices a bastard throwing a cat from the 4th floor of a neighboring building.

She didn’t stop to think, immediately took the kitten and brought it home. The poor man had a fracture in his left front leg. He was not older than three months. I went with him to the vet right away. He gave him three days of treatment, injection.

My husband already knew how to inject cats. The three days he suffered in silence. My daughter, currently a veterinary medicine student, says that animals suffer much more pain than humans, with stoicism. We didn’t want to bother him too much and we couldn’t see what sex he had. We just returned from a trip to Turkey, where we met a girl named Sera, who we especially liked. The kitten seemed to be a girl, so we named her Sera. 

I already had experience in raising cats. I adopted my first cat in 1985.

Childhood-at block

We can say that at three months Sera was still a baby. After three days of injections, I took him back to the vet. This time for foot surgery. The vet operated on him and inserted a rod into him. He was very proud of the success of the operation because the bones in his fractured paw were completely shattered.

Unfortunately, we were late to go to remove the rod, so Sera left with a small defect in the operated leg. He limped imperceptibly. However, we were glad we were able to save him. From then on, Sera began to live much better. He turned out to be a very loving, clean and sociable kitten.

When someone came to us (visiting or for some housework) Sera was always present. It “helps” the workers who did certain works.

In December, I noticed that Sera was a boy.


He spent his childhood playing with my other kittens or toys, cuddling, sleeping or eating. He washes very often. And as I told you before, he was very active when we had guests.

But I didn’t let him out because I lived in the block. Very few of my kittens, the most experienced, came out.

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Unfortunately, after a while, I noticed that Sera still had a health problem: epilepsy. I went to the vet again and he prescribed a treatment that we had to do periodically. The treatment was injectable. My husband gave her the injections. But it seems that the treatment did not affect.

The vet explained that Sera will be able to lead a normal life anyway, provided she monitored when she has epileptic seizures. Also, don’t be too tall when doing them so you don’t fall. Anyway, he couldn’t climb high.

But the crises didn’t last long and were quite rare. After the crisis, Sera eagerly ate wet food. In January 2003 I castrated him. The vet told us that it is a necessary procedure for kittens that do not go out and prolong their life.

At the house

In November 2003 we moved into the house, with a yard and garden. The last ones I moved were the kittens. In three rounds. A friend of my daughter’s helped us and at one point made a joke, namely that we were dealing in live meat lol.

We moved the kittens at night, which inspired him for this joke.

It was on the verge of winter so I let the kittens get used to the new house.

In the spring they went out into the yard and garden and began to explore. Everything was new to them. Sera


also went out and was very happy when she was sitting in the sun, running butterflies or smelling flowers.

There was a time when my daughter entered Sera in a contest organized by Whiskas. He sent some photos and Sera won a prize consisting of dry and wet food from Whiskas. We were very proud of him.

As you can see in the photos, Sera was a tabby cat.

He was loving and sociable, he was very cute.

The seasons passed one after the other for eight years. A time when Sera was happy with us and we with him.

In November 2011 we moved again to a bigger house, with a bigger yard and garden as well.

At the new house

Like last time, I moved the kittens. It was difficult but I succeeded without incident.

The new house also has a floor. My cats were very happy with the stairs, which they climbed up and down. Due to the stairs, the adaptation was relatively easy. From now on they had more space for walks and play.

It was also on the verge of winter so, for now, I let the cats get used to the new house.

In the spring I left them in the yard and the garden. Slowly, slowly they explored it. For us, it is a great happiness to watch the cats play, run after butterflies or just sit and laze in the sun.



delighted with the new location. He had seizures from time to time, but I didn’t last long. And, after the crisis, he eats wet food with a great appetite.

Almost four years have passed since Sera’s crises began to intensify. On September 11, 2015, Sera made several crises one after another. He couldn’t stand it anymore and in the evening around 20:00, he left for the heaven. The vet was right: Sera lived 13 years and led an almost normal life, being loving. I know he was happy with us. 13 years for a cat is a venerable age.Sera was a special kitten and I wrote this article as a tribute to a much-loved family member.


I told Sera’s story for cat lovers who have a cat with epilepsy. To encourage and ensure that even with this disease, a cat can lead a normal life and be especially loving.

He can even take part in contests to win.

Hoping you liked this article, please leave me a comment. Can you tell me about your experience with cats? Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.


10 Replies to “Sera, male cat or female cat?”

  1. Hi Carmen,

    Thats a lovely emotional story. You told Sera’s story for cat lovers who have a cat with epilepsy, as also as a story about a cat thats so cute and an owner who loved her cat so much. What a beautiful tribute to a family member.

    We have 2 dogs and they are the life of the home. Will look forward to your other posts too.

    God Bless


  2. Hi Aparna

    Thank you for your comment. I also have 3 dogs but I love cats more for their independent and yet loving attitude. Enjoy your dogs for as long as possible.

  3. Hello Carmen, I have a website about dogs so we have similar interests! I love cats too so I found your website interesting and I learned thing or two! You said that your English is not too great and I can see there are mistakes but at least you are honest about it! I like your stories about your cats, I think that it is a nice touch to your website and it shows that you really care about cats! So just keep going!

  4. Helooo there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and interesting post on the topic titled, sera-make or female cat.. I was a bit surprised when I saw the title of this article.. but like you said now I understand why it’s given this title. Anyways I really enjoyed your story sera really went through a lot. And a job well done to you and your family you guys did well to make sure Sera was very comfortable. Nice one there. That’s really love

  5. helloo dear, wow what an amazing content you have here, i was actually doing some research online on  cats , when i saw such amazing post, i am really happy when i saw these post, i a really gratefull with such an amazing post you have shared with us so far, your site really is full of such an amazing post, i must say i have been saving each of your pages to learn alt from these article, it really has been an interesting content, cant wait to show my fiends, ill surely share your contents on my social media page.

  6. Thanks for the comment. I also love dogs, I have 3. But I love cats more. Good luck with your site.

  7. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad to see you appreciate my love for cats. All the best to you.

  8. Thanks for the comment and for the fact that you intend to share my posts on your social networking sites. Good luck.

  9. Hello Carmen,

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful story of your lovely cat, Sera. I am touched by your kindness for saving Sera and took great care of him so he lived a normal and loving life for 13 years. That’s amazing.

    I lost my cat 2 years ago. She only lived for 5 years but we loved her and so with 1 other male cat who is still alive today. She was very independent and she loved to explore the world around her. She died because our neighbor’s dog bit her. 🙁 We didn’t want to make her a housebound cat, we supported her explorer spirit. But we didn’t know she would go tragically like that.

    I hope other cat lovers learn a lot from your website. Caring for cats can be tricky at times, especially when the cats have a defect or illness.

    Looking forward to reading more stories from you.


  10. Thanks for the comment Ferra. Yes, I write stories about my cats so that other cat lovers do not make my mistakes or encourage them to keep a cat that has a defect. Sera was a good kitten and attached to us. He lived an almost normal life.

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