The story of another kitten, Jimmy


Although I lost it in 2009 and lived only 9 years, his memory is still alive. It’s my sixth kitten. A beautiful, intelligent, courageous and relaxed kitten. Very clean. Writing his story I want to pay homage to him.

The story of another kitten, Jimmy, I write it in a moment of sadness. It overwhelms his memory.

He was a very friendly kitten.

But let me tell you the story of another kitten starting with:


It was September 2000. During this time of year, in our area is a beautiful and gentle autumn. Mitzi, the mother of Clare, made chicken again, somewhere in the grass, among the blocks.

When they were one month old, together with my daughter, I moved Mizi with the chickens in the kiln dryers. There were five puppies. Everybody was really expensive, but Jimmy, when I got it, spit on me and fight.

From now on it was October and it was cold, so I had to move Mitzi to the chickens.

Clara started to care for them. It was their sister’s bigger. He also gives Mitzi time to walk.

When they were 3 months old, 4 chicks gave them for adoption. Jimmy kept it.


Christmas Eve

In the evening they invited us to my father-in-law. But I was not in the mood to leave home. So I told them I invited some neighbors, Clara and Jimmy. My societies were pleased and told us it was very good. It’s great to have good with our neighbors. But they did not know that the neighbors were two cats lol.

I got the carols that I invited in the house. There were high school boys who were already studying for the third year. We have already become friends. They stayed until morning.

Along with the carols, they entered Clara and Jimmy’s house. We already had three kittens: Thomas, Little Jessie, and Pussy.

Clara and Jimmy approached the Christmas tree. They were very interested in the ornaments of the tree, but they were good and did not ruin anything. Clara seemed to tell Jimmy: “Let’s be good, maybe we’ll get into the house.” And we understand: they stayed in the house. But with a special regime. If the other three of our kittens did not get out of the apartment, Clara and Jimmy

Jimmy 2

were leaving when they were in the mood. They lived outside, they knew to avoid dangers.

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Living in the block

Jimmy was very well integrated into our house and was extremely good. I was working at home, on my computer. Jimmy wanted my attention. I could not always give it to him. He sat down beside the computer and sat for hours.

Once he urgently asked for his affection, and if he saw that he was not receiving it, he turned his back towards me and “marked me” lol. I talked to the veterinarian about this and he told me that his mother was “marked” by a lion at the lol zoo.

Until one day when Jimmy did not come home for three weeks. He disappeared at the same time as Clara. I searched for them, I called them all the time. I had already lost all hope. But three weeks later, Jimmy appeared at home, weak, hungry, dirty. A few more days I found Clara.

At one point I lost Thomas. He was not accustomed to of the house. I do not know how he slipped. After three days of searching, my only hope of finding was Clara and Jimmy. I told the episode in my post about Clara. The fact is that after a conversation with a man I had with Clara, it pulled me out and next to a block was Jimmy. He was actually watching Thomas. I cried at him and at the block of the block was halfhearted. It was Thomas, blocked by things thrown by neighbors. Blocked for three days. I took him and took him home. What clearer proof I would have wanted Jimmy

Jimmy 3 and Clara to be particularly intelligent.

Living at home

We moved in 2003, November, to the house. The hardest thing to do was to take kittens. But I finally succeeded.

The winter came and I did not leave the cats outside. They have adapted relatively easily to the new conditions. Okay, with great care and understanding on our part. Cats hardly adapt to major changes in their lives.

But in the spring cats have discovered the yard and the garden. Who was happier than them? They were running through the garden, standing in the sun, “swarming” butterflies.

But JimmyJimmy 4

was running away from home through his neighbors. Until I secured the yard, she can not leave. Let’s know it safe.

It’s been six years that Jimmy was really happy. He had made friends with the dogs I had taken from the block.

But unfortunately, in 2009 he got sick. He did kidney failure. Six days I went to the doctor to give him infusions. Twice a day. During this time, the home was good and very clean. She used the litter until the last minute. But the poor did not resist on November 23, 2009, when the doctor was at 20:30.


First of all, I told you Jimmy’s story in his memory.

Then to draw some lessons:

1. Though when he was young, he was bitter, when we offered him decent living conditions and especially all our love, Jimmy became a good, educated and loving kitten. How can you take care of a kitten you can see here.

2. If you want a cat, adopt one. You will have a friend who loves you unconditionally. Only if you want to go to competitions with your cat, you can choose a cat with pedigree, breed.

3. They all have an end. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of cats is much smaller than ours. It’s very hard to get over the extinction of your dear friend who lived with you, both good and bad. It is the same as losing a relative, or worse. How can you overcome such sadness you can see here.

I would love to leave a comment telling me your thoughts about the cat you have. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

18 Replies to “The story of another kitten, Jimmy”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story with Jimmy and others. I am agree that we should learn that nothing is eternal in this life, including our pets. My friend has a kitten that grew up with him since kindergarten until junior high school. I remembered him crying so much when the cat died due to old age, and he almost didn’t want to eat anything for several days ahead. Parting with pet can teach us about the meaning of loss, especially when you lose your dear ones.  

  2. The loss of a pet is always hard. They show an unconditional love,always trusting and yet cats also have that independent streak. This can make it harder for us to come to terms with as that bond seems deeper with cats as they can manage so well on their own. We’ve had cats and dogs and both at the same time. One died outside while sunbathing, so not a bad way to go. One just decided to move in with a neighbour and the other ‘retired’ to a relatives for a more sedentary old age. They all had good lives and will be missed.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story about your kitten, Jimmy.    I also have very special memories of all of my cats.   Although cats love being outside, it can be very dangerous for them outside.   It is hard to know how to balance their desire to be outside with the desire to keep them as safe as possible.   

