The Balinese breed- breed under the magnifying glass


The Balinese breed is a slender cat. Elegant, refined, medium-sized. With long hair and a thick tail. It has lines that give discreet and well-proportioned shape to the body.

Besides the attention it strives to achieve in any way, a Balinese cat is easy to maintain.

Take a Siamese cat and dress it in a nice fur. You will instantly get the Balinese breed .

The cat is sociable, vocal, playful, curious and intelligent.




Short history

Balinese has a relatively recent history. In the middle of the 50s, the breeders were intrigued when a long-haired chicken appeared in the pure Siamese nests. Of American breeders, some were impressed by long-haired Siamese. They have decided to standardize the race. All the necessary steps have been taken to recognize it. At the end of the ’50s, the race was named Balinese. Due to the resemblance to Balinese dancing exotic. With the Balinese years, he won the title of champion at various competitions organized by US cats associations. In 1970 CFA (the largest association in the US) recognizes this breed. But only in the classic colors of Siamese: with the black point, chocolate, blue or purple. Since 1979 CFA also recognizes Balinese with a red point, cream, tabby, and torte, but under the name of Javanese.


During the ’70s, the breed started in England too. In 1978 the Balinese Cat Society was established. Race becomes more stable and stronger. FIFE recognized the Balinese and Javanese breeds in 1986. Specimens of this breed have won the title of champion.


At the moment

Balinese, as we know it today, is the result of some great efforts and the dedication of a group of breeders. Short hair Balinese are grown in renowned felines. They are intertwined with quality Siamese to perfect the guy. Cats resulting from this pairing are called Variants. They have short hair and fur has the texture of the plus. They have value invaluable in the Balinese breed growth program. They are carriers of the long hair recessive gene. Transmit the gene when it is mated with long hair baldness or another variant.

How are the Balinese

If you ask someone who has such a cat, what is so special about Balinese, he will answer everything. After that, he will keep a monologue that ends when the speaker is exhausted.

Mother Nature decided that Siamese is already famous, it can increase its fame. Thus, a spontaneous mutation of the Siamese cat appeared. The length of the hair is the only difference between Siamese and Balinese. Siamese has soft and soft hair, and Balinese has a fine, long, silky coat. Balinese has a bushy tail.

Balinese has a single layer of hair without a fluff. Unlike other long hair breeds. The fur is lying down, close to the body, falls naturally and follows the direction of growth.

The cat has a royal outfit and an aristocratic appearance. But also full of life and affection. He is intelligent. Her sapphire-colored eyes shine with untidy curiosity. It has a warmer voice than Siamese and is less charming. Balinese breeders claim their cat is the most elegant and noble of all races.

Balinese is an excellent companion, a loving friend, and a playful partner for the job. They are easily accommodated in a new environment. He understands well with other cats and is ideal as an apartment cat.

Balinese loves his master and engages his soul in everything he does. Either read, cook or wash your teeth. They are very “talked” and can comment on any subject. If the owner is sad, he’s crying with him. If he’s sick, he suffers more like him. If he is happy, he will enjoy and play even more. Balinese love to play.

The boy cats is particularly affectionate and “sticky”.

Proper eating and exercise are essential. The body of Balinese should remain elastic, tubular and silky. The perfect Balinese resembles a silvered steel arch.

Unlike other breeds, many Balinese cats are proud when they reach the ring for competitions. I know how to impose in front of the referees and get under the skin of the spectators.

If the breeder offers you an older chick or an adult, do not hesitate.

young balinese

He has proper behavior and good manners, as he has already been familiar. Easily adapts to a new environment. It will bring a welcome change to the house.

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If someone needs a clever, active, “talker” friend, he will be delighted with the presence of a Balinese.


Head – Sharp shape, long profile; fine but, sharp shape; flat skull; chin/jaws: upper line of the nose parallel to the bottom line of the chin

The ears-wide shape at the base; size: large and wide; preserves the triangular shape of the head

Eyes-form: almonds; size: large; color: blue “Siamese”; it is not allowed that the space between the eyes is smaller than the width of an eye

The neck-length: long; size: thin, elegant, not dropped between shoulders

Body-Shape: tubular, same width at shoulders and thighs; size: medium; bones: fine; length: long; muscles: very firm, well-defined, easy

Tail-shaped: dense, long and fringed, giving the impression of waving; length: in balance with the length of the body.

Legs : long, longer ones than front ones; bones: fine, well proportioned; muscles: farm

Elbows-shape: oval, size: small

Fur-length: half-length hair; texture: fine, silky; density: very little puffiness, long hair, shorter hair allowed only on the head and shoulders

Color-for different feline associations the colors differ; CFA is the only association that limits Balinese to four classic colors and classifies all other colors in Javanese; in some feline associations and in some European independent clubs, long-haired, non-point varieties are called Mandarin


Balinese has blue eyes and half-long hair. Javanese has green eyes and long hair. But if you want a companion, with a pedigree or not, these are cats to consider for adoption or acquisition. It’s easy to maintain. Ideal for the apartment. They are stable enough, physically and socially, to adapt easily to the new environment. They are excellent to keep your company, very friendly and irreplaceable.

