The Burma Sacra – another breed under the magnifying glass

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 The Burma Sacra has an interesting story. Why is it called Sacred? A beautiful story says these cats come from Burma. They are the bearers of the souls of deceased masters on their way to paradise. Sometimes the majority of  the Burma  Sacra cats were Buddhist monks. That is why the cats were given the name “sacred”.

Interesting is also the naming convention of these cats. Most breeders follow the French tradition. Almost all cats born in a year receive a name that begins with the same letter of the alphabet. This becomes useful when calculating the age of the cat.


Short history

Burma Sacra


The modern history of the Burma cat is full of mystery. There are several versions of the origin of the breed. The oldest and most widespread story says cats come from Burma. They are considered the holy companions of the priests in the temples.

In France, the 20-year-old Burma cat was the only (re) known breed cat.

It is said that in 1919 two Englishmen received a pair of Burma. Thank you for helping protect a temple against an invasion.

Another version says an American millionaire has received two cats from a disgruntled servant of the priests. He stole them from the temple.

Whatever the story, these wonderful cats have arrived in France. But the male did not resist the difficult journey. But the female survived and was pregnant. He gave birth to the new chicken. A little girl was mated with a different breed, probably a Siamese. From this small nucleus has been established the Burma breed in the Western world. The breed was officially recognized in France in 1925.

After the Second World War, it seems that only two specimens of pure breed remained. In order to ensure the continuity of the breed, it was accepted the need for crossbreeding with other breeds. This program was attended by Persian and other breeds. The experiment has succeeded and since that time the race occupies the place it holds today in the Western world.


Burma can be defined as

burma sacra breed

 cat that is always in your way”. They are not as active as their short-haired cousins. And not as phlegmatic as those with long hair. Of course, there are differences within the same race. And between races too.

Burma is a loving being who loves to stay in the master’s arms. Or next to him. She has a tender voice. It’s talked. He draws attention that he needs a company. It is recommended not to be the only pet in the house. If the master is busy, she feels abandoned. He generally enjoys a friend’s company. Another Birman, a cat of breed or a dog.

Burmese are not moody when it comes to food. They are robust, healthy and live relatively long.

Despite all its qualities, Burma is not recommended for children. To choose the best pet for your baby, see here.

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Burman’s “unique gloves” draw the attention of viewers in an exhibition.

But let’s see how it is evaluated.

Body -of medium size, massive and slightly elongated; strong neck, medium size; legs are short and strong, rounded and well-proportioned feet; the male is stronger and more massive than the female.

The head-skull is strong, with round and rounded cheeks; the nose of average length without a stop but slightly lying; chin strong

The ears, , preferably small, widely spaced, do not stand upright

Eyes dark blue, slightly rounded or oval, well-placed, with very little outside corner

The fur on the cheek is short, then becomes longer, on the neck forming a very rich collar; on the body is half-length, on the back and lateral is long; has a silky texture, with a little puff, without being mature

Mid-length tail, elegant and dense

THE GLOVES-the characteristic of the Sacred Bird of Cambria is “white gloves”, which must be completed and pure white; the front paws have white gloves ending in a single line; it must not extend beyond the wrist; the back paws have white gloves, which are stretching back; they climb up to about half the way to “lace”; “gloves” and “lace”, equal to all legs, are highly appreciated

Color-Burma is a cat with a point but differs from other breeds through his paws: all four are white; the point is on the face, ears, legs, tail and genital area; the rest is light, and the back is a golden beige in all variants; the color of the point should be in contrast to that of the body; only at adult the color is finished; kitties are completely whit;



at different feline associations, for the contest, different colors of the point are recognized.

What you need to know when you adopt the Sacra of Burma

First of all, it should not be confused with the Burmese who is completely different


Sacra of Burma is dynamic and playful. But also quiet, gentle, when his master can not give him the right attention. It is a balanced, affectionate, faithful and very sociable animal. These cats are extremely intelligent, attach themselves quickly to their owners and are curious about the yarn. Being smart cats, they almost do not need the master’s intervention, being able to educate themselves.

They adapt easily to new living conditions, so the adoption of such a cat is not a problem.

Males mature at different ages, being able to pair at age 1 or 2 years.

Females have a well-developed maternal instinct, the number of chickens ranging from 3 to 5, who are completely white at birth. Although the points appear in the first two weeks of life, the color finishes much later.

Like any cat pup, at 3 months of age, kittens are weaned and educated for what they need in their mother’s life. They are physically and socially stable. Can be put to adoption.

Life inside, quality food, sterilization, and the provision of scratch surfaces are factors that ensure a long life.

At the age of 18, the Sacred Virgin of Burma has matured. It will continue to grow until it reaches 3 years.

Quality specimens must be mated only with male pedigrees that do not relate to individuals in the female line.

The colors of the breed are seal and blue.


Burma’s Sacra is an excellent companion. Dynamic, playful, tender voice. Sociable, willing to keep company all the time. It’s a sturdy, healthy and longevity cat. She’s a beautiful cat. Specific to this breed is “gloves”. They must be completely and pure white.

Males mature at different ages, being able to pair at age 1 or 2 years.

Females have a well-developed maternal instinct, the number of chickens ranging between 3 and 5.

If, you adopt such a cat, you will have a very pleasant company.