    It sounds like you allowed Jimmy to have a very happy life.   It is always sad when they die.  As you said, cats do not live as long as people do.   So, we have to understand that sooner or later, we will lose our cat.  

    I hope you have a nice week.  Thank you for sharing your story about Jimmy.  

  4. It was a lovely article. Took me down memory lane. I remember that when I was in school we had adopted a cat. I used to be full of anticipation when I was coming back from school because my cat would be waiting for me at home. He was one of my closest friends. I remember, when he died, I had given up eating for some time. I was inconsolable, and so was my sister. It was like a family member has left us forever. It took me quite some time to get over, and memories of my lovable pet still make me smile at times, and sometimes I find it difficult to keep back my tears when I remember his last day with us.

  5. I love your story about your cat, Jimmy. He’s my namesake and we are both good. I’m very sure you won’t disagree with me. About two years this time we have learned to love cats and dogs. It’s expensive to have fur babies in the home. You have to feed them, ensure their good health. It is just ensuring our own safety as humans and this is what I feel now.

    I can feel your emotions in your story because cats can relate to us. When they are sick it makes us sad.

    Continue loving the animals because they need you. Thank you for your inspiring experience.

  6. I love cats but unfortunately I am allergic to them which is really frustrating as I would love to adopt a cat myself

    Jimmy sound like he was a wonderful cat and I’m sure you will miss him dearly!

    My mother adopted a cat last year and at first she was really scared of everything but after the loving attention that my mother gave her she is now really confident and a totally different catty when she first adopted her

    Loved reading about Jimmy and I hope to read more stories of your other animals

  7. Your relationship with Jimmy is truly inspirational. I was amazed by how your cat adjusted himself with the rest of the family but most of all by how he accompanied little Thomas as if  he’s like the big brother protecting a young sibling. He could’ve wanted to give more help but the situation is out of his hands. 

    My best friend is the same as you. He can’t chase away cats who visited his home. I always tell him that he’s a cat magnet. He never shoosh them away, instead he would provide food and fresh water to the homeless kitties. Some would go away but others would stay. Right now, he has 3 visitors who are getting along with her home pet, Furla. Actually, the other one just gave birth but we can’t find her kitties. He kept looking within the vicinity but still hasn’t got any clue. 

    I am sorry for loosing Jimmy. I know you have done everything for him. Just keep spreading your love for adorable cats. I agree that they are wonderful companions. 

  8. I think that any pet is a special pet.  I am a dog person, and there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for a dog, but I do like cats as well.  I think that if we treat our pets with respect, care for them and give them love, they will do just about anything for us.

    I wish there were more people out there that realize the special love you can receive from a pet.  They will love you no matter what, and if there were more people who treated cats and dogs with the love they deserve, there wouldn’t be so many animals that are looking for homes.

    I think the care that you provided your cats is great.  You realized that they just need a home and some love to become a great companion.  Sorry for your loss.  It feels like the loss of a family member when we lose one of our beloved pets.

  9. Jimmy sounds like he was a wonderful cat that gave as much as he took from life. These are the kinds of stories that make me so glad that I have rescued two cats from the streets of Dubai (when they were kittens) and they most certainly have provided many memories already over the last 4 years.

    This is the stuff of legend, and right along with Jimmy and so many other cats out there that need homes, I do hope that many people will read this and go out and adopt a cat as well. It is sad to see the ones that have to fend for themselves and who often have a shorter life than they should have.

    Thanks for sharing your heart-warming story of Jimmy, a kitten who had a life that made a difference for many. It was a good way for me to start my morning here in Dubai, and my two cats are right here with me, I think they can feel the love through sensing my mindset on the story… 

  10. hello Alblue; Thank you for your comment; it really is painful when you lose a cat; yesterday I learned not to know how it is: I lost a 17-year-old cat

    best regards


  11. hello Twack; Thank you for your comment; it seems like we feel the same thing about animals; I also have dogs and cats

    best regards


  12. hello Sondra; Thank you for your comment; yes, it is very sad when we lose our cat and it is very hard to understand; but it seems like this is life.

    best regards


  13. Hello Sirshendu

     Thank you for your comment; I found some kind of consolation to remind me of my cats that I lost and write about them; I fully understand the reaction you had when you lost your cat.

    best regards


  14. Hello Abagatan; thank you for your comment and for your understanding. I will always love cats; They are the best and most faithful friends. They do not judge you, I love you unconditionally

    best regards


  15. Hello Matthew; Thank you for your comment; There are also cats for allergics, for example from the Sphinx race; those without fur. In time I will publish stories about all my cats, and I’ve had a lot.

    best regards


  16. Hello

    Missus; Thank you for your comment; For all my cats I have done my best, but it is time to lose them; some early, others later; yesterday I just lost a cat aged 17

    best regards


  17. Hello Marlasmith; exactly what they do: With my site I want to make as many people as possible to adopt cats and provide shelter and food. They will be rewarded. Many love cats but do not have one. Thank you for your comment.

    best regards


  18. Hello Dave; I’m glad you adopted two cats; I’m sure they are safe with you. Enjoy them while they are alive; it’s painful when you lose them; Thank you for your comment.

    best regards


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