As I said at the beginning, the cat is sociable, vocal, playful, curious, and intelligent.

If you thought of taking a cat you will not regret whether you choose a Balinese or her variant, Javanese. Look at her how grateful she is when she makes her remarkable, tail up. How hard he can and he prepares for madness. He has a pride outfit.

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

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  1. I love cats and rats. That’s strange right? Actually, of the two, I love cats more. They are so cute, and aesthetically built. 

    Kudos to nature for giving us such an amazing gift in cats. 

    I am grateful for this article, because I’ve been thinking of keeping cats, but I don’t know much about the different species. 

    I now know about the Balinese cats and I think they are my perfect fit. 

  2. Thanks for writing this wonderful review on balinese breed cat. You really did a great job doing all your research before publishing this post. reading this article gives me more knowledge. Now you have enlightenment me on  Balinese and also revealed what are special about Balinese cats. Now I really wish to have one at my home too.

  3. Hey Carmen,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information on Balinese Cat Breed. I work at a pet shop, and I have lots of experience working with this amazing breed. From my point of view, I tend to think that Balinese Cats have really soft skin and they are the best breeds ever. Most us have our own likes and dislikes, but this is my favorite.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this blog post. Keep up the good work Carmen!

  4. Awesome article. Never really heard of Balinese breed before. Probably they are popular in US more than any other country. I have 8 cats in my home, but this Balinese cat looks so beautiful. 

    Also I believe that maintenance and proper security is the main concern for cats. I really look forward to know more about this through other article in your website, and I’ll try to find out how can I get the one🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing article for cat lovers. 

  5. Mark-my cat is not Balinese but sometimes behaves like one. My love for cats especially Balinese cat is second to none, I can go any extend for my cat. I’m presently thinking of giving Mark a playmate so that he won’t feel bored when I’m not around. And the perfect playmate for him will be a Balinese cat. 

  6. Thanks for writing this article on the Balinese breed.from experience the Balinese likes to talk. 

    He has a somewhat softer voice than the Siamese, but his conversation is just as scintillating. This is an extroverted cat who gets along well with kids, dogs and other cats.i like the boy cat compare to the female ones. It a nice breed to have at home I must say

  7. I really appreciate this site for giving me wonderful information on pets. I really the post on the breed of the cat addressed in the post. Is like I haven’t see this breed before, it features and characteristics, even it’s story really inspired me. I do love to get one of this breed add to my cats. It’s interesting getting know to this breed, hope it’s quick adaptation to new friendship with other cat breeds?

  8. Wow, today I got to know about a new species of cats. According to me, it is the most beautiful species of cats. Actually, Balinese breed cat is a beautiful cat. As you specify the characteristics of Balinese breed cats, it’s like me who will be very useful for those who are cat lovers. Thank you very much

  9. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for every cat lovers to read and digest.I’m a fan of cat and cat are my best friend.

    I own a Turkish van cat and its very friendly and helps to kill boredom,but your article gave me reasons to love Balinese breed for it’s blue eye and long tail.thanks for this eye opener article.all the best

  10. Hi,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an interesting article with all the necessary information about “The Balinese Breed”

    I like this article very much.I wasn’t familiar with this Balinese Breed cat before.But after reading your article i have learn that Balinese Breed is a wonderful cat.It has so many positive and useful side.This cat is sociable,vocal,playful,curios and intelligent which has impressed me the most.I have gained all the thorough details of this cat.I have also learn the history of this cat which is very delightful.Their nature is so friendly.One of my sister is a cat lover.She will be very happy to get this cat.This article is very helpful for those people who want to know perfect about The Balinese Breed as you highlighted the article so nicely.I am going to share this article with my sistet as well as with my friends and relatives so that they can be familiar with this wonderful cat.

  11. As someone who lives in the original country of Balinese cat, this is my first time to hear this type of breed. I remember seeing this type of cat at a friend’s house (though I didn’t ask the breed type). The cat is very active and playful. She often comes to tease me or my friends with his tail and purr 🙂 This just make me want to visit her house again to play.

  12. Thank you for your comment; every cat breed is lovable in its own way; I’ve also shown some races on my blog, and I’ll be present in time; if you like, I invite you to read on the blog

  13. I’m glad you liked posting and I’m more glad you now want at your house a Balinese; thank you for comment

  14. I’m glad you liked posting, especially as you work at an animal shop; I have presentations with other cat breeds, I will have in the future; I invite you to see them; thank you for comment

  15. thanks for the comment, really Balinesa is a very sociable cat, besides being beautiful and intelligent

  16. in my opinion, Balinese adapts very easily and makes friends with other cats fast; but at the same time needs the attention and affection of the owner

  17. Thank you for your comment; Balinese is not only beautiful, but also intelligent and sociable

  18. Thanks for commenting and because you want to share with others the information in my post

  19. Thank you for your comment ; Balinesa really is very sociable, I don”t surprise  that you

    tease  cats your friends

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