I invite you to leave a comment and tell me your opinion about this beautiful  breed.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

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21 Replies to “The Burma Sacra – another breed under the magnifying glass”

  1. The Burma Sacra. Awesome. What I love most is the defining pure white gloves, as well as its propensity for companionship. I like the size of the one in your article. Is that the normal adult size? I think you have captured the characteristics and qualities of the Burma Sacra very well. I can tell that you really love cats by the way you went into so much detail. When the passion is there, it never feels like a job. Good work all around.

  2. The Burma’s Sacra is a truly beautiful looking cat – I have seen them on numerous occasions in my local town but I was never sure of their name/breed until now. 

    I do find it interesting that rumour has it that they were companions of the priests in the Burma temples. I’m wondering why their religion chose these particular animals as being so ‘special’? Is there any religious reasoning behind this?

  3. Hi, I was thinking about adopting a cat and have been looking into different breeds.  We had 3 Siamese when I was growing up but I haven’t had a cat in the house for many years now.  It sounds like I would need to get my kitty a friend to hang out with if I got a Burma Sacra.  I liked how I could directly link to products on the sidebar.  I have a blog and after reading yours I decided that I like your layout better than mine.  Anyways thanks your article I found it very informative.

  4. I love cats and this breed is so beautiful. My friend has a burma named Bluey, due to his blue eyes. Gorgeous cats. I must say tho, that the Burma is completely different from any other cat breed that I have encountered. They are very much their own and they do it their way. I have never met a cat quiet like that before. 

    The history of the Burma cat is also very interesting. Thank you adding that in, I had no idea about where they came from and how old the race is.

    Thank you for this great information about the burma cat.

  5. I’ve been working for forty years, it’s time to take care of my passions, including cats; really does not feel like a job

  6. Hi Chris
    I don’t know if there is a religious reasoning but I know the monks are very good people and the cats, if treated properly, are mild and affectionate; thanks for your comments.

  7. Hi Alexandra
    Thank you for your comment; Indeed, Burma is unique and has an interesting history

  8. Hi Carmen,

    I loved reading the article; there is plenty of history.

    I didn’t know that the Burma cat was the only known breed in France 20 years ago. Good to know!

    I have two cats at home that I found in the street, but I was thinking of adopting another one because I just love cats. I think it’s the most gracious creature on earth. My cats have short hairs and are not breeds. So I would like to know if breed cats get sick more often than ordinary cats? Also, is it difficult to care about long hairs? It seems that the Burma cat has long hair and I would want to find myself clean all my clothes and furniture every single day. It’s a lot of work.
    Thank you for this excellent post!

  9. I really like your post.  I love kitties.  I don’t have one right now, but I grew up with a bunch of barn cats.  I liked all the information you had about the Burmese cats.  I was not aware of the breed, and I would have assumed they were Siamese.  Anyway, great information, and I might get me a cat one of these days.  Rhonda 

  10. The Burma Sacra cat is a beautiful cat, I really like the color gold on these cats and they are very friendly and lovely towards his owner. Like a lot of cat are like that. some of these cats hair doesn’t even fall. They love attention and I agree that they are the perfect companion for anyone that is looking for a cat.

  11. I always that Burma of Sacra was the same as Burmese. You have done a great job explaining all of the complex personalities that Burma of Sacra cats possess and make me feel like this could be the right cat for me. I have been looking at getting a cat for a while now and think these are absolutely beautiful cats. I am sad to see that they are not good for children though so I will have to be mindful of that when I have kids over.

  12. Awwn! This is very beautiful and interesting piece to read. I’m so happy I made a decision to read this post. I always favor dog over cat before reading this post. I must adopt this beautiful Burma Sacra. It looks so innocent and lovely. I like the fact that they are sensitive to feelings and being very playful and intelligent. I can’t seem to get enough of the post.

    I will read more about them before adopting one but honestly, I feel so happy to have come across this post because it has changed my view about cats generally. Thanks so much

  13. Pets are generally to give man company hence the Sacra Burma is not an exception.

    Its adaptability, intelligence and maturity timing make gives it an advantage over other cat breeds.

    The colour stands out for me. Thanks for the write up it was quite elabourate and enlightening for cat and non cat lovers alike

  14. Hi Danielle

    ați înțeles greșit nu acum 20 de ani, ci în 1920; multumesc pentru comentariu;

    all cats get sick if you do not take care of them properly and do not give them proper food; and if you do not love them; anyway suffer from the same diseases as humans

  15. thanks for comment and appreciation; I would be happy if my post causes you to take a cat

  16. thanks for comment and appreciation Claudia; I agree that the Burmese Sacra is a good company; but when you are not present, she still needs company, so she does not have to be the only animal in the house

  17. thanks for comment and appreciation Eric; there are other cats belonging to other breeds, recommended for children; but I personally prefer to save a cat instead of taking it from a farmer; properly treated, all cats are a good companion

  18. thanks for comment and appreciation RoDarrick ; I know this mentality and the main purpose of my site is to make people love cats; are fascinating animals if you love and treat them appropriately; I’m glad you’ve got your opinion about cats

  19. thanks for comment and appreciation Idara; is a cat breed ideal for the company if you are pretentious lol; but all cats are just as good for the company, provided you love and treat them as an equal family member

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