Promotions of August 2019

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Just present the promotions of August 2019. You choose.

VioVet promotions you can see here. promotions you can see here promotions you can see here promotions you can see here :

I wrote this post just to find out if my readers are interested in promotions. If in the future I look for more promotions for you. And if this form arrives or you want a review for a few days promotion lol.



I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

See here.




22 Replies to “Promotions of August 2019”

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this promotion listing of all these. It is always nice to have an option like this to get products at lower cost. I finally adopted a cat for my son and he seems to be getting along really well with her. So, this promotions are just on time. Thanks

  2. Hallo there Carmen, 

    Thanks a lot for the promotions you have shared here. As a person who follows your blog I am pleased that I will get to save huge on pet food and care costs. It sure pays off when you are a regular visitor. Lol. I was actually going to buy some and thought I stop by in case you have anything interesting for us. 

    And it turns out that you did! 

    I really appreciate your efforts to help us and I’ll also be stopping by again to get more pet care tips as always. Cheers!

  3. Thank you so much for this promotions. I don’t think they come regularly do they. I think I will make good use of it seeing that my sister loves her cat really well. I particularly like the top with the picture of a cute looking pussy on it. I’ll be sure to explore this promotions.

  4. Hi, your post is really helpful and  informative, I really appreciate your time to make research for this promotion and you still share them on your post.

    i will make use of this opportunity and I will also he sharing your post on my social media so that my friends also can benefit from your post.

    your post is really helpful and I will be glad to see more of this on your website.

  5. Dear Carmen,

    Thanks a lot for sharing and every single time I read an article of yours I get so much helpful information! For sure these promotions are very helpful and all the 4 sites offer some discounts and special offers. Who is going to say no to special offers and discounts? I am bookmarking your post for future reference.

    Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry & Beef Feast Collection Wet Cat Food Variety Packs sounds interesting to me and it’s on my list.

    Much Success!


  6. Thanks Darrik for the comment; I’m glad for your son; you did a great job for him; will grow responsible, empathetic and attentive to those around. .
    I’m also glad I was able to help

    Best regards

  7. I’m glad I was able to help. Thanks for the comment Dave and for following my blog.
    best regards

  8. Thanks for the comment Henderson; certainly don’t come regularly; they are promotions for a few days, up to a month. I’m glad you’re interested.

    best regards

  9. Hello; Thank you for your comment. It is an attempt to find out if my readers are interested. When new promotions appear, I will definitely post more.
    best regards, Carmen

  10. Thanks Paul for the comment; I’m glad you’re interested; I know that you are a loyal commentator and this bothers me and encourages me.

    Much Success to you too 

    best regards


  11. Thanks for giving this great opportunity to take part in these various promotion you have listed, it’s definitely going to hurt if I don’t take advantage of this opportunity, I have 4 dogs and they are all different breeds and I guess you know how much it cost for proper medication for them all, so this is definitely going to ease my burden. I’ll be looking out for more promotions from you.

  12. I do like to see promotions now and then because it’s handy for me and my cat of course who is a little spoilt…. ok alot spoilt. I am thinking of getting him a feline friend so I will have to probably need a few extra things. I’m not sure if Bilbo will want to share his stuff with the new cat. So yes, I like to see what promotions are happening. 

  13. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this great post about promotion for cat foods and some necessary cat products. I found this post very helpful for those who are cat lovers and owners. My next-door neighbour have a cat. I always saw her buy cat food and other products from the store. And just a couple of days before she was just saying everything is”very expensive for maintaining a cat” but after reading your post I have just shared this with her. I think she will find this post very helpful and not only she can save money but will get good quality products. Thanks again.

  14. Hello

    Very interesting article

    We have a beautiful kitten in our house that we love so much
     Her diet is very important to keep her healthy and healthy

    The product you mentioned ” Sheba Perfect PORTIONS ”
    it has all the positive elements that a kitten needs

    Finally the ” JR Knight CT0501GE Cat Towel ” is another very good central building that offers an extremely soft and cozy relaxation spot.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  15. This is a very amazing offer that is very scarce. Though I love pet but am just getting used to cat. My sister is actually a cat lover and am glad this post come in time when it will be very useful for her. The offer must not pass her. I need to get her informed. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  16. Hello there, thanks for the list of products to get at low cost. I have a pet cat (ivy)  and she is so much a darling to my daughter, buddies for liflife I would call them. The prices of these items are really nice, I’d love to get one of this product for my cat, she would be super happy. 

  17. Thank you for your comment; I think I will post the promotions of the month from now on because I have found that the world is interested; promotions are for cats but I think dogs also benefit from them.
    best regards

  18. Thank you for your comment Rina; if you take another cat, at least one litter box you have to take; otherwise the cat will not bother to share her things.

    best regards

  19. Thank you for your comment; tell your neighbor that it is much cheaper to buy cat products online. I make a substantial economy; it is right that I have 18 cats.

    best regards

  20. Thank you for your comment; the promotional products are of quality; you can buy them with all confidence.

    best regards

  21. Thank you for your comment Stella; promotions are limited in time but are quality products; and I buy them from a specialized site, present in my country, but registered on Awin
    best regards

  22. Thanks for the comment Dane; promotions are limited in time but are quality products; and I buy them from a specialized site, present in my country, but registered on Awin
    best regards